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My Experience With Weegy

Updated on November 8, 2012

Finding Out About Weegy

I was on my computer one day looking up ways to make money off of the internet and after searching through transcription jobs, I somehow stumbled across the website Weegy in comment I read. So, for lack of any better ideas at the time, I decided to check it out.

What is Weegy?

Weegy is a website who's business is comparable to ChaCha or KGB. People enter in a question and, based on the information that the Weegy data base has. If that answer is not sufficient the asker can choose to send it to an "expert," who upon receiving the message is supposed to research and answer correctly to the best of their knowledge before sending their answer back.

You can choose to become and expert simply by creating an account and linking it to a paypal account in order to get. The site advertises that you make about $0.20 per question answered but they have since changed that to be much lower, so you could be earning as little as $0.01 per question. The rate of pay depends on how well you answer the question and whether it is correct or not. The payout minimum is $20 and is sent directly to your paypal account.

My Experience

So I signed up and immediately linked my paypal account and clicked on the expert tab. Within a couple minutes my first question came up and I was on my way to making some pocket money. I was disappointed to figure out that you didn't usually make anywhere near $0.20 a message but I figured I would keep at it.

In the first day I made about $7 - given I had the page open for a few hours - but I felt pretty accomplished. I figured if I could make almost ten dollars a day, I'd have maybe around $300 a month, if I kept up answering questions every day.

However I realized the first day I was answering questions was a relatively fast day and the next day I didn't quite manage to get even $5, and the next day I didn't do much better. It appears you really have to catch the site on a good day, where there are a lot of questions and not too many experts online to get a steady flow of money.

I found it frustrating that not every question was answerable by me either. Some questions were worded strangely with poor spelling and grammar or a topic I couldn't find online or knew absolutely nothing about, so of course I'd have to hand the question over to someone else, meaning I didn't get the opportunity to answer the question at all.

My Conclusion

I found that the work you put in wasn't exactly worth the pay - depending how your answers were rated and how much you were making from them. I am only a couple dollars away from the minimum payout ($20) and have decided to stick with it to make at least one payout. Other than that I'm not sure I will continue with the site. I will have an update when I receive my first payout and whether or not I continue to answer questions for Weegy.

Final Review

After continuing on Weegy in order to earn the minimum of $20 payout, I found that it was much more time than I was willing to put into pocket change. Payouts are very low for the amount of effort expected to be put into answering a question - often less than $0.05. The questions are not usually steady and hours are needed to make a few dollars. I also found that when I browsed through other questions that had been answered by other Weegy experts possibly incorrectly, other weegy experts were rather rude as opposed to constructive or helpful. I found the weegy community unpleasant and have decided to discontinue my use of the site and continue my quest for online earning elsewhere.

As this was just my experience and observation I would not recommend using the site for earning, unless you are more interested in a question answering hobby than the rewards for your services, though I found the community unpleasant.

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