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Updated on February 19, 2014

Bubblews Mixed Review (Scam or Not?)

To those of you who are interested with online earnings, for sure you have already heard or this revenue sharing writing site called BUBBLEWS. Chances are you have read various reviews about this site already and they seem to be quite conflicting. Some are praising this site while some are criticizing and even calling this a scam.

Is this site a scam? If this is scam why is it that it has remained popular? The fact is there are those very lucky ones who claimed that they have never failed even a single redemption. However, there are those who failed to get paid in some of their redemptions but because they do get paid sometimes they prefer to remain. They opted to just play a hit and miss game. The fact is it is not easy to just leave this place because it is just so easy to earn here.

Easy Earning Scheme At Bubblews

At Bubblews, you only have to post an article with minimum 400 characters of whatever topic. No strict rule about grammar, or topic. You may post freely whatever is in your mind provided you write in English only, you don’t plagiarize or post pornographic material. You get paid for every like, dislike, comment and share on your articles. Cents kept adding if you are actively interacting because the more your give likes and comments, the more your articles will be liked and commented also. Even dislikes earn cents for you so what more will you ask for?

Bubblews' Very Bad Support Staff

But what is the real problem with Bubblews? Why is it that many of well-meaning and good writers have decided to just leave this writing site in spite of its very easy earning scheme? Based on my own studies and observations, the problem with Bubblews is its inability to communicate well with all its members. Whether this is intentional or what only Bubblews knows.

When a member has problem with failed redemption it is very likely that he won't get any answer at all even if he mails a million times to reply. Lately, Arvind the CEO promised a drastic change to improve communication but it was not delivered. When you mail BubblewsAssistant, the support staff in charge of all redemptions, this is the answer you will surely receive:

"NOTE: You don't have to email us again. We are doing our very best to review all your accounts. Please refrain from spamming this email address as it will not get your ticket answered faster.
Thank you for contacting the Member Support Redemption Department. Your support ticket has been received and your name has been added to the list for our redemption staff to review.
Please give us enough time to review your accounts. If your account is cleared, you will see payment come through without any response from our staff."

If you have received this e-mail for the first time, you will most likely feel bad because it is like telling you that you are a spammer when you are not. Then you you will feel some sort of hope that your account will finally be cleared knowing for a fact that you did not violate any rule. But as months go by you surely will hear nothing more from them, your hope will then just vanish and will start hating Bubblews. It is either you will raise heaven and hell to force them to pay attention to your unpaid redemption or you will just leave silently and charge every thing to experience.

Vague Rules of Bubblews

While it is true that they have rules clearly written, they are not that considerate enough to explain further the extent of some rules which are quite vague like the Intellectual Property Rights which is not even written as rule but rather part of the terms and conditions of the site. Once you violate as per their judgment, all they would do is stop paying and that’s it. Even if the unpaid members violated unwittingly and are already begging or angry for their lack of response they will not care. They maintain their right to remove (and not pay out) any account that violate their rules. If you can’t take this rule, then leave and they don’t care.

They claim they don’t have the manpower to answer every question and they will even ban your account if you keep asking why you did not get paid which they consider spamming. But in the first place, if they only take time respond then why would members keep asking? If they could spot violations that led to non-payment of redemptions why could they not just inform the concern violator accordingly and immediately for him to know and so he could avoid doing the same? Is it because they want members to do the same violation over and over again so that they will be able to save by depriving them of the money they earned from their articles?

Bubblews Practices Discrimination

They communicate but not to all. Members from USA are given due attention by Arvind himself whenever they complain about their redemptions that failed due to glitches in that site and not due to violation. Well this idea that they are partial to USA members might not be accurate but this is based on observations around this site. There could be other criteria but whatever are their criteria for communicating to complaining members, only them knows.

To those who violated, it is but right to to maintain their stand that it is not their obligation to explain the given rules but to non-violator why could they not tell directly and promptly what caused the failure of payment? Either they lack the manpower to explain to each and every member where they have gone wrong or because they don't have the humility to admit they have unsolved glitches or perhaps this is their way of keeping the money that do not belong to them.

Bubblews Raised the Payout from $25 to $50

Lately ,they have announced the increase of the minimum payout to $50 and one of the reasons is for them to have time to improve their communication with members. Indeed they improve and have added some more staff. They’ve been publishing names of violators and their accounts were deleted accordingly. But sadly, the problem with many pending redemptions for non-violators are still left without clear reasons. They were given a generic response by the BubblewsAssistant to give time to review their account. But months have passed and still no feedback and it looks like it will take forever.

The poor members have to just keep their fingers crossed whether they will get paid or not for the past unpaid and just get consolation from the fact that their present activities do get paid although there were times that payment do miss also for reason left untold. Bubblews have been posting name of violators, but how about those not getting paid but whose names not listed among those violators? Why does Bubblews hold their payment if they are not violators? This is really a big question that would sometimes make one believe that Bubblews is partly a scam and partly not.

Well now if you want to take your chance, then join Bubblews. Who knows you might just end up one among those lucky ones.


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