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Are you willing to spend more for better customer service?

Updated on April 13, 2011

You have asked a very good question which was in my mind for such a long time. Yes, definitely one should not think twice before spending more for better customer service. I will give you a simple example for this. For instance, you are planning to buy a new economical car in India and you have six options:

  1. Tata Indica eV2, a new car claiming fuel economy of 25 kmpl (as seen on TV)
  2. Maruti Alto - fuel economy18 kmpl
  3. Hyundai i10 – fuel economy 18 kmpl
  4. Ford Figo
  5. New Maruti Wagon R K Series Engine
  6. Chevrolet Beat LS

So which car you will purchase out of them and how you will consider your purchase. Of course you will look out for a car which saves fuel which is the number 1 point as you are buying an economical car and other things you will keep in mind will be power and torque, interiors, exteriors, popularity, brand name, safety devices, quality of parts, extra accessories, extra features, and of course best customer service.

My neighbor's new Ford Figo in white color
My neighbor's new Ford Figo in white color | Source

Yes all the above points are very important to consider before buying a car but according to me, the most important point which a buyer should never forget is after sales customer service provided by the car’s company. So now you will look out for which car company has better service network in India. If you take the above 6 cars in consideration, then here is the list of companies with best and worst customer service in India (rating from best to worst):

  1. Maruti.
  2. Hyundai.
  3. Tata.
  4. Ford.
  5. Chevrolet.

For your information, Ford and Chevrolet have recently launched economical cars in the Indian auto market, so they don’t have as vast customer service network as Maruti, Hyundai, and Tata have and this is the reason why Ford was offering up to Rs. 50,000 discount on Ford Figo (my neighbor bought it a few months back) and Chevrolet is giving out 9 free car services and three years warranty on spares for Chevrolet Beat LS (as confirmed at Lifestyle Mall New Delhi)whereas Maruti is not offering any discounts on Alto and Wagon R and same is the case with Hyundai and Tata. Why, just because Ford and Chevrolet till date does not have very good customer service network in India. This is the reason why they are giving special discounts just to make new customers whereas you have to spend more money on buying the top three brands in the list but they are worth your money, so here lies the answer to the question, “Are you willing to spend more for better customer service or not?” and I again say yes I will do it because purchasing a product is not so difficult but maintaining it is. So one must always buy any product be it a car, a bike, a refrigerator, or a food processor, anything from a brand with good repute and best customer service because in the long run you will be able to save more money with buying better customer service whereas with poor customer service you will lose money long term.


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    • Sherri Wright profile image

      Sherri Wright 6 years ago

      sometimes customers are carried away how services are being offered to them, and it is one big basis why companies gain their trust and so become clients.

    • robertnbrown profile image

      robertnbrown 6 years ago from Texas, United States

      People care much about after service. that's they prefer brand which has seamless customer service.

      nice hub!!! Voted Up :)

      thanks for sharing