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A Tribute to Apple's Steve Jobs: A Visionary and Creative Genius 1955-2011

Updated on October 6, 2011

A Young Jobs

An Older Jobs

Apple Co-Founder and Technology Visionary Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer on October 6, 2011. He was 56 years old and left behind his wife, four children, and two sisters. Although his family is small, the 49,000 employees at Apple and enormous number of Apple fans will undoubtedly miss his charisma and technological genius.

Although an intensely private man, Jobs will be remembered for his aesthetic sense, provocative work ethic, and for creating, and revitalizing one of the most powerful tech companies in the world.

This hub is a tribute to the brilliance and vision of Steve Jobs.

Before his death, Jobs had been suffering from a variety of different health issues and had taken a leave of absence from Apple most recently in early January, 2011 and further back in 2009 (for surgery). In early August, he stepped down from his CEO position at Apple.

The Triumphs of Jobs

While the bestselling iPhone, iPads, and Macbook Airs may be the most recent additions to Jobs’ innovative technology lineup, his first revolution was the home computer itself with the release of the Apple II home computer.

The Apple II, developed together with Steve Wozniac, made the idea of a computer “at home” popular. Other early innovations include the same-width “font” system for computers (from his calligraphy courses at a nearby college).

While the rise of Microsoft and Windows in the 90’s were tough for Apple, Jobs brought Apple back into the picture in the new millennium with the iPod and its “1000 songs in your pocket”. It was Jobs excellent sense of aesthetic design that helped the iPod to take Apple back to the headlines. Then, it was the Macbook and iPod+iTunes revolution that catapulted the Apple stock and had the world waiting at the door for the iPhone.

I don’t want to try and break down all of his successes, but let’s be content in saying: “Steve Jobs Changed the World.” I think you can agree with this whether even if you're a hardcore Windows fan.

What’s Next

Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO in August so as far as Apple goes, while they will miss his vision, there shouldn’t be much of a struggle for power within the company. That said, it’s difficult to say if the same level of innovation will be maintained in the future.


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