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App Trailers, Does it Work? My Experience...

Updated on November 7, 2012

Make Money off of Apps?

We've all heard of ways to make money online, whether they are legit or not, but making money off of apps without creating and selling them is a newer concept. Making money off of apps is similar to a lot of websites you can make money off of. There are some apps where it is a point system based on what you do, and there are some apps where you take surveys. Having a touch device seems to have opened up a whole knew realm of possibilities. But do these apps work, or are you giving out possibly personal information and wasting time?

What Specifically is App Trailers?

App trailers is an app that is available for both Apple and Droid systems and works off a point system. In other words, you earn points and exchange them for rewards, such as gift cards. To earn points on app trailers, you have to watch trailers to apps or movies - just as the title of the app suggests. If you download that app after watching the trailer, you are usually rewarded extra points.

App Trailer's logo
App Trailer's logo | Source

What Can you Redeem the Points You Earn For?

There are surprisingly a ton of different gift cards that you can choose from, though many of them are minimally worth $5 and up. For the equivalence of $1, you have to earn one thousand points, and there are gift cards available anywhere from Amazon to Best Buy and many, many other places.

The second option is you can put your points into little digital scratcher cards that you have the chance to win more points from. The first one cost ten points and you have the chance to win around fifty points. The other costs one hundred points and you have the chance to win about five hundred points. You get a free one you can scratch daily for a chance to win an easy extra twenty or so points, but I wouldn't recommend you actually spend points on these scratcher cards. I decided I was going to give it a shot and I maybe won once out of the five to ten times I played. You definitely lose more than you gain.

The third option is to get money sent to your Paypal. The minimum is one hundred and fifty (150) points, which adds up to fifteen cents, and within the minute the points are converted and sent to the paypal account you have linked up to your email on your app trailers account. Just be careful as to when you hit redeem as if you have any number of extra points that do not add up to a cent, lets say you have 159 points, it will automatically convert ALL of your points, so it would give you fifteen cents and you would lose the nine extra points because it didn't amount to a whole cent.

My Experience

When I started using this app, at first I had to admit I was a little put off by how little most of these trailers earn you. Most trailers available only earn you five points from watching an ad it plays before the trailer and then the actual trailer itself. Most of these trailers are five points each, which amounts to half a cent. So after looking at the app, it took me awhile to actually give it a real shot.

Of course I went and watched all of the trailers worth the highest amount of points first and then learned that if I downloaded the apps, it would give me extra points, so then I would download and try out all of the free apps. That is what I noticed gives you points the fastest. After I got to about four thousand points, I connected the app to my email that my Paypal was set up on and tried the redeem.

It took a minute for the payment to go through but I was quite pleased that there was in fact four extra dollars and some change in there. So the, yes this app does work and does pay out, though I have not tried the actual gift cards yet but plan to try out an Amazon gift card reward soon. I have redeemed for Paypal money about three or four times now and have gotten the payment within a minute or two without fail.

On the downside, it does take awhile to earn points. Once you get the big earners done all you can really do is watch the five point trailers. If you are patient and have a lot of time on your hands to watch enough of the five point trailers to earn more, than you may be able to earn a little bit more, but I feel if you very actively use the app you will get tops $10-20 in points a month - based on my own experience, but honestly there is only so long you can keep yourself entertained by watching trailer apps.

It is a good way to get a small amount of pocket change or a little gift card here or there and it is legit. I would recommend giving it a shot and trying it for yourself.

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- Weegy


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    • profile image

      insternamehere 17 months ago

      i'm just here to get money for a game called rotmg because i need gold

    • profile image

      Ross T-Davies 4 years ago

      Ive been using this app for a short while now and have a plan to make it a legitimate income follow my week by week breakdown