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Do Bubblews Pay For Massive High Views On Posts?

Updated on August 27, 2014

Today we are looking at the Bubblews website and seeing if they actually honour their claim of paying for every like, comment and more importantly view on Bubbles. We will look at whether or not Bubblews pay out on posts with massive views or if members are likely to have problems with this. Basically we will tell you what to expect if you are looking to write successful articles on Bubblews that will bring in lots of search engine traffic, will you get paid or not?

I have been writing Bubblews for many months now. Over that period of time I have learnt several things about the site. Contrary to what you may read on certain pages, they do pay members for writing content. They do however have very strict rules that you must follow and break even one of these rules and you can expect to see your payments stopped. One of the great things about this site is how well it ranks on Google. It is very easy to write a Bubble and find yourself on Google’s front page within a matter of minutes. This of course means the potential for traffic is very exciting. Bubblews claim to pay for every view your post gets, so if you can bring in thousands of views a day from search engines, you could really earn some serious money on the site. However, is this really true?

The Bubblews Website

Do Bubblews Pay For Every View?

So the sad truth is that no, Bubblews do not honour their claim of paying out for every view your posts receive. If you write simple random posts and keep within the rules, then you can expect to get payments. Although the fact is no payment is guaranteed and there are thousands of reports of missed payments all over the web. Stick very closely to the rules though and write boring posts that on one in search engine land will ever see and you should get paid.

What about if you write content that search engine traffic is likely to find? Well from personal experience I can say I have lots of posts that bring in small amounts from search engines. If you get less than 100 views a day on a post then you should be fine and Bubblews will still pay you when you ask for a redemption. I have lots of posts that bring in a few views a day, these soon add up when you have a few hundred posts all bringing in a couple of views a day. So this all sounds very nice, but what happens if one of your Bubbles takes off?

My Post With High Views

Make Yourself Heard

Have You Had Problems With Payments On Bubblews?

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When The Massive Views Come In

On two separate occasions I have had posts that have caused me problems on Bubblews. The first was around three months ago, it was a post about the new IOS software for the iPhone. The post did very well for the first week and I got around 4,000 views in that week. Due to this fact my redemption was higher than normal and I had had lots of views without that many likes. I was very excited at the time and I thought this meant I would earn lots of money. However, my redemption just after the views starting coming in never arrived. I contacted support but never heard back from them. Around a week later my next redemption did show up, so I only lost 1 redemption of around $40.

The real problems started however when I had a post bring in massive high views from Google. The post was about Temple Run 2 a game I play on the iPhone. There had just been a new update on the game and you now had to collect special artefacts. After playing the game for about an hour I had still not come across one single artefact and it was annoying me, so I decided to write a post about it. My post was called ‘Where are the artefacts on Temple Run 2?’. Within a few minutes of submitting the post it went live on Google.

Ten minutes later I refreshed the page and my Bubble had already had 200 views! How had that happened? Well it turns out there are millions of people who play Temple Run 2 and many of them were having similar problems to me. Instead of writing about it though they were searching for answers, so they typed into Google, ‘where are the artefacts on Temple Run 2’ Of course my page popped up at the top of the search listings. So they clicked on it and read my page.

The Stats Up Close

Within 24 hours of posting that one Bubble, it had received 12,000 views! Given that you earn $0.01 per page view, that means I had made over $120 in a day on that one post. These stats were staggering, the first thing I did was email support to say my post was getting massive views and would this effect my payments. I did not hear anything back from them. Over the following days the traffic slowed down gradually, but now my posts has had almost 45,000 views. That equates to $450 worth of earnings. In that time I have also been writing lots of other posts that have had lots likes, comments and views.

The problem though is that since posting that 1 Bubble all my payments have stopped! I have sent several emails to various different support members and never heard anything back. I know that all my views were genuine ones and yet I have not been paid a cent for them. In the past few months I have brought in almost 45,000 unique visitors to Bubbles and how do they thank me? They stop my payments!

In the past few months since this happened I have been keeping track of my redemptions and they have not paid me around $700 in earnings. I have still not had a payment through even now. The Temple Run bubble now only gets a hand full of hit’s a day, but still no payments are turning up.

The Redemptions Stop

What To Do When Bubblews Stop Paying

So now I am left with the question, should I just delete the post and hope for the best? I have sent so many emails and got nowhere. I was earning a nice little bit of money on Bubblews before they stopped my payments but now I am at a loss. I have checked and checked and I am sure that my views are legitimate. I am 100% positive I have not broken a single rule on the site as I have checked this over and over and even had other members look at my posts to check this.

I was considering looking into taking legal action, but for $700 the costs would simply not be worth it. It really grates on me though that this website can basically steal my money. They have it down in writing that they pay for every view you receive to your Bubbles, but they do not honour that. How can they make sure a bold claim and then not go along with it.

The sad truth is that I am not alone in this. I have not heard any reports of views that are quite this high but lots of other members have had posts that have received several thousands views and they have lost out on redemptions as a result. How can Bubblews penalise people for bringing traffic to the website. On sites such as Hubpages the goal is to bring in as much search engine traffic as you can, the goal on Bubblews seems to be to try to not bring any real traffic from outside of the website.

I am very unhappy with the way I have been treated by Bubblews. It is a real shame as I do enjoy the site and have made some good friends over there. However, if they don’t live up to their promises then I really see no reason why anyone would want to write on the site. They really do need to sort themselves out and pay out for people who do get massive high views and bring in lots of traffic to the site.


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    • Quoteslover profile image

      Quotes Lover 4 years ago

      Bubblews was a legit site but now it sounds like a scam