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An interview with Research in Motion India MD:Hand of Blackberry

Updated on September 2, 2012

Hot debates are taking around the globe about the manufactures of the Blackberry, the ‘Research In Motion’. News coming in newspapers around the world about this Canadian company is not so good. June ending profit report about the company is going to fall, the company itself declared this news. As a result lots of news is coming in the media about how the future of the company is to be and whether it would be handover to any other company etc.…

But these reports are rejected by the company’s Indian operations managing director Sunil Dutt.


The struggling RIM got a shocking news from their manufacturing partner 'Celestica' that they are going to phase out its manufacturing contract with RIM. Celestica is the high performing manufacturing partner for RIM from its start.

The company officials told that they will continue to offer after market services to RIM.Celestica which began as a manufacturing partner for IBM. They also said that they will release more details about the impact results in its revenue after partnering with RIM.

Interview details

Q: Due to fall in profit a rumour is going world wide as RIM is going to sell the company to the rivals. What is your answer to these rumours?

The news coming in the media is wordless rumours and RIM will not like to answer such baseless allegations and news. The company is planning for future growth strategies, so considering few months’ reports and spreading such news is baseless and its just rumours. These problems are temporary.

Q: In order to cut down the expense, some reports are coming that RIM is going to reduce the workforce in India?

No one will be loss job in India as a result of expense cut down. 120 employees are working for company in India.

Q: from India, the company is getting good results. Whether RIM is planning for setting up a company in India?

Now there is no such decision taken, but the company is utilizing India’s software-mobile application developer’s service. Now days around 30,000 developers are developing applications for RIM. Two years back it was only 4,000.

Q: Why your company chosen Kochi as your innovation centre?

The one started in the KINFRA Park in Kochi is a company’s first innovation centre in Asia-Pacific region. As keralites are best in education, investment development and new techniques we chosen Kochi as our innovation centre.

This zone called ‘Rubus Lab’ is set up to develop new techniques and findings from youngsters and students. RIM will provide necessary arrangement for making their innovations to reality.

Q: What about the investment situation in Kerala?

Kerala is an investment friendly state. Also in literacy and business development Kerala is first.

Q: New products?

The company introduced models like blackberry curve series 9220, 9230 in Indian market last month. 9230 is 3G enabled phones. Another thing is company reduced the price of blackberry phones.

Q: What about the new operating system?

Now Blackberry 7 is used in all phones and Blackberry 10 is under development. It will be introduced in this year itself.

Q: Due to the security of the country, the government asked RIM to share message details with the government agencies?

We are committed to operate in different nations according to their laws. So we arranged the required sharing ways to the agencies.

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