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Advantages and Benefits of Online Marketing for Dentists

Updated on August 7, 2012

This post is all about the advantages of online marketing for dentists. This is about the benefits and effect of online marketing for the dental industry. Finally, this post will tackle the questions below:

  • With so many dentists in the industry, how can I choose a reliable one?
  • How can I locate the nearest available dental surgeon in my area?
  • Is there anyway to check a dentist’s reputation or review?
  • Can I make dental appointment online?

If you are a dentist, then these are just some of the common questions a customer would ask and search on the Internet. Obviously, you should “BE” the answer or should have an answer to each of these questions.

  • If a customer searched for reliable dentist within your area, then your name should came up
  • If a customer wants to book an appointment online, then they should be able to
  • If a customer wants to check your schedule and availability, they should be able to find it online

If you or your clinic could not provide the above services, needless to say, you must look into online dental marketing as seemingly, you are missing on a number of possible clients and income opportunity.

Many land based businesses are tapping the internet to increase their market share and their customer base. This is also true for the dental industry. Many dentists have recognized this fact and are utilizing online dental marketing. These dental surgeons understood that to stay ahead of competition, they should be virtually visible, they should have a personal dental practice website.

Online Dental Marketing – how to and where to start

In this day and age, for a dentist to increase customer exposure and maximize their earning potential, they should be listed on numerous dental blogs or online dentist ratings.

To achieve this, the first thing to do is have a personal dental practice website. This serves as your virtual help desk. When people visit your website, they must be able to locate your availability, credentials, make or cancel appointments, drop an email, etc… Make sure that the website design is easy on the eyes and not difficult to navigate. Do not use excessive and lavish design as it may water down the whole purpose of the website. Keep it simple, informational, and search engine optimized.

After creating and establishing the website, it is important to generate traffic to the website. Various internet marketing tools exists to achieve this – some are listed below:

  • SEO for dentists
  • Participation in dental blogs or forums
  • Article marketing or online press release
  • Email marketing

SEO is actually the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO for dentists is needed to make the website appear on the first page of any search engine results. Normally, when people search online, they are only interested on the first two pages so it is very important to utilize SEO for dentists.

Next is to actively participate in as much dental blogs or forums as possible. Blogs and forums are great sources of “referral” traffic and in boosting online dentist ratings. Simply put, doing this is a great way to generate legitimate website traffic.

Lastly, article marketing, press release, and email marketing are great ways to distribute and market your practice to numerous potential clients.

Here to help

Online visibility and generating website traffic can appear tedious and a lot of work. Actually, there are certain online services that can do this for you at a small fee. Our company deals website promotion tasks and is already adept with different internet marketing methods.


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