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Advantages and Tips of Print Marketing for dentists

Updated on August 7, 2012

Tips and Advice on Printed Marketing for Dentists

Is printed marketing still effective for the dental business or for the dental industry? Some are unsure, a few would agree, but many would seemingly disagree. Fact of the matter is, printed dental marketing products may have waned or declined through the years due to the advent of technology and online marketing. However, printed dental marketing products are here to stay and will always be a viable tool for both advertisers and viewers.

If you are a dentist, a marketer, or is simply someone who wants to know the real deal between conventional marketing and online marketing, then read on. This post will compare the two methods and will discuss which one to go for to generate maximum impact.

Business Tips for Dentists: Online Marketing and Conventional (printed media in particular) Marketing

In this section, we’ll see the supposed advantages that online marketing can offer to the dental industry compared to conventional printed dental marketing products. Of course, we’ll also discuss the benefits printed dental marketing products have as opposed to its online counterpart.

Easily accessible –

No doubt about it. Online dental marketing can easily be accessed and viewed with a few mouse clicks. It is fast and readily available.

Fortunately, printed media are also readily available though not real-time accessible. For those who are not aware, print media is not limited to flyers, magazines, business cards, etc… Outdoor banners seen in building walls or at the streets are also form of print media marketing. Outdoor banners and posters with excellent design can caught anyone’s attention even if they are not looking for the particular info portrayed on the displayed media.

Cost –

True that online marketing is cheap and reliable. One may only need a reliable web hosting provider, online marketers, a few posts on social networking sites and online dental forums.

Interestingly, printed dental marketing products can also be accomplished inexpensively. Printed media design and output has also evolved with technology. Many print media designing and printing companies like Egency can offer low cost yet excellent service. Nowadays, printed designs are also reusable and can easily be changed which brings down cost even more.

Longevity and durability –

When it comes to longevity and durability, online marketing indeed has the upper hand. Dental marketing products can be prone to weather elements (sun, wind, rain, etc…) and is subject to wear and tear. Some printed materials like flyers and business cards are also easily disposed or destroyed.

However, it is important to remember that online marketing products are also prone to server or website downtime, in which case, the marketing product also becomes inaccessible. Duplicate content is also rampant on the web – information posted on one website can easily be copied and pasted to another. Lastly, longevity is not fully beneficial as the marketing post becomes old and stagnant if not updated frequently.

Implementation and distribution –

Promotion of printed materials for business should be executed perfectly. Rigorous planning, correct distribution medium, and the right materials are necessary.

On the other hand, ease of use and uploading is one great advantage of the internet. Uploading marketing materials are simple and quick. Obviously, distribution is also effortless. One only needs to subscribe on different websites, join numerous forums, and broadcast it to social networking sites. With such simple tasks, online marketers often forget to do their homework. Some online marketers with the intention of distributing their materials quickly, often lacks careful planning which may lead to unfavorable results.

Prospective patient(s) –

The targeted audience of using dental printed marketing products can be limited to people you know or within the local community. Needless to say, with online marketing, the targeted audience is much larger as every website visitor is a probable client.

Is this true? Not really! Not every online visitor who viewed the site and glanced at the contents will be a new customer. Physical location is the deciding factor of a probable patient. Most people are not that keen or enthusiastic in getting to far off places just to see a dentist. Not unless you are really skilled and highly recommended in the industry.

Business Tips for Dentists: Final Thoughts and Seamless Integration

As can be seen from the above mentioned information, online marketing does have some benefits but not without its accompanying disadvantages. Same goes with printed dental marketing products. Going back, some will vote for online marketing, while others will opt for the conventional method. However, as the header states, why not go for seamless integration between the two types of marketing method?

It is already mentioned that both online and conventional marketing are relatively cheap so cost wouldn’t be much of an issue. Having an online website projects modernization, it tells your clients that you are updated with the current trends of the industry. Using printed dental marketing products with a physical address, valid phone number, title, etc… conveys to the patients that you are a legitimate professional. Utilizing both types of marketing strategy only follows that you can enjoy the benefits and rewards of both worlds. Any limitations of online marketing and print media will be cancelled by the other which could spell maximum profit for you and your profession.


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