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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Night Jobs

Updated on April 20, 2013

Night Jobs Graveyard Shifts

Night jobs or graveyard shifts are one of the most difficult works available on the job market today. However, they also offer the best pay and incentives because most employers know that working at night is totally different from working a day shift job.

Night jobs have been on an increasing trend ever since a few years back. Aside from jobs in which night shifts are really necessary, the trend to work at night has been proven to be paying more as compared to day jobs. Money is the main difference between the two as night shifts usually offer more pay with most industries paying more financial premiums. Statistics have shown that people who do night jobs have at least 10 percent to as much as 20 percent pay difference from those who are working normal day shifts. These increased percentages usually apply to both professionals like pharmacists and nurses to nonprofessionals like those who are working in the postal services, especially mail sorters. Television and radio writers get a 15 percent premium while nannies could even get as much as 20 percent.

Good Pay


More Spare Time

Aside from the good pay, night jobs also allow for more spare time. This is quite ideal for people who want to spend more of their time with their family. Working at night allows them to have their mornings and their afternoons off to catch up on some of their rest, more time to do other important matters or maybe to spend more time with the family. Another advantage is that working at night also allows for more freedom at work as most bosses would work on day shifts rather than on night shifts. This means lesser pressure on the part of the employees as well as allowing them to work at their own pace.

Major Disadvantage

The major disadvantage, however, is that a human being’s body clock would command the worker’s mind and body to sleep by nightfall. But once an employee body adjust to it, everything can run quite smoothly. The important thing to remember is that the individual should not forget to rest come morning as the body would surely need it after a grueling work at night.

Night Jobs Equals More flexibility

Night jobs therefore allow for more flexibility as well as better pay. Although there can be some disadvantages, most employees can find a way to work through it giving them an enjoyable working experience for their night shifts.

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