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Apply for a Job Online

Updated on September 23, 2010

Finding a job online

When you apply for a job online, there are many things you need to take into consideration before submitting your online job application. Unemployment is at unusually high rates and the job market is fierce right now. People with advanced degrees and certifications that used hold envied top-level positions can now be found working as cashiers and waitresses. Employers are being overwhelmed with thousands of applicants for a single job posting. To have a chance in today’s job market, you really need to stand out in the crowd. Applying for a job online can make the task even harder. Actually, most of the resumes submitted online through sites never even get looked at.

Most online job applications are never seen

One thing to remember when creating a resume for online submission is that most employers now filter incoming resumes by keyword. If your resume does not contain the specific keywords that they are looking for, it will be bypassed by the computer and never even seen by a person. Look through the job description for the job that you want and try to use the same keywords in your resume so that it will be recognized by their search engine.


Apply for a job online with a personalized cover letter

Another reason most online job seekers don’t ever get a call back is because their cover letters are too generic. Your cover letter should be personalized for every job that you submit to. For example, you might want to say, “I am very interested in working for ABC123 Company”. If the hiring manager’s name is given then you should begin with “Dear hiring manager’s name, “.


Applying online: Waiting for a callback

Once you have submitted your resume and cover letter online, wait 2-3 weeks to see if you hear something back. If the employer does not contact you about the job, then you should contact them. Most online job postings will include a phone number or an email address that you can use to follow up about the job. Don’t be pushy. Just let them know that you are still interested and serious about the position. You can also ask for feedback in the case that they have already filled the position.

Your chances of getting a callback from an online job application will greatly improve if you submit your resume through the companies own website. When you apply using the company’s website, it sends a message that you are interested in the company itself and not just looking for any job you can get.


Don't apply for too many jobs online at once!

On the other hand, never apply for multiple jobs at the same company at the same time. When you apply for a job online, if you don’t hear anything back within 2-3 weeks then it is acceptable to apply for a different job with the same company. The entire hiring process can sometimes take 1-2 months, but interviews are usually scheduled within 3 weeks from applying. When you apply for a multiple jobs within the same company at the same time, you appear to be desperate for a job.

Online job search sites often give the job seeker the option to post their resume online for employers to find. Use caution before you just put all of your information out there for the world to see. When you post you resume, you are also posting your name, address, phone number, and email address for anyone who wants it. Posting a resume online is usually followed by tons of spam emails and suspicious job offers.



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    • profile image

      cassandrahamilton 5 years ago

      Please help me find a job

    • R_bobby profile image

      R_bobby 7 years ago

      With the way that our economy is currently going this info will definitely help.Not only has it given me the inspiration to continue on, you also provided me with some pretty awesome keywords that I would have never though of.

      Did you know that I found your site by searching for the keywords "cover letters". Kind of strange since this has almost nothing to do with cover letters but what ever. The reason I was searching that is because I have a hubpage about how to write a sample cover letter with salary requirements. If you'd like you can see it at . I know may be beneficial to your readers who are currently looking for a job.

      P.S I voted your hub up and voted that it was useful. If you stop by my hubpage and do the same I promise I will not stop you (I may thank you though).