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BT Complaints - Submit Your's!

Updated on March 7, 2013

BT Broadband and Telephone Customer Service Complaints

So many of you have experienced terrible customer service from BT including myself which is why I have set this page up. I have now received literally hundreds of BT complaints and the list grows day by day (scroll to bottom of page to view all complaints)

This page is for all of you who have experienced problems with BT and want to make a BT complaint.

Also take a look at my BT Complaint blog if you haven't already as it includes useful BT news, tips and advice. Thie website includes cheap broadband and phone alternatives.

Please submit you BT Complaint below (scroll to bottom of the page). The list is growing ever longer so you may have to scroll for a while! This just shows you are not alone in your fight with British Telecom.

The more complaints we have...the more weight we have against them. They should not be able to get away with their service they are providing to the UK. Your responses will be collated and put into a report which will be sent to all the necessary people including BT Customer Service for actions.

July 2011 Update

Thanks to everyone so far who has submitted a BT complaint on this webpage.

All complaints received below will go into the report and sent to BT for a response, along with Ofcom and Watchdog. The response, if and when received from BT will be posted on this page. Thanks again for all your complaints so far. Fantastic response.

We also have a BT Complaints blog which you maybe interested in looking at which details hundreds of BT complaints and also hints and tips on how to get your complaint resolved.

We want BT to make drastic changes to the way their business in run and to improve the services across the board to us, the customers. Hopefully the report will go some way to achieving this.

29 November 2007 - BT Voted Number 1 for Customer Service!!!!

To mine and i'm sure all of you out there who have had to deal with BT and make a BT Complaint in 2007, to my disbelief I have just read that BT has claimed the title of ‘Best Customer Care’ at this year’s World Communication Awards in London!!! What a joke!

In addition to winning ‘Best Customer Care’, BT also won The Convergence Award for 21CN, and was Highly Commended for ‘Best Global Operator’. Is this some kind of Joke?

Who ever gave this award out needs to read the below complaints which i'm sure are just a small selection of BT users with problems.

November 2007 - BT customer's YouTube complaint

A BT customer had a letter of apology and a refund after he resorted to putting a video of his complaints on YouTube. This news item is priceless and was published on BBC website on 23rd Nov 2007.

Warwick resident Patrick Askins' troubles began when an extra £90 was added to his phone bill. After six months of calling the company the problem was not resolved so he decided to give up and pay, but put a video recording his despair on YouTube.

Shortly afterwards the company apologised and refunded his bill. He said: "After six months my son said, 'Dad, you have done everything you can'. "So I phoned them up and told them I was giving in and paying the money."

But, he told them of a message he was leaving on the YouTube site. The message said: "I have been a loyal BT customer for over 30 years and I don't find my experience a good example of BT demonstrating they are straightforward, trustworthy and helpful."

That was two weeks ago. Shortly afterwards he got a letter refunding all his costs and offering an apology. He said: "All I wanted was an explanation and, in my case, confirmation I had paid my bill."

A spokesman for BT said the company was in the process of resolving the situation before the YouTube clip was posted. "However, we apologise for not concluding our investigations into Mr Askins' enquiry more quickly."

October 2007 - BT heads complaints list

No suprises here as BT beats Virgin Media and British Gas to worst spot for complaints during the month of October 2007. Shall we expect the same results for the coming months as well? That answer from the evidence below is a most definite yes.

Which? Legal Service dealt with more complaints about BT in October than any other company.

Which? lawyers handled 61 calls from people complaining about BT with complaints ranging from collection and billing problems to complaints about customer service. Which? has contacted BT and I will publish its response once they have received it.

August 2007 - British Telecom puts woman on hold for 20 hours

A BT customer was left hanging on the phone for a total of 20 hours, The Times newspaper reported on 18th August 2007.

Hannah King (aged 51) called a the BT helpline after a BT engineer failed to turn up to install a telephone line at her new flat. For a total of 8 hours in a row with BT, enduring the sound of piped music, Hannah gave up and tried again the next day waiting for another 8 hours before putting the phone down!

The following day, she spent a further 4 hours on hold before hanging up. The total time Hannah wasted on the phone to BT amounted to almost 1 day.

Hannah said “I was so frustrated and angry I broke down in tears,” she told The Times.

"It is a helpline for goodness' sake, surely a company as big as BT can answer their phones.”

Feb 2007 - BT Release 10 Strangest Customer Calls

In February 2007, BT released a list of the 10 strangest calls its Home IT Advisors have received since the service was set up in March 2006.

One caller wanted to know how to get around the password his son had set on his PC. Having previously been grounded by his father, the 14-year old lad refused to tell him the password.

Another caller expressed concern that spyware on his PC meant that he could be seen getting dressed through the monitor.

And a caller who was embarrassed by the pop-ups that were appearing on his PC didn't want his wife to see them, but did want to know how he could get the pop-ups back once his wife had gone out again.

Anthony Vollmer, head of home IT propositions at BT, said: “Some of the calls we get from customers have certainly raised a smile.

“People are used to having IT support at work – why shouldn't they get the same level of service when at home? With the average amount of computers per household approaching two, there are always going to be people seeking help.”

Very nice of BT to release these details but I look forward to them reading all the BT Complaints listed below of how truly awful their service actually is.

YouTube Man Takes On BT And Wins


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    • profile image

      Rachel Castle 9 years ago

      I recently moved and had the same problem as you. Lack of customer service at the heart of it and no idea of how to resolve the problem. I also has to wait up to 1 hour to get through to speak to someone. Totally unacceptable.

    • profile image

      Karen 9 years ago

      I cancelled the installation of a BT line on 3rd September & was told there would be no charge, then received a bill and on phoning again was told to disregard it as the line was never installed. Three weeks later my bank statement revealed they had charged me £135.99 for installation and line rental.

      I have now spent approximately 15 hours on the phone trying to sort this out. I have been on hold for most of that time, been transferred between departments more times than I can keep count of, been promised calls back which never materialised 4 times and even been cut off 3 times! I have had BT confirm several times that the line was not installed, but no-one will give me back my money & I have just received a bill for the second months line rental for the line that never existed!!

      Incidentally, the call centre service is so abominable that I tried e-mails and a recorded delivery letter. I have yet to receive any responses to them though.

    • profile image

      Mary Berridge 9 years ago

      What a hollow reassurance to read all these complaints about BT - my nightmare has just begun I have been trying to get a line to my new address and have spent a total of 5 hours (logged) trying to get through to someone, I am either cut off or put back in the loop - their customer service is APPALLING. I have to plug Virgin Media here who i have been with for two years and would love them to supply my new address as they are helpful, efficient, and when i ring up i always get my problem solved. I am slowly going insane how dare BT treat its customers like this?

    • profile image

      David Taylor 9 years ago

      Its nice to know I am not alone in my sheer frustration with BT. I had been a BT customer at my house for 3 years before being moved with work to london. I cancelled my line as I was keeping the house but didn't want to pay line rental when i was not there.

      I recently moved back in and asked to be re-connected. After about 6 hours waiting on hold I finally got through to a human being on 29th June 2007.

      I explained I wanted my existing line re-connecting, and was told that they had no records of my line ever being connected, so i would be charged £124.99 to install a new line. This was ludicrous as I could see the BT box on my window sill and followed the wire back to the telegraph pole in the street.

      After much debate, the BT woman put me on hold and came back after 20 minutes to say they had found the details on an old record. The computer didn't have the details so I would have to order a new line.

      After further debate, we agreed that this was ludicrous, and the engineer would determine if the line was serviceable. If it was, and no new wiring was required, i wouldn't be charged. A date was set for connection 16th July, and the engineer would call my mobile before attending the property. I told the BT woman that this was the only day convenient as I was going on 2 weeks holiday on 18th July.

      16th July - Engineer didn't phone my mobile, but came to the property puzzled as to why i wanted an "additional line" - I said I didn't, i just wanted the old one re-connecting. - "No problem" he said, and disappeared off to the exchange. I was re-connected in minutes, and I asked "will I be charged?" - "NO" the engineer said "reconnections are free".

      I went on holiday on 18th July, returning on 2nd August to find a bill from BT dated 17th July for the connection fee £124.99 + line rental. I also had a red bill dated 25th July (only 7 days after the initial bill) - I Tried to call BT and was left on hold for 2 hours, before getting put through to BT Broadband who promptly said "Wrong department" and cut me off. This happened 3 times.

      I paid the bill first thing on 3rd August to avoid the threatened disconnection but also raised a dispute in writing with BT in Durham on the same day.

      On 10th August I received a final demand threatening disconnection, late payment fees and even court action despite the fact I had already paid on 3rd August. I tried to call BT to tell them I had paid, but again was left on hold.

      I have had numerous other issues with BT over Extra services which have taken 2 month to provide, Their website with on-line acount management is a joke, it doesn't work most of the time, has numerous errors, and is frequently just wrong.

      I have still not had my disputed connection charge complaint resolved after nearly 3 months.

      The final nail in the coffin is that I have now received my next bill. A £7.50 Late payment fee" has been applied despite me having told BT that I would be on holiday for 2 weeks following the original connection - Is 2 weeks really a warrant for charging a £7.50 late payment fee???? I think not.

      And absolutely finally I get charged £4.50 payment processing fee because I don't pay by direct debit - This is absolutely the last straw, as I DO pay by Direct Debit.

      Trying to log any sort of complaint with BT just gets an automated acknowledgement, but the complaints are never addressed, If you get any response it is clear they haven't even read or understood the question.

      I cannot see how BT claim "every day hundreds of people come back to BT" - They must all want their heads reading if they think BT is a communications company. They don't even communicate with themselves let alone their customers!!

    • born4thesurf profile image

      born4thesurf 9 years ago from Truro

      My 4 month BT nightmare began in June 2007. We just moved into a new build house in Cornwall and simply wanted the new phone line set up and activated. Simple? No. In no way was this simple. We had had one engineer simply not turn up. Another turned up in Durham the other side of the country.

      Last night I was on the phone for 6pm to 8pm listening to 'we are currently very busy'!!!! for 2 hours!!! I got passed around 6 people who cancelled my order, set up a new one, cancelled again, credit check, booking engineer etc. Finally I spoke a very helpful and polite lady, the first polite person have spoke to from BT (I even had one person when I asked I wanted to set up a new line say - "You what?") and then when I finally thought I was getting somewhere I got cut off

      Even better, this morning I got a BT bill for £370 for my new address, the address with no telephone line. This is payment for the engineer that didn't turn up and the engineer that turned up in Durham plus 2 BT Packages. You can begin to understand my frustration i'm sure! I have written a letter of complaint mid September to Head of Customer Services and have had no reply.

      I can't bear to get on the phone to them again. I cannot believe how poor their customer service has been, their operations management and their total lack of support for BT telephone customers. I was told of the problems they are having are because of the new systems in place for BT Broadband customers.

      Why this should effect me not having a telephone line for 4 months is a joke.

      Please submit your comments on this page so I can write a report to the necessary organisation to have this service investigated.

    • profile image

      David Thompson 9 years ago

      In some ways it is reassuring to see how many others there are seemingly at the point of despair with BT!!

      I am the son of an 85 year old lady who has received a penalty demand for £253 out of the blue from BT for the temerity of changing to an alternative telecom provider. Having power of attorney over her affairs, I have tried always to communicate with this most useless organisation.

      Recorded delivery letters to Providence Row, Durham address produce no response, dialling the automated Complaint Review Service 0800 545 458 is an absolute waste of time. I have tried on 2 separate occasions today to make contact using this number and so far have spent well over 20 minutes waiting for an operator to answer.

      And yet still, the BT computer continues to churn out further demands for payment which become really harrowing for an old lady who just wants now to pay the unsupported and unrealistic demand to make them go away!

      They are an absolute disgrace. I only wish I was a farmer with the wherewithal to direct a large quantity of farm manure at their building in Durham in a similar way to a farmer in Northumberland who's bank would not take his complaints seriously. Not the right solution, but at least you might feel better!!

      I don't know where I go from here, but good luck with your blog!!

    • profile image

      Elizabeth Hojlund 9 years ago

      I have owned aproperty, which is a holiday bungalow, since 2001. In the autumn of 2002 a telephone line was installed in the property. In September 2005 the phone line was de-activated at my request. In July 2006 the line was re-activated free of charge by BT. In December 2006 the line was again, at my request, de-activated. I was told that I could have the line re-activated at any time FREE OF CHARGE. No changes have been made to the phone connection by me or any one else at the property. The telephone was simply unplugged and removed, when the line was de-activated by BT less than a year ago. All bills have been paid promptly. I wished to have the phone line re-activated for the new tenant who was moving into the property for 8 months on 29/9/07. She suffers from a chronic disease and will be living alone in the bungalow, so she needs to have a reliable telephone connection.

      I have now been told that I will be charged £130 to have the line re-connected! I consider it completely unreasonable to suddenly decide to charge an exorbitant fee to reconnect the line. I have received no explanation at all as to why it should be necessary to charge me for this. If the line had been in use when the fault on the line occurred I would not have been charged for the engineer to restore the connection, so why should I be charged for this just because I was not using the line at the time?

      I wrote a letter of complaint on 24/9/07, but have not received any reply.

    • profile image

      Jackie van Eeden 9 years ago

      As with many of the people above BT promised to have our line activated when we move in. When we moved in a line was active but we found it to be a differend number than that given to us by BT. Bt called after ours of waiting and was told that the first number was just a temperarely number and that the number we now have is our new number. Two days later the line was dead and after another couple of hours on the phone with BT we were told the new number belongs to somebody else and that the origanal number was correct but was not activated as promised but will be within 24 hours. This has come and gone. Still no line. After another 3 to 4 hours on the line we were told that they cannot help but will transfer me to the right appartment and then you hold on the whole day without somebody awnsering thephone. In the meantime I have received a Bill from BT but have no phone. I am also paying sky for broadband which I do not have because of the line not working. Can we not all get together on this and complain somewhere. I am new in England and don't know all the steps. I have been cut off, refered to a different department,held on for hours, taken two days off work ,been given lots of different numbers to call and the list goes on. I realy do not know what other steps I could take to sort this out. Any help and advise appreciated--PLEASE. 3 November 2007

    • profile image

      Luke Alexander 9 years ago

      I have been waiting seven weeks for a BT Direct Connect service at my business. Now I have been waiting two weeks for a phone line that was promised to be activated within 48 hours at my home. Not a single person has has been able to help me in any way. These guys are as bad as anyone could possibly imagine.

    • profile image

      Linda 9 years ago

      After a complete and utter nightmare changing over from Virgin Media to a BT line and Broadband I finally have service. However I now have 2 bills for 2 separate accounts, with no explaination of charges for either. I have tried countless times to get through on the phone (having learnt that complaining by email the BT site a a complete waste of time) and have held on average for 75 minutes before either a)giving up in frustations or b)the phone running out of charge. I am beginning to think that there is actually NO ONE at BT at all and you are just kept in a loop until you finally give up and pay without resolving your query. Does anyone have any tips for getting through to someone???

    • profile image

      Mark 9 years ago

      I have a horrible feeling my nightmare has only just started. Moved house at weekend and had ordered new line 10 days before and now being told (after spending £20 on a prepay mobile) that I have to now wait another 11 working days before being connected. There is a dial tone so it only needs somebody to press a button on a computer somewhere.

    • profile image

      josh j 9 years ago

      they really are a bunch of total and effing wankers.

      having been told it would take 6 working days to reconnect, i ring up on the day it was supposed to be reconnected. dialled the number i was given and waited 30min. was told it was business and i 'need residential' back on hold. 30mins later was told by someone else i needed the 'service dept'. back on hold and 30mins got through and then was told 'openreach' has a 'committed date' 14 working days after the order.

      can i speak to openreach? can i heck? they are 'internal' and not 'customer facing' not hard to see why - probably terrified of the consequences of being 'customer facing' i personally would like to cut an engineer's dick off to stop him playing with it when he is supposed to be working

      i wont be surprised if im calling again in '14 working days' time.........

    • profile image

      Richard George 9 years ago

      I had a BT line connected; at the time I was told the number - so I pass the info round our contacts. On connecting the first phone, it looked like I had a line fault(!) ... turned out it was the phone, BUT - on getting through (a novelty for BT) to the fault centre, I'm told 'mmm. That's not the number on the account! - and as you're ex-directory, we can't tell you what it is!!

      Can't -ever- get through to cust.serv. (joke), but cancelled DD so they haven't been paid. Got through a couple of times, only to be redirected ... to reception - where the occupants of the offices dealing with new accounts don't take incoming calls!!! Registered a complaint with one cs rep (helpful!) and notified she that my DD had been cancelled and would not be reinstated until I spoken to someone. Found out the number allocated using 1471 from a mobile, and received a bill with said number on thanking me for paying by DD.

      *What* a company! How are they still in business?

    • profile image

      jackie van eeden 9 years ago

      As with many of the people above BT promised to have our line activated when we move in. When we moved in a line was active but we found it to be a differend number than that given to us by BT. Bt called after ours of waiting and was told that the first number was just a temperarely number and that the number we now have is our new number. Two days later the line was dead and after another couple of hours on the phone with BT we were told the new number belongs to somebody else and that the origanal number was correct but was not activated as promised but will be within 24 hours. This has come and gone. Still no line. After another 3 to 4 hours on the line we were told that they cannot help but will transfer me to the right appartment and then you hold on the whole day without somebody awnsering thephone. In the meantime I have received a Bill from BT but have no phone. I am also paying sky for broadband which I do not have because of the line not working. Can we not all get together on this and complain somewhere. I am new in England and don't know all the steps.Don 7 November 2007

    • profile image

      Damon McLeod-Castles 9 years ago

      BT are the worst 'company' EVER! They are that bad I think the government should intervene and take out that stupid BT tower! Bring on Virgin....or anyone!!!

    • profile image

      R A Evans 9 years ago

      For 2 months I have been trying to transfer my business broadband from one telephone number to another and get it changed to residential. After spending upto 4 hours on this I was informed on the 5 of November It would be done and I would receive a telephone call within 48 hours to confirm is now Friday the 9th and am no further on!! BT must be the WORST seervice provider in the world and I would NOT recommend them to empty anyones bin let alone provide them with a broadband service

      P****d off customer

    • profile image

      H & O Stubbs 9 years ago

      We recently moved abroad and left our daughter living in our house. About 6 weeks ago she phoned BT to change the entry in the next phone book - same surname but different initial. She made sure that she told BT tha she didn't want the number changed. We've had the same number for 25 years!!!!! For some reason, only known to BT, the number was changed, but my daughter wasn't infomed. She only found out by accident. She's spent over 15 hours on the phone to Customer Services (what a joke) most of that time was either spent on hold, being redirected or, surprise, cut-off!!!! We have also sent several e-mails. In one reply BT actually specified a solution to the problem within approximately 2 working days - it's now been 8 and still no sloution in sight. The problem we have is that all our legal contacts etc have our original number. We've lost phone calls, costing us money, and our son also uses the number as a back-up number for his business. How difficut can it be to just give back the number we had. And just for luck, when we phone BT they tell us that our new number doesn't even exist. Now that is strang considering that we've already had a bill for it!!!!! We're totally p****d off with the whole situation.

    • profile image

      David Taylor 9 years ago

      Well...... after my total and utter nightmare with BT (detailed some posts above) I have finally got a result. I was so annoyed with receiving the second incorrect bill and charges for late payments that weren't, and a processing fee FOR paying by DIRECT DEBIT!!! and the reconnection charge that i was told would be free.

      I emailed the chairman of BT at 9.55pm at night saying that if my complaint was not resolved within 1 month, i would refer the case to the ombudsman OTELLO. T

      To my surprise he responded with a read receipt at 9.57pm and I had a very polite personal and apologetic email from him at 9.59pm promising this would be resolved the next day. To my amazement, I got a phone call from his assistant at 10am the next day and all my money has been credited to my account.

      I would recommend you contact the chairman direct at:

    • profile image

      Carol Seabrook 9 years ago

      I contacted BT in Sept 07 advising i am moving to a temporary address whilst my home was modenised and that i required to move my land line to, no problem as the home i was going to had a line etc and would be active the day i moved in. Moved in no dial tone, after several phone calls and spekaing to an enginner it was a fault in the house, So i had my land line diverted to my mobile so i could pick up any calls. I sat and thought well i don't need it and could save the line rental i will cancel and reconnect when i move back to my previous address. I cancelled my BT account ( Been with BT 8 Years ) and sat waiting for my final bill. It came today and i was shocked to see a one off charge of £70 for stopping BT service before minimum term expired? How can they do this all i did was move my line/number to another address temporary! I am fuming, spoke to customer services who's system was down they made notes and i got a call back 2 hours later, The lady who sounded so miserable advised that if i go back to BT they will refund the charge! I didn't let her explain fully i was fuming. So i have written a letter to Durham,doubtful now reading above i will get a reply. But i have also complained to Oftel too. There is no way i am paying for a charge for wanting my land line at temporary address! Sorry to ramble on but i am so mad.

    • profile image

      beryl allen 9 years ago

      bt sent me a bill for £237.46 but i am with virgin but i have sent 4 letters 3 e mail numerous phone calls leaving you waiting for hours they finally say it is for a contact but i was never connected so how can i have a contract the last phone call i was on for one hour and they said they where cancelling the bill that was last thursday november 8th and today wednesday november 14th i received another bill will you please sort it out.

    • profile image

      Darren Harris 9 years ago

      I ordered a new line from BT over the email beginning of October and after not receiving any notification I rang them. After 2 hours holding I got through to a

      person who asked me the a phone number and as I havn't got one they could help me

      Finally found a VOL order number but gave them all the correct details ie mobile number. Engineer would arrive 9 November p.m.

      I phoned on 9.11.07 am to ensure engineer was coming as I took the day off at my expense and the answer they gave me what order the engineer had tried to call but not to the number i gave them. I complained and spoke to BT oFcom

      who told me the re schedule engineer was on 14.11.07 pm. Today I again called

      at 9.00 hrs to be told what order. In fact I ring everyday and get different answers

      I called this morning and spoke to Aileen McCormack at BT Ofcom who informed me that her staff had the incorrect training and should not have told me 14.11.07

      Is this my problem. I should have got a call from a manager about my complaint

      who rang me Monday to say that he will call be back MONDAY evening. No chance

      In fact his phone line has been engaged for the last 48 Hours. I have now lodged more complaints to BT but no one actually listens to what I am saying.

      If I ran a group of people like that I would sack them . Their office must be like

      a battery chicken shed. Waste of taxpayers money. My order is now the 20th

      and I bet you !!!!

      person who

    • profile image

      Stacey 9 years ago

      I have ongoing problems with BT, as I have gone through it a million times with BT over the phone and in emails so many times I can not be bothered to type it all out so I have cut and paste this from one of my many emails to them to give you an idea of the trouble I have had.

      1. Received email from BT inviting me to upgrade to Option 3 with free laptop.2. Telephone BT and advised by female advisor that I do not qualify as still in contract.3. Query why still in contract when been with them for years.4. Told contract only started in October 2006.5. Explained that in October 2006 only called to swap existing account from maiden to married name.6. It transpires BT incorrectly open a new account in married name and leave existing account running.7. I continue to pay for BT TWICE!!!!!!8. A few months later I query why paying two separate payments and am told by BT that it is normal to pay for broadband separately.9. Another few months later, I am concerned about the level of my bills and check my bills. It transpires that I am paying twice for broadband, with one account opened in maiden name and one account opened in married name.10 BT apologise profusely for their mistake and issue a significant refund and closed down the original account in my maiden name.WHEN I LET BT KNOW I HAD GOT MARRIED THERE WAS SOME KIND OF MISUNDERSTANDING AND NEW ACCOUNT WAS OPENED, I WAS PAYING FOR BT TWICE!!!!!!!! IT TOOK ALMOST A YEAR BEFORE THIS WAS SORTED OUT, TRYING TO EXPLAIN THIS TO A DIFFERENT CUSTOMER SERVICE ADVISOR EVERY TIME I WAS PUT THROUGH WAS INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!Now, as BT have opened a new account and closed my old account, which I can provide details for if necessary. I am told I am in a new contract and stuck there for another 6 months!!!Furthermore, when I explained all this to the Second Customer Service representative I spoke to on Monday 12th November between 1.45pm and 2.45pm (I was on the phone for an hour!) He said he understood and as I was only upgrading I definitely did qualify for the upgrade and that I would get a free laptop.I was then transferred to a third Customer Service Advisor who told me I didn't qualify, I was still in contract and nothing they could do.I told him that the previous advisor told me I did qualify and he said, "these calls are being recorded", insuating, I believe that I was lying!!! He then told me that if the advisor had said this to me then he would be dealt with by disciplinary action. I said that was a shame because he was nice and helpful and this Advisor said "yes but he is probably not as qualified as me".I am very angry with the amount of time and money I have wasted on BT over the last 12 months.

    • profile image

      DIANE DORAN 9 years ago



    • profile image

      Mr Clarke 9 years ago

      BT help are a bunch of monkeys. I have been trying to phone for a few months to fix a problem and just get passed from one person to the next - no one can help, they can just (barely) read the list of instructions in front of them. AT least 10 calls involving being passed from dept to dept, 2 emails and complaints and I am still getting nowhere. "supervisors" are equlally useless, as are "managers". What am I supposed to do? I am being charged for a service that I am not receiving. All the problems are "my fault" as only I can instruct services on my account. "I cannot help sir, I can only pas you to another f'ing useless colleague" AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH !

    • profile image

      Jade 9 years ago

      I am glad to see that it isn't just me who has experienced absolutley apalling service from BT!!! Not only am I on hold for a min of 60 min per call but once my call is answered I get passed around to incompetant people who have no idea what is going on! Also while trying to get a BT line installed the day they were supposed to show up they didn't and didn't bother to call! after 2.5 hours of calls we got hung up on!! and now I have received my bill for the connection fee! I have refused to pay it as I am now out of pocket 2 days work due the there mess up. I wrote to this Gillian it has been 2 months and still no reply. I am on hold as I write this and if i head "we are very busy your call is very important to us we will be with you as soon as possible" I am going to through my phone through the window! your so busy GET MORE STAFF there is no was a business should be allowed to keep customers on hold for that amount of time AND charge them a premium call! Anyone knows anyhting I can do about this please email me I have had enough... Ps have been on hold 35min and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Gabriel Keen 9 years ago

      About three months ago I telephoned BT asking to have my phone line taken over from Bulldog, who took over the line from BT about two years ago, when I took their broadband service.

      The customer service has been shockingly bad. I have spent literally hours waiting in phone queues, only to be passed to another department, which has meant waiting in another queue - and this has often continued until the line goes dead or goes to an engaged tone.

      When I have managed to speak to someone who could help at all, I have been told the line would be connected on a certain date, which didn't happen, then after further phone calls having heard nothing from BT, being told that an engineer would have to call to reconnect the service. The engineer never came and again I was told nothing.

      Then all of a sudden I was able to make outgoing calls, but nobody could phone me and when I tried to phone my mobile phone the number came up as unknown.( Before this I had been able to make free calls and receive calls through Bulldog who had suspended outgoing calls, because for some they thought I hadn't paid a bill, which I had - their lousy customer service was the reason I decided to return to BT. I expected much better but have been very disappointed)

      I have received some messages on my mobile phone from BT - the calls have come at times when I was unable to take them - telling me that they need more information before completing my order and to phone back on the 0800 800 150 number. Of course this has involved another hour or so of my time waiting to speak to someone, but I was finally able to explain the situation to somebody who of course tried to transfer me to another department.

      She said she would put a high priority on the order and book another engineer's visit.

      The next thing I hear is a message on my mobile, telling me that the order has been cancelled, because they have not been able to speak to me.

      I have persisted this far because I would like to be able to keep my existing phone number which I won't be able to do with another provider. However having been without a service for so long and people being unable to contact me on that number, I think I would be better off going to another provider.

      This experience has made me very angry and I find it extraordinary that such a big company can operate like this.

      And now – the final insult – I have just received a bill for £162.24 for cancellation of the service – a service I have not received, and have spent the last three months trying to get, and have not asked to be cancelled – with advice that this amount will be debited from my bank on or after 26 Nov 07. (Curiously enough, there was no delay or difficulty setting up the direct debit.) Naturally, I have instructed my bank not to pay this and to cancel the direct debit.

      Obviously, this has settled the matter, and I do not wish to have any further dealings with BT (although I feel a grovelling apology, and perhaps some compensation for my wasted time and inconvenience would be in order.)

    • profile image

      alan bailey 9 years ago

      Dear Sir I have been trying to contact someone at BT to deal with my problem for several days.I have spent a total of five hours listening to a telephone ring been subjected to the BT shuffle between various call centres and continents been promised return calls which don't happen have been told one thing by one person which is then denied by another. The sad thing is I wanted a BT line and this whole thing could have been sorted if someone had said sorry that shouldn't have happened.Am posting a copy of this to BT CEO Ben Verwaayen at email address

    • profile image

      alan bailey 9 years ago

      Gabriel I have posted BTs CEOs email in my letter why not send an email to him what can they shoot us?

    • profile image

      Jane Barff 9 years ago

      Thank goodness I'm not alone!!!

      After spending hours trying to sort out my broadband, I come off the phone and just want to hit someone - preferably the BT CEO. Does anyone know where he lives???

      How can a huge company like BT just cut people off? Do they think we are stupid and treat us accordingly?

      Can we sue them? Has anyone done this and how did they do it?


    • profile image

      Jade 9 years ago

      I would like to thank David for his VERY helpful info after I emailed the chairman of BT not 30min later I got a reply saying he will send it to the "high level of complaints department to get it sorted" Then another 20 min later I got an another email from the chairmans office saying he is sorting it out and will contact me soon. but it gets better!! 30 min after that he calls me to say hes sorry about the service blah blah blah and refunded my whole bill! I was only upset about the instalation fee but he cancelled the whole lot. I cant believe after 5 months of messing about and one email to someone high up and its cleared up within an hour! what a joke. Anyone in the same boat as me (see my comment above) email me and ill give you the emails!

    • profile image

      Holly 9 years ago

      Well after moving into our new home we have had disaster after disaster, after receiving a call from Virgin to say they were unable to provide our broadband due to BT having the postcode wrong i rung them, this took over half an hour to get someone to ammend the 1 letter needed after arguing it was done due to him being lazy and saying it would be done in due course etc i wasn't having any of it. Then our line died, after paying the £126-99 connection fee i wasn't impressed and spent my week off ringing them off my mobile to a cost of over £100 with no one but 1 person willing to ring me back (after id'e ended up in tears!) the line beign cut happened twice and 2 engineers came out after threatning me that id'e have to pay £150 if it was my phone that was wrong? err yeah didnt think to check that out..the last straw was when the second engineer came out and was due between say 12 and 4 (can't remember now) and turned up at 11, by luck my partner was at home ill and answered the door but the man said he wouldn't have come back? the cheek when he was an hour early! i wish i could get my line rental from somone else, they are dire really dire!

    • profile image

      OfcomRuseless 9 years ago

      The problem is we have no regulators who will stand up for the rights of the consumer.

      Ofcom is too busy representing the interests of the telecoms' industry.

    • profile image

      VICKI 9 years ago

      To my shame, BT has actually reduced this strong, independent woman to tears. Underneath all the hassles and sheer open mouthed amazement that any company could behave like this, is a very unsettling feeling that we are charging towards some sort of horrible 1984 scenario where everything starts to collapse and there is no where to turn...and no one to talk to...

      Of the many attempts I have made to get a response (or even an answer) - most memorably this includes a 3 hour epic on hold (ever tried cradling a phone handset while having a bath?) - this is my latest, a letter to the Sunday Times Question of Money dispute section - which has been inundated with similar letters, but I am running out of options. (The oct 28th edition had a complaint from a poor soul who had spent 13 hours on hold and experienced all kinds of misery. The Times got him £200 compensation and...a bunch of flowers from BT!! Yes, it's getting surreal...

      If someone can post up the current address of someone who can help - please please do.

      As we all know, letters to BT don't work, phone calls as you all know, require a week off work and round the clock waiting on hold (if I just wait a few more seconds I am sure someone will answer!!) until you collapse in a jibbering heap and meanwhile...the big brother computers clock up day after day of extra charges for late payments of wildly inaccurate bills you have no intention of paying... So this is the letter I wrote and yes, I have told BT I have written to the Sunday Times and no, it hasn't been of any interest to them. As I am a freelance writer myself, I will have to do something more direct I think. If anyone has a human interest kind of angle (someone disabled who has been tortured by the system, or someone who has really suffered or something) let me know and I will try to get it in print. I can't see any other way but still have some fighting spirit left...

      Anyway: The latest letter:

      Dear Diana

      I am SURE you won't be able to get involved in yet another BT horror story but since I actually burst in tears when trying to get help from a rather stunned young man in a BT call centre in India yesterday, I think I need to get it off my chest if I am to remain sane. And if only we could get something done about these ..well let's just say the letter B and T appear in the word I am aiming for... It's a long read - but bear with it! I had the usual several hours worth of being on hold before getting a phone line transferred to me at the place I live, at the end of August. The lady told me that they had a very good deal called Option 2 which was a special offer right now that everyone was taking up because it meant free evening and weekend calls. Please note that is all she said. so of course I said that was the option I would go for.I then explained that I would need broadband as well. She said not to worry too much about the cost of using dial up for the internet for now as with this special deal I would only be paying very little and the internet connection would be free in the evening and at the meantime I could think about it and ring back later. How I wished I had insisted she sign me up there and then. After a day researching other phone and broadband providers I found that a: Yippee they answer the phone within a few minutes and b: they actually offer a cheaper deal on line rental and broadband than BT. However, transferring the line can be lengthy and I needed broadband a s a p. (I have just started working from home). And it would surely be easier to stay with just one provider? Surely? So back to the BT phone line to try anD BUY THEIR BROADBAND PACKAGE. I rang and I rang. I tried first thing when the lines have been open for seconds, I tried last thing at night, I tried Sundays (amazing that they can be "VERY busy with other callers") one second after opening the lines up! I probably went way over the time spent in pursuit by your reader in the Oct 28 edition of Question of Money - most memorably a 3 hour epic in which I was determined not to give in - having a bath (not easy, phone gets slippery) cooking lunch (nearly dropped the phone in the saucepan) and trying to talk to a visitor with the hynotic drone of "We are VERY busy at the moment" drilling away in my ear. I gave up on that one eventually in a fit of rage with bad stabbing pains in my neck. After a week of this I had no option but to sign up with another company. It took time, but it was sorted. The new company, Tiscali told me to ignore anything from BT as they would handle the changeover for me and all I had to to was wait for a final bill. Oct 15th was the date the transfer was due to take place. By last Thursday ( Nov 8) all I had received was a bill for £64.16 for JUST 6 days of use (Aug 30 to Sep 5)- £40 of which was advance charges for the option 1/2 thing until December. I also noted that the internet dial up charges were ferocious (sometimes £3 an hour) and clearly not covered by the free calls bonus I had been told about. I wrote to BT with my own calculations, explaining I would pay service charges up to Oct 15th and the calls. I sent a cheque for £34.69. On Saturday I got the long awaited final bill. Only dated from Sep 7 to Oct 15. (JUST FIVE WEEKS!) It was for £434.97. I felt seriously sick Diana. £261 was as "one off charge" for cancelling the option 2 package "before term of expiry" which terms I can assure you, I was never told about, received nothing in the post, was told nothing about when they signed me up and was not even aware was a contract. The call charges just made me stare in disbelief. Far from being charged at normal rates, the internet dial up was nearly at £100 with wildly varying rates - one connection of 50 minutes was 80p while one of 29 minutes was £1.25. After an hour on hold on Saturrday in which I just gave in and started crying, I got up early on Sunday to make sure I was first in line to call. After a mere 45 minutes wait I got through to a sweet voiced person in India who agreed to pass me on to his manager. This manager listened patiently and just repeated that I had to pay the charges as I had cancelled my term early. I explained that as someone on a perilously low income, just starting up work from home, I would certainly not have cancelled had I known there was any charge involved - (not would I have agreed to this option in the first place) and also that we would not be having this conversation (and I presumably, would not be facing more than £125 worth of call charges as I would have been on broadband) had I ever been able to get BT on the phone. He finally agreed to fill in a request for the "Dispute Team" to call me, but did not hold out much hope. As he typed in the request he asked me "And if we sort this out will you come back to BT!" What a hideous dilemma! If I answer no, will they punish me further? I told him I had never wanted to leave BT in the first place (though I will move heaven and earth to avoid anything to do with them ever again now) but I don't think he understood. The last question I croaked out before finally dissolving into tears was whether BT had received my cheque for £34.69. They had he told me, and my bill was now £428 instead of £434. How can a cheque for more than £34 pounds have resulted in them taking off just £6 I bleated. He said he didn't know but "The Team" would tell me. With images of my poor self huddled over the phone for weeks on end flashing through my brain, I asked him when the "Team" would be calling. He assured me it would be sometime in the next 24 hours. Diana - why I am so surprised that I have not heard from them yet? (Update..I ha

    • profile image

      R. SINGH 9 years ago

      Have complained over number of times ( sent emails and received complaint ref. ) and also sent complain thru recorded delivery a month ago ( initial complaint done over two months ago ),still till date NO RESPONSE from BT.

      The despute is about a bill charge ( charged in excess for the bill ) received in Sep 07.

      Also, applied for ebill in Sep and got ebill in Oct and says period 08 Sep - 07 Oct 07 whereas I already received paper bill and paid for it in Sep for the same period. How can I pay twice ( line rental ) for the same billing period ? Also ebill received in Nov says billing period 08 Oct - 07 Nov 07, same problem repeated. When it is very clear that line rental is always paid in advance and it should have instead said billing period as 08 Nov - 07 Dec 07.

      I have complained repeatedly but till date NO RESPONSE and I am completely fed up of this. Do not know what to do next.

    • profile image

      Gary 9 years ago

      Here is a copy of a letter recently sent to BT Complaints after the appalling service we have received in trying to secure a new phone line. Needless to say the complaint has not been answered and all we received back was an automated email stating that due to high number of emails received it may take some time - A high number of complaint emails, I can't possibly think why!

      I now intend to take up my threat of writing directly to the BT MD.

      Dear Sir / Madam,

      We have tried to place a new order for the connection of a BT phone line at a new address.

      The address is a new build on a new build estate.

      The order was placed on the 24th October at which time a price and approx. connection date of 2 weeks was given. To place this order i had to wait a total of 1 and 1/2 hours on the phone for a customer advisor to answer and then passing between 3 separate personnel. This call was made at 6:30pm.

      On the 1st November I made a follow up call to check progress. Realising the long wait times in the evenings to your Customer Service, I made the call from my work at 2pm on 0800 800 150. I waited 58 minutes listening to how important my call was to you before be being answered. Giving a brief summary of the details, your colleague informed me that the call was 'on hold' with no obvious reason. I was put on hold again whilst enquiries were made. Unfortunately between your system crashing, and various back room enquiries a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes had elapsed since initial dial. I was told an email had been sent to another department to chase - the reason given was that our new address could not be found on the system and therefore they could not find an exchange to connect us to. This is despite the fact that Houses 1, 2 and 3 in the Road were on your system and happen to be the houses directly in front of ours, some 40 feet door to door. When this was raised it didn't seem to help and I was told 6 to 12 working days for installation. We were promised a call back again on a contact mobile held by you on the order, to advise of progress.

      On the 9th November having received no return call as to progress I made another call on 0800 800 150 at approx. 5pm. After 45 minutes the phone was answered and I was asked for account details and existing number. It transpired I was in ‘Billing’, the advisor put me on hold for another department - 20 minutes later this was answered. Further conversation took place and I went on hold again, eventually ending up back at ‘Billing’ After complaining how poor your customer service was to the advisor I suddenly found myself in a department where the advisor could help. In fact it turned out to be deja vu because I then had exactly the same conversation as at the 1st November. I was promised a further email had immediately been sent to engineering and that a call would be returned to our recorded mobile number as soon as the order was taken off ‘pending’

      On the 10th November we did receive a call from BT to ask if this was a new housing development? We had told you on the 24th October at initial placement, and on the 1st Nov, and 9th Nov and your excuse had been that as it was a new development it was pending processing. Please explain then why the call on the 10th asked this question again as if you didn’t know? Either the previous statements you were making were false or your advisors are totally incompetent. We advised you again that it was a new development and the advisor stated that a ‘survey’ would have to be undertaken. Were the emails sent to the engineers on both the 1st and 9th not to request a survey for a new property as advised? Let alone the original order on the 24th October. This advisor promised a return call yet again and also gave us a new number to use, 0800 022 3089.

      Today, the 13th November I made another call to BT on 0800 022 3089, because again we have not received an update call as promised. This time the call was answered in only 5 minutes - this has to be a record for your Customer Services. I soon found out why. The first question I was asked was for my Account number. ‘No I don’t have one this is a new order.’ ‘Ok sir can we have your telephone number.’ ‘No, I don’t have one, this call is about an order trying to obtain one.’ ‘Well sorry sir I need these details so an advisor can phone you back.’ ‘Are you not going to deal with this query?’ ‘Oh no sir, we are a front office reception. We take down some details and then pass to the back office to call you back.’ At this point I was somewhat frustrated as your company hasn’t once made good it’s promise to phone us back. I asked to speak to a manager, this was denied on the grounds that it wouldn’t help. A further conversation ensued and then I asked to speak to a manager again, the manager was now suddenly in a meeting. I hung up. Why give us this new number to call?

      I telephoned again on the 0800 800 150 number and 15 minutes later an advisor answered. A summary of the details took place and this time the advisor stated that the order was going ahead and the connection would take place on the 28th November. I asked why a return call hadn’t been made to inform us of this. An apology was all I received. Probably the apologies now run into double figures over this order.

      You would not process our order before we took possession of the house which is fair enough. But the debacle that has taken place since and the unkept promises, poor customer service and what at times appear misleading statements makes the 28th November a totally unacceptable date for connection.

      Whilst not your direct concern we have no Television service we currently pay for because we are a Sky customer moving from rented accommodation, and Sky will not process our move without a BT telephone number. We also have no Broadband because we have no BT telephone for the ADSL connection. I would happily go with a cable competitor for all our services at this point. Unfortunately BT has the monopoly in our area. Perhaps this accounts for your poor service? - no competition.

      We were even offered BT Home Hub / Vision at the time of order placement. I am so glad we did not give you this business, and at this rate BT Broadband is looking decidedly shaky.

      So this is our complaint. We are disappointed that we have had to keep a record of this poor service.

      What I expect from BT now, is not more platitudes and excuses, but to say you are bringing forward the installation date to take place by the 18th November. Since you already have 3 customers in our road and the delays your poor service has introduced into this order, I think this is a reasonable request. Alternatively I will be forwarding this complaint directly to your Managing Director.

    • profile image

      Jackie van Eeden 9 years ago

      Update. I have again tried my luck with BT. Every time I speak to someone at BT I get different answers. I was told the line is working. I was told that it was never activated. I was given a new number and told this would now be activated(this did not happen). I was told by another person that the previous owner of the line owed money and that is why it was not activated(Previous owner has nothing to do with me). I asked to cancel all orders and applied again for a new line. I was told they would cancel and gave me a new order number and was told the line would be active in two weeks time. This time I was also told to pay a 50 pound deposit. I was also given a new number (3rd one). I was put on hold to speak to somebody at accounts to lodge a complaint about the money they took out my account for a line that was never activated as well as calls supposedly made on this first number. Was given a complaint ref. Phoned again two day later about my money and was told there was no record of my complaint. I again lodged a complaint. Still no phone, Waiting for a refund and paying for Sky Internet which i cant use. I am a single mother with a young child who needs to do Internet research. I have never felt so helpless in my life. Parents would assist me if i go to a lawyer but who and why should this be necessary.

    • born4thesurf profile image

      born4thesurf 9 years ago from Truro

      Hi all, just to say a quick thank you for all your BT Complaints so far and sorry to hear about all your troubles. Something must be done and my report will hopefully go some way to achieving actions. Keep them coming in...the more the weight we have against them.

    • profile image

      James Bayliss 9 years ago

      I ordered BT, cancelled it before it was installed. I keep being charged every month. The problem is still not resolved after about 7 phone conversation and 5 emails. I’m trying to ring them now.

      The hole thing is a joke!

    • profile image

      AndyF 9 years ago

      I emailed the CEO tonight after 3 days of 2 hours a night on hold trying to get thorugh to 150 with my complaint about service and mistake on bill, i got a reply from the director BT Billing within 30mins and he has promised someone will investigate and get back to me tomorrow. Seems to work emailing these people and best of all they understand what you are saying unlike the poor fellas stuck on the other end of the phone

    • profile image

      Paul 9 years ago

      I asked BT to cancel a transfer back to them the day after I requested it so that I would not incur a £70 TalkTalk disconnection fee. BT assured me the order had been cancelled. However, 2 weeks later, my line was slammed over regardless. I have since spent hours in their queues trying to get things resolved and also sent a letter to their complaints department (Mrs. Lewis). All the agents I spoke to insisted that I was now in a twelve month contract (which I hadn't agreed to) and not just any tarrif either - Option 3 - the most expensive.

      Four months on and nothing was resolved. I must have spent about 24 hours in call queues being passed from pillar to post. I decided that I'd had enough and would take the £70 it if need be to get away. I duly initiated a move to another provider. At the same time I sent an e-mail to Ben Verwaayen (the CEO) who passed my complaint on to the "High Level Complaints Team". Amazingly they called me within an hour an have waived my termination fees and offered compensation.

      However, coincidentaly on the same day as I got things sorted, the complaints department finally responded to my complaint - thier resolution: to arrange immediate (the next day) termination of my phone line. I had to call back the CEOs office to get the termination stopped. At the time of writing I'm still hoping my line won't be cut off in the morning and that my move to another provider will take place next week as planned.

      BT really do need to get their act together in terms of Custome Service. Two hour waits in call centre queues is just not acceptable and neither is the level of support you get when you finally get through. They also should avise of the time you're going to wait and not accept calls when they know your wait will take you passed "closing time" when (at the stroke of 8pm or 10pm dependent on department) they cut you off.

    • profile image

      Michael 9 years ago

      I have recently moved in the new flat and asked BT to re-connect my landline. My new flat has a landline socket and phone wiring, the previous tenant of this flat had a landline (apparently other than BT). Nevertheless, BT informed me that they will charge me £124.99 for re-connection!!! What a dishonest business they are making robbing every new tenant of £125 for "re-connection", BT abuses its monopoly on landline connection! What does antimonopoly law says about this shit?!

    • profile image

      paul ashton 9 years ago

      moved to a new house 100yds from my old got a BT phone line for broadband only to find they set up a fibre optic been trying to get the issue resolved for over 3 months, completely useless, oftel /ofcom or whatever they are are no good either they just note you had a problem then give you a nw BT queue number once you egt thtu then its someone will call you back (never happened in 3 months) they need to remove the monoploy BT have and then sack all the staff as they are totally useless

    • profile image

      Faye Chandler 9 years ago

      I moved into a new build propery in September this year. I called BT to find out what a connection charge would be to the exchange and was informed that their current fee is £124.00. By ordering this service I would automatically be contracted into and an account with BT for 12 months before I could change provider. Having dealt with BT both through business and personnally over the years, the last thing I wanted was to enter any agreement with them but it seems that there would be no choice. At the time, I couldn't set up an account anyway because the new build property I had moved into didn't have a post code and this is a requirement when setting up an account. I decided that I would make do with my mobile seeing as I was only renting and therefore didn't contact BT again. A week later, I received a call froma BT engineer asking me when he could come and set up the connection. I obvioulsy told him that I hadn't placed an order for any service from BT and he apologised and hung up. I subsequently have received 5 other calls from engineers requesting the same appointment to which I gave the same reply!! 2 weeks ago I received a bill from BT for £172.52 which is a cancellation fee???? I have spent about 4 hours on the phone trying to sort this out, typically being put through to the wrong department time and time again. I could cry with frustration! I decided that the only thing to do would be to write a letter. I posted and e-mailed the letter and had a call from someone who I could not understand and who could not understand me regarding, I think, my letter.....we got nowhere.. This morning I received a reminder bill! I am not sure what I should do now but I am absolutely certain that I won't be paying this bill. I HOPE THAT SOMEONE FROM BT IS READING THIS AND ALL THE OTHER RIDICULOUS SITUATIONS THAT HAVE COME ABOUT BY BT'S TOTAL INCOMPETANCE! WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO???????

    • profile image

      Geoff 9 years ago

      When I moved into my present address in September 2007 the line had previously been disconnected. I arranged for connection to supply both phone and broadband. After a considerable amount of hassle, missed appointments by BT, long hours on the telephone (at a friend’s house because I did not have a line!!) a line was eventually installed. I was given a new phone number and an account number. I subsequently received email notice that my broadband was activated on the same phone number but with a different account number. To be fair, both phone and broadband are working well on this number. Direct Debits were set up on both accounts but so far I have only been billed for the land line number not for broadband. One payment was taken today by Direct Debit. So far so good!!! However, annoyingly, I have also been billed for installing and using another BT land line with a different phone number and account number. Clearly this is incorrect since I only have one line. When I try to ring the new phone number, it rings away but not in my house!!! No-one ever answers it. Worse still, it is this incorrect number that BT has chosen to put on its Directory Enquiries, not my correct number. I had a long phone conversation with BT some 2 weeks ago about this – the operator could not resolve the problem but promised to forward it to someone else in BT. This seems not to have been done since I have now received a reminder for the bill and an updated bill dated 12th November. I have tried repeatedly to get through by phone but the line is always busy – what are they all doing???? I have emailed the “Contact BT” complaints service but they have not done anything either. After reading the above postings, I think I will try to email Ben Verwaayen.

    • profile image

      Tracy Davies 9 years ago

      BT have just sent me a bill for £245.85 for moving to a new supplier. i only called bt to activate the exsisiting line in my new house. the guy on the phone was as much help as a chocolate fire guard. he said i would have to have the lowest package of £12 a month which i paid for the first month then i changed supplier because bt broadband is not only really expensive but slow. then i receive this bill i think i must have sobbed for an hour i just couldn't believe it i tried to call them numerous times all i got was the ringing tone nobody ever awnsered. i have never received any paperwork from bt other than the bill to say they were direct debiting my account of the £12. i never agreed to or signed any contract to bt ,, so how the hell can they charge me this ... does anyone know what i can do or are they in the right to charge me ,, i just dont know ....

    • profile image

      dondilly 9 years ago

      What is at the heart of my problem with BT is their failure to invest in and maintain the cabling out of the local exchange. It is only a small exchange of a few thousand customers but that is no consolation if you happen to be one of them.Lack of investment has resulted in no spare capacity in their local loop cabling out to my side of the exchange. All pairs are either in use or already marked as faulty and as commented by numerous BT engineers I have spoken too is breaking down and getting worse.This rsults in new customers like me being given faulty lines and people who report faults either being given a less faulty line or of they get a good line it is guarenteed to be at another user's expense, ie they appear to be rotating faults around the system rather than laying new cable.this was my experience from last January, pops and various line noise and periodically the line dying completely for hours at a time, but as an intermittent fault never getting an engineer to do anything. This came to a head last July when after the line dying, it returned hours later with interolerable levels of white noise making voice calls intolerable having to shout over the noise. However while not speedy, my dsl connection was still working.While BT came out the next day, while the engineer highlighted the no free lines, all in use or faulty problem, he swapped my line with another (faulty) line but found later that he had knocked out my DSL. What should have just been a simple matter of getting the engineer back to try another line (as it was a line fault that triggered this), they washed their hands of it, refering me to Demon, my ISP.I was without DSL for 6 weeks. BT DSL engineers came and went, highlighting the same cabling problems and refering the fault back to the telephone guys for new cable to be laid. Mysteriously my DSL returned after 6 weeks. A DSL engineer who called a few days later claimed they [the dsl engineers] had done nothing so I can only assume that the telephone engineers swapped my line (potentially rotating the fault to another user) as he confirmed no new cable had been laid.During that 6 weeks I had to resort to dialup. When my phone bill arrived I was horrified to find it in excess of £400 and on investigation found that demon had been charging out the dialup number at 4p a minute OFF PEAK.As this cost was incurred because of a fault, obviously I wanted it refunded.This is where I get caught in the middle between demon and BT. While my DSL is with Demon, itsprovision is via BT. The exchange is not unbundled, BT are contracted via demon. Ultimately, the fault lay in BTs cabling and the telephone side of the company failing to maintain redundant capacity or install new cables even though the capacity issue has existed for at least 12 months.demon couldn't care two hoots as the see the fault being with BT and afterall it is BT who are billing me for the calls. While BT disengenuously point the finger at demon even though both the phone line and DSL provision is provided directly or indirectly by BT and while they hide behind the artificial divisions within the company, it is still the same PLC and no matter how hard the phone side may wriggle demon has emailed me copies of the DSL engineers status reports identifying the cable and passing the problem back to the phone engineers.I have so far gone round the loop with BT twice, 3 times if you include the partially unread email where they failed to grasp the issue and just confirmed the calls were made and also by phone and letter all of which were brushed aside while they hide behind demon.In my book, it doesn't matter who provides my DSL. My DSL was fine until the actions of a telephone engineer killed it. If that telephone engineer had not swapped my line, I would have had no need to call demon or get ripped off by their dialup costs.One of BTs indians tried getting the money out of me by assuring me the problems had been resolved yet within a couple of days of that statement I caught a BT phone engineer red handed swapping my line out (rotating faults around the system again). He was caught as I was at my PC when my dsl died. I picked up the phone and the line was dead. Within 30 secs I got a phantom call with no one at the other end. I picked up again and the tone was back however It resulted in another 5 day DSL outage and another line swap.I am disabled, I have mobility problems, I live on benefits and while a phone and net access are essential for me as the net not only saves my sanity stuck at home, I also rely on it for shopping but can ill afford the money they are demanding under threat of disconnection. Also paying it resolves nothing as BT will see it as business as usual rotating faults meaning it will only be a question of time until I get a fault back. If they disconnect me, While the line is essential. with the current capacity issues it is a certainty that the current line would be robbed out and reused in days and I cant face another year opf phone woes.

    • profile image

      Frances Smith 9 years ago

      I have been trying since getting my online bill last week to sort it out. I have spent hours on the phone to the Broadband call centre, they keep promising to sort it out but do not ring back.Basically my problem is I signed up to reduce my broadband from 17.99 per month to 14.99 a saving of £3.00 per month, I was so shocked when I opened my bill and found it was for over £304.75 - I only usually pay a very small amount for calls (in this bill they totalled £3.69), my line rental and my broadband. When I looked at the service charges I could not believe it, there is another order number there BNV608 with all sorts of astronomical charges added. I only wanted to save money, by my calculation I shoud be billed this quarter for around £73.00 as I am due a reduction for part of the last quarter because of the cheaper broadband. I have since spent hours on the phone with umpteen promises to get this sorted and am getting no where.

    • profile image

      T Golding 9 years ago

      I have switched service from BT in August 2007 and i have asked for what i thought would be a simple ask, a final Bill but now end of November only bill i have is one with a huge cancellation charge attached to it. and no one will answer the phone to me. Its a discrace.

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      I have, of course, not received any response to the following letter.

      BT Correspondence CentreDurhamDH98 1BTDear Sir or Madam,I moved into the above address (I sent this on headed notepaper) on 1st July. As there is already a BT line installed, but not activated, I attempted to contact BT with regards to activation. Thus began a sorry week of spending all my free time in phone boxes, calling BT customer disservice. Most calls involved listening to music which I did not fancy until I ran out of time, occasionally speaking to an agent who would offer to put me through to the relevant department, only to resume the onslaught of unending hold music. On one occasion, even your busker gave up, and my call was abruptly disconnected. On another occasion, the agent asked what is was that I wanted, and when I requested line activation, he hung up. Perhaps he wished to spare me the futile agony of BT's hold service.On 5th July, your system was considerate enough to offer a call back. The agent who called took my details, requested permission for a credit check, and promised a call back within five working days from the relevant department. I have not heard from you since, despite the agreed period having elapsed three days ago. I cannot say that I am surprised.On 15th July, I resumed my regular pilgrimage to the phone box. Following a mostly irrelevant dialogue in some vaguely incomprehensible blend of English, and a language native to the Indian subcontinent, he routed my call through to the relevant department. After a few minutes on hold, your busker tired of tormenting me and dropped the line.I immediately called back and asked for the complaints department. Your operator routed me through to the faults department; perhaps BT's policy is that anyone complaining about their service must be faulty. The fault operator, like his colleague earlier, was not familiar with the English language (what does the B in BT stand for?), and I had immense difficulties explaining to him that I do not have a phone line to report as faulty. Having surmounted the formidable language barrier, he explained to me that BT's complaints department cannot be contacted by telephone (perhaps they couldn't get a line installed), and that I must write to your correspondence address. Thus, I obediently made a written complaint to this address.Not having received any acknowledgement of my complaint (or a phone line), I again trespassed upon the inner sanctum of a phone box on 31st July. I explained my predicament to the operator; after several minutes on hold, he put me through to the broadband department. After several further minutes on hold, the broadband department put me through to the foreign languages department; not sharing a common dialect, and communicating through a medium which does not support gesticulation, he was able to convey nothing more informative than that I was through to the wrong department. After several more minutes on hold, the music stopped with the out-of hours department, who told me to call back during normal business hours (which it was when the game started). He also told me that there is no direct number for the in-hours department; pass-the-customer-parcel is BT's favourite game, and I have no right to deprive them of their only joy in life. It may be noted that callers are greeted with a recorded message advising them to call between 8pm and 10pm, when lines are less busy.On 1st August, I dutifully called back during business hours. Again, after requesting that the line in my new address be activated, I was inexplicably routed to the broadband department. The agent who (eventually) answered the call offered to put me through to the sales department; after a minute's subsequent silence, I got the wrong number tone.I immediately called back, went through the same automated menu choices as before, and amazingly, was answered by the sales department. Your agent took the same details as the agent who called me on 5th July, and made the same promise about a call back within five working days.Despite changes in Government regulation, BT still has a monopoly over the provision of new domestic telephone lines, except in a small minority of areas served by cable. Knowing this, you tie new customers into a full year's contract. In common with other abusive monopolies, you also treat (prospective) customers like dirt, knowing that despite your appalling service, they have no one else to go. What do you further require before condescending to grant me a phone line, which I cannot obtain elsewhere? A sacrifice of lambs? My blood on the cross?I look forward to a prompt resolution.Yours Sincerely,

    • profile image

      Philipn McLeod 9 years ago

      BT Broadband - complaint

      I have BT broadband and am forced to sign up to the so-called "up to 8Mbps" service despite the fact that seemingly as the quality of my line is rubbish I can only get 1Mbps.

      I have tried to find someway of complaining or even asking what is being done to improve the lines. I cannot find anyone as if you speak to BT broadband or email them they do not even understand the issue, let alone have an answer. Understandable as no doubt none of the responses even come from UK, let alone my area.

      I have tried asking if my line can be transferred to a small exchange closer to where I live, from where (for those luckily already connected to that sub-exchange) I know they get at least 7Mbps.

      I also thought I read that the OFT had recently ruled that BT "up to 8Mbps" was acceptable so lon as the speed was close to that.

      In short, I cannot even find anybody or any method of complaining where I can discuss the issue.

      Also, whilst I am using a Voyager router supplied a year or two ago that works generally OK, I understand fromeveryone that has one, and from web forums, that the BT Home hub and the software that drives it is toally unreliable and the biggest load of rubbish going. BT appently do not address complaints on this either.

      Further, apparently it does not matter which Broadband suppllier you use (except cable) as BT control all the Broadband speeds anyway as everything gets routed through the software at the BT exchanges

      How are they allowed to get away with such poor products, poor service and seemingly be a privatised monopoly and totally unaccountable.

    • profile image

      Frazer Jarvis 9 years ago

      I live and work (usually) in Sheffield, but am spending some time in Bristol on secondment this year. My wife is mostly remaining in Sheffield.

      I moved into a new rented flat in Bristol and had a working phone line. I called Customer Services to register my details, and was told that they had been about to cut it off, but we agreed this was no longer necessary. A few days later, the line was disconnected, and I discovered later that the order had not been correctly placed.

      After several abortive attempts and several hours in queues to get through to the Customer "Services" team, I finally got through, and placed an order for a new line in Bristol. I was told that my new number would be "0114...", before I cut in, and pointed out that was the Sheffield code. She apologised, having entered the wrong details in the wrong place. She deleted that order and got the order placed for the Bristol line, saying that it would be activated two days later. It wasn't. I placed a formal complaint on the website, as well as a second fault report. Neither received a non-automated response. But sometime at the start of November, the line started working.

      However, I returned to Sheffield last week from a two week stay working in Bristol to find a letter from Jillian Lewis, Customer "Service" Director, starting "We understand that you no longer live at the above address and so I'm writing to let you know that we will be disconnecting the telephone service..."; I found this letter the evening before my home phone was cut off.

      After making another formal complaint, and another hour spent in queues and on the telephone with a Customer "Service" representative, I was told that there was a problem with the line and that they couldn't just turn the number back on - there was an order on the line (yes, the order from late October - it hadn't been deleted, just ignored!), and so I would have to have a new number. I'm wondering whether it will be easier to try to get my number back, or whether it would be easier to contact everyone on our contact lists to let them know that we have a new number. One good thing has come out of this - I have discovered mobile broadband. It does't use landlines, and therefore bypasses BT!

    • profile image

      Peter Stephens 9 years ago

      This is text of msg to the top man, sent earlier today.I have heard nothing as yet.A complaint was submitted on 16th Nov (nothing other than automated response. From reading other posts, I'm probably getting an easy time ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ne This (automated response) followed a complaint about shocking service. I have heard nothing (other than this automated response) since. The complaint arose after an agreed installation on November 13th was cancelled by BT, with no notice and no call to inform. Calls duration before this point added up to 3 hours. Calls after the appointment was not kept, added up to 5 hours and despite promises of action, we are still in limbo. This is a simple service request. Install a 2nd BT line in private premises and then transfer an existing telephone number (currently NTL) to the new line. As informed at the initial call (Oct 26th), we gave NTL 30 days notice on their installation. This notice runs out on Friday this week and we will no longer have telephone access to our charity. On Thursday of a last week (following 2 hours of calls) I was again promised that someone would call and arrange the installation. Still nothing! I have tried to keep most of the frustration out of this e-mail but need some help, please.======================================================= end of e-mail to Ben

    • profile image

      alan staniland 9 years ago

      I too have had a nightmare experience of getting BT to move a phone line when I moved house at the end of July. Spent hours on the phone and lots of money on mobiles ((0800 are not free from mobile) Wasted 2 working days for engineers who did not turn up and then subjected to incredible harrassment from BT's third party debt collecting thugs -SCS. Eventually got a line and transferred everything to Talk Talk. BT are now trying to bill me for advance services that I won't be taking from them. They owe me substantial compensation for lost wages whilst awaiting their engineers (I did have order numbers). The company is just totally incapable of answering a telehone in a reasonable time and they are totally inept at responding to the written word. They are a total commercial disgrace and are totally corrupt with incompetence yet enjoy a legalised monoply situation in a so called free trade environment. Ofcom and Oftel are another set of useless toothless tigers - a complete waste of public money because they have no powers at all that helps the consumer.

      Good luck with your quest

    • profile image

      Ginny Howden 9 years ago

      I have also had an appalling service from BT when we simply wanted to transfer our BT line and broadband service to our new address. BT treated it as though we had cancelled our agreement which resulted in billing us for broadband services until Sept 2008! Luckily we had just cancelled our agreement to pay by monthly payment plan so we are not out of pocket. We are just refusing to pay the bill at the moment until it is sorted. I have spent at least 6 hours on the phone to BT if not a lot more and have been transferred from one department to another, been held in queues for very extensive periods of time, been cut off after having been on the phone for almost an hour, I have sent a letter to BT querying the bill and had no response, sent an e-mail to the complaints department with only a standard response saying it had been received and I have accepted to take part in a feedback survey which I was asked whilst I was held in a queue. This esrvice was supposed to call me back 10 minutes after putting the phone down. I never received this call!! I will definitely be moving our services away from BT as soon as we come out of the contract period.

    • profile image

      Nicola Roberts 9 years ago

      I recently decided (and wish that I hadn't bothered!) to change phone and broadband service from Virgin to BT. Placing the initial order was easy, I was told that I could not transfer my virgin number until the BT line had been installed and the virgin line had been terminated. As this could not take place on the same day I was given a temporay number from BT and was told that when the Virgin line was switched off I could apply for the number to moved, and that this would take 48 hours. I contacted them as requested but nothing happened. It took almost 2 weeks to contact BT to find out what had gone wrong, after being placed on hold more times than I care to remember, I was told that my original order had not been placed properly and no-one had requested for my original number to be transferred over, the result of this was that the temporay line I had to be cancelled and a new order would be placed. I was then given a date on which the line would be reactived and the number transferred over. The activation date was 2 weeks ago and everytime I contact BT for an update I get either transferred or told that "I do not have access to that part of the system". This episode has not been ongoing for over 3 months and I have been without a telephone line at home for almost a month. I now wish that I had remained with Virgin ! I have registered two complaints on the web site but too date have only received automated responses.

    • profile image

      Matt Saunders 9 years ago

      BT started off on the wrong foot anyway by giving us the previous owner's telephone number after they promised a new number. Countless pointless calls to India and hours of being on hold, being told eventually by 2 different people almost a week apart that our number would be changed the following day, then nothing! Eventually got thru to someone who could identify my frustration and she 'waived' the number change fee and it was sorted the following day.

      After that, I decided to go ahead with BT broadband Option 3, god knows why! First 2 weeks were fantastic, living 200m away from the exchange, we were seeing speeds nearing the 8mb quoted, fantastic! Then, suddenly over the last couple of days, we're getting speeds as low as 0.27mb! 7am this morning saw 1.8mb connection, so it cannot be down to the peak times rubbish.

      I also cannot open any ports for P2P software or anything other than internet browsing. I even turned all the firewalls (BT hub and Zonealarm) off to see if it wasn't set to forward the port correctly. Nadda.

      I don't mind writing an email and having to wait a couple of days for a response, what i do begrudge is spending hours on hold to only be cut off or put thru to someone who clearly has no idea.

    • profile image

      dondilly 9 years ago

      I sent an email yesterday to BTs CEO regarding my complaint posted earlier here, still waiting for a reply.

      One tactic I am considering, rather than esculting the complaint via Itello is to safeguard my line by writing a letter to BT with a cheque for the disputed amount. However the letter would ive notice that while the cheque if an offer of payment, were the cheque to be cashed I would recover the money via the small claims court.

      One other thing I am sorely tempted to do regarding BT charging £4.50 for bill processing and £7.50 late payment penalties. If anyone is up for a fight and is witholding a disputed payment from BT.

      First, deduct the £4.50 and any subsequent penalty charges from future payments.

      Not only that but turn the figures they consider fair and reasonable against them

      All the time you withhold payment due to an unresolved complaint charge them £4.50 for processing their bill and having to recalculate and keep doing so while the matter remains unresolved Then on subsequent bills charge them a further £7.50 for late resolution of your complaint.

      Then send your payment, cheque and a letter Itemising the deductions by post to BT Billing.

    • profile image

      Caroline Hooper 9 years ago

      I can't bring myself to begin to go into the time frustration and tears of anger brought about by simply wanting to give BT some money. If we the consumer can't get anywhere with this company - maybe companies like Sky will HAVE to step up to the plate and call emergency talks with them as they lost my business because of BT. If I moved tomorrow I would not get sky which is dependant upon BT - so no one wins - what a ludicrous situation all because of a "new system" !!?? Shocking !!!

    • profile image

      Jacky Lawrence 9 years ago

      I felt so much better after reading everyone else's complaints. I'm at the end of my tether with BT and have emailed Mr V in the hope of some sort of positive response. Who knows but if it evokes a response, then great. My story has gone on for about 2 years and compares to everybody's on this site. You poor things! I only wish there was a way to get rid, or split them into manageable sections, or convince them to re-construct what they have into a well-oiled machine with a conscientious and organised staff base. Please. Don't they care? I suppose when you have a fair sized customer base who're reasonably satisfied, the rest of us can go spin...... Good luck to everyone who's still waiting for a solution!

    • profile image

      Gaz Baker 9 years ago

      On the 15th of November I spoke to a customer service rep who advised me that my line was cut off. I asked why and she said I had not paid the bill I explained that I never had a bill to pay. She asked me my address and I said it is 112 Inglewhite, she told me BT had 110-11 Inglewhite which is next door and mainly un-occupied. And she admitted it was BT’s fault and that I would have a line setup ASAP. An engineer then rang me up and wanted £130 for a connection; I explained that it was BT’s fault for sending the bills to the incorrect address. He agreed with me and told me to ring customer services, which I did. I was told that the engineer shouldn’t have asked for the £130 as I already had a line and it was BT’s fault. On the 16th of November I spoke to a supervisor called Chris who told me that it was because the re-connection was placed on the New System and should have been placed on the old on which he told me he will do. I also asked what happens to my broadband and said I need to ask my provider to get it re-activated and that they can get it down faster by getting it escalated, I spoke to my provided who said they can but BT charge £170 for this. Chris also said that I would have a phone call Friday Night or Monday morning as it was a priority order. I never got a phone call. 19th 20th 21st November I rang up to find out what was happening and was told by customer services that they can’t help me as it was being dealt with by the back office! 22nd November I rang up yet again to find out what was happening with my phone line, I was transferred to Sheffield department and spoke to a Kerry Mason who told me that my address hadn’t been changed to 112 Inglewhite and Also that on BT’s system 112 Inglewhite doesn’t exist I explained that it did exist and she got my account moved from 110 Inglewhite to 112 Inglewhite and that it will take 24hours for the update to take place and that I will get a phone call Friday or Monday and my line will be active on Wednesday 28th November. 27th November I rang customer services to ask what is happening with my phone line as I was promised a phone call and I never got one, the guy then transferred me to another department who then give me another number to ring which when I rang it I was told I need customer services. I then rang customer services and was told that it was being dealt with and it is a priority order and then the rep logged my complaint and give me a ref number of 18191194 and that I will have a phone call from him that night to let me know what is happening and yet again I never got a phone call 28th November Rang customer services who told me they were sorry for everything that is happening and that I will get a phone call within 48 – 72 hours from today to say when my line will be re-connected, I explained that this is not good enough I kept being promised these phone calls but I don’t get any phone call and nothing ever happens, I also explained that I’m not happy and have logged 3 complaints so far and no-one has ever got back to me. And that I want to claim my expenses back from BT as I’m in a contract with my broadband provider and so I’m paying £29.99 a month for a service I can use because of BT and also will be claiming all call charges on my mobile phone for all the times I have had to ring up because no-one ever rings me the supervisor then said it was my fault that I never rang up to see why I hadn’t had a bill. I explained that since April 2006 I have been ringing BT to make sure they change my address as my next door neighbour was passing them to me but now the house is empty and it still hadn’t been changed. I have had enough of BT now and I’m fed up of ringing and being told a pack of lies. I want my phone line back on today as I was promised this has been going on for 2 weeks and it is BT’s fault It is not my fault that BT didn’t have my house on there system’s when every other company that I have services with do have my address and I had a phone line for almost 1year 6months before this happened

    • profile image

      Daniel Hope 9 years ago

      Well, I am so glad to hear that i'm not the only one with a BT complaint. Just got off the phone to BT at 6pm. Took 1 hour 25 minutes to resolve my simple problem of getting a phoneline installed in my new house. This webpage along with the blog are excellent resources for anybody who has <a href=''>BT Complaints</a>. Keep up the good work and good luck everybody with resolving your problems. Look forward to seeing BT's response to your report.

    • profile image

      Jodie Shaw 9 years ago

      Well i cant eveb bring myselft to go into the nightmare ive had with BT, the complete lack of customer service and capability to sort out a new line in my house is behond beleif. The staff are extremely rude and unhelful - one of the staf even said to me "what do you want" upon answering a call - disgraceful. On top pf all that they send us a bill for another line they have installed the other end of England for £300 - trying again to get through and sort this took me over an hour. This is totally unacceptable and BT seriously need to do something about this and compensate every one who has had such a terrible experience,

    • profile image

      Louise  9 years ago

      My BT nightmare began 2 months ago and like the rest of you I've spent hours and hours in customer service queues or speaking to half wits that tell you a complete load of rubbish. To cut a long story short when I rang up back in September for a simple line connection, BT decided to put me on an option I didn't choose. I spent hours trying to tell them this and racked up a huge mobile bill in the process! After receiving such appalling customer service and reading blogs from fellow sufferers, I decided to switch to Talk Talk (who incidentally have been fantastic). Since then BT have had the audacity to send we a wapping great big final bill for cancelling all these options (options I didn't choose). I have been told by countless people at BT not to pay because it's mis-selling but I never actually managed to speak to anyone in any position of authority. Having said that I did speak, supposedly to a manager called Ramesh in India, who tried bartering with me ... how professional! Eventually after speaking to Ofcom I spoke to someone in the BT High Level Complaints team who told me that in light of all the problems I'd had with BT she was cancelling the bill entirely and I would be receiving a credit note in the post to that effect. Instead of a credit note, I received another bill for half the amount!! So angry I could scream. I spent another hour on hold to High Level Complaints only to be told the person who said she'd cancelled the bill for me was out of the office today but her manager, Aileen McCormack would call me back. As usual I'm still waiting for the call and quite frankly having been told 4 times before I would be called back by someone at BT and never once getting a call, I seriously don't hold much hope!! Slowly going insane!

    • profile image

      dondilly 9 years ago

      I know many of you are going to find this incredulous but posted on the BT PLC site is a story 'BT Voted number one for customer service' Planet are the on.

    • profile image

      dondilly 9 years ago

      I know many of you are going to find this incredulous but posted on the BT PLC site is a story 'BT Voted number one for customer service' Planet are the on.

    • profile image

      Karen Pepper 9 years ago

      This is so depressing why is such a big company so useless?!! Our problem started when we moved house. My house mate phoned BT before the move to arrange for the phone line to be active when we moved in which was the 11th Sept 07 we were told that would all be set up but when we moved we found that Talk Talk were on the line and the previous tenants had just cancelled it so we had to wait two weeks for them to disconnect. We rang BT once this time was up and were told we had to wait another two weeks for Talk Talk to come off the server, after that we were then informed that we would have to be reconnected at a charge of £125 even though we were not warned of this in the first place !!! After much discussion and hours on the phone to them we finally agreed just so we could get set up and we had an engineer arrive on 5th November to reconnect us we have since found we now have a fault on the line so an engineer has to come out again which means more time to be taken off from work, this situation has driven us crazy!!!!

    • profile image

      stephen reed 9 years ago

      How can a business move go so wrong we have moved 100 mt being served my the same exchange to move 5 lines including bt broadband and redcare.....

      9 weeks and 14 bt sorry openreach engineers later and the job has still not been finished and you cannot find anybody to take the problem on board to resolve it

      so where do I go from here

    • profile image

      Adele Watson 9 years ago

      Two years ago we moved from a BT line to Virgin Media and the line was disconnected. A month ago we decided to have Sky and SkyPlus installed and were told that we would have to have a BT line. No problem I thought, we can just have it reconnected, so we went ahead and ordered Sky. Immediately afterwards I contacted BT who said no problem, we can do that, but it will cost you £125 as an engineer will have to come out and re-install the line. After much discussion and trying to get someone to see logic that we didn't need an engineer to re-install the line, the line was still there and surely all they had to do was re-connect it, I wearily agreed to the cost and was told that they would come out the following week between 1pm and 6pm, and that I had to be home as the engineer would need access to the premises. I arranged for Sky to be installed the next day.

      The day duly arrived (which I had to take as a days holiday from work) and I sat in patiently waiting. 6pm came and went and no BT engineer. I then spent an hour waiting for someone to answer the phone, when they did they said it was the wrong department, I then was on hold another hour and by the time someone finally could help me (which by the way was about the 5th person I had spoken to and two and a half hours later), I was nearly in tears with frustration and anger. They said that they didn't know why the engineers didn't come out, but that I hadn't needed to be in the house anyway as all the engineer had to do was reconnect the line and that would be done in the next 12 hours. I explained that Sky were coming the next day after 12pm and they assured me that the line would be connected by then.

      Next day arrived (which I was taking as another days holiday) and by 11am I still had no line. I rang again, was on hold another hour to be told that I had been told a load of rubbish the previous evening and that my order was not given to the engineers with the required 5 days notice from BT, so I was not even listed on their job sheets. You can imagine my anger, this was the second day I had to have off work for nothing, I had to cancel the Sky installation and was no nearer getting anything sorted. After yet more waiting on the dreaded line for someone to help me, they finally sorted me an appointment out for yesterday (29th Nov) between 1pm and 6pm, so I arranged for Sky to come today (30th Nov). Well guess what, 6pm came and went and still no Engineer had been. I then spent 1hour 20 mins trying to get through to someone, and when I finally got through I was told that something went wrong on the system and my order never went through to the Engineers. To say that I was reduced to tears in anger, frustration and disappointment is an understatement. A very nice young man on the phone told me he would try and sort it out. I have been promised that the Engineers will be out next Thursday, but I don't hold out much hope. If this is how they treat new customers, I am dreading anything going wrong once I am an existing customer. If it weren't for the fact that I had cancelled Virgin Media and paid the Sky fees I would be telling someone where to shove it !!!!

    • profile image

      jake horsley 9 years ago

      I had been using my BT soft phone for several months to call the US when i noticed on a recent bill that I had been charged over 30 pounds for calls to the US. (It is possible that I hadn't noticed before becoz the calls I had made were too short to amount to much.) I called and discovered that - despite having been informed months ago that my softphone no. was activated and all i needed to do was plug in the phone line to the Home Hub and make a call (i was getting the different dial tone when i did so) - for some reason the calls were all registered as landline calls and I was charged for such. Technical help have apparently found a way for me to switch from softphone to landline without changing the point of plug-in, tho I won't know for sure until i check my billing. Once this was resolved, I was told i would get a refund, and transferred to billing dept. Billing said only technical dept could provide a refund, and transferred me back again. At tech dept i was told I would not get a refund but given no satisfactory explanation why not. I asked to speak to a supervsior, and spoke to one Danny Johnson, who was no help whatsoever. When I asked to speak to someone higher up, Mr. Johnson at first refused, then promised a callback within 24 hours. This has has not occurred. I would also like to complain about Mr. Johnson complete lack of assistance.

    • profile image

      jonasthan fisher 9 years ago

    • profile image

      Peter Stephens 9 years ago

      Received a response from Ben Verwaayen. the same day I posted.

      Have been getting excellent support from his Compliant Management team.

      Am now receiving the kind of service that gets them awards.

      Don't have our second BT line (yet) but with daily monitoring by the Chairman's office, I feel confident we are now in good shape.

      The Chairman seemed to expect to be e-mailed !

    • bapidebu profile image

      bapidebu 9 years ago

      hello friend nice post,keep it up,keep writing this types of stuff.plz have a look at my blog.thank you.

    • profile image

      Jonathan Parsons 9 years ago

      Here's a copy of the email I posted to which I gather has prompted responses in the past:

      "Below is a copy of a letter I sent to BT at the beginning of October. I have now received a letter threatening me with court action unless I pay BT whatever they say. It is impossible to talk to anyone who can do anything at the BT call centres so it seems that I have to pay whatever BT like regardless of whether I have received a service, signed a contract or tried to explain the situation.

      I have now sent a cheque for the amount demanded to avoid any further hassle from you.

      I will, of course complain to Ofcom and if I have a few spare minutes will contribute to any consumer web-sites etc that I come across so that as wide an audience as possible will know how BT treats people with threats while ignoring their justified complaints.

      Yours furiously and £255 pounds poorer

      Jon Parsons

      Dear Sir or Madam:

      Complaint number 070928-005224

      I have received a bill for a service that is not connected: Acc. No. SW14056738.

      This service is not connected (ring the number if you want to check!). Although I started the connection process I was later informed of additional charges that I don’t want to pay at this time. Because it is not possible to investigate the feasibility of a new connection without paying first the site was not investigated before the engineer arrived to make the connection.

      Nothing during the ordering process suggested that the price would be higher than the standard fee or even that it could be and I was assured by one of your anonymous call centre staff that there was one price which did not vary.

      There was no opportunity given by BT to discuss if there would be additional charges before paying for a connection. The property is some distance from a telegraph pole so it was obvious that it would need more poles erecting before the connection could be completed.

      I don’t mind paying for work done and accept that there may be an additional charge in the case of this property.

      However given that BT didn’t bother to survey the site before charging me a standard fee I feel entitled to decide not to pay additional charges until I am ready.

      I certainly will not pay a line/service charge as there is no line or service.

      I have cancelled the direct debit for this account in the hope that I will get someone to ring me up who can both understand the situation and act appropriately to alter the bill.

      The alternative which I have experienced this evening of being deliberately cut off by BT call centre staff and on a second call having to explain at great length about my situation to three separate people before being passed back to the department I started with is not acceptable service.

      Please alter the bill to reflect:

      That I should only be charged for the work done to date

      That no service charge is due until there is a service

      That there will be no additional fees in the future without written quotes agreed by me

      That there will be no reconnection fee or other hidden costs.

      Yours sincerely,

      Jonathan Parsons"

    • profile image

      Julia Semmence 9 years ago

      I think BT are just dreadful for a so called communication company. Firstly i have been dispute with them about their charging policy - I paid via internet banking (my time, my work processing) and they charged me for the priviledge. i complained asking them to justify this and their charges for cheque payments. Ofcom acknowledged my letter - BT eventually did and have done nothing since. Next bill I get they add a further charge for late payment- i try to speak to them to discuss - get connected to India and told they cannot deal with my complaint. So hence BT are making money hand over fist for doing absolutely nothing and charging me for the priviledge. I think i should now start charging them for the time i have spent trying to contact them to sort this issue out, time spent writing letters etc etc. At the earliest opportunity I'm off - I'd rather communicate through smoke signals than bother with BT they treat any customer large or small with utter contempt and Ofcom are idiots allowing them to get away with it.

    • profile image

      G Kumorek 9 years ago

      I ordered phone and broadband on 14th September and set up direct debit, which is being taken out. Have been sent bills ever since, now all cut off and another bill for £108 because they said I stopped service. When I ring them everyone says they cannot deal with GB accounts. Puzzled and very angry, GK.

    • profile image

      Nigel Reed 9 years ago

      We changed our internet service from BT to Tiscali at the beginning of September. BT kept billing us. We have called them three times (each time spending over 30 mins on the call) and have also emailed three complaints (none of the emails have been answered). We have cancelled the direct debit as they kept taking money off us. Today we have received another bill. Surely this is theft. BT is the worse company we have ever dealt with. I am now complaining to Ofcom.

    • profile image

      Emily 9 years ago

      BT are so annoying!I ordered basic line rental in September (lowest cost package of £10.50 per month) as I just needed an internet connection.  Since then they have tried to charge me for a more expensive package and when I refused to pay as I didn't order this (after several 2 hour phone calls and about 10 emails!), they added a cancellation charge of £168.74!  For a service I neither wanted nor asked for!Does anyone know what I can do about this?  Is it worth contacting Ofcom or trading standards?  Surely it is against trading regulations to charge someone for something when there is no proof that the ordered it!Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

    • profile image

      Louise 9 years ago


      You are in precisely the same situation as me. I only asked for basic line rental back in September because I needed an internet connection and BT put me on Option 2 which I didn't order and then the Together option without even consulting me. I've spent over 20 hours on the phone to BT trying to resolve the problem after they sent me a final bill for over £200 made up of cancellation charges for these two options. I can assure you now no one in any of the call centres will be able to help you and you will just get passed backwards and forwards without anything actually being resolved. After 2 months of hell, I rang Ofcom and they gave me a special number for BT's Ofcom Referred Complaints dept, based in Glasgow (supposedly higher than BT Chairman's Office)! 0800 671 502 but they are only open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm which can be a nightmare if you're ringing from work! These are the people who have the authority to waive any charges through mis-selling etc. Every conversation with BT staff is recorded so you can request to be played the recording which will prove you didn't order the more expensive package that BT took upon themselves to put you on! By the way Ofcom will only investigate once you have exhausted all avenues with BT and been issued with a deadlock letter. You could try Otelo, the ombudsman but I would first recommend ringing the Glasgow team on the number I gave you above. I've only ever rang early in the morning and it's taken on average an hour to get through. At present there is also a team in Newcastle dealing with overflow calls to Glasgow - it's just potluck who you get through to but my understanding is that Newcastle team don't have as much authority as Glasgow. Although my bill was completely cancelled I still received another bill for half the amount a week later but after speaking to the Ofcom Referred Complaints team they told me they couldn't understand why this bill had been generated because according to the system I didn't actually owe anything ... apparently it was down to a new IT system giving them a few teething problems! No doubt I will receive another automatically generated bill though! I'm not convinced my BT nightmare is over but I'm further down the line. Don't waste your time ringing the general numbers for BT because you'll wait for hours and hours, speak to dozens of people, explain the same thing over and over again and get no where ... I wish you luck!

    • profile image

      KK 9 years ago

      BT won an award for customer service. You have got to be joking!! I have never come across a more arrogant non customer focused organisation in my whole life. I am presently in dispute with them and will take it as far as I can. Honestly I do not want to go into the issue on here.

      When it got too hot for the "personal assistant to the CEO and chairman" he simply declared "as far as BT is concerned the matter is now closed". Well that's all right then!! Unfortunately without the efforts of things like this BT will ride rough shod. They are a disgrace - more power to your elbow and good luck.


    • profile image

      MA, sw19 9 years ago

      over 2 months ago, we ordered out BT landline with the plan to get Sky to provide the additional cable, broadbank and skytalk services. BT installed our landline alright - it only needed us to call them up a couple of times and be put on hold for a few hours - but it was done.

      When it came to providing Sky with the correct details (post code) to enable the installation of the other three services, there was no assistance from BT. initally they blamed royal mail for giving them the wrong post code. we spoke with royal mail, resolved the issue - confirmed that only one correct post code ever existed. still, BT would not agree to help us. In fact, over the past month and a half, we have probably been put on hold a total of 10-12 hours over the 6-7 calls we have made to several BT numbers. On many occassions we were told that the post code stands corrected and the details will be updated through their system within a couple of days. It has never happened. Then we call Ofcom and get a special number, which reduces the waiting time to 15-30 minutes per call. Call them and the same story continues - finally one rude officer asks us "you're landline's working fine - ain't it?" we say "yes" to which she responds "then what the hell are you complaining about to BT" She goes on to say "if you're having problems with your broadband, come to us and we'll resolve the problem" to which we respond "but its the post code, not the service" she responds "well we can take care of it if you come to us"Now we're out of energy complaining - Ofcom says do not come to us with individual complaints. I wonder how anything gets done with such a lousy administrative body and worse incumbent players. I wish BT suffers huge losses and has to fold up its operations soon - at least then Virgin can take over and show everyone what service customers really deserve.Is there some way we can get in touch with the media and publish a full article on this? I am willing to help provide all details, if someone has the contacts.

    • profile image

      Emily 9 years ago

      Thanks so much for your advice Louise. I was just about to spend the night with BT's number on handsfree! I will wait until they send me a reminder then call Ofcom as you suggest.

      It's comforting to know that BT don't always get away with their amoral practices but is still so infuriating that we loyal paying customers are forced to spend hours of our precious time trying to fix their stupid mistakes.

    • profile image

      Chloe 9 years ago

      Two years ago I moved into a new house where I got a BT line connected and Virgin broadband ordered on that line. However, the broadband was not activated on the day Virgin assured me it would be. Virgin said it was BT's fault, BT said it was Virgin's fault, and this went round in circles for two weeks where they just kept on blaming each other and I still had no internet service. Two weeks and £63 of premium rate calls later I am finally told by BT that my line was not ready to receive broadband on the date Virgin wanted to activate it, so they postponed my broadband order with Virgin for two weeks without telling me anything about it and insisting day after day that it was Virgin who were causing the issue! Not only did I find it ludicrous that this could happen, but I also wonder why they postponed my order for two weeks when I am assured that it takes just two days after a line is connected for it to be ready to receive broadband??

      Now, I just moved into a new flat and needed to get a phone line installed but didn't want to pay the £125 it costs for BT so enquired about Virgin, but someone else was already using Virgin within my house and they couldn't split the cable, so due to BT's monopoly I have no other choice but to use them.

      My line is due to be installed on Wednesday morning, but I can't get the time off work so my dad is taking time off work during a busy period to travel cross-country and wait for the engineer, so I wanted to check that the order had definitely been processed for Wednesday. 30 mins of holding during my lunch break, 1 hour of holding on one phone in the evening plus 45 mins on another plus 30 mins on another (I surrounded myself with phones on speakerphone at work) someone finally answered the call on the 1 hour line, so I hung up the other two phones so I could hear this call, thinking I was home and dry - until the person on the other end hung up before I even had a chance to speak! So I had to go through it all again! Then when I finally got hold of someone and raised my issues with them they apologised because they had a high volume of calls today?? I was like, "Are you seriously trying to tell me that you are a phone company who can't handle the number of calls they receive??" It is just absolutely ridiculous! So I argued with him for 10 minutes where he kept saying he was going to forward a complaint on my behalf to the "concerns department" and I wanted a name of someone I could contact directly myself - eventually he went to get his line manager (a manager in the billings department, a department which when I originally called told me they were unable to tell me the status of my order - clearly that was not the case!) and this guy wouldn't give me a name either! Just told me to go on the website and forward a complaint there and assured me they would get back to me! Although I am quite sure that they wouldn't, so I'm not going to bother wasting my time.

      I'm not waiting nervously to see my first bill to see how much they overcharge me for the basic line rental, as I'm sure this will not be the last issue I have with BT...

    • profile image

      Wayne 9 years ago

      My complaint is similar to Karen's above. Having originally set out to change provider I decided to cancel installation of BT line with appropriate notice given. They are now charging me for an installation that didn't occur and have gone on to charge me for cancelling a contract which I did not enter into. Because I refuse to pay them £80.00 they are threatening me with a debt collection agency. They will not respond to my e-mails and I have spent numerous hours on the phone speaking to nothing but idiots in the UK and abroad. HELP!!!! Can anyone offer any advice?

    • profile image

      Mary Wilson 9 years ago

      So! I am not alone! It's not just me that BT are robbing.

      After 5 months of very poor connection - I can't call it service - from BT I gave one month's notice to stop the line. BT disconnected the line immediately, one whole month early, leaving me with no phone/broadband when we were about to emigrate. First we knew was a letter saying "Welcome to BT" - we thought there was a fault on the line and spent hours talking to 'faults'.!) After hours waiting to speak to someone, BT apologised, reactivated the line but gave a new account number, assuring me there would be no charges for connection. (Very gracious of them.)

      You can all guess the rest. Like many of you, I have now paid bills which I do not owe, have been threatened with a debt collection company, threatened me with disconnection too - which will puzzle them since it is now 3 months since I left the UK.

      Now I have a bill for the first account number which BT had informed me they had cancelled in error one month too soon.

      I cannot ring BT from my Irish mobile number - think of the euros which would vanish after at least an hour listening to that dreadful insincere voice repeating - "We are VERY busy........"

      I swear, if I ever hear that voice for real I will not be responsible for my actions!!

      Have sent back the bills, have written 3 times now, have sent recorded letters from Ireland, and, you've guessed it, no response.

      Well, I will not be paying BT any more money. Enough is enough. Let them take me to court. Whose bank account is all this un-owed money going into, I wonder....

    • profile image

      Oliver Jones 9 years ago

      Arranged to transfer current number and contract from bulldog/pipex on 7th Sept 2007. Transfer scheduled with BT for 8th Oct 2007.

      Never happened. Now following almost 40 calls to BT and various faults being fixed and then re-occurring. 2 temporary numbers allocated and then dropped. I am still without service on my own telephone number. Ultimately I don't even use the landline - I simply need it in order to get broadband!

      Today is the 4th Dec 2007 = 57 days and counting... losing will to live.

      Complaint number KMM39527234I24871L0KM still outstanding - no reply since 9th of November...

    • profile image

      David Burdon 9 years ago

      The service I'm getting from BT braodband is appalling. It breaks down 2 or 3 times per day. An average speed is 0.7 meg with results as low as 0.09 meg. Yep I supposedly get 8 meg. When I applied to have the service terminated I was told I was contracted to April 2008. Originally I had the 2 meg service. When I told the operative it was a complete ripp-off I was told it was tough. I just had to wait unti April. Sadly for BT they've lost me for good. I have 12 weeks from my first complaint before I can complain to OFCOM. I'm waiting with relish. BT are a diabolical company and deserve to be stripped of their monopoly.

    • profile image

      L W Owen 9 years ago

      I had an XLN Business A/c and wanted to change back to BT residential. I asked BT to do this buy they explained I would have to change back to business, wait a couple of weeks and then phone again and ask for the line to be changed to residential. I phoned Business a couple of weeks later and put in my request and was then transferred to Residential. A date was agreed for the changeover in October 2007. Each time I phoned it was taking up to an hour to speak to someone.

      The day arrived for the changeover and found that BT had cut off the line. Me and my partner spent the next 3 days trying to get through and when we did speak to someone, whether Business or Residential they passed us on to someone else.

      Eventually somebody decided to help only to say the number we had could not be used anymore so we would have to have a new line which could only be done in two weeks time.

      We then received a bill from BT Business for nearly £400 for terminating the contract and another one from BT Residential for £140 for installation. I've written to them to complain to say I shouldn't have to pay for their incompetence but so far have not received a reply. It seemed such a simple request in the beginning but I never dreamed it would cause such chaos.

    • profile image

      gary mckenzie 9 years ago

      i have tried to cancel my telephone calls with bt for 6 months, all three times i have "cancelled" and they still bill me for calls, i've been signed up with AOL talk since august, and today dec 7th they send me another bill for call charges, with all the hassle of running my own business that aside, i feel i can't complain any more as my mental health is suffering as a result of BT, this is my last comment / say on the matter, if i get more bills im sorry to say im just going to pay them, so im paying twice for my phone calls because i haven't the desire anymore to complain.....

    • profile image

      Mrs Harris 9 years ago

      I don't know that I dare complain now I have read some people have been at the mercy of BT's awful customer service for far longer than me! We moved just over a week ago and have now been promised FIVE times that they would turn our phone line on (there is already one in the house, it just needs turning on - i.e. the click of a button on a pc no doubt) and have spent (I am counting also!) 275 minutes trying to get this sorted, most of that on hold. It is the most disgusting service I have ever heard of, and cant believe they can get away with this, and there are clearly people on here had far more problems than mine and BT just don't seem to care. I have lodged my complaint on the watchdog website, but if everyone does this then maybe they will look into it. BT are rubbish and its even worse that we don't have a choice but to use them.

    • profile image

      Sheri 9 years ago

      BT is offering a 4th rate service and quite frankly is a joke. I have moved to a new build site and after several calls to BT, we eventually got the line connected. Apart from the unbelievable wait when trying to reach BT Customer Services (anything from 20 minutes to 40 minutes) I found that each time I spoke to someone at BT, I was given different information. BT – just a thought, why don’t you give us the correct information on the first phone call and save us all a headache eh? I am now trying to sort out Sky (who answer the phone promptly) as Sky can’t deal with our broadband/phone order because BT has not completed their side of things correctly with the database! I give in; I really do. What is so hard about connecting a phone to a property? They are supposed to be the experts! My stress levels could cope with the inefficient and incompetent service if it wasn’t for the ridiculously waiting time on their 0800 800 150 number. Oh and one last thing, I only found out what my new BT phone number was by phoning my mobile from the landline. What great customer service.

    • profile image

      Sarah Jones 9 years ago

      I first contacted BT over a year aho when i first moved into my house regarding them being my phone and internet supplier. However they told me that it was going to cost me around £120 to set up a new line as the old one was 'damaged' so I backed out as I didn't want to pay that. Anyway, a year later I decided I would pay this fee so rang them up to organise an appointment with an engineer to reconnect the line. Big Mistake!

      Thhe call centre person I got through to said that he had checked my line using hsi computers and could see that there was no problem with the line to my house, no reconnection was needed and that the phoneline could be set up within 24 hours. I was pretty unsure about this but he seemed to know what he was talking about so I went ahead and set the account up. the next day i checked my phone to see if it was working and ofcourse it was not! I got onto the phone to chase the matter up and in the space of two hours I spoke to over 36 people. I was repeatedly hung up on, transferred blind so i had to repeat my story over and over. Noone seemed to know who I needed to speak to! When I eventually got through to the right person he told me that the number I had been given as my new BT number was actually already in use by a national bank based in Leeds! My god it was a disgrace. This guy then promptly hung up on me! I was so exhausted I decided to put my complaint in writing to BT to see what would happen. Whilst I was waiting for a reply I was charged for a service I had not received via direct debit! I was fuming.

      After waiting around three weeks I sent in another letter this time saying that I wanted to close the account due to the complete incompetence I had experienced. At this point someone contacted me by phone trying to get me to stay as a customer, which I refused so I was told that I would receive a credit to my bank account off the money they had taken from me within three days. Two weeks later I received a cheque addressed to someone completely different! It was hilarious. I had to laugh or I would have cried.

      So I sent the cheque back with yet another letter, and am still to hear back. The best is yet come however. Around a week ago I receieved a letter saying that I owe BT around £15 and that if I don't pay it within 10 days they will transfer it to their debt collection agency! I could not believe it. How can I owe them money!! I rang the number on this letter to explain but ofcourse they had no idea what I was talking about.

      so Ive sent a letter to the managing director to see if they can sort the mess out. Its ridiculous!

    • profile image

      ben ayme 9 years ago

      I moved into a new property 6 weeks ago and, knowing the previous owners had a BT phone line, I decided to take the plunge and use BT (I’d been with NTL previously). I was given a connection date and phone number which allowed me to apply for a broadband package from a third party supplier. On the day of connection, nothing was working. I called BT and they said that I was connected and that maybe my handset was faulty??? They then asked me to dismantle my socket and try the service line. Eventually, they relented and agreed to send an engineer. I took a day off work to await his arrival but he failed to turn up. When I called BT they told me that they’d been able to fix the problem at the exchange. At no stage had they even imagined that it would be courteous to let me know. Anyway, and needless to say my phone wasn’t working and by then, I was paying for a broadband package at the same time. I complained using the online provision but they’ve just ignored my correspondence. It has now been two weeks, and they’ve still not addressed any of the issues.Yesterday, I received my first bill. I phoned to enquire as to why I would be charged a monthly fee considering I had no working phone line. The automated customer service phone line stated that all of the advisors were very busy and it suggested that I call after 8.00pm. On the bill, it says precisely that billing enquiries close at 8.00pm. Is this misleading message intentional?After waiting for twenty five minutes, the phone was picked up by one of the customer services advisors who immediately put the phone down on me. One cannot imagine my frustration and fury at being treated so badly. Besides, all my calls to BT are made from my mobile (for obvious reasons) and these are charged at quite a high rate. Today, I took my chances and decided to call BT again. I wanted to cover three simple issues, namely: why I had been billed, why their customer service was so bad and what their complaint handling procedure was. I spent over 90mns on the phone, was transferred to three different departments and basically told there was not much they could do. Whilst waiting for someone to answer the phone, I discovered this website and decided to cut my losses and sever all links with BT. There was plenty more waiting to be put through to the right department and I was then told that there was a £70 cancelling charge!!! Eventually, I got this waved and am now free again. One cannot imagine the relief. It is better to have no phone at all than anything to do with BT. I’ve written to OFCOM. I’m quite out of pocket as a result, having to pay for 6 months of internet which I cannot use, not to mention my mobile phone bill and the fact I had to take a day off work. If anyone knows of a consumer action group taking BT to court, please let me know.

    • profile image

      Carol T. 9 years ago

      Have been trying for over 6 months to get an answer from BT about their habit of taking direct debit payments for my Broadband account as and when they feel like it, rather than once a month as agreed. Complaints via email and letter (registered post) to Durham were largely ignored. Complaints to Ofcom and Otelo met with the repsonse that, a), not within their jurisdiction, b) couldn't do anything until I had exhausted the BT complaints procedure. Exactly how you do that when they ignore you, or send an acknowledgement, then fail to do anything, is beyond me.

      Finally sent an extremely rude email to "Chris" at the compliance department, who in turn handed me on to the Complaints Management team. I am now dealing with a seemingly intelligent lady called Karen, but she seems to have no more luck at finding anyone at BT Billing with a functioning brain than I have! All I want is for them to honour our contract by taking their payment once a month, on or around the 6th, to help me balance my accounts. Countless other organisations have mastered this feat, why can't they? And why do I now have an inbox full of emails from people who have no idea what the original complaint is, or flatly deny that I either have a direct debit with them, or that they frequently take two payments within a couple of weeks of each other?

    • profile image

      Andrew 81 9 years ago

      Just had a bizarre experience... I've been having the usual trouble trying to speak to someone at BT. This evening, after waiting an absurd amount of time in a queue, I found myself suddenly listening to someone else's customer service call!! Neither the other customer or the advisor could hear me. If I hadn't been out of my house on my mobile (this was BT's 'call back' service), I'd have written down the other customer's account details to prove the point - what an enormous breach of data protection, and just general professionalism. I've no idea how it happened, but what a cock up for a communication company!

    • born4thesurf profile image

      born4thesurf 9 years ago from Truro

      Thanks Andrew, that just proves how completely useless and untrustworthy they currently are.

    • profile image

      Merton 9 years ago

      I'm on a supposed 'up to 8Mb' connection and never clocked it at over .9. I cannot even watch videos on youtube without stuttering or hitting pause for a few minutes before playing. Nothing wrong with the pc or settings, infact it's a high end machine.

      Furthermore, BT is the worst customer support I have ever experienced over the phone. 20 minutes through 7 seperate robotic voice queues and still no one answers the phone. Really hope these fraudsters get some serious competition soon so they might start treating their customers better. It should read 'up to 1Mb' and we will cut you off when we feel like it for maintenance with no forwarning or explanation. I pay less for my water supply, electricity, the phone, and Sky tv. Yet these services work as intended and are rarely troublesome.

    • profile image

      steve leavey 9 years ago

      my problem started yesterday evening.i can not log on to my bt yahoo email plus.i stated phoning bt at 11:15 7 dec 07 i have not reseived any positive help or answers it is now 15:27 please send me details i would like to put a more official complante i would also defy anyone to get a answer from this line 08702414567

    • profile image

      john corrin 9 years ago

      i have recently changed over to bt from pipex

      i have had nothing but problems with my old number which i wanted to keep and bt were aware of me wanting to keep my old number.i was given other numbers and was not informed of this and everytime i complained they changed my number again did not inform me and still did not give me back my original number.they have now said that they will give my original number back to me on the 11th of december????in the process of this being done i have been in contact with bt every day regarding this issue and feel it is not acceptable that i have to spend so much time contacting them over the same issue.they tell me it has been done each time i speak to them and the next day i have a new number and have not been informed of the change of wife and son have lost work through this error occuring as they work for mother in law has had a major operation and the hospital wre unable to contact us during this stressful has affected other family members contacted us because of the 3 times the phone number was changed.we have still not got are old number back which we have had for 18years and as you can understand everybody nows us on this you not feel this is a reasonable complaint.they are quick enough to send us the bill why not quick enough to sort out the problem.john.....

    • profile image

      Mr Fryman 9 years ago

      Took BT SErvices up when i moved address took them 2 months to connect my phone line up and gave me various excuses for reason why it tooks o long. then when i wanted to talk to a BT customer services it took an hour to get someone to answer, a couple of people tryed for me with same problem too. recently i owed £130 a asian person answered and said that i needed to pay my bill, told them i could only afford £80 so paid that over phone and was told i have nothing to worry about has long has i pay the left over in my next bill. 3 days later my contract is terminated plus ive lost my broadband and other services from Sky . i did try to ring and pay the reminder but again a asian person answered and said i had to ring 0800 800 150 which i was already talking to them on. asked to speak to a supervisor another asian person get calling me Mr my first name and said same thing i need to put phone down and ring the number they gave me but like i say i had used this number already to speak to them?.

    • profile image

      Anja 9 years ago

      BT Services are shockingly bad. Their Business processes are woefully broken, and I don't believe they will survive longer as a provider if they don't do a seroius turn around.

      1. They have lost emails regularly for the past (minimum) 3 months - when I surfaced the issue they blamed vodafone, who have given me great customer service, and whose fault it wasn't. Then when I had PROOF that they were losing emails, I spent several phone calls convincing them that it was their fault. Turns out their YAHOO SERVER has a bulk folder and randomly, emails get filtered to it.

      2. Their solutions were totally ridiculous. "Turn off Spam filter" "Read your email using our (really poor) Yahoo/BT webmail program" "It's not our problem"

      3. They broke their promises to call me back at least 3 times. No word, no update.But I get sales calls to renew my account (ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!)

      4. I have to call an Indian Help Center who calls the Yahoo Canadian Server technicians. Everyone takes notes, has limited/inconsistent technical ability, and they cannot actually SPEAK TO EACH OTHER about the bugs. THe process is slow, grinding, with no real information being passed back and forth. If I could just speak to the Yahoo technicians it would likely take 30 minutes to view the filtered emails, provide feedback, and to see what the issue is. Everytime they call me back to check on progress, they have NO IDEA what the issue IS. "How is your service - are you getting any error messages? (?!?!?) I never WAS getting error messages - you lost my emails!

      5. Now my internet account is not running - no access and the server informatoin says "call this number if you are having trouble accessing email today and a representative will help you" And what you get is a circular menu system going from 0870 241 4567 which is the dial up technicians... if you mash buttons frustratingly it says "hit 8 for broadband" and sends you to 0845 600 70 30 which send you back to the other number.

      The incompetence, poor service, and technically broken service should take them out of business. If anyone has a good alternate service provider, please post your thoughts.



    • profile image

      P Farrar 9 years ago

      I have spent 7 hours on the phone trying to exchange a ohone which is not as specified please help I am 77 and need this exchanging s a p I have done all I can to no avail the telephone service is appalling please send a label for returning one i HAVE

    • profile image

      robert fallon 9 years ago

      bt your service on line and phone are atrocious i have been emailing constantly and just spent 3 hours on phone just to be passed about hung up on and finally given to foreign woman i could not make out a word she said i think you should really get out of the market and let decent companies that want to help the public go ahead shameful really all i want is an internal box ive got line just waiting to be activated

    • profile image

      Jan Pope 9 years ago

      My parents want a BT phone connected in their new flat and to take their old Virgin number with them - remember that it is 'easy to come back to BT' !!!!!!

      Dad is 87, has a pacemaker, partially deaf, going blind with macular degeneration and has a history of epilepsy.

      Problem 1 - different information depending on who you speak to - cost of transferring the number £149.99 or is it £149.00 to change the old address to BT and then transfer the number to new address £149.99 X 2

      Problem 2 - appointment made for 29 November 2007 but engineer didn't turn up - no contact from BT at all

      Problem 3 - many hours of calls to BT but I specifically asked if it was free (I am not on a BT line) I was told it was 'toll free' - not an expression used in England - was I calling India? As this was a premium number am I going to be billed for my calls to the 'non-help line'?

      Problem 4 - told that the order of 29th November had 'failed' but we seem unable to get another set up

      Problem 5 - told 'might' get installed AM on 28th December but no engineer order number given. Told again that transferring the number cost extra (I thought we had cleared that up!)

      I can never speak to the same person twice and emails just get an automated answer - what can you do?

    • profile image

      Dr Sam Hamad 9 years ago

      BT is now in a stage where they do not care. To get them by phone became increasingly impossible. Some Call Centre's staff are actually arrogant bordering on ignorance. I have an "Abuser" from them yesterday and I put a formal coplained as all conversations are recorded. I gave them seven days to get-back to me after which I shall seek legal advice.

    • profile image

      Laura 9 years ago

      We'd had no problems with BT for years til we moved into a new home out in the sticks (so our own fault really) and were told by an engineer that we couldn't get broadband due to the distance we were away from the signal box (this is after 5 whole days spent on the phone to call centres in Timbuktu going round in circles and spending most of the time on hold while they have a teabreak).

      We gave up and went with Sky - who are fantastic btw - BT then sent us a MASSIVE bill for £260, which includes:

      connection fee to the broadband service we could not use

      set up fee for the broadband service we could not use and

      set up fee for the talk service which was pretty pointless without the broadband service we could not use!

      So I went through the old rigmerole of calling, holding, speaking to someone who really couldn't care less and then finally having a mini nervous breakdown, whilst remaining in the same situation as I started out.

      I moved into my new house on October 19th, it's now almost 2 months later, BT have cut my phone off becuase we haven't paid the £136 that we do not owe and I have just printed out my formal complaint letter which will be winging it's way to customer services by tonight.

      Wish me luck....

    • profile image

      Mike 9 years ago

      I signed up for BT as I was moving house and thought the customer service would be better than axis (who I was with before). Axis use BT engineers and the exact same system as BT, only they can do it for cheaper somehow. Anyway...I was told I would need a line installed in my new property and it'd cost £124.99. Which I agreed to pay begrudgingly. So the engineers comes out, spends 10 minutes in my house (without doing anything at the exchange) and tells me that "you will be charged a reduced rate of less than £124.99 as the line was already in". When I received my bill it came to £162 and included the £124.99 installation fee. Since then I have called BT a number of times to arrange a reduced rate for the installation fee. Each time I called BT it took AT LEAST 1 hour to get through. Eventually I got someone to arrange for a supervisor to call me back. He gave me a reference number and said I will receive a call within 48hours…I never received a call back. Since then I have had my mobile phone bill through and the calls to BT equate to around £50! I thought calls to BT were free as – when you call BT from a mobile phone it says: “This number is not free from mobile phones…Please redial without the first zero”….Now to me that means if you call the number without the first will be free. Needless to say…it isn’t free and I will do my up most to have this money refunded to me, by BT. I feel as though I am stuck! I don’t want to call BT as it costs a lot of money from a mobile phone and BT always fail to call me back…It’s like they are just waiting for me to give up on this but I refuse to give in! £124.99 FOR 10 MINUTES OF THE ENGINEERS TIME! THAT’S £750 PER HOUR! HOW DO I BECOME A BT ENGINEER! Coupled with other problems I have had with BT…which I won’t go into…I am absolutely appalled at the level of service BT offer!

    • profile image

      Tim Pryce 9 years ago

      I have a similar story- I ordered a new landline in June and have now been without a land line for 6 months. BT eventually agreed to "disconnect" me, but charged me £70 for the privilege. I have also been charged for someone else's calls. I took my complaint to Otelo who have written back to tell me that I am liable for the disconnection charge and the outgoing calls! This despite the fact that I've never been able to place any outgoing calls on my line, and the numbers listed on the bill are for companies that I've never even heard of.

    • profile image

      W.B.M. 9 years ago

      I have booked "engineers" and they have not come. My 'phone has been disconnected 5 times. My broadband has just been disconnected. I have been waiting to get in touch with BT for over 40 hours. Any human I talk to cannot help with any problem, will not give their name or any contact details for BT. I am now changing from BT to ANY other company, as it could not get worse.

      BT, FUCK OFF!

    • profile image

      Tom Hill 9 years ago

      I am at my wits end with BT. I asked for a phone line to be connected to my house, but knowing we were to be there for only a couple of months before we were due to rent rooms to our grown up children, I made it clear that I only wanted the line for a few weeks. i was told that there was no minimum contract on line rental. The guy in the Indian call centrethen asked me if i wanted free evening and weekwend calls for a nominal sum. I agreed. The line wasn't connected. After two days of 7 hours (sic) each day on hold, plus dozens of shorter calls, the phone was eventually connected and all seemed well.

      But then I rang and told them that my partners grown up children wished to take over the line. They disconnected the line, and sent me two bills for £172 and £61 respectively for early termination of service. I wrote explaining that I had been told there was no minimum contract but they refuse to reply to letters or e-mails. i have got my £172 back through the direct debit guarantee scheme at the bank, but now they are sending me reminders again.They eventually phoned me on my mobile (after about two months) as I am now travelling abroad. They verbally agreed to waive all the bills, but they are still now sending reminders again.There seems to be no end to their incompetence.

    • profile image

      Jorge 9 years ago

      I am writing this letter after almost an entire month of unsuccessfully trying to get a BT line transferred. I am completely appalled with the service offered by BT, which has caused me a great deal of stress and wasted large amounts of my time.

      In early November, I tried to arrange for BT to transfer the line. The initial arrangement was that on the 16th of November, an engineer was going to come to the flat and install the line. This did indeed happen, but unfortunately, I needed a special key from the Building Management Company and so the line could not be installed. The next appointment was then made for the following Friday, the 23rd when no engineer came from BT. I then rearranged the instalment for the 30th, when, once again, no one turned up. I then made complaints via the email service as my order had been arbitrarily cancelled and rearranged (having to go through the entire process of setting up an order) for the engineers to come yesterday 11th of December. In order to make sure this happened, I called the client service team, who then informed me that apparently that date was not going ahead, and the engineers would come today the 12th. However, it is 13:30 and no one has turned up, but I received a call informing me that the installation has been, arbitrarily, moved the 14th December. I am pretty certain that no one will actually arrive on the day, and I leave on December 17th for a month, and I need the line installed before then. Unfortunately, I have to go ahead with this order as the building can only receive BT lines.

      I actually find it ridiculous that it has been this difficult to install a phone line. I would have assumed the company actually wanted to have customers, but the service I have received would suggest otherwise. When trying to call the client service team, I have spent hours on hold, and been treated rudely and by completely unhelpful staff, who on various occasions have hung up on me or passed me around different departments pointlessly. Furthermore, the last email I received after my complaints (today 12th) was ridiculous, asking me again for my order number and reference number, when they could just be traced by whomever is dealing with the complaint, not to mention that the English in the letter was appalling.

    • profile image

      Jodie Marshall 9 years ago

      I am a new (unwise) BT customer, I called last week to arrange to have a BT line activated in my new flat, the engineer was supposed to arrive yesterday morning (the 11th Dec) but didn't turn up. I had no missed appointment card, and no calls to my mobile.

      I rang BT that afternoon to find out what had happened and rearrange the installation, and after being kept on hold for 28 minutes was told that their systems were down and I would get a call back within 24hrs.

      Suprise suprise I did not get a call back. So I rang them again this morning at 10 am approx, was kept on hold for 36 minutes only to be told that the line was indeed activated, and the engineer hadn't needed to enter the property to do so (So a morning off of work for nothing). When I queried this I was told they could test my line to be sure and transferred me to the faults dept. Another wait of 23 minutes and I was told testing would take about 2 hours and they'd call to update me.

      By 2.30pm I had heard nothing so decided to call them back, I wrangled my way through to the faults dept and was on hold for 45 minutes, as I am at work I got fed up and hang up, looked on their site and found a different number to call, I was put through to a polite young man who gave me this number for their service centre: 0800 022 3089. I got through to this number pretty quickly (only 11 minutes on hold! RECORD!) only to be told that I should just plug a phone in to test it. This despite me already telling them I was not in the property but at work.

      So that concludes (Or perhaps this is just the beginning) of my BT ordeal....

    • profile image

      Carmel 9 years ago

      I was delighted to find your site and relieved to find I was not alone. Set out below is a copy of the email I have just sent off to Mr. Ben Verwaayen. I have removed our personal details. I was very grateful to see the name of Mr. Verwaayen on your site. Thank you to those who provided it. Most of the complainants on your site have put up with appaling lack of service for very long periods. It must be remembered that individuals who sign up to BT enter a contract. If BT does not come up with the goods, they may be in breach of contract. People can sue for specific performance, with an order of Mandamus, requiring BT to fullfill the terms of their contract, with an application for costs, of course. People may also be entitled to general, exemplary and aggravated damages and the costs follow the action. I for one am not going to hang around on this. I will be pursuing the matter vigorously and will keep you posted.

      12th December 2007

      Dear Mr. Verwaayen,

      I am very very dissatisfied, angry and frustrated and am writing to you as a last resort, before I take legal action, to have a number of matters rectified immediately.

      I live in the south of Ireland. I commenced rental of an apartment in Belfast for my two young sons, who commenced in Queen's University, September 2007 and are in Belfast for the first time. It is essential that they have a phone line to enable close contact to be kept and also broadband, for study purposes.

      I made application to BT for a phone line in August 2007. My phone was connected on 8th September 2007 (Phone No. given here). Because there was a telephone line previously in the apartment and a reconnection only was involved, I was told there was to be no charge. I am the account holder.

      I also ordered Broadband Option 3 on 18th September 2007 after I received my phone line. Following promises of connection dates on four occasions in September, which did not materialise, it was finally connected on 4th October 2007.

      I received my first bill dated 11 September 2007 ( A/C No. given; Bill No. given) on the 24 September 2007. I contacted BT immediately upon receipt of the bill because of incorrect charges on the bill. I notified BT of the two matters which were incorrect. The first and more minor matter concerned the ‘Payment Processing Fee’, the second related to a ‘One-off Charge’. After waiting for over an hour, the person I spoke to took down the details of these matters and undertook to pass them on to the relevant department. On that occasion I also requested VAT and Tax invoices.

      In relation to the first matter about which I complained ( i.e.the Payment Processing Fee of £4.50 ), I informed BT that I was concerned to see this charge on my bill. I explained that I had attempted to set up payment to BT by Direct Debit or by Monthly Payment Plan, however, I was told by the BT Direct Debit Team that I could not do this, as I live in southern Ireland and do not have a northern bank account. It is not either just or equitable that I am penalised with a charge of £4.50 a quarter (£18.00 a year) for not paying by these methods, when it is BT says I cannot pay by these methods by virtue of where I live. In addition, I was not informed by BT that there was such a charge, or that this charge would apply to me. At no time did any BT person raise this charge. However, this charge is minor in comparison with the other complaint set out below. (For information, I have contacted Ofcom in this regard and have lodged a complaint (Reference given). Ofcom agrees the charge is not equitable. It equates with being charged for paying my bill. It hopes to have this charge ceased, as it unfairly discriminates against those who live outside the UK, or who do not have a bank account or who cannot afford a bank account, eg elderly or low income persons/families).

      The second matter I raised with BT was the One-off Charge of £124.99. At time of applying for a phone, I was told by BT that if the apartment had previously been connected with a phone, that a charge would not apply. I was aware that a phoneline had been connected in the apartment. I got notification that an engineer would call on Monday 3rd September, between 8.00am and 1.00 pm. to ascertain the situation. I took a day off work, left home at 4.30am to be in Belfast by 8.00am on the 3rd September and waited all day in the apartment, but nobody showed up. I rang BT on four occasions on that day and was assured the engineer would be there. Still nobody showed. I had to stay overnight in a hotel. I contacted BT on the following morning of Tuesday 4th to find out why an engineer had not come. I did not get any answers, but was told an engineer would be there on Saturday 8th September. I again left home at 4.30am on the 8th September, drove the 3 hour journey and was in the apartment from 7.30am. I rang BT at 11.00am and at 12.30pm when nobody showed. I was assured an engineer would be there. At just after 1.00pm an engineer arrived. He said he had been told to call in the afternoon, but just decided to come a bit early. This engineer (Name given) confirmed there was a previous phone connection and there should not be a one off charge.

      Despite phoning BT on at least 30 occasions in relation to these complaints related to overcharging, totalling almost 36 hours and being referred from one department to another within BT, necessitating lengthy explanation from me to each operative each time, I could not get anyone to deal with the matters of overcharging on my bill, let alone rectify them. One each occasion I phoned, I waited an average of one hour, often more. On each occasion, I was told that someone would phone me back. Nobody phoned me back at any time.

      On 8th Oct, as matters had not been addressed by BT and I was very concerned to get the bill sorted , I sent payment for my service charges (£32.63) accompanied by a letter of complaint, to BT by recorded mail. I sent this to BT PLC, BT Payment Centre, Durham, DH 98 1BT.

      In addition I also sent in three complaints by email related to the overcharging. An automated response acknowledged receipt of the emails. That is all. There was no further response.

      To make matters even worse, the phone system ceased working over six weeks ago. I notified BT immediately. It returned for a few hours on one day four weeks ago and went off again. It again returned for a couple of hours on Saturday night 6th Dec/Sunday morning 7th Dec and went off again. It has not been on since. My two sons have been without service for six weeks and also without broadband now. We had to get Queen's University Security staff to contact them when their dad, my husband, was ill, as we had no other way of contacting.

      Since the phone system ceased working, I have made over 35 further calls to BT, totalling 42 hours to date, trying to get the matter sorted. I have been given many varying and diverse explanations and sent from Billy to Jack. The Faults Department says it is not a fault and puts me through to Customer Services. The Customer Services Department says it is not a billing issue and insist it is a fault. Both departments say there is a new system and they are not familiar with it. Neither department seems able to sort it. Neither department could find out why the phone was not working or why it was connected for a few hours on two occasions or how/why it was not working again. There is a refusal to put me through to managers. I was told to "suit myself" and "do what I want" when, in frustration, I said I would have to resort to the legal route. I have spoken to many individuals eg Isobel, Ryan, Marie, Leanne, Rachel, Gemma

    • profile image

      Fred Hause 9 years ago

      If you have a dynamic IP address then every time your modem is repowered or there is some other service disruption then you are allocated a new IP address (which uniquely identifies your modem). I have done this 8 times in the last week to see what would happen. EVERY IP address that BT allocated was blacklisted on 24-25 blacklists.

    • profile image

      Bineet Desai 9 years ago

      I contacted BT in 2nd week of november to install a phone line in my new house. They said at first it will be done and no problem. Ever since, I have been trying to get hold of them but they are ignoring the complaints and not resolving. I am without phone, internet and no one is answering the call. They make me wait for minimum 2 hours and more on certain occassions. All the time they say is order has not been submitted correctly and its the BT employees that have made a mistake. Its the 4th time i have placed the order but no joy. Can you please help

    • profile image

      justin h. 9 years ago

      I F#####G HATE BT WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL!!! They have robbed me and my partner at least 20 hours of our lives over the past few weeks and still, all of this waiting on hold, being passed to LOTS of different departments and being cut off, it is to no avail, the robdogs still havent resolved our problem! we were charged a £70 cancellation fee for changing our provider and not only that being extortionate, we were charged £159.42 for the rest of the years line rental even though our new provider are paying our BT line rental anyway!

      we eventually backed down after numerous 'customer service' advisors couldnt understand plain english and receiving threatening letters, we asked if we could pay BT in installments being as though xmas is round the corner and they basically told us no way.

      we then went on to pay the balance on the automated service just so that we didnt have to be cut off or speak to yet another person that couldnt help us..............and then that told us that our number is not recognised and that we needed to call ANOTHER number!

      .....................we called another number and they say that we dont have an account with them and so there is no outstanding bill!

      we will call again tomorrow, thats if we have a line connection, and possibly no tv and setee!

    • profile image

      Kat  9 years ago

      For personal reasons (separation) I wanted to change the name of the BT account where I live to my name from my estranged husband’s name. After hanging on the phone for about an hour I finally got through and was told I would have to open a new account and the old one would be closed down. I provided all my information and then got cut off. Went through the whole procedure again.

      I was told that the new account would be started between 8am and 8pn on 11th December. What happened was they closed the old line and did not start the new one. I found this out by calling the fault reporting line.

      On 12th December I tried ringing the customer services on my mobile, the problem is that the mobile reception where I live is very poor and keeps cutting off. I rang the fault line to ask them to suggest what should I do. Meanwhile I had sent 3 detailed e-mail enquires to which I received automated responses and one unhelpful response. I have also sent on e compliant and received no reply.

      I rang the fault reporting line at 10.30pm and explained that I could not get through to customer services as I did not have a working land line and my mobile connection was unreliable. Their response was I should go to a neighbour’s house and use their phone, to go to a phone box or to drive to somewhere where my mobile connection would be better. I was also told “well you work don’t you - ring from work”. I gave up and went to bed.

      On 13th December I spent 50 minutes on my mobile (away from home) and finally got through to customer services and was told my order had not been processed. My phone would now be connected on 19th December. As I was asking why had the order not been processed I got cut off. I went into work and used the phone there, 35 minutes waiting and got cut off. 45 minutes and got connected. I was then told the order had not been processed as they had written to the previous account holder and were waiting for a response from them.

      I said that no one had told me this would happen and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor told me BT had made a mistake and had not processed my order, so the part about writing to the old account holder was untrue. When I expressed dissatisfaction with this I was told we all make mistakes. They now say that my phone will be connected on Monday. From reading the rest of the posts I’m not very confident this will happen.

      In all I’ve probably spent about 6 hours on the phone and £20 on my mobile phone. Like others I found their attitude unhelpful to say the least and although “yes I’m sorry” was repeated on numerous occasions felt no one really was bothered.

    • profile image

      Billy 9 years ago

      I originally ordered bt vision off of these mugs and instead recieved just the total broadband option 3 package.

      I then had to move home and requested for my service to be transferred to my other address. The phone line had been transferred and was told that the broadband would be back on the following thursday 48 hours after the phone had been activated.

      It is now the following Friday after which i've had to reorder the broadband and spend countless hours on the phone and am still on it now being passed from one gimp to the next and still no closer to getting my broadband.

      I haven't had the account with BT for more than three weeks and have also been sent a bill £313.80 for a service that these jokers fail to supply me with. It also isn't entirely clear why this bill amounts to this much.

      this is just the brief version not including my numerous trips to the public phone and the fact they have charged me £50 for some kind of 'deposit'

      It's astonishing that these fuckwitts get away with the treatment of customers like this. the only reason they take the piss like they do is because A) they own all the phone lines & B) we let them

      so stop going to bt, don't use their phone boxes and burn out their vans and chase off the guy screaming profanity at him

      On a more serious note it would be nice to see action taken to relieve BT of their power over communications in britain and should have the phonelines seized from them and used publicly by any company that wishes to compete with BT. The Bastards.

      P.S. sorry for my profanity but i'm still on the phone waiting for the next nincompoop to forward me to yet another dimlow who will in turn forward me to a shitbag of some descript and the circles increase ever larger.....

      it iis now 20:45 i started this phone call at 17:20

      and this isn't the first time, wankers.

    • profile image

      klynch 9 years ago

      If your problem isn't resolved, lodge a formal complaint (I did this through 0800 800 150) get acomplaints number and ring 020 7356 5000. This gets you to head office. Tell them you've got an outstanding complaint and that you want it escalated to the Chairman's Office. The guy I spoke to there got my issue sorted in 20 minutes, treated me with respect, did what he promised including ringing me back a couple of times to update me on progress. I assume that they'll only be open normal office hours.

    • profile image

      bob 9 years ago

      Letter/Email to

      Sorry, it's long, but it has to be. Check out the false names and numbers offered. Beware. If you can, when offered a phone number or a name, check it.


      Dear Mr Verwaayen

      I would like to make a complaint (upon a previous complaint) of the strongest nature to you regarding the service (or lack thereof) and the handling of my account.

      Back in October, I had two telephone numbers at my, both on the same account number: 020 8*** 9476 and 020 8*** 2905, the former for my freelance work and the latter my home number. On notification of the move, I called BT to cancel the second line (2905), order a new line at my new address and requested that my main working line (9476) forward to my new number.

      Simple, one would think.

      However two weeks later, alerted by a friend, I discovered that the call forwarding service was applied thus: 020 8*** 2905 > 020 8*** 2621, NOT what I had requested at all. What is worse, I am unsure of how many calls I may have missed.

      So in addition to the written notification, I called my clients to inform them of the number change just in case, albeit two weeks after the event. Two clients did not see the change of details and tried to call me on a dead line! How embarrassing. Do you not provide Caller Redirect for this very reason?

      So, on 1st November at 14:00, I spoke with Shapish (who refused to offer a surname), who promised to call me back with a resolution within one hour. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

      At 15:30, I called (on hold for 23 minutes) and I was put through to "Redirect Dept" where I heard only "Is that Mr D". The line went dead. I hoped that someone would call me back in such a case. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

      At 15:32, I called again and was on hold for 20mins but had to go out for a meeting so I gave in.

      At 17:53, I called again and spoke with Gurshee Singh, who could not assist but put me on hold for 40 minutes then transferred me to Sanjay, who said that due to a technical problem, the transfer failed.

      Seeking to track the issue back to Sales, I spoke with James, who put me though to Melissa who then put me though to Mr John Gibbons, a Sales Dept Supervisor. He said he would deal with the issue and offered me the telephone number 01324 445 6007. THIS NUMBER IS NOT RECOGNISED.

      On 5th November, I spoke again with Ingrid Stanley in Sales to track Mr Gibbons but unable to do so but did offer a number for him; 01324 458 532. THIS NUMBER IS NOT RECOGNISED. But shortly after that, the line went dead. Under the circumstances, I did expect a return call. THIS DID NOT TAKE PLACE.

      I called again (duration 1hr 4 mins) and spoke with Stephanie Brady who put me though to Linda. On explaining my problem (and not being able to reach people that can help resolve this) Linda apologised and said "It can be difficult as we are a big company", an understatement no doubt. I was put though to Mr Gary Donnelly (Inbound sales) and when I escalated the issue into a formal complaint, I was put through to Simon Ponsford in Exeter.

      On explaining the issue, he proposed £40 compensation and that my Caller Redirect service charges (both the one I had asked for and the one I didn’t) would be provided free of charge. I accepted, hoping that was the end of it and on good faith, duly ordered my second line via Michelle in Sales. The line was installed on time and without incident.

      ON the 20th November, I received two bills for two call redirect services - one I did order and was put into place THREE WEEKS after it was meant to take effect (therefore not much use) and one for the Redirect Service that wasn't ordered.

      Further, on the 29th November, I received a letter informing me that £40 had been credited to my account. I called to query this and spoke with Claire Morrison in Lancaster at 11:59. She informed me that £40 was being credited to the account - the Redirect Service I didn't request.

      As she did this, I alerted her as to this disingenuous action (meaning my compensation of £40 would be mainly consumed in charges that I was not liable for). On realising the problem, she informed me that she corrected the problem and when I stated that I did not make payment by Direct Debit, she informed me that I would receive a cheque in approximately 5 working days. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

      12th December at 20:15, Kruti (who refused a surname despite having mine and the rest of my data) informed me that indeed my refund was applied to the bill that I should never have received, virtue of the fact that it was a service placed in error.

      I attempted to explain the agreement made by Mr Ponsford and when I asked if she was in a position to assist, she could not and said that a Manager would call me within an hour. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

      On 13th December at 18:10 I spoke with Customer Services again and asked where my telephone call didn't happen. I was informed, "No call back was offered"! I was passed to a '1st Line Manager' called Praven Prabhakar (he spelled it for me). I explained the history of the problem (again) and he apologised and said he'd "take responsibility for the issue".

      He also informed me that if I call Customer Services and ask for him by name, there would be "no problem" in getting through to him. He asked for an email address that he could post me a confirmation, pressed as to when, I was told that by midnight at the latest, I would receive it. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

      On 15th December at 11:15, I called and asked Customer Services to speak with Line Manager Mr Prabhakar and I WAS INFORMED THAT HE DID NOT EXIST and no email was offered! On pressing for an explanation, I was put through to Mr Ashish Verma who told me that while I was on hold, he'd "spoken to Mr Prabhakar and even though he could speak with him, when I asked to, it was refused on the basis that I couldn't be transferred.

      I asked Mr Ashish Verma if Mr Prabhakar offered any explanation for not sending my confirmation email as promised and he said that he "didn't actually speak with him", but asked him to recall having said just that. I also asked why I was informed that Prabhakar didn't exist. I was offered no explanation.

      Further, as compensation was offered by means of cheque that would arrive between 5 and 20 days (from the date 29th Nov), I asked him why my BT account was being credited and that the said cheque was now not being posted and that I’d receive it as credit on my next bill – IN JANUARY 2008 – two months after it was offered. I asked Mr Verma if that in case of the issue not being resolved, could contact him again just as Mr Prabhakar had suggested, to which he replied "no". He has raised an investigation, which means I might hear from someone in 7-10 days (bang in the middle of Christmas!).

      Merry Christmas.

      In my experience, all 150 calls are filtered into the Indian call centres UNLESS IT BE FOR SALES, which I do not object to, but what I do object to is being lied to, misinformed and lied to by staff that are either becoming disenchanted in having to deal with rightly irate customers, or simply unable to provide a service that we pay for. And when one does call, first we are informed "We are very busy at the moment, did you know you can blah blah self help number, Sunday between blah and blah - in fact every message sends one AWAY FROM THE ASSISTANCE WE NEED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      I've been a loyal customer of BT for many years, often with two phone lines and since my move in October, I have had services applied to which I did not request, have services that were requested not applied and been recompensed on an account that was wrongly sent.

      But worse is that I have been systematically misled, lied to, placed in a black hole of unaccountability and or redress and what is more, I hear that BT w

    • profile image

      e moses 9 years ago

      for a whole weekend now i have been trying to get reconnected back to bt..after receiving a bill back end of oct i called a customer service agent to explain that i would not be able to pay the bill in full at that time. the customer service rep told me to pay as much as i could i just received a bill this week however for £154 as they said that i had ternminated my contract. until this letter came through the post i had no corro from bt and could'nt believe this was happening as i'd just paid £50 towards clearing my intial bill. i called and spoke to and agent (from their call centre in India) who informed me that they would re-emburse me the cancelation fee and instead of £154 i would only pay £104 which i did....i was told on paying this fee i would be reconnected. However this wasnt the case and i was told that i was now on a 'new' systerm and would be treated like a new customer...well if this how they treat new customers then hell im in the wrong job!!... after being put through to Another Agent i was required to go over all personal details again and then told i would now be subjected to a credtit check...because of the cancelation that had taken place ( note that the bt rep had rembursed me this fee as it had been a fault on their end) i was now being told that i had failed this credit check and would have to pay a £50 'security' fee that would be given back to me in 6 months time either via a check or being taken off a bt bill.....this was on fri...its now sun this week alone ive given bt....£50 to clearing my bill another £104 for their 'final bill' and and will be giving them a further £50 to have my phone reconnected even though i never requested to terminate my contract in the first so angry i cant describe i've spoken to more customer service reps than you can partner is now dealing with them on my behalf and is having the same they get away with this its un real.

    • profile image

      e moses 9 years ago

      for a whole weekend now i have been trying to get reconnected back to bt..after receiving a bill back end of oct i called a customer service agent to explain that i would not be able to pay the bill in full at that time. the customer service rep told me to pay as much as i could i just received a bill this week however for £154 as they said that i had ternminated my contract. until this letter came through the post i had no corro from bt and could'nt believe this was happening as i'd just paid £50 towards clearing my intial bill. i called and spoke to and agent (from their call centre in India) who informed me that they would re-emburse me the cancelation fee and instead of £154 i would only pay £104 which i did....i was told on paying this fee i would be reconnected. However this wasnt the case and i was told that i was now on a 'new' systerm and would be treated like a new customer...well if this how they treat new customers then hell im in the wrong job!!... after being put through to Another Agent i was required to go over all personal details again and then told i would now be subjected to a credtit check...because of the cancelation that had taken place ( note that the bt rep had rembursed me this fee as it had been a fault on their end) i was now being told that i had failed this credit check and would have to pay a £50 'security' fee that would be given back to me in 6 months time either via a check or being taken off a bt bill.....this was on fri...its now sun this week alone ive given bt....£50 to clearing my bill another £104 for their 'final bill' and and will be giving them a further £50 to have my phone reconnected even though i never requested to terminate my contract in the first so angry i cant describe i've spoken to more customer service reps than you can partner is now dealing with them on my behalf and is having the same they get away with this its un real.

    • profile image

      saha 9 years ago

      i have been waiting for my bt line for over a week now as the engineer failed to show up and to make the whole situation even worse i have spent god know how long on the phone trying to get answers! BT are a complete disgrace!

    • profile image

      Julie 9 years ago

      Please can you tell me why BT will not disconnect my dead uncles phone line straight away? We have been told it takes 14 days for this to happen, yet if he'd run up a dept BT could have switch him off in an instant. Why must we pay for an extra 2 weeks worth of unless line rental?

    • profile image

      lee scott 9 years ago

      Just been on hold for hours as usual and passed from pillar to post between bt indian call centre. to my amazement BT has given the customer service work to a company called HCL technologies somewhere new new delhi in India... the guys were rude as usual... and they dont care as they dont work for BT.. they work for a company who gets paid by BT for the number of calls they attend. with a result they are more interested in their own numbers rather thana more genuin customer service to british customers. after trying for days to sort out my bill which has chargs for the services that i have never asked for and never used. ihave given up and i am moving on to virgin no matter how much it costs me to do it.... and as expected BT doesnt care... so why should I...

    • profile image

      niclak 9 years ago

      Our nightmare with BT began in June 2007, when we ordered a line for our newbuild house. Amidst hours and hours hanging on the phone, trying to get through to somebody, we placed an order 4 times, took time off work to wait for an engineer 4 times and not once did we get not even a courtesy call to warn us that they weren't able to fulfill our order or apologise for the fact that nobody had showed up. It was 4 days holidays plus the costs of having to use our mobile phones for everything, the inconvenience of not being able to do our grocery shopping etc online and everyone having to ring us on our mobile numbers. Not an apology, not a single reply to our complaints. Then, one day in October (!!!), out of the blue, we picked up the handset and realised that we had a line! We knew the BT engineer that had come to our house in June to install my work line had left the box set up for us so it was just a question of making it live in the exchange and we explained this to BT every time we rang them - they don't take notes of anything, do they? You have to repeat the same thing every time. And also note that they had no problems sending somebody to connect my work line! Then, a few days later, our first bill came through - amazing how they were suddenly able to write to us! Well, as it goes, they wanted to charge us for the line rental from 8th October even though we never even knew we had a phone until 18th October - they never wrote to us to inform that the line was going to be connected, they never even provided us with our telephone number! So I queried that and also queried the one-off connection charge and the line had been connected without us having to be there so for all we know (and I have been told this by a BT employee), they probably connected it remotely - therefore, no justification for the charge - and there has been no attempt from BT to reimburse us for the losses we incurred when we took all that time off to wait for their engineer, not to mention the calls, etc. I have now paid for the calls made to date and for the line rental although I'm sure they haven't really re-calculated anything. The people on the other end of the line are being trained to lie through their teeth as well - one moment, you get told that they've refunded payment charges, next thing you know it's all back to square one. They've even gone as far as to suggest that I pay for it and then the amount will be re-credited to my bill - do I believe that? No way! They lie, lie and lie and I'm just so, so sick of it.

    • profile image

      Lewis M 9 years ago

      Well it sounds like I have has a very similar situation to a lot of you here. I'm posting this just to vent my anger. I have recently moved into a new flat and have been trying to get my line reconnected. After 4 weeks and around 12 phone calls to BT I am still not connected. Instead of rambling on, I will list the things that have contributed to my anger:

      1. I was originally informed I would need to pay £125 connection fee which the 'advisor' would take from me there and then by debit card even after I had informed her I already had a BT phone junction in my new flat. NOT TRUE. Upon calling again I was informed completely the opposite, that I could reconnect an existing line for free.

      2. I was told my line would definately be conectedon the 4th December. NOT TRUE.

      3. Upon phoning BT on th e5th December, after being on hold for 32 minutes, I was told my line would DEFINITELY be connected on the 5th Dec. NOT TRUE.

      4. On the 6th December I was on hold to BT for 56 minutes. I then spoke to someone who told me I needed to be transferred to the faults department. I was put on hold for a further 15 minutes or so. I was then informed I was through to the wrong department because faults couldn't deal with me if I didn't have a number yet. NOT TRUE (see below).

      5. Upon my third transfer I was informed that my account had been set up incorretcly and someone who was actually helpful told me they had re-set up my account and I would absolutley certainly positively be connected on the 10th Dec. NOT TRUE.

      6. On 11th Dec I was on hold for over an hour again. I was then informed an engineer would be arriving at my house at 8pm as requested. I told the advisor as it was now 8.30pm this seemed unusual and that I had never actually requested an engineer to be sent. Nevertheless the advisor was adamant one would arrive tonight. NOT TRUE. The phantom engineer never arrived.

      7. I phoned the net morning and was told there was no record of an engineer being sent to my house. I was also told the actual date of my connection would be today (12th Dec) and I would be connected by 12 midnight. No engineer would be required. NOT TRUE.

      8. I gave up for a few days, resigning myself to the fact i would never have a phone line and couldn't listen to that damn 'We are very busy' message anymore while on hold. Today, finally, I have got trhough to the faults department who have told me I have got a fault on my line (so, with no number, I can speak to the faults department, who previously lied, see above).

      I have now been informed an engineer will text me with a time they can come to the exterior of my property and fix the line......I have a feeling I may be waiting some time.

      After I have moved from this flat I am boycotting Bt and I strongly urge everyone else who reads this to do the same.

      On another note, if I see another moronic BT add with that idiot from my family and his inane girlfriend who like relate everything in life to the BT Home Hub I will insight violence against the fat cats who front this coyboy operation.

    • profile image

      Nigel Reed 9 years ago

      I have just sent this email to the CEO of BT after 3 months of problems with them. The story is contained in the email

      Dear Ben Sorry to have to email you, but you are the last resort before I take my complaint to OFCOM. I moved my internet and phone to Tiscali at the beginning of September. BT took money out of my account for BT Yahoo Surftime in October and November. At least twice I have telephoned BT and have waited 40 minutes before speaking to someone, who has reasurred me that I will be compensated and the service has been cancelled. This never happened and I recevved a bill at the beginning of December. I cancelled my direct debit because BT have been illegally taking money from me and I have now been sent a red bill. I have emailed complaints to BT 4 times in the last 3 months (ref numbers KMM40510950I24871L0KM and KMM40015780I24871L0KM) - none of my complaints have been answered (I have just received the automated acknowlegement). I believe I am owed nearly £50 off BT in money they have taken illegally. And I want this sorted out. When I have mailed Talk Talk or Tisacali the problem has been resolved in two days. This problem has caused me a lot of hassle and stress. I will never come back to using BT and a lot of my friends are now considering transferring. There are also several online blogs and groups on Facebook where peope are speaking of similar problems with BT. I noticed BT were on Watchdog last week and if this matter isn't resolved in the next couple of weeks I shall be in touch with them as well as OFCOM. Regards

    • profile image

      Nakajima 9 years ago

      Very interesting that this site has come about just as I am experiencing terrible service from BT.

      I moved to a new flat and opened up an account with BT. So far, so good. However, despite the number being in my name, with my address, somehow, the landlord was able to take the number with him to his new address. I was cut off within a week of opening the account. Not sure how that can happen, or whether indeed they have any security checks. In order to find out exactly why I had been cut off, I had to wait 45 mins on the customer service line and when I did get through, I was put on hold and then cut off. The second attempt, 50 mins waiting on the line before I got passed through to 4 difference departments before finally being told I have to set up another account. So, I had to wait for 4 days without a landline and I was then billed twice for the same month, before being charged a 240 pound cancellation fee despite the fact that I didnt cancel anything!!

      Stupidly I also took on BT total broadband and that has been just as much of a farce. I was told the date of delivery and that it was non-negotiable. They couldnt say whether it would be a morning or afternoon delivery so I had to wait all day, from 9am to 6pm. Of course there was no delivery (I found out later that my flat number had been omitted from the information given to the delivery company). I called BT to ask what was happening and whether I could have the number of the delivery company. They said I couldnt have it and would have to wait for the redelivery the next day. Huh?? What is the sense in that?? The next day I called again and spoke to someone else. Miraculously this time I was given the number for the company. I ended up driving to the depot to collect it myself. It doesnt end there!! The charger for the hub-phone doesnt work. I've sat on the phonelines again to try to get a new one, was told someone would call me back to confirm the order within 24-48 hours and that was a week ago, with no call.

      My experience with BT has been awful... long waits in line on the phone, ineffective staff - the people that work at night from India are very friendly but ultimately have no power to do anything but ask someone else to call you back the next day... which they never do!

      I have written a long letter about my experience to the complaints department. Since then I received the charge for 240 and so now have to wait on the phone AGAIN to try to get this mess sorted out. Ridiculous!

    • profile image

      Robert Wilson 9 years ago

      My BT Nightmate,

      I joined BT last week. When i called them i was told by the sales person that i would receive Option 3 Package and included is a free BT Vision box at no EXTRA charge.

      I received my Hub and HUB phone but no BT VISION Box. I then decided to call up BT. O what a mistake that was. Last night i spent over 2.5 hours on the phone to them. In the end i got transferred to a queue which i was on hold for 45mins and i decided to terminate the call and ring back. The queue i was transferred to was closed and there was no-one there. Now i'm starting to really get frustrated.

      Called them again this morning. I was told i need to pay £30 for the box and £10 a month for the BT VISION on top of what i'm paying and if i want to cancel the whole package i will have to pay up front the full 18month contract.

      I then asked them to listen to the call i originally made. Again on hold for another 30mins.

      Unfortunately i do not have the time to be on hold for 1hour at a time.

      The customer service is discusting. I work in Customer Service and i'm sure that if they have SLA's they will not have met them once.

      My sister who ordered the same package as me the day before has also had exactly the same problem.

      BT seem to be an absolutely TERRIBLE company. I thought Tiscali was bad. This is the worst service i have ever had from a company and surely there must be some legal issues here.

    • profile image

      TK 9 years ago

      I am disgusted. I have had to go through the same route as every one else to get a phone service and broadband. Was told to pay a deposit, paid, phone activation due in 48 hours. Fine. 48 hours. Nothing. Again, 48 hours, again 48 hours. Nothing. Was told due to a system problem; an engineer would need to come out, free of course as it was a stopped line. Line was then switched on but guess what was on the bill £124.99. 2 hours, then 3 hours to get through to the service number. Said it was taken off the account. (At present the next bill hasnt arrived-but I wont be surprised if I was charged still). Next step Broadband. It couldnt be ordered because of a tag, and because my account was on the new system. 3 months today, broadband is now active. But have I received my equipment ? Take a guess.

    • profile image

      Abdullah 9 years ago

      I recently reconnected to BT on 6 December 2007. Although my property had a BT box etc, I was informed that I would have to pay a reconnection charge and thus made arrangements (time off work) for a telephone engineer to come out on 12th December between 1 and 6pm. On 9th December I realised that my line had been activated (possibly activated before the 9th) and I could make and receive phone-calls. When I phoned customer services (took me over 30 minutes to get through and had to speak to several people totalling 95mins) on 10th December (daytime) to inform them that my line was active I was told that I might be reimbursed the reconnection cost if an engineer did not have to come. I phoned again in the evening to cancel the engineer (yet again took me over 30 minutes to get through and had to speak to several people – customer services and faults- totalling 140 mins) and after speaking to several people and getting conflicting messages, I was told that I would get a call back by customer services on 11th December. Unfortunately, this never happened. On 12th November I phoned again, and was told that an engineer had to come out and I would not be reimbursed the reconnection cost. After waiting several hours for a telephone engineer, no one turned up. So yet again I phoned BT billing and services to inform them that the engineer had not arrived. After explaining to BT billing about what had happened I was told that they could not assist then transferred to BT services (took over 80 minutes to get through). After speaking to Deepak (at a call centre in India) and explaining my predicament, as noted above, he was reluctant to resolve my issue of reconnections, numerous telephone calls to BT and time wasted for an absent telephone engineer. I was then transferred to Panjali (the coach), who was slightly more understanding. She acknowledged that the line had been activated before 9th December and it was not necessary for an engineer to come to the property and apologised for the time wasted etc. Finally, I was informed that I would be credited with £10 pounds and my discounted reconnection charge (i.e. £62.50 for a 18 month contract) would be waived. On 12th December I received a bill and had not been refunded or credited in any form. So I phoned BT again (a call centre in India) on 18th December and went through the same process as above (no record of reconnection charge been waived). The advisor informed me that he could not do anything as he did not have the authority and was told that I be would contacted by the appropriate department 24 hours. As expected this never happened. Again I phoned up on 19th December and was promised I would receive a call back the next day. Again this never happened. So I phoned again on the 21st, I was told that the advisor could not do anything etc so I demanded to speak to someone more senior. After much hesitation and reluctance (threatened to cancel) I was put through to Japinder (the coach). Encountered the same obstacles as before but after giving an ultimatum as before, I was credited with £60. In all honesty I would have declined this offer, but I got fed up of dealing with the call centre in India and a BT line was necessary for an internet connection (no cable in my area and need it for work).

    • profile image

      Tufty the Nuts 9 years ago

      I live on an island in The Western iskles , and we have NO adsl.

      I would like to know why BT are refusing to upgrade the exchanges that serve Harrris , Uig and Scalpay.

      Is it True that BT were given an OPT out of responsability when the HIE created their "Wireless" scheme , so they have no obligation now to upgrade exchanges.

      My complaint is: I have emailed and phoned BT endlessly over the last month and have never eceived an accurate explanation of this situation. The have bounced me from Commercial to Dowmestic customer services , given form answers in emails "BT is currently upgrading all it's exchanges". So Bt when will you enable exchanges for those still unable to receive anykind of ADSL?

    • profile image

      Gill 9 years ago

      I have been a customer of BT for over 33+ years but have only just realised that I have to pay a 6p set up charge for every call made during the day, irrelevant of how much time you spend on the call. Everyone I have spoken to about this assures me that they were not aware of this "hidden extra" I am told that charges are 5p up to an hour in the evenings and at weekends and 3p per minute in the day for National numbers for Option 1. Why havent they added AND 6p for setting up these calls. No-one has ever told me about this charge although I have found that if you click on Option 1 a drop down box informs you of this. How convenient!! How many people are aware of this???

    • profile image

      Chris Roxburgh 9 years ago

      We moved on 28th November 2007 and were promised reconnection in the new property on 1st December. Engineer arrived as agreed. Left soon after saying 'it would be sorted n Monday 3rd.

      It is now 28th December and many telephone calls and letters of official complaint later we are still not connected. Furthermpre my letter of 4th December to Mrs Jillian Lewis, Head of Customer Services, remains unanswered.

      I am racking up huge mobile bills, have no internet access and guess what is their preferred method of communication - email!!! They really do not like talking to their customers do they?

      If this is not resolved in the next 7 days I will post details of thewhole sorry saga together with the names of the incompetents I have dealt with.

    • profile image

      Babushka 9 years ago

      I shan't even attmept to start typing out ALL of my complaints about BT, I came back to them on 13 Dec after being with talktalk for 18 months, my main reason for going back to BT was to get the 8 megs speed THEY advertisded... & talktalk could not do, because they refused to do any upgrade work on my exchange..Also I wanted to take advantage of the BT VISION offered with Option3...

      I live in a small village with just eight houses, and the exchange IS in this village, I can throw a stone & hit that exchange from my house, yet I still can't get anywhere near the 8megs they sold me, because there excuse is, I am too far away from the exchange, I guess being an almost next door neighbour doesn't work with BT.....

      As for my BT Vison, well as of today, 29th Dec ..It still is not set-up, after DAYS of continually calling their helpline, spekaking to ELEVEN different people in his time, spending HOURS a day ON the paid for phone line...repeating the same procedure to get the supplied line adapters to work and them (NEVER working) yet, being told by each Individual that HE/SHE will get this box up & running, that IS what they are there for after lol .....I have now been told that the adpaters ARE faulty, so replacements will be sent out, WHEN? I have no idea, my own landline phone disconnects me from my HUB phone whenever my landline phone rings, I had also been trying to get help from BT TALK..Who again had me go over and over a procedure to find out where the fault might lie there, yesterday, I was told it was Obviously the FILTERS ..Both adpaters & filters supplied by BT (of course) Neither which work.......

      A phone bill since the 13th Dec that has exceeded what my FULL month Broadband& phone package was with talktalk, with constanly being put on hold, or into a queue, and to even get there, to go through the LONGEST animated voice list I have ever heard to get a department to asnwer....I find this is disgusting that a company that serves most of the UK can be so BAD......

      And worse, getting away with it.......

    • profile image

      Thomas Farley 9 years ago

      Seriously poor company... I changed over from Demon broadband (fantastic provider) to BT at the start of November. Near enough two months later I am yet to recieve my hub, phone, 'welcome' pack etc, etc... For a telecomunications company do these morons know how to mess up. Cut off three times, transferred to the wrong department god knows how many times, ridiculous connection speeds and consistency, I'm still witing for the three call backs and apparantly its all DHL's fault. They're not my fucking provider are they? It upsets me that these gimps get me so angry. My direct debits are coming out fine though...

    • profile image

      mark & trish 9 years ago

      What a horrible company bt is, will never deal with them ever again, moved house just before xmas, took 4 hours on the phone to have the old service diconected,22nd dec, which they did'nt do, then they were supposed to reconnect at new house thursday just gone, 27th dec, which they did'nt do, spent another 5 & half hours on the phone being passed from pillar to post on the 28th dec, they said vol number did not exist though had been given this on the 22nd, got sick of being cut off, so my mum phoned for us on the 29th & gave them a mouth full (no swearing) she eventually gave up after two hours of being shunted all over the country & being put in contact with the welcome back to bt team, no chance, bt you can stuff your service & all the hours of hanging on the phone, my mum rang virgin who she has been with for years, tell you what guys, she was on the phone for 21 minutes ( not hours ) & they are coming on the 9th jan to set us up with the full package & a £30 bonus for mum as she recommended us, not bad eh, BT ROT IN HELL< WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOU EVER> thank you for this site i feel so much better now. mark & trish

    • profile image

      Alkesh Patel 9 years ago

      Dear Deidre, I am not happy with your response. If what you say is correct why has it taken longer than ten days to get the line reconnected even after the funds were cleared I had no telephone line. You may have looked at this bill but I advise you to look at my previous complaints carefully. from the very beginning BT did not set my line up correctly. The first bill was incorrect as I had a telephone and no broadband for several months despite numerous discussions (being passed between departments and lengthy waiting times up to several hours waiting to resolve billing and broadband issues. Hence all my correspondence is by email. The initial bill was incorrect and the delay was at BT's end to get the correct bill to me. You are now penalising me for this. I am completely not happy. My complaint was escalated to the 'High Complaints' department in light of the poor service that I continually received. The problem with my broadband was only resolved when my girlfriend asked a BT engineer who was fitting her BT vision service to come around to my flat to look at the problem. It was something that clearly not resolved by the complaints centre itself. I am completely unhappy with the service that I have received. Unless I am compensated appropriately please can you take steps to cancel my service. I have sent around ten emails and still I am getting nowhere. I look forward to hearing from you. RegardsAlkesh Patel The bill was incorrect at your end. > Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 19:55:55 +0000> From:> To:> Subject: RE: Reply from BT. (KMM41398644I24871L0KM)> > Dear Mr Patel,> > Thank you for your e-mail regarding the charges you have received on your latest bill. I called you today but you were not in to take my call I did however leave a message on your answer service. I am very sorry to hear that your line was disconnected and for the confusion over the charges you have now received for reconnection.> > I would like to advise you that I have checked the details on your bill for you. This clearly shows that your bill was produced on 17/09/07 with payment due no later than 24/09/07. This bill was for the amount of £41.85. Sadly we did not receive payment until 16/11/07 which was made by a one off card payment. > > Therefore if you miss the payment we send out a reminder. If however this is ignored a second reminder will be sent. If this is missed then the line will be restricted. In your case the line was restricted on 16/11/07 which was the date on which you made your payment. As your payment was only made on this date then it takes 10 days to clear on our systems. > > Once payment has been received, approved and the balance cleared we can request for the restriction to be removed. Your line restriction was removed on 11/12/07. Therefore a charge was placed onto your bill for the restriction to be removed. This charge is for £23.50 which has been put in place to reconnect your line after it has been disconnected for non payment of bills. > > I trust that the information I have provided is satisfactory for you and once again please accept my apologises for any inconvenience caused. > > Thank you for contacting BT and enjoy the rest of your day.> > Yours sincerely,> > Deirdre Howe> eContact Customer Service> Ref: 14526456> > British Telecommunications plc Registered office: 81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England no. 1800000. This electronic message contains information from British telecommunications plc which may be privileged or confidential. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual(s) or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient be aware that any disclosure copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited. If you have received this electronic message in error, please notify us by telephone or email immediately.> > Activity and use of the British Telecommunications plc email system is monitored to secure its effective operation and for other lawful business purposes. Communications using this system will also be monitored and may be recorded to secure effective operation and for other lawful business purposes.> > For BT's privacy and security policy for web and email usage, for pricing information, and for our terms and conditions, please visit> > Original Message Follows:> ------------------------> > Dear Ramesh,> > I did speak to one your colleagues and according to my bank statement I did pay the bill on time so I am completely unhappy with a late payment charge and no service to my line which I am being charged for. Furthermore, I was advised my a member in your call center who said that I will be credited accordingly and it was because BT's error as its computer systems were being migrated and apologised for the poor service (it still seems to be continuing!). > > Please can you arrange for the appropriate credit on my invoice and also credit me for the time that I was unable to use my telephone (which was around five weeks even though I paid). I do not want to keep emailing you the same notes that I have provided time and time again. If you cannot deal with this matter please can you pass this up to somebody senior in BT. Failing this, if this matter is not resolved by 2 January 2008, I suggest that you cancel all my account including the telephone and broadband and I will use another provider.> > I look forward to hearing from you with a solution to resolve this matter. If this is not forthcoming I will instruct Solicitors (this is clearly a matter for the office of fair trading and OFTEL to deal with) to handle this matter on my behalf.> > Regards> Alkesh Patel> > >

    • profile image

      Joel Barnhurst 9 years ago

      I've just finished writing a letter outlining the experience, I think it's best to paste it here.

      In the first week of October 2007, I purchased an eshop with BT. Having grown dramatically in the eleven months of trading I was hoping to find a service that would more readily expand with the business than my current eshop provider, EKM Powershop. I sampled a few different providers, all of which offered a free trial before one committed to a service, and eventually found their eshop package online. Their software package looked impressive and capable of holding many more items and categories than what I had previously seen, so I gave it a go.

      The first warning sign was we received no confirmation, automated or otherwise, that our order was received. I phoned the number listed on the support page, and the representative that picked up after an hour in the queue didn’t know BT offered an eshop service. After being transferred from one department to the next for at least an hour and a half, somebody finally was able to tell me that we should be able to just log on. They couldn’t offer any explanation as to why we hadn’t received any confirmation, but they walked us through the log on process and made sure it worked before we finished the call. Of course, logging on meant we automatically committed ourselves to a 12 month contract, site unseen!

      Two and a half hours on the phone just to find out how to log on isn’t good enough. One of the major issues that complicated the problem was we were not existing BT customers of any sort and never have been, so their employees didn’t know what to do with us when we told them we bought a service but were not broadband or landline customers. I got the impression that the service wasn’t really meant for people without BT broadband because clearly there was no procedure for dealing with customers who didn’t have any other BT services. One of the myriad representatives I spoke to actually commented on how it was strange that it even took my order because I wasn’t an existing customer, which, coupled with the fact that I had not received confirmation of the order and as such were given no reference or account numbers, meant I couldn’t be found on the system.

      The service was, in a word, diabolical. The software, while powerful, was not very easy to use and it took me at least four days of down time to get the site where I felt I could host it, which is unacceptable, especially in view of the fact that the other providers all offered a free trial period where you could set up the shop without switching your domain and then make the switch if you were satisfied, offering virtually no down time at all. Further, I had four separate technical questions about how to use the software that were never answered. I submitted the questions by email and, when I didn’t receive a punctual reply, I phoned the number given by the support website.

      And there is when the real nightmare began. I would like to point out that BT's eshop service is almost double the cost of most other providers we’ve encountered, some of which use almost identical templates to theirs. Their inventory software is much more powerful and you have promises of excellent service teams available round the clock, 365 days a year. Perhaps they do, but I never managed to get one on the phone. With my first two queries, my wife actually managed to solve the problems simply by finding other solutions which were considerably less efficient than we would have liked in the time I spent waiting in the queue to be answered. The third question I got through to a person using the number offered on their support site, but again they didn’t know who I was or that an eshop service existed, and I was bounced from department to department yet again for another two hours. This process was complicated even further because I still hadn’t received any correspondence about our order and so had no account number to give the representatives as they answered.

      When I finally did get through to someone who knew what the eshop service was, I was determined to close the account and walk away from BT for good. I challenge you to find a company that would do any less for an angry customer after four days of down time, a total of over six hours on hold, and a string of customer service representatives that didn’t even know what the service you supposedly bought was and with no way to find out or even verify that you existed in their system. Actually, I think BT is the only one to have any reservations about cancelling an account regardless of the reason why. Every other one I’ve found offers a free trial period or an opt out period, but evidently not only do you not offer an opt out period but you also can’t even trial it to see what you’re getting for BT’s exorbitant fee without consigning yourself to twelve months of it, like it or not. My experience leads me to think it’s the only way your company manages to keep any customers at all.

      The representative I finally did get on the phone, Jennifer Adcock in your Customer Options Team, managed to remain reasonably polite after bearing the full brunt of my frustration, and told me that she’ll see what she can do about this “before we started to fight about it.” I sat on hold for a few minutes. When she came back, she told me that in light of the exceptional circumstances of the situation, she had authorization by her supervisor to delete our account and call it even this one time. However, because I was never given a confirmation email with an account number and I was not an existing BT customer, she wouldn’t be able to do it right then and there. She asked for my email address and, after some hiccups, she sent me a test email. I was instructed to please send her an email with a short reminder of the situation if I ever did get any correspondence about the account and she would do as she promised and delete the service. That was on October 8th, 2007, not one full week after we started trying to use the service. Our domain was transferred out a couple of days before that, and the eshop was online for less than two days in total.

      On the 4th of December, we received a bill for £146.87, itemized as “rental charges.” As we are not BT customers, it could only be for the eshop and I emailed Jennifer with a short reminder and my account number as instructed, asking her to please delete the service and remove the charges as agreed. I received an automated reply saying she was out of the office and no other word.

      Shortly after Christmas, I received an overdue notice for the £146.87. I wrote to Jennifer again asking her to please do as was agreed. When I received no reply, I got back on the phone yesterday (2nd January, 2008) and, armed with Jennifer’s name, I managed to get through to the Customer Options Team after a mere forty minutes on hold and one transfer.

      Unfortunately the representative, who later identified himself as John H, told me that Jennifer actually worked in a different building and he couldn’t transfer me to her line. John then said that he would email Jennifer’s supervisor and she would call me back later that day. I told him that this was unacceptable, that I had been waiting for a reply to my emails for four weeks and I didn’t see why they would reply to his any more readily. I told him that I had no faith that any representative from BT would return any of my messages after the treatment I’d received, and I asked him what we were going to do about it. He put me on hold. He came back and repeated himself. I realized that I wasn’t going to get anywhere, so I gave him my home telephone and told him that if I didn’t have word from his company with a resolution to this, I would be writing a letter to their head office outlining my experiences.

      I’m sure you fig

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      Sara Baldassari 9 years ago

      I activated a new home phone line with BT on October 12, 2007. The advisor I talked to when I ordered the line (on September 27, 2007) made a mistake when writing down my home address (flat 10 instead of flat 4 was noted down).For this reason the first bill, including the costs of line activation and three months prepayment, never arrived to my post box, and by November 28, 2007 I found out I could not make calls from my home phone, but only receive them. I phoned BT customer service on November 29, 2007 to ask for an explanation and was told that this was due to the fact I had not paid the first bill. The advisor I talked to found the mistake made in taking note of my home address, and suggested me to request a copy of the bill to be sent to my correct address. I was told that as soon as I had paid the bill my phone would have worked again. I therefore asked for a copy of the bill to be sent to my address and received it on December 8, 2007. I paid the bill (162.87 £) on Monday December 10, but a couple of days later (Wednesday December 12) I found that my line had been cut, and my account was closed on December 15, 2007, despite my three calls to BT Customer Service to solve the problem. I made tens of calls to BT, usually being kept waiting in line for hours before being able to talk to an advisor. I also signalled this problem by email to BT “Telephony Faults” Service, on December 17, but the problem has not been fixed yet and nobody has even contacted me.

    • profile image

      Katie Payne 9 years ago

      I have just submitted a complaint to BT about their appalling service. I have been kept on hold for about four hours of my life and this has had to be on days off from work or during my lunch break. Even though everywhere on the bill says that they are open until 8pm they are not! My partner and I have tried every number and every option possible and no one is there after 6pm.

      We need our land line as my partner is a dialysis patiend waiting for a kidney transplant. We are expecting a call at any time to say they have a kidney. However we just don't want to keep giving money to this awful company. We tried to break our contract but was told that it would cost £70! We pay a small fortune every three months for terrible service and then have to pay them to leave! I have tried to set up direct debit, friends and family, resolve issues with the bill etc but have waited and waited, been hung up on twice when I wasn't irate and then spoke to some sniffing person who I couldn't understand and who clearly couldn't understand me.

      Ever waiting....

    • profile image

      nigel taylor 9 years ago

      pretty much the same as the rest,poor customer service ,cut of by indian call centre when you push to get a problem sorted bt vision problems ie can not down load films because to slow line speed which keeps on occuring line interferrance of which bt try to attribute to old sockets

    • profile image

      New Site 9 years ago

      Here is a new site which you can use (as well as this one!) to have a good old rant about BT.

    • profile image

      Lizzy 9 years ago

      Well, 2 new things have happened recently. Firstly I am incredibly frustrated (this does not happen often) & secondly I have felt compelled to write a blog (which I have never done before) as an outlet for the nightmare that has become my experience with BT.

      As a newly self employed business owner, I had a new installation at my home (it was the only option in the area) I paid promptly 3 months in advance for services.

      I dont actually know where to start, for 4 months, its been problem after problem. Hardly productive in a new business. Nothing I paid for works. All attempts to resolve issues have been fruitless. I am a tenacious person but I have to say, that I can no longer face calling the company.

      I have now received another bill for the same line for services never ordered (by the way the ones I did pay for are still not working) Its quite a large bill , and 2 weeks in I am threatened with disconnection? How can you be disconnected on a line that is paid for in advance?

      Anyway, whats a girl to do, I cant pay it, nor should I have to. Nobody returns any kind of competent feedback to the numerous complaints logged (by a variety of communication methods) . Its my source of income, and here I am in this impossible situation. I know we all vent and complain on here, but this could have serious consequences for my business and I am at a loss as to what to do.

      I did just receive a "priority" call back this ave though regards a broadband query.............from November !

    • profile image

      Shilps 9 years ago

      I think we should boycott payment for services not rendered against it's own tems and conditions and also collectively serve a winding up order if that is possible. Such is my frustration.

    • profile image

      Jamie 9 years ago

      I got a bill yesterday for £202, what a shocker! turns out that BT were trying to charge me £168 for downgrading to option 1 from option 2. I spent a long time yesterday evening on the phone to India trying to explain that I attempted to cancel well within the alloted 7 day "cooling off period" but due to busy phone lines I was a day late. All the managers/supervisors I spoke to insisted that there was nothing I could do except pay and file a complaint. I duly filed the complaint but took the precaution of canceling my direct debit.

      This morning I did some searching on google, found this forum (amongst others). I followed the advice of calling Ofcom, got my reference, phoned the number for the Ofcom referred complaints line given to me by Ofcom (they said that BT had already contacted them the previous evening), they said they would look into it. To my surprise, 30 minutes later I got a call from the High Level Complaints office and the very helpful man had had it all sorted in less than a minute.

      My advice to anyone in a similar situation? register a complaint as soon as possible with a supervisor/manager, then follow it up with a call to Ofcom and the high level complaints office.

      Sounds like I have been lucky, hope this can be of help to someone!

    • profile image

      Erica 9 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      I too have a major bone to pick with BT. They constantly change service agreements and terms without the knowledge of the consumer or a letter to the consumer to let them know they are changing the billing payments.

      I pay BT on a quarterly scheme and just finished paying a bill in December for £241.00, which I made an overpayment as well. Now BT sent me a bill at the end of the month stating I owe them another £38.00 for call charges called an 'L' bill. This is not another quarterly bill but for calls alone. I called them and received a call back from a manager named Sharon and she stated that it was in my service agreement that they first sent back to me in Feb 07. I have the service agreement and no where does it state that they will be sending me an 'L' bill if I exceed my calls.

      I think they are awful and I refuse to pay until my quarterly bill arrives. I strongly recommend to people find another alternative to BT. They are a waste of time and their call centres aren't even in the UK. I am constantly transfered overseas.

      I wish you the best of luck and to everyone else on this board.

    • profile image

      Jamie 9 years ago

      I'm rather unhappy with the customer service I've had from BT, after unsuccessfully trying to order a line rental and then cancelling the order I've been sent a bill for you betcha no phone line.

      30 - OCT - 2007 - Ordered phone line as follows 11 - SEP - 2007 - BT Advised stopped line at property and asked if I wanted to take over phone line11 - SEP - 2007 - I requested line was put under his name 15 - SEP - 2007 - BT advised order was cancelled due to incorrect incomplete information16 - SEP - 2007 - I re-provided details as entered in original order04 - DEC - 2007 - BT advised a Van would be showing up at my address to install the line connection before noon 10 - DEC - 2007 - I arranged to have time off work and wait at home for BT van, it never came before noon. I waited until 2pm.10 - DEC - 2007 - I e-mailed BT to arrange another time. 12 - DEC - 2007 - BT requested a customer number and installation address to proceed.12 - DEC - 2007 - I provided an installation address and advised no account number had been provided12 - DEC - 2007 - I requested the order be cancelled.04 - JAN - 2007 - I received a bill from BT from a billing period of 10th of Dec 04 - JAN - 2007 - To date no phone line has been active at my home address.

      I've complained a couple of times via e-mail and this website so they'll cancel my bill fancy sending me a bill and not providing a service.

    • profile image

      Wendy 9 years ago

      Reassuring to find that I'm not the only one that BT treats this way!

      I had BT for 4 months with few problems untill I moved house. I moved from a remote village, to the center of a city. BT eventually came an installed my line (After not turning up when they said they would twice). My phone line eventually worked, but by broadband did not. Several hours of calls later (the usual, on hold, cut off etc) I was told they couldn't provide broadband where I lived.

      They then told me that not only would I have to pay for the remainder of the contract, but that they had acidentally opened a new account when I moved house so I would have to pay a full 12 month contract for services I cannot receive, as well as £125 for line installation!

      Needless to say I was less than happy. This has been ongoing since October 12th and as yet is unresolved. I phone BT on a daily basis, repeat the same story to a different person every time. I am pased to various different department, cut off and await return calls that never come.

      After reading some of the comments here I will now be sending an email to BT chairman. It can't do any harm! Wil let you all know how I get on...

    • profile image

      frederick arthur cox 9 years ago

      If this is just a sample of the satisfied!!! customers..thank God Iam with Virgin. It is probably a waste of time contacting the BT Chairman as I think he has been waiting 2 years for a connection!

    • profile image

      ANDY9466 9 years ago

      bt 8mb broadband is sh@t, every day at 1 pm they start to throttle the broadband speed and carry on doing so every 30 mins. till around 4pm then its at its lowest and will stay that way until after midnight! you will never get 8mb, Im only 1 mile from exchange and struggle to get 4mb (at 4am in the morning). im downloading a song at the moment(11pm) and can only reach 3.2kbs. I just ran seven different speedtests and the results are less than dial-up!I have complained to bt several times and gone through their "script"including removing the front off my bt socket and plugging directly into the test socket and monitoring the speeds for 14 days!!.Im now looking for a cable isp as im so f@@cked off with bt!

    • profile image

      Mrs C Ferreira 9 years ago

      I contact BT about my broadband package DUE TO EXPIRE on 1 December asking about available offers.

      On the 6 December I was given 6 options and I enquired about one of them.

      I called BT on the 10 and explained I wanted to go for that option. I was told that I would be contacted within 48 hours.

      I emailed again on 11 December asking for a response.

      On 15 December I sent a new email explaining that I was still waiting for a response.

      I got a response on the 18th saying my email had been misplaced. I emailed original emails back to them immediately.

      On Friday 21 December I received a response from the original BT contact saying the offer had expired in the interim (she had been away on holiday).

      I responded by saying that I belived BT should honour the offer as the delay was not of my making.

      An email from her today is making out that as I only asked for DETAILS in my email of the 6 December (ignoring my calls, confirmation and further emails proving details lost and the fact that she went on holiday) so I am closing my account with BT and moving to Talk Talk

    • profile image

      Lizzy 9 years ago

      Having moaned on this blog 5 days ago about the appalling service and ongoing concerns regards my account, I thought its only right and fair to update and perhaps offer a glimmer of hope to the many others that suffer at the hands of BT !!

      After only 2 written complaints I did in fact receive a call (yes they called me) . Not only did I receive a call but I also received an apology and a promise of a full refund following charges imposed on services never ordred, and Yes all of this happnened before the complaint was even sent to the chairman or ofcom!

      Accountability was the last thing I thought I would see considering the problems I have had and I am still agahast that it has been resolved so promptly.

      So there you go, dont despair, they may be some hope of a resolution for others caught in the BT communications black hole..............perhaps the complaints dept have started reading this blog !!!!!

    • profile image

      Douglas Wilson 9 years ago

      I have two complaints.  I wanted to cancel my broadband which should be easy enough, but I had to make 6 phone calls to do so, spending around 15 minutes on hold for each call before speaking to someone.  Every time I told them I wanted to cancel my broadband they said they were going to put me through to another department but they just cut me off instead.The second complaint is that I want to reduce my direct debit payment, as I am now saving £17 per month by not using BT broadband.  But they would only let me reduce it by £9 per month!!!!!  How is that legal?!?  I have an obscene credit balance with BT now and just try getting through to someone to ask to be reimbursed.  I tell you, it's impossible.

    • profile image

      Peter Edelsten 9 years ago

      I emailed and received the response ...

      "Thank you for contacting BT Business Help and Support team. Your message has been received. Your incident number is 080107-000991 ... This is an automatically-generated email. Unfortunately this mailbox does not accept incoming messages."

      I sent another complaint complaining that if the email address does not receive emails why did it respond?

      Has anyone ever received a response from their complaints email address?

    • profile image

      Cat 9 years ago

      In my last bill BT decided to charge me something called other fees (0.075) and also charged me for a phone call that lasted 00:00. Although being small amounts of money I was very curious to know what this is about. I queried calls by e-mail three times and every time had the same answer: they do not see what I am talking about. I phoned them and again got the same answer the account they can see does not have these charges. But funnily enough it adds up to the same total as the one I can see which includes these charges. If it continues like this they can just make up phone calls and other fees and charge anything they want, and the annoying thing is they have no need to justify it. I am waiting for a copy of the bill they can see, and then I guess I will have to make a written complaint sending copy of the bill I actually have online.

    • profile image

      Selina Evans 9 years ago

      I am one of several business people in my area who have had exceptional poor service from Bt, my case ssems to be extreme, and no one at Bt seems to be interested in puting things right. I have done everything from write to Sir Christopher Bland, the Chairman, to get a response almost a month later from someone else who hadn't actually read my letter or knew anything about my problems! Every department is a complete joke.

      Sir Christopher Bland


      British Telecom plc.

      BT Centre

      81 Newgate Street


      EC1A 7AJ.

      30th July 2007

      Dear Sir Bland,

      I am forwarding this letter of complaint for your personal attention regarding my experiences with British Telecom as a business user. My complaint centres around problems experienced with these main numbers listed above and also all other associated telephone numbers under these accounts. So far, my loss of earnings and costs to my company are approximately £36,000 I am having full quotes, accounts etc drawn up and see this figure rising and am not happy with the responses of the people in the chairman’s office or any of your staff to date.

      I have tried dealing with practically every department in BT and found them all to be inconsistent, one department doesn’t seem to know what’s happening in another, all seem pretty good at telling you that you need to deal with someone else. I say this with the exception of two members of staff whom I have taken the contact details of who were excellent, honest, straight to the point, easy to deal with, (spoke clear English which is a good start for a telecommunications company one would think) and should in my opinion be promoted, you’d have a better business.

      April 17th 2007: I placed an order with BT for two feature lines to be installed at ************ These lines cost £50 connection per line and a rental charge of £40.95 per quarter plus £112 per line per quarter as I wanted a diversion from two numbers at our main site as BT seemed to think they couldn’t move the numbers to the new address we would pay for a divert on 01952 272627 and 01952 272744. The date of installation would be Monday 21st May, over a month away, plenty of time to get it sorted having heard nightmare stories about other companies in my building having problems moving due to BT. I explained we had to be out of the building then as I’d given notice to the council who were demolishing the building.

      Monday 14th May. Lots of messages from clients and candidates complaining main phone line dead, was not in office, and seemed back on when I checked the following day.

      Friday 18th May. During the afternoon, I received a phone call from BT regarding my installation on Monday morning. They would not be able to install feature lines. I explained that I placed the order over a month ago, and with no working days in between notification and installation, it was a bit late for me to look into service provision from anyone else or to see what I could do as we’d already started relocating the office. I asked the person to at least offer me an alternative. I was told, we can either cancel the order altogether, or fit two standard lines. I replied well I have no choice in this mater do I so that will have to be it, fit two lines, I need phone lines, my whole business is conducted via the telephone and internet so I need something and to keep my numbers on. I was then told the standard lines cost more than double the price of the feature lines to which I was accustomed to using and had been promised, I argued the point it isn’t my fault you’ve taken a month to do this to me I am not paying for them, to which effect I received a call from someone in an overseas call centre later that afternoon to tell me the cost would be waived, having had to explain the whole problem to her again.

      Monday 21st May 2007. Installation day. Waited at ****** for BT engineers to arrive, had a phone call late morning to say they were running late and would come in the afternoon. Waited, waited, had a phone call in afternoon to say they weren’t coming and my number was ‘with planning’. I was livid having taken a day off to ensure this went smoothly, having half the office piled high in stacker boxes until after the engineers visit to organise the office. Left ****** to go to our main office at *******where at 4pm I found all our phone lines had been cut off. I contacted BT to explain they seemed to have made some mistake, hadn’t turned up at secondary location and switched all lines off at main site. Within 10minutes the problem was rectified and all lines were switched back on, lots of angry calls from clients and candidates complaining they could not get through. Called BT to ask when they were going to resolve the installation problem, they said they’d get back to me in a few days.

      Tuesday 22nd May. Out of office all day. Thought diversion on line to company mobile very quite, very unusual.

      Wednesday 23rd May. Phone lines in office off, rang BT to complain and discuss problems regarding installation. Lots more angry messages via email from Clients and candidates getting fed up of this lack of communication with us recently. Asked BT to at least switch Main number back on 01952 272627, the number by which we are known and everyone contacts us. Was called back in afternoon to say someone would be out to install lines tomorrow and would sort issue of main line out once installation had been done. Other lines seemed to be working. Was due at Retail Consultancies Forum at hotel in London, cancelled to ensure BT installation tomorrow goes ahead with no problems.

      Thursday 24th May. Waited at ****** all day having cancelled Retail Consultancies Forum for BT. BT failed to turn up. Called them and was told first of all they knew nothing about a call to say they would be there. Then was told later the job only came through after 4pm today so they couldn’t get out today but would be along tomorrow. Sent out apologies to clients and candidates, in particular new client in London, big new account, very embarrassed explained problem would definitely be rectified tomorrow and they could call my mobile in the meantime. Lots more emails complaining.

      Friday 25th May. BT turned up a promised. Did not come to the house itself, someone told me they were digging up the lane and the drive so I spoke to them and one came and knocked the door when I was promised they would definitely have my lines in and on by end of the day. The BT van disappeared in the afternoon with no word to me. I thought initially they may have gone up the lane to do some work or gone to have a break and will be back, by that evening I gathered they weren’t coming back. My main business line is still off, a dead tone to callers.

      Saturday 26th May. I telephoned BT this morning to see what happened yesterday and when they intend on coming back, will they be arriving on Monday, my line is dead, it will be a Bank Holiday and myself and my clients do still work on Bank Holidays in retail. I am told they are scheduled to return on the 6th of June! I complained that who ever went out to a job, left half way through without telling the customer and thinks its ok to return 12 days later (without telling the customer), in the meantime my line is still off and as I was promised it would be switched on when they installed my lines I demand as it’s going to take so long it be put on now. There seems to be a problem as usual and I am told by Marilyn at BT that she will call me b

    • profile image

      Patricia.CONNOR 9 years ago

      Today I have been to Calne in Wiltshire where my Son has brought a new Flat. Gary, when he is not at work spends many hours on his X Box 360 which is his hobby. Before he commenced in buying the the Appartment he contacted BT regarding Getting a new line put in and Broadband. no problems at this stage.

      Today however has been the worst experience I have ever had with BT. We must have phoned them 25 times and no-one wanted or could help and several of them at BT cut us off, The problem is with the Broadband and phone line. They may promise you up to 8mbs but if you live in some areas you will be lucky to get 1mb. due to the lines and if you live a distance from an exchange you have had it. More that half the people I spoke to today I could not understand. They kept giving us different numbers to phone which turned out to be the one I had just rung. I have been a BT Customer for 30 years but not any more I am going to Virgin and get it from them. If you get this message BT I suggest you sort out all in your Customer Sevices Dept. Starting with TOM and Alex who were the two tocut me off first. Try and educate all your Staff to know about the product they are selling and generally be of some help when people like me are asking serious questions. Also I think you should do a check on all your lines before signing anyone on to Broadband. We Asked for 8mb with our provider who came back and said we could get only 1mb because of your line. The Line had been put on today.

    • profile image

      vrs 9 years ago

      I have had so many problems with Bt it's unbelievable. They have almost put me out of business and so far are doing nothing to address this. Today was the final straw, having filed a court case against them which they did not defend, the judge filing against them, when I called to chase for payment...well, read my lettersto the chairman, and now the Chief Executive to get soje background to this thing...

      Sir Christopher Bland


      British Telecom plc.

      BT Centre

      81 Newgate Street


      EC1A 7AJ.

      30th July 2007

      Dear Sir Bland,

      RE: 01952 ****27, 01952 ****44, 01952 ****30, 01952 ****72, 01952 ****75 and all associated telephone numbers.

      I am forwarding this letter of complaint for your personal attention regarding my experiences with British Telecom as a business user. My complaint centres around problems experienced with these main numbers listed above and also all other associated telephone numbers under these accounts. So far, my loss of earnings and costs to my company are approximately £36,000 I am having full quotes, accounts etc drawn up and see this figure rising and am not happy with the responses of the people in the chairman’s office or any of your staff to date.

      I have tried dealing with practically every department in BT and found them all to be inconsistent, one department doesn’t seem to know what’s happening in another, all seem pretty good at telling you that you need to deal with someone else. I say this with the exception of two members of staff whom I have taken the contact details of who were excellent, honest, straight to the point, easy to deal with, (spoke clear English which is a good start for a telecommunications company one would think) and should in my opinion be promoted, you’d have a better business.

      April 17th 2007: I placed an order with BT for two feature lines to be installed at *****************. These lines cost £50 connection per line and a rental charge of £40.95 per quarter plus £112 per line per quarter as I wanted a diversion from two numbers at our main site as BT seemed to think they couldn’t move the numbers to the new address we would pay for a divert on 01952 ****27 and 01952 ****44. The date of installation would be Monday 21st May, over a month away, plenty of time to get it sorted having heard nightmare stories about other companies in my building having problems moving due to BT. I explained we had to be out of the building then as I’d given notice to the council who were demolishing the building.

      Monday 14th May. Lots of messages from clients and candidates complaining main phone line dead, was not in office, and seemed back on when I checked the following day.

      Friday 18th May. During the afternoon, I received a phone call from BT regarding my installation on Monday morning. They would not be able to install feature lines. I explained that I placed the order over a month ago, and with no working days in between notification and installation, it was a bit late for me to look into service provision from anyone else or to see what I could do as we’d already started relocating the office. I asked the person to at least offer me an alternative. I was told, we can either cancel the order altogether, or fit two standard lines. I replied well I have no choice in this mater do I so that will have to be it, fit two lines, I need phone lines, my whole business is conducted via the telephone and internet so I need something and to keep my numbers on. I was then told the standard lines cost more than double the price of the feature lines to which I was accustomed to using and had been promised, I argued the point it isn’t my fault you’ve taken a month to do this to me I am not paying for them, to which effect I received a call from someone in an overseas call centre later that afternoon to tell me the cost would be waived, having had to explain the whole problem to her again.

      Monday 21st May 2007. Installation day. Waited at ********** for BT engineers to arrive, had a phone call late morning to say they were running late and would come in the afternoon. Waited, waited, had a phone call in afternoon to say they weren’t coming and my number was ‘with planning’. I was livid having taken a day off to ensure this went smoothly, having half the office piled high in stacker boxes until after the engineers visit to organise the office. Left ********* to go to our main office at ********* where at 4pm I found all our phone lines had been cut off. I contacted BT to explain they seemed to have made some mistake, hadn’t turned up at secondary location and switched all lines off at main site. Within 10minutes the problem was rectified and all lines were switched back on, lots of angry calls from clients and candidates complaining they could not get through. Called BT to ask when they were going to resolve the installation problem, they said they’d get back to me in a few days.

      Tuesday 22nd May. Out of office all day. Thought diversion on line to company mobile very quite, very unusual.

      Wednesday 23rd May. Phone lines in office off, rang BT to complain and discuss problems regarding installation. Lots more angry messages via email from Clients and candidates getting fed up of this lack of communication with us recently. Asked BT to at least switch Main number back on 01952 ****27, the number by which we are known and everyone contacts us. Was called back in afternoon to say someone would be out to install lines tomorrow and would sort issue of main line out once installation had been done. Other lines seemed to be working. Was due at Retail Consultancies Forum at hotel in London, cancelled to ensure BT installation tomorrow goes ahead with no problems.

      Thursday 24th May. Waited at **********all day having cancelled Retail Consultancies Forum for BT. BT failed to turn up. Called them and was told first of all they knew nothing about a call to say they would be there. Then was told later the job only came through after 4pm today so they couldn’t get out today but would be along tomorrow. Sent out apologies to clients and candidates, in particular new client in London, big new account, very embarrassed explained problem would definitely be rectified tomorrow and they could call my mobile in the meantime. Lots more emails complaining.

      Friday 25th May. BT turned up a promised. Did not come to the house itself, someone told me they were digging up the lane and the drive so I spoke to them and one came and knocked the door when I was promised they would definitely have my lines in and on by end of the day. The BT van disappeared in the afternoon with no word to me. I thought initially they may have gone up the lane to do some work or gone to have a break and will be back, by that evening I gathered they weren’t coming back. My main business line is still off, a dead tone to callers.

      Saturday 26th May. I telephoned BT this morning to see what happened yesterday and when they intend on coming back, will they be arriving on Monday, my line is dead, it will be a Bank Holiday and myself and my clients do still work on Bank Holidays in retail. I am told they are scheduled to return on the 6th of June! I complained that who ever went out to a job, left half way through without telling the customer and thinks its ok to return 12 days later (without telling the customer), in the meantime my line is still off and as I was promised it would be switched on when they installed my lines I demand as it’s going to ta

    • profile image

      vrs 9 years ago

      Ok, the summary of my continuing BT case, things only got worse, my number is permantley lost, lots more problems including having a taxi companies lines diverted to my BT mobile for 5 hours on a day my new maiin line had problems so no clients could get through to me.

      Wnd result, took them to ocurt, they did not file defense, filed for judgement, which the court granted and ordered payment of my claim for compensation. Upon calling chasing payment they claim no knowledge of judgement, then ask me to fax my court papers to them which I do, then when I threaten enforecemtne action I am told I'll get a call back shortly, which I do from the legal department telling me now they are having the decsision overturned at court so that they can have a chance to look into it!! and then make a defence!!!

      The fact they had a month to do this, then respond to the judgement escapes them. So now, I have contacted the Chief Exec, in all credit first thing this morning I had anemail fromhis colleague promisin to get back to me..not that I have any fiath this will b resolved any time soon, despite having taken court action, I'm now preparing to place it in the hands of a litigation specialist as it's looking like the high court at this rate and in the meantime my business is suffering and I just want to re-genrated it, and focus on that.

    • profile image

      BARBARA MCINTYRE 9 years ago


    • profile image

      lashes0 9 years ago

      where o where to start

      We have been customers of BT for a year and in that time i have managed to have absolutly rediculous bills sometimes around £250 !! for not much usage

      we then found out we had been over paying and were owed £400

      trying to get the money off them after moving providers was like trying to get blood from a stone as i type this i have been on hold 4 times each time been hung up on after waiting for 40 minutes and then one time actually getting through and then being told oh sorry my system crached can i call you back tomorrw ( yeah right ) so i am once again on hold and they are vERY BUSY ...... i am so frustrated and feel like slinging my phone at the wall but i will not give up they owe me £400 and rising seeing as we cancelled with them ages ago and yet they still managed to take £90 out of my bank yesterday .. amazing

      I would never ever recomend anyone to go with bt they are a disgrace and the worst company i have ever had the misfortune to be with I really hope something is done about the appalling lack of care for the customers and the outright theivery and deception going on .. one small bit of good news .. they will plant a sappling for every customer who decided to get their bills on line .. thank goodness for that !!!!!!

    • profile image

      Janice 9 years ago

      Just wanted to say well done for being pro active. My only complaint about bt are the charges for of £4 50 for those who choose to pay manually and the working days & notice given to pay it! I sent them an email to ask when the next bill would be coming over 2008 to avoid going on holiday!! as then they slap on additional charges for late payment. But then thats been well covered in the Guardian moneys and ofcom simply arent interested in the plight of customers.

    • profile image

      Susan 9 years ago

      It is comforting that we are not alone in this but also worrying that so many people are experiencing the same sort of problem with BT - where their message of its good to talk seems to lose its ring somehow.

      We have had problems with our phone line and bought the BT Homehud with the phone to see if that would improve matters - but it was no better, in fact, it appears to have made the line much worse. We rang BT to report a problem and informed them of the history with the line. They tested the line and rang back as I was going to work so they had to then call back in the evening - however they did not go through all the fault finding with us which I recalled a little while later but at the time it never occured to me. They tried to say it was the equipment which was making the line worse (bearing in mind it has always been poor and we pay a hell of a lot for line rental) and that if they call out an engineer and it does appear to be the equipment that we may incur a charge. Obviously I stated that we wanted to avoid that at all costs but also that if it is anything to do with the Broadband that THEY supplied us with that it is a cost they should incur. BT also failed to state how much this cost would be - which I am sure they do have to inform customers of. The engineer came and went, for less than an hour, and fiddled around a bit. We did not get any feedback and was charged £184.00 +VAT. During the many irritating and very frustrating phone calls which took forever an being passed around a lot it, the general consensus was that the Broadband was exacerbating the problem with the line. The initial problem with the line is that is so quiet that some people find it difficult to hear us and we sometimes have problems hearing the caller. We did not use the phone much as we relied mainly on our mobiles but landlines do have their uses. The Broadband facility it now appears to make an incessant crackling and for a period of two weeks before we rang BT about the problem was so bad it was impossible to make a call or receive calls.

      Now how on earth can BT charge for a product that they supplied us with which apparently interferes with our line and charge such a hideous amount that is totally unjustifiable? I also argued the point with them that they failed to go through all the fault finding possibilities with us so how could we possibly make an informed decision. If we had discovered that their product was in fact hindering the somewhat poor line further, we would have sent all their Broadband product back and sought another supplier.

      I have had several calls - some which they failed to return when they said 'someone will call you back'. They have failed to answer any of my letters of which I have now written 5. I paid the line rental and call charges for the month but refused to pay that hideous call-out charge yet they cut us off. When I rang BT to find out what was going on they said that that should not have happened that they should have suspended the bill until it has been resolved but to keep the line active. They did reconnect - at 'no charge' but then a week or so later made all calls outward bound 'not recognisable'. They have sent us endless bills etc but have failed to write to us to acknowledge the complaint. I have received acknowledgement from OFCOM and say that I have to keep at it and then get OTELO involved - of which I have already notified them of the problem but have not heard from them yet. This has been going on since 5th November 2007 and naturally wanted to resolve this issue quickly and didnt want it to drag out as long as it has and was concerned about leaving it as long as has been. Unfortunately BTs complaint process is 12 weeks. 12weeks is way too long. They should actively resolve them a hell of a lot sooner. The calls to overseas call centres is futile and have in no uncertain terms been called a liar. Why on earth would my partner and I ring up BT to get an engineer out if there wasnt a problem!

      I am absolutely disgusted with their lack of customer service and ignorance. This sort of inaction from BT as experienced by so many people is intolerable and and should not be allowed to continue.

    • profile image

      Alex Mason 9 years ago

      In July, I moved to a new apartment. BT are the only telephone company who supply here, so I had no choice but to go to them. I spent a fortune on my mobile phone trying to get through to them. I was on hold for over two hours several times, and one day, after being on hold since 7:50pm, I was cut off at 9:55pm, with a recorded message saying that they were now closed! Eventually one day I got through to them, but the woman I got was rude and also quite stupid. She kept asking me over and over again for the same information, and wasn't at all bothered when I told her about the bill I was acrrueing for the call on my mobile phone. I was halfway through giving her my bank details, when she cut me off, after spending half the call fiddling with her headset.

      I called back and after only an hour on hold, I got through to a man. I informed him about the previous call and gave him the account number, but he told me that he couldn't access it, because there were two different computer systems for residential customers, and each call centre only had access to one of these! He said that at the end of the call, he would call the other call centre and completely cancel the other account, so I reluctantly agreed to start the process all over again. I was given a new account number with different letters at the start of it. Bizarrely, he only wanted a £25 deposit this time 'as insurance I would pay my bills as I was a new customer', even though the previous woman had taken a

    • profile image

      Alex Mason 9 years ago

      In July, I moved to a new apartment. BT are the only telephone company who supply here, so I had no choice but to go to them. I spent a fortune on my mobile phone trying to get through to them. I was on hold for over two hours several times, and one day, after being on hold since 7:50pm, I was cut off at 9:55pm, with a recorded message saying that they were now closed! Eventually one day I got through to them, but the woman I got was rude and also quite stupid. She kept asking me over and over again for the same information, and wasn't at all bothered when I told her about the bill I was acrrueing for the call on my mobile phone. I was halfway through giving her my bank details, when she cut me off, after spending half the call fiddling with her headset.

      I called back and after only an hour on hold, I got through to a man. I informed him about the previous call and gave him the account number, but he told me that he couldn't access it, because there were two different computer systems for residential customers, and each call centre only had access to one of these! He said that at the end of the call, he would call the other call centre and completely cancel the other account, so I reluctantly agreed to start the process all over again. I was given a new account number with different letters at the start of it. Bizarrely, he only wanted a £25 deposit this time 'as insurance I would pay my bills as I was a new customer', even though the previous woman had taken a

      £50 d

    • profile image

      Alex Mason 9 years ago

      Regarding the £4.50 payment processing charge, I have not come across any other company which charge it. However, I think I know exactly why they do. They realise that many customers avoid paying BT by direct debit, because the risk of BT stealing money out of their bank account for telephone lines which they have not installed, or for packages which the customer is not on, is so likely. So they came up with the £4.50 fee idea as a way of financially benefiting from this, which is disgraceful. I have had nothing but problems with BT. Their customer service is diabolical, most of their staff are incompetent across all departments, and the computer systems are obviously not adequate. I am sick to death of them, and once I get my money back, I am never dealing with them again. By the way, for customers who can't get Virgin Media, if you become a Sky TV customer, you can also get Broadband, and pay both your telephone line rental and for your telephone calls through them, removing BT from the picture completely. Sky Broadband is free for 2mb, £5 for 8mb and £10 for 16mb. The broadband helpdesk, in my experience, is not like BT's. They are polite, and they don't cut you off because they are too incompetent to help you with your problem, which is what BT tend to do. Sky Talk is not costing me much either. I pay £5 a month for free calls to landlines round the clock, and I think I get free calls to USA, Australia and Canada thrown in. My line rental is £10.00 per month. No more BT. Hurrah. And you can get hold of Sky 24 hours a day and their customer service is good quality. You might be on hold for 40 minutes, but that is very rare; I am usually on hold for an average of 10 minutes, to BT'S two hours! I recommend Sky over BT any day.

    • profile image

      Georgina Harper 9 years ago

      Miss Georgina Harper2 Andrews CloseBrookthorpeGloucesterGL4 0URAccount No: GB03465384Customer ref No: 1302539363Dear Sir/MadamI am refering to your letter dated 11 January 2008, Monthly Payment Plan, by Direct Debit.Originator No: 954759I have made several telephone calls to your offices regards to this letter, and on each occasion I have not been able to resolve the issues in question. So twice I have requested for someone in authority to ring me back, but I have still not heard from your company.I had been offered a half price installation fee of £62.00, To be paid in installments of 7 months @ £20.00 and for the rest of the contract £11.00 line rental.. to be taken by DD on the last day of the month. These details were not correct on the DD Financial details that were sent to me, so I have not signed this enabling you to access my bank account to take any amount out of my account. Due to the incorrect details also further more to the conversations each time I contacted BT. I have been told different information each time that I have spoken to one of your staff. I was told that my DD would of been £45.00 per month, also I have been offered different optjions each time. On my last conversation, I did state that I hoped that the conversation was being taped, as I had agreed a contract and now that was changed without my knowledge or concent. I now come to the conclusion that BT is not bothered about loosing customers, I have not been able to resolve this issue, so I feel that I have to cancel any installation that had been previously agreed. Please can you send me confirmation that you have received this email.Thanking you.Word by mouth is the best recommendation that any business can have. Miss Georgina HarperTel 07788854271

    • profile image

      Sharmilla Kampfer 9 years ago

      My phone has recently ceased working. I get no incoming calls and even though I can dial out the line is so scratchy I can't hear anything and have to terminate the call. This had gone on over a week

      I called the BT fault line and was told by a recording that due to high volume they cannot receive any calls. I emailed them to which I eventually got a reply.

      In the reply I was told the fault was raised with engineers but that I better make sure the fault is the line and not my phone because if it IS my phone the engineer will charge me A MINIMUM OF £99 plus VAT.

      This is extortion!!!!!!!!!!! I worked at a telecommunications company in another country and as far as I know it is the telecommunications supplier's job to identify why you are not getting a phone service. This is what we pay them for!!!!!!!!!!! You don't get charged for a qualified person to figure out what is wrong!!!!!!!!!! I am completely fed up with the highway robbery that goes on in this country!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Adrian McCrum 9 years ago

      Back in August I told BT that I would be leaving a going to a new supplier. Since then I have been sent a bill for services after I have left? I don't understand this. How can they charge a customer after they leave. I have emailed and emailed so many times and get absolutely no positive response from their "Customer Service" team other than the tell me to pay the bill. Of course they want me to pay it but why should I give in to their threatening letters. I for one am recommending to as many people as I can to go to another supplier. On top of all of this they charged me £125.00 to reconnect! This is disgraceful. I was not made aware of this at the time of going back to BT and fnd it unbelievable that they have the cheek to charge customers who are willing to use them this amount. If I had known there was no way I would have gone back to them.

    • profile image

      Richard H 9 years ago

      Hope you can bear with me on this story. Moved into rented accomodation and was forced to deal with BT to reconnect phone for a charge of GBP 130 or so. Despite fact phone line was there. Told them at the time I would be moving to Talk Talk as soon as it was reconnected however they confirmed I would be able to pay this by Direct Debit.

      Without any notice they promptly cancelled my direct debit and demanded full payment just after Christmas. After hours of waiting I managed to get through to someone and agreed I could pay over three instalments.

      This morning I get a letter telling me they will be taking me to court if I do not pay. I called the number on the letter which led me to an Indian call centre but they could not help me and gave me another number to queue up in. This turned out to be the wrong number and I am queuing yet again.

      And as a footnote been on the Ofcom site to complain but they have no facility to leave an email. Why not.

      Viva the revolution we should not have to put up with such poor service.

    • profile image

      Mr C Kings 9 years ago

      Moving business premises and BT can't confirm until the day of the move if we can take our current phone numbers with us.

    • profile image

      elCesar 9 years ago

      BT is th worst company, how can they get away with extorsionate cancellation fees? According to them their fees are clear when you sign in, to me it was first news when I called to cancel their phone service due to their poor service. BT sucks!

    • profile image

      ceri869 9 years ago

      I was recently made redundant from a job which i really loved,so thought ok now i'm gonna do what i've always wanted,set up my own business,i knew it would be tough but it was a dream of mine.I already had the stock,found a shop to rent,sorted out the lease etc.All went really well,plain sailing without a hitch.I noticed in the shop there was already a phone-line i thought great that's all i need now is for a BT engineer to come out.So i rang BT on Weds.16th January,got passed around from one person to another to another to another before i actually got to the right department i needed.A lot of them were either apologising for a quiet line or they couldn't even understand me.????????

      So I'm through eventually and went through all my details and was told an engineer would be out the following Weds.(23rd January)10 minutes later i was called back on my mobile,I was told that They were so sorry but an engineer wouldn't be out after all as there was an outstanding bill on the property and they would need to see a copy of my lease for the shop as proof that i was going to be the new tennant.Soooo i sent a copy of the lease and thought i'd wait till Monday before ringing them back to see why they hadn't got back to me.So i rang back Monday was answered by a foreign lady again who couldn't understand a word i was saying then passed to another 3 people before i got back to BT Business.I was told then by someone else(got all your names)that the reason things were held up was because they hadn't done a credit check so they done the credit check that was fine.When i asked them why didn't anybody return my call they relayed my mobile number back to me and only the first 4 digits were correct some imbecile couldn't even get my phone number right,also messed up my address.By now my dream is turning into a complete nightmare and i'm turning green with anger.Soooooooo i called them again today and I'm STILL waiting for a call from them,also they had to do ANOTHER CREDIT CHECK AND GOT MY PHONE NUMBER WRONG YET AGAIN.I'm sooooooooo angry but it makes me feel better to see i'm not alone in all this.I really don't envy any of you in having to deal with BT .Their customer service is non-existant,they just don't have a clue what they are doing.I'm normally a very patient person but BT have really p***** me off big time.

    • profile image

      Bob 9 years ago

      An update to my earlier post, if only to be courteous and fair.

      That email address works! Within an hour, I recieved a response and a couple of days later, a call from Jason Campbell, who promptly resolved the somewhat over-complicated cumulative and complicated issues that arose from ineptitude in the overseas Customer Services and local Sales Departments.

      He did so with courtesy with a level of professionalism that we expect. I openly commend him for his efforts.

    • profile image

      Zoe 9 years ago

      I've had not working service since I asked to be connected two weeks ago. I've had numerous BT engineers come round and they still can't fix it. They now say I have to wait in again for ANOTHER engineer. When I asked to cancel they said I can't as I'm tied into a contract and will have to pay extortionate fees to cancel. They are thieves and need to be put out of business

    • profile image

      mrs g cooper 9 years ago

      I cant believe how bad B.T customer services are.I've had an ongoing problem coming up for 3 months now.Back in October i noticed that i had 28 international calls showing against my number so called to say there must be a mistake as i havent and dont make internetional calls.After speaking to 4 different people, being past to one dept to another, being put on hold then cut off. I called back went through the same rigmarole i was told to call back on the 16 Dec as that was when my bill was due.SO i called back again i explained I DID NOT MAKE THESE CALLS nor did anyone in my home.I also explained that some of the dates that calls were made we were on holiday and the house was locked and secure and no-one had access to my home.I asked for a block to be put on all internetional calls which was done.After a few weeks i checked my online billing again and guess what THERES STILL INTERNETIONAL CALLS SHOWING AGAINST MY NUMBER.I called B.T and was told that the calls are coming from inside the house again i said NO THEY ARE NOT as i have a block in place.I was asked if i had children as they probably made the calls so that means when we were all on holiday my 11 year must have took a 4 hour plane journey back to the uk, drove from the airport to our home, deactivated the house alarm, plugged everything in, made phone calls then done the return journey. STRANGE.Today i got a call from an engineer asking loads of questions.I felt as if he was trying to catch me out i was furious. Then the icing on the cake came from someone from the investigation team who said i have international calls showing against my number and the investigation was now complete BUT as a good will gesture they will credit my bill by £20. WOW.Still hasnt solved the problem as even though a block is in place international calls are still showing against my number.I would love to hear from anyone with the same problem.

    • profile image

      hey meee too 9 years ago

      Tried to switch line back to BT in August - Easy HUH have had no phone for 3 weeks due to bill redirected to BT's own offices and I've been been paying for a line that doesn't exist. Just got a refund after 5 mnths. Still can't pay bill and they have terminated my line and no one can help because guess what -- I have a GB number and it isn't on their system. I've just been on hold and bounced for 1hr - even got the same person twice!! how does that happen???? I hate BT they had me in tears last week. All I wanted was my line switched back now I have a restricted line, (incoming only) due to non payment of a bill I never received and I can't fix it!!! Ahhhhhhh Grrrrrrr Useless Idiots - OFCOM here I come.

    • profile image

      PaperShuffler 9 years ago

      I have an ongoing problem with BT that started in January 07 with the installation of broadband. Firstly the equipment failed shortly into the contract. However after some small problem an oprative agreed to replace the hub but this would constitute a new contract being started. I pointed out that in fact this was in breach of the law to no avail and indeed received the new hub.

      Following this I was contacted to adopt paper free billing, good idea thought I. Not.

      After being contacted by email to inform me i could view my email bill on line i tried to do so. Guess what I could not.

      After many attempts and emails to resolve the issue and an automated call to inform me I had also been hit with a late payment charge, I exploded.

      Eventually after being in contact with BT the techs admitted they could not understand why it did not work and the solution was to discontinue this service to me.

      I was then chased for payment and services curtailed despite never receiving a bill.

      When I did eventually convince BT to send me a bill it was totally incorrect. Despite promises late payment charges were still showing, international call incorrectly billed and so on.

      I have even requested to terminate the service but it seem even this cannot be done.

      I have been in contact with India Ireland and the UK in an effort to resolve this matter.

      Countless phone calls and i guess in excess of 90 emails sent, all to no avail.

      The straw's that have broken the camels back are;

      I contacted BT to request information so that I could email the Complaint Review Service in Durham with both a copy of all the emails and other information. (I could not print them all off and send them by post as I am sure it would go against BT's attempts at reducing the use of paper)

      The call was answered by a very nice lady at an indian call centre who told me such a service did not exist, i pointed out that it did and confirmed I had the address but reqiuired an email address due to the quantity of information I needed to send.

      RESULT she terminated the call.

      I followed this up today by calling the number listed for the complaint review service. I was informed by a guy called Dave that I needed to outline the issues of the complaint so he could forward me to the correct dept. He pointed out that they were in fact just like the indian call centres and only forwarded information.


      Phone 0800 085 6161 they will be able to help.

      At Last thinks I, maybe just maybe light at the end of the tunnel.

      Not so having gone through the usual automated rubbish the call is terminated with a redirection to

      Guess Where?


      back to the very start one year later.

      I have requested meetings have asked for advice I cannot talk to one single human who understands the issues.


      If anyone can forward me an email address for the Complaint review service that would be fantastic.

      But if you can dont try emailing afterwards for a day or two. My email will block the system for ages.

    • profile image

      Karen 9 years ago

      Apart from having an ongoing complaint about Broadband (11 weeks now, still not resloved and still counting!). My biggest complaint is that even if you get a staff members name, when you phone back about the fact that they have not done what they said (this seems to be usual practice as far as I can make out), no one has heard of the person you spoke to, or no notes have been put on the system by that person. It seems that not everyone has the same information and I have actually been accused of lying (well a very strong implication) and it turned out the girl I was dealing with did not have access to the screen that would have given her the full information. What is the point of getting a name as reference if it means nothing at all. I have been fobbed of so many times, or told that something would happen and it does not, that I just do not trust them anymore.

    • profile image

      Pete Flannery 9 years ago

      I recently changed my bank account; by new bank informed BT of the new Direct Debit details; BT send me 2 separate (but identical) confirmation letters with my new details included (for me to check for accuracy). 2 months later my bank informs me that BT have yet to take their payment; my bank phoned and BT said everything was fine, it did not matter that the bank said all was not well. The bank then suggested I telephone. After waiting for 50 minutes and then being cut off, I had to wait another 45 minutes to be put through. I then relayed the details to the call centre; they then confirmed that I had not set up a direct debit; I said that I was in receipt of 2 identical letters saying that I had set the debit up. They were very insistant that I had not, I then mentioned the banks intervention to which I was told that they had no records of such a call - ho hum. All of this so that I can actually give BT money, it was enough to make me weep. They then said (after setting up the debit) was I happy with the service BT offer? I warned the call centre person that this was not personal and then had a rant (the answer was therefrore no). I have great difficulty with BT who seem to think that a blizzard of (crap) advertising will hide the fact that the BT brand is a pile of Shi*, and they always increase this cobblers when they increase their charges. Their current run of advertising on the TV trying to sell their product as a lifestyle choice in the so called 'noughties' (recently divorced with kids) simply makes me nauseous. Oh and by the way should you get through to a call centre abroad do not expect your problem to be understood any time soon. BT truly are a despicable brand and I can just picture the meetings that they have (probably every Monday) where at least one of the thrusting management nobs must come up with a way to fleece the customers and then make it look as though they are giving us something. Once the meeting is over watch them laugh into their Starbucks (and then be thankful that they still have a job).

    • profile image

      Claire H from tipton 9 years ago

      i have been a customer with bt for the last two years at my parents address but moved to a new property on october 2006. I called bt to ask them to switch my internet and phone line from my parents address to my new address, but was told that the previous tenants had changed their phone line to a different company and i would need to call that company to ask them to give up the line. which i did.

      I then called bt back and i was told that there was no bt line at the address and would need to pay £129 to get a line connected. which is ludacris because there's a white box in my new home with bt's name on it. there was no way i was going to pay bt £129 for them to send an engineer to flick a switch or for bt to have the privilage of my custom.

      But it gets better.... the previous tenant at my property has given me a letter, sent by bt to himself at my address in january 2008 stating that ,

      "when you moved from bt, it may have been for another phone companies introductory savings. but are you still getting them? just simply sign the form below and send it back to us and we will reconnect you."

      so why is it that the previous occupants that moved away from bt would of been able to get their line rental back for free, but as a loyal customer, i am being asked to pay £129 because i had the misfortune to move into a property that no longer had a bt line? i am going to leave bt next month because my contract is up this month and i think their methods are a bullying tactic. i'll keep my £129 and the £50 each month i would have been continuing to pay for their services.

      thank you BT for nothing.

    • profile image

      bert wilson 9 years ago

      I've been reading all this shite on here about BT being a monopoly on lines.

      last year BT divided into distinct and seperate businesses, BT retail and Openreach.

      BT retail provide phone and broadband services to the general public.

      Openreach provide line rental and adsl services to Telephone providers like Talk Talk, Sky, Bulldog AND BT Retail who then sell them onto the general public. all treated to the same terms and conditions so that there is fair competition available.

      However this seems to gone totallly up shit creek.

      BT retail can connect a line if you take out a 12 month contract for services with them. they will place the order with Openreach to connect the line and BT retail will pay rental to Openreach for the privilige.

      Now that there should be fair competition between all the different phone providers ANY company should be able to do the same!

      HOWEVER try asking Talk Talk or Sky to connect up a line for you and they will tell you to get "BT" to connect the line first. this is BULLSHIT!

      now that ofcom have agreed these competition rules (the reason Openreach was created) there is Nothing to stop other phone providers placing an order with Openreach for you, it will cost them though as openreach will charge Talk Talk or SKy the same price as they would charge BT retail as there is NO LONGER a monopoly on phone lines.

      Phone companies like talk talk or sky for example would rather NOT be paying Openreach to connect a line so take the easy way out and expect BT retail to pay Openreach as it costs far less to takeover and existing BT retail provided line that a line that is not connected.

      SO next time you are hit with a bill for connecting then cancelling a BT retail service because you only wanted the line to get another provider I'd be right on to the new provider asking them why you had to go to a competitor (BT retail) to get a line connected when under the new rules as laid down by ofcom they could have done it themselves.

      If I want to buy my shopping out of tesco they dont tell me to go to asda first to get a shopping trolley! other companies are using BT Retail to get out of paying the going rate to Openreach for services they want to provide.

    • profile image

      Simon Farmer 9 years ago

      I had a similar problem to you - I moved into a new flat in june 07 and after unsuccessfully trying to get cable installed by virgin (couldn't supply my street) had no other alternative than to get a BT phoneline installed.

      I hadn't used BT since a previous problem when I moved house and they wouldn't swap my account over to the new address (making me pay the remainder of my account at the old address and starting a new one at the new address).

      To cut a long story short I spent literally hours on end getting through to someone who would process my order and each time i did - nothing happened. After much complaining and so on I eventually got connected to a woman who sorted it out. By this time though I was already at the end of my tether. A few days later I decided to move house again instead of staying at the address so phoned up to cancel - I was assured it had been done and that my deposit would be returned to me (it had at this point not been cashed). This was in august 2007. After the phonecall (within a few days) they cashed the cheque. Then they turned the phoneline on (despite claiming they couldn't over the phone and that an engineer would need to come out). Then an engineer came out - who was a lovely bloke and just sighed when he found out I had already cancelled it and who told me this happens all the time now.

      I have still not received the deposit back despite many emails (no way - I am going through that phone system again) and in the last email I warned them I would be going to the media or even considering investigating the matter further and finding similar people to perhaps make some kind of documentary film to highlight just how abysmal their customers service has become. It was during this research that I found your website which will no doubt be a wealth of use.

    • profile image

      Susan Hedges 9 years ago

      I thought that I would just add a few comments of my own against BT Broadband. I am so angry, which isn't like me at all.

      I have had a problem with broadband for a week. I rang on 1st February 2008 to the technical support people. They fluffed about for 2 and half hours, couldn't find anything wrong with my computer. I repeatedly told them that it was not my computer, has I have another three in the house, with which I also couldn't access broadband. This seemed to rile them,mainly because I think that they knew that I knew something about the solutions they were trying and had tried.

      Anyway after this they said they would get someone to ring back. Off course, they didn't. I rang again, repeated yet again my problem. They insisted that they tried again, for another 2 hours. I had now spoken on an 0845 number for 4-5 hours. They still didn't resovle the problem.

      I asked neighbours if they had braodband, of ocurse they hadn't, their system was down as well. They had also been trying to get an answer to the prblem.

      I rang aagin on Saturday, this time I spoke to someone who mentioned that their was fault in certain areas but thought that my area had been cleared. So he tried the system, yet again, no luck. This was another one and half horus wasted. Soemone would get back to me. THEY DID NOT.

      I rang, yet again, on Monday, I could face Sunday, so I didn;t bother. Hoping that someone somewhere would plug in something!!!!!! NO SUCH LUCK. Monday, yet again, another two hours on the phone, PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THESE WERE NOT FREE CALLS. Same process again.

      Tuesday, yet again, I ring. This time I was not calm and pleasant, they again tried everything, they are no help at all. They do not want to listen to you, either they couldn't hear me, or I couldn't tell what they were saying. Anyway, after all this time, I sugegsted that I wanted to speak to someone else about cancelling my broadband. That didn't work, they cut me off. Rang back, had to go through all the stupid questions again, on the threat that if I didn't they would hang up. Still no joy.

      Finally, I said that they should check the exchange in the next village to me, because other houses on the road, still hadn't got their broadband. They said they would ring me back, once again, they didn't, ha, ha ,ha.

      Well would you believe it, Wednesday morning it was up and working, and this being Thursday, it is still going strong.

      Maybe they finally flicked the switch.

      I was fuming stil though, because I didn't see why I should have to stand the cost of the telephone hours I had spent trying to

    • profile image

      Susan Hedges 9 years ago

      Sorry , somehow or other my previous words went away, said that they had been posted, hope you have them.

      To continue though, I tried to speak to someone last night with regard to the charges for the 0845 numbers. I started on the phone at 6.10pm and finally came back down to earth at 7.15pm and was still disallusioend by the whole episode.

      I spoke to about four different people altogether, and still am not happy. They couldn't do anything until the bill was sent out. Please ring back, madam.

      I can tell you, in no certain terms, I am quite disappointed with BT, in all aspects, no wonder they are in debt, nobody wants to use them anymore.

      Cutomer Service does not exist with them, I won't be using them next time.

    • profile image

      Mick O'sullivan 9 years ago

      I cancelled all my BT services in October 2007 & they were duly disconected on 17th November 2007. One months notice as required. Since then I have had many demands for payments from Bt despite my account fully settled. They are now demanding payment for broadband & their latest letter saying that my bt broadband is suspended on JAN 25th 2008. I have written a complaint to BT sent by signed for delivery on 24th Jan 2008. This letter came back to me to-day, BT would not even SIGN FOR IT! They are now threatening legal action for money they are not owed. WASTE of time ringing BT. They Just give the runaround.

    • profile image

      elvis smith 9 years ago


      ok, so mines not as major as some complaints but annoying nonetheless...

      I got a letter saying that i could get free evening and weekend calls for 12 months if i put my calls back through bt, (contract 18 months), now i hardly use the phone evenings and weekends, but thought it would be just about worth it.

      so i joined that service. i had 1 week to change my mind.

      today, 2 weeks later, i get a letter saying, if i change my calls back to bt, i will get free weekend calls (NO CONTRACT).

      of course too late to change now, so i'm on an 18 month contract for something i would have got most of for free.

      I rang to ask if i could change, but was told to change they would charge me the FULL PRICE of the 18 month contract, EVEN THOUGH i would still carry on paying my usual line charge & calls (ie i would pay for next 18 months line charge TWICE).

      i asked why i was getting all these offer letters even though i had already changed back to them and was told it went out to ALL bt customers. i seem to get tons of letters from them, i think they are just trying to bamboozle us with lots of things saying FREE FREE FREE.



    • profile image

      Lucy Jopling 9 years ago

      I have moved into a house of my own for the first time in May, I joined BT for my line rental. The first time I spoke to them, they couldn't even get the right eara code. They gave me the wrong number, they said they needed my bank details and would ring me back with the right number. I have had nothing but trouble from BT, I have been billed for 6 months for someone else's bill. As well as my own! I have called them 6 times, the first few times they said they would close the account and give me my money back. We live on a low income, at Christmas my 10 month old daughter had to with out because they took

      the last of my money. I have since got my solicitors to write to them as they are taking money that isn't theres. The last time I called them (Safe to say I was very upset!) they pretty much said it was fault they messed up I have just got a letter from them this morning, to comfirm the cancellation on my direct debit, to the account that isn't even mine! Now they are telling me I will receive quarterly invoices in the future. They would like to draw my attention to the £11.00 presently outstanding on the account THAT ISN'T MINE! If I do not pay it immediately this could result in my telephone service being restricted without further notice! Are they kidding me?! NO, taking the piss is what they are doing!

      It's bad enough that we have to put up with their mistakes which cost us money, let alone them being rude to us over the phone and not having any idea what there jobs are.

    • profile image

      Peter Fletcher 9 years ago

      I cancelled my bt surftime package in August 2007 as I was starting with Virgin Broadband ADSL, and asked for the basic BT 'Option One' (basic landline). Since then I have been charged for 4 months' BT Surftime which came via BT Yahoo - a separate company. BT Yahoo said they had noted my cancellation and were waiting for a cancellation confirmation from the BT 'Offline' team, i.e: not contactable by phone. I have made repeated calls to BT and Yahoo and I keep getting the same answer - Yahoo are waiting for a confirmation from the BT Offline team. I cancelled my direct debit to BT in early January and was told I would receive a bill for the correct amount quarterly, i.e: in March. A few days ago I received a bill incliuding 4 months' worth of BT Surftime IN ADVANCE, - £ 198, when I should instead be receiving a rebate for the overcharged surftime. I HAVE HAD TO PAY THIS BILL, as I am applying for a mortgage and non payment will affect my credit rating - how about that??

    • profile image

      J. Pep1inski 9 years ago

      I have been exchanging emails with BT regularly. While they admit fault with my complaint, they do nothing to make ammends. Here is my initial email:

      > 124.99 on Nov 13 for "New Charges for exchange line Standard Connection". > What does this mean? I was at no time advised that I would be charged this> fee.> > We were visited by a technician, who told us that there was no charge for> his visit, and that his visit was totally unnecessary, as it was only a> phone number swap. We were told that his supervisors seemed to be unable> to appreciate that. > > I have attempted to contact BT via the helpline, with no luck. I have held> for 90 minutes, 40 minutes, 25 minutes, and again for 20 minutes. How can> you explain this? It is purely ridiculous that the "phone company" is> unable to handle its calls. > > As a new customer to BT, my initial impressions are poor.

    • profile image

      simon dunn 9 years ago

      8th November 2007REF: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR TOTAL LACK OF IT My number 01375 65024221 Trelawney PlaceHoward GraysChafford HundredGraysEssexRM16 6DGDear Person ( Sir/Madam is to nice for anyone working at your company)I am writing in total disgust , first i would like to say that every time i have made any changes or odered any service with BT your staff mess it up.I phoned around the 26th of November 2007 after selecting the service for moving home and spoke to a customers cant be bothered representative and explained Iwas moving and needed 2 new lines at my new residence , I currently had 3 lines at the above address 01375 480151, 01375 481523 and 01375 650242 as I have a business and sometimes work from home and customers will phone me out of hours especially on the 01375650242 . I explained I wanted away of letting customers phoning the 650242 my new number at the new address , I was told that caller redirect would be the best thing for me so we agreed on a price and two new lines were ordered for new address TEL 0207 4760469 this was the number for redirection the other number is 02074761776 new address 2 Sullivan Avenue West Becton london E16 3LJ . All 3 lines for the 01375 area code were cut off the day after speaking to the customer cant be bothered representative . I thought it was odd as this meant thier was a gap between this happening and new lines in new address bieng installed , after the new lines were installed I phoned 01375 650242 and it was just dead i phoned customers cant be bothered and spoke to a guy with very poor english who i had to keep repeating everything 4 times he said as the line had been cut of it could not be done . Obviously I was not happy with this explanation as I have phoned well before line was cut off, all he kept saying was he wanted to transfer me to the technical department I said I had been in a queue for 40 mins to speak to him and did not want to wait another 40 mins to speak to them he said hang on and put me on hold immediately the phone started wringing to a diffferent department i waited 30 and had to leave to see a customer not in a good mood I love waiting on the phone for 70 mins to achieve nothing . I have a telephony voice recorder I use for my business which I have used on most of the calls after this one to BT. I got home and my wife asked why I looked like I was stressed i explained that i had a problem with BT , I then phoned 150 again and after another 40 mins got through to another so called customer service person, they said that the original order was not put through I explained I did not want to be transfered anywhere as it means I have to sit on hold again , they said they would not do this and before I could speak put me on hold after about a minute the line went dead I phoned twice more. 1 time i was cut off again the scond time even after pressing the right buttons when asked too, was told I was through to the wrong department and before I could say anything was transfered to another department baring in mind each time was at least 20-40 minutes listening to a voice telling me you were very busy at the moment and virtually suggesting a I call back at another time, I have called at all times and the wait time and message is always the same . I was so angry I could not think straight so my wife said she would try for me , she said just listening to how the call was going was making her feel angry and she is the most easy going patient person i know , she tried and the same happened to her she was cut off before speaking to anyone or constantly transefered to different departments with not one person taking any onwership over the problem .We gave up in the end during the long waits on hold we taped a majority of the calls and took photgraphs of the lcd screen on our phone displaying the number and time holding to speak to someone thier are 4 photos on the same date to 150 showing between 40 minutes and 70 minutes .We then went online to watchdog and brieflly explained the difficulty and that we had hard evidence how we were getting messed about. I then tried the next day and same thing one guy even made it obvoious you could here the reciever or cancel button bieng deliberately pressed and i was cut off mid sentance at no time had i used obusive langauge so bieng cut off was not warranted , if you listen to your taped calls you will discover this if you can be bothered that is . i finally put through to a technical person who did explain it was not the right department what a suprise but was going to help me anyway atlast , I explained how I had been messed around and she said she was not suprised what does that tell you.I got a call back friday the 6th to say it would be active sat I tried sat still not connected call 150 again after the 3rd attempt got someone who in a very offhand and unfriendly way admittedly I was talking in a stern voice but no abusive langauage can you blame me , that it was going on monday she did not say but you could tell she was thinking why is he getting upset, come on she must be able to see on her system that I had called a dozen times before or can she not read.I am a mortgage broker and I get at least 2 referred customers phoning 650242 after work hours for a mortgage , remortgage etc each mortgage could earn me up to 3k as i have not been geeting these call I have potentially lost 2-6k are you going to compensate me this money or will I get a patronising letter saying how sorry you are not good enough .In summery these are the problems with your whole service structure , everyone I speak to says the same thing .1. To many options to choose from so you have to be constantly transferred, as the person even after pressing the right number can never help you, bieng transferred is okay if you had not been on hold for 40 mins already and then another 20 mins.2 If bieng transferred it is only to another department that cannot help and wants to transfer you.3 Not giving out thier full name thier is no consistance in solving a problem as saying thier name is Tracy etc never will I speak to the same tracy again so when I call back I have to start everything again regardless if has been recoded on your system , this is just bad full stop.4 Having the phone put down on you , the only time this should happen is when obusive langauge is used but 3 times in the same day is a sin , I worked in a bank if anyone done this it would result in serious disaplinary action you probably will do nothing as it is so commen.5 Not even acknowleging the fact you have been dealt with poorly by previous staff as if it is irrelavant.6. The fact that you mess up everything you are requested to do everytime , I have spoken to a lot of people who say the same thing .I have gathered a lot of evidence so i expect some kind of monetery compensation or I will take this to your regulator, my solicitor and a watchdog body like BBC Watchdog and i will not let this go until I get monetry compensation. I have decided that if it is my lifes work I will mess with anyones job career who treats me with no respect I promise .yours sincerelySimon Dunn

    • profile image

      James Fair 9 years ago

      My complaint has rattled on for months regarding their useless BT Fusion package, but has turned into a giant illustration as to their incompetence on a grander scale. Put simply, they couldn't arrange a simple collection of their dodgy products so they have tried to trump up contract cancellation charges and referred me to creditors, despite there being a dialogue with their complaints team in place. It is hideously farcical. I've spent numerous HOURS on phone lines and had soppy emails that never result in any action. They really are the worse provider around.

    • profile image

      Harry Lochhead 9 years ago

      They are priceless. Telecom company who manage to send threatening letters recommending you visit a website that doesnt work. I have been disconnected three times from a land line that has never worked in the first case and managed to negotiate over the phone like a dutch auction some compensation which actually felt like was I was dealing with a turkish carpet salesman. "I give you eighty off if you pay twenty now" I kid ye not. Jillian G Lewis is obviously a figment of BTs imagination. Is there invisible ink on her charming letters which hides any contact numbers. "Customer Services Director"? Hiding behind a desk director more like. Off to negotiate a better price on 2 paper cups and some string. Keep up the good work my friends.

    • profile image

      Gulshan Rafiq-Williams 9 years ago

      Right form the start I have had problems with BT. Thought ending my contract with Virgin was a good idea, now come to think of it WHY THE HELL DID I DO IT. At least with virgin you got what they offered and no hidden charges. I joined BT in Aug 07. The problems started before I even received the products. BT had set me up on 2 reference numbers I only asked for one account to be set up and this was the Option 3 with the black unlimited Hub. One account was set up on a separate line rental that charged me for calls & the other ref number for the actual product that I went for. I was offered the caller ID which was not activated till 3 months after. I then tried to make a complaint via phone and this is the stress it caused me. Complaint Email:- on the 07/10/07 To the Customer Services Manager I would like to bring to your attention the experiences I have been through whilst trying to set up an account with BT. On the 16th August I rang to get my line activated with BT and to order option 3 package. My 1st call was made at around 11 am and I was on hold for 45 mins then to be told that I needed my phone number from customer care to complete the order. So I rang customer care was on hold for 25mins, long but acceptable. Once I was given my number I got put through to BT Broadband to make the order. After being on hold for further 1 and half hours, I got put through to someone who said "I am sorry the system is down, I???ll put you through to my colleague". I was waiting a further 45mins and got put through to an Indian lady who could not understand me. I asked if she could hold so I could get the address where to send the hub to, she said yes, came back and she put the phone down on me. That really annoyed me as I spent my whole afternoon chasing BT advisors to sort my package out. I decided to ring customer care to make a complaint and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor cannot come to the phone and was asked to go back to option 3. I then said to her I want to speak with your manager and when the manager came on the phone he did not listen to my complaint, was very rude and said I had to go back to option 3 to raise my grievances. I then decided to give up and write you a letter. I am disappointed in the service I have received thus far from BT. I had anticipated a vast improvement from my previous provided Virgin, however I???m sorry to say there is very little separating you both at this point. As I am not in a contract with you for 18 months I do hope that your service will vastly improve in order to make me stay on as a customer although at this point it is very unlikely. Please feedback to your customer service manager that the current process for new customers is substandard and a long way away from achieving World class customer service. I would like assurances that issues with your transfer processes are being addressed and that your escalation process aims to resolve a customers query not antagonise the situation and leave issues unresolved. The response I got back did not resolve my query so I wrote another email, till this date has never been resolved and its over the 12 weeks complaint period. NO ONE HAS GOT BACK TO ME, and their still charging me for 2 accounts and internet usage?????? Then I received a bill including admin charge…. This puzzled me as I thought I had the one account, was not aware of 2 accounts. This prompted me to make them a call as I was getting so angry and upset about this. Spoke to a member of staff who said that he has sorted this out????? Till this date I am still paying for 2 accounts. I don’t think this is fair…. I want compensation for all the stress and wasting time this has cased us. BT are rubbish the worse provider to be with. I cannot wait to leave their service. And THERE’S A LOT MORE, IT DOES NOT END HERE.…..Any ideas on what we can do???

    • profile image

      Mary 9 years ago

      I had a new line installed 10 days ago. As yet my phone number does not seem to exist, despite the fact that I can make and recive calls and have recieved a bill for calls and installation. want to sign up to SKY for broadband but they cannot do it as they say the line is showing as CABLE!??! Even on BT's own website when i try to register the number to my account it says it does not exist. All the online broadband speed checking sites come back as 'this number does not exist'. Seem to be chasing my tail when it comes to customer services, fed up of waiting 40 minutes pus to get trhough to a human being on the phone. Sending complaints via email seems a bit quicker but the replies are obviously from India (I used to work in India so recognise the words and sentance structures they use!) and are of little help - keep on telling me it has been fixed when it has not.

    • profile image

      Vickee 9 years ago

      Hi! I have had various problems with BT over the last 6 months. Its all started when we were going to move ove to TalkTalk, but decided not to. We made BT and TalkTalk aware of this, yet BT still allowed TalkTalk to take over our phone line without telling us. Our phone line then got cancelled, then our broadband went down, and it took about 4-6 weeks to get them set back up. During this time, we ordered BTVision, which had to be ordered 3 times before we finally got it delivered. After our phone and broadband began working, we started recieving bills which were not ours (BT had compensated us about £130 after the troubles previously). These bills were for telphone numbers we didn't have, and area codes I've never heard of! We were also getting letters from debt recovery agencies. When calling BT to ask them to cancel this debt, they seem to have cancelled our phone lines (again!) and now we have no phone or broadband, and our BTVision has gone down as well. We wrote to BT, asking them to respond and correct the problem within 14 days, or we would take legal action. We have now decided to move over to Sky, but don't want to risk phoning BT as we know we will end up wasting a couple of hours of our lives! I'm not really sure where I stand now - can only use the net at work, and really don't want to waste time on the phone... Does anyone have any idea if writing will work? Or if going down the legal route is a good idea? I've been told that going to the small claims courts can make a difference! Help!

    • profile image

      Anneke Temmink 9 years ago

      Well I am currntly on hold and being tranfered and hung up on. This has been goibnng on 8 months now with broadband and phone prblems. They tried ripping me off several times and i caught them and they had to refund. They treatened to cut me off for asking for my mac code to change then said there was a fauly 7 months later and they would refund me 7 months of crap service,. now i cant get a hold of anyone and no one will talk to me or call me back! they said i am cut off tomorow for asking for my mac code also and i have paid up to date. I have sales assistants shout at me, poeple hang up on me and no onw will deal with me.

      why are they running from me when they saiod the fault was their fault? hey even send me an engineer and tried charging me! I refused to pay for it as i dont trust them, they gave that for free as i didnt ask him down and he appeared. My part was fine no faults. And they are palming me off as i type this while tranfering me 20 times.

      worse company ever they should have compition where poeple can dign up for phone and have nothing to do with them. They know they can treat customers like crap because they have no where else to go.

      well i found internet that dsnt need phone, may nt be as good but least i dont have to deal with BT!

    • profile image

      Phil schofield 9 years ago

      How come BT charges extra for paying a bill by cheque at the post office, this is nothing more than blackmail and intimidation, trying to get customers to sign up to a direct debit. Its about time something was done about this disgusting practice, letting another provider supply an identical service. It can't come soon enough for me.

    • profile image

      David 9 years ago

      I called BT to terminate my BT account for the landlines and Broadband (prior 1 month notice as instructed) before moving out of the UK - and that was 22 June 2007.

      I was given a termination reference number and was informed they will send me my final bill which will be bill accordingly.

      I followed up on my bill online and discovered that they billed me the whole month - not as accordingly to the termination date.

      I have been trying to call BT but their customer service is just so terrible!

      All I want to ask them is a confirmation that my account has been terminated (since a whole month bill was sent) and to be send a correct billing. But the each time the customer service staff who answered the phone would transferred my calls again and again and I was put on a VERY long hold. Too long that each time I gave up!

      It's frustrating as I was making a long distance calls (and with the time differences). I don't know how much I have spent all all those international calls. I proceeded to send them message via their website. And that was even more frustrating.

      It’s clearly shown the customer service who attended to my enquiry plainly didn't even bother to read and understood my enquiry properly.

      First, I had indicated that I had problem getting my calls to BT customer service being attended to. So I would like to be provided with a direct number (like other companies usually does for customer calling from overseas) or at least a email address where I can contact someone directly.

      But instead, the reply I received was to contact BT customer service at that same number which I’ve been calling.

      Second, I provided my telephone number where I can be contacted with the country code added. And I even had highlighted in the email that I am no longer residing in the UK.

      Apparently, the customer service tried to contact me (as she claimed on her reply), to the number provided. But she dialled without the country code assuming it’s a local UK number (explains why there was no answer).

      I responded back to the email but no reply. When further calls made still ended up the same, I proceeded to sent a complaint letter to their Customer Service Director (address provided at BT website). Yet till date no reply. During those time, I've been receiving reminder letter to pay my bill or my account would be terminated - well, shouldn't my account already be closed?? Thanks to the inefficient customer care, I am not only given a late penalty fee but now also legal letters (all my letters were redirected to me). It's been 7 months now and I still cannot believe I am still dealing with this issue.It's impossible that I keep on chasing them with phonecalls, emails and letters while they don't really bother.I seriously don't know what else to do to get BT attention on my case. If anyone could help with some suggestions I would greatly appreciated.Thanks.

    • profile image

      susan 9 years ago

      First off, for anyone having problems with BT and who is in a cable area, I wholeheartedly recommend Virgin Media. After 18 days of getting nowhere with BT in our quest to take over the phone line in a flat we've moved in to, we called Virgin Media on Monday 18th Feb to see how fast we could get connected. Today (Wed 20th) an engineer came to check our cable connection, which apparently hasn't been used for a few years. The set-top box and modem arrived a few hours later. We plugged everything in, made an activation call to a freephone number. We are now set up with a phone, fast internet and TV.

      Best of all, we will never have to deal with BT again (for as long as we're here anyway - I hope).

      My partner and I moved in to a new flat on 1st Feb. I called BT to have the phone line put into our name. Took half an hour on the phone but all seemed to go well. "That's it done," said the BT guy "call your mobile when you move in on the 1st and get your number."

      Ten days later, we thought everything was fine until we tried to set up broadband and were told by BT Wholesale that the phone line hadn't been transferred into our name after all (we were making calls on the previous resident's bill - hoorah). The line was then stopped so we had no landline.

      Were promised activation would happen on the 14th. It didn't. Then the 18th. It didn't. Hours wasted on the phone to customer services. False promises. Lies. Continuous transfers to other departments. Blame aportioned to Openreach (subsidary of BT Group - think the engineers are employed by them). Similar story to those which people have been telling on this blog. Don't have the energy to elaborate on the details.

      We had to cancel a broadband order we'd placed with an ADSL provider. So they have lost out due to BT's incompetence. Doesn't say much for competition, but it's good news for Virgin Media - especially if they keep playing their cards right.

      When I called BT today to tell them to cancel our request for an account, I felt elated, but the mere act of calling them again sent my blood pressure right up... :)

      good work on this blog.I had exactly the same idea to gather in complaints and present them in a oner. Maybe you could film the great handover to BT (make the trip to HQ in person) once you've put them all together. I'll spread the word with others who i know have had huge problems getting new lines installed and suchlike (two of my immediate close friends).

      In the meantime, go Virgin Media!!! And BT employees - I recommend you switch too.

    • profile image

      elaine connelly 9 years ago

      my problem started back in november of last year ,i had bt broadband any my phone for well over a year until november ,when i went online to check my bill i discovered that i couldnt get into my account ,it stated on it that i had to phone bt i did so there n then to discover that they were going to put me onto incoming calls as i had my direct debit of £67.50 had not been paid for that month ,i asked why as the funds were there ,they told me that my bank had cancelled my direct debit out ,after a few disputes i told them i would call them back as i was goin to call my bank which i did and they told me that bt had tried to take funds out of my account on a different day that was agreed and they cancelled out my direct debit ,so i called bt back but they were still insisting it was my bank ,i asked them if they could put me back on to my monthly payments to get this sorted out to be told no that my outstanding bill of £236.00 had to be paid in full ,i explained to them that i was on maternity leave and couldnt pay it it one payment ,i asked them if they would accept 3 weekly payments to be told no ,i am still fighting this as now i recieved a new bill for £587.oo i have phoned them a few times to be told i would get a call back as there systems were down which i didnt get a call back ,i have emailed them on numerous occassions wanting to get this sorted out ,i did recieve one email stating that i owe them that much as i cancelled out the contract and the charges were for ny outstanding bt option 3 and my broadband service ,i have refused to pay the charges as i didnt cancell my contract they did ,i told them i would pay the £236 that i am due ,but im not liable for any other charges as it was there fault ,they have now put my account to a debt agency ,and there is no compromise theyre not interested , help please as i want this resolved .

    • profile image

      Chris Goulding 9 years ago

      I originally left BT to join Carohone Warehouse several years ago (due to BTs extremely poor customer service), but have recently returned to BT as I needed a BT line to take up a new offer with AOL. Over the last few weeks I have discovered that nothing has changed.

      I spent over 3 hours on the phone in 1 week attempting to sign up for BT Option 1 (line Rental only). I only want line rental as I have committed to a 24 month contract with AOL Talk Unlimitted as part of my Broadband Package.

      Everytime I phoned BT I would be transferred numerous times and on every occasion was eventually cut-off. Of the 15 or so people I spoke to only 1 person appeared to know what they were doing. Out of frustration I then decided to sign up online. However, after completing the online form I found out I had signed up to BT Option 2 - Option 1 is not available to sign up for online.

      As Carphone warehouse had put a ceas order on my telephone service I was advised by BT I would have to wait for my phone line to become inactive, then phone up BT to reconnect with a new number, I was also told my online order had not been processed and that there was no record of it.

      My phone line never became inactive, but I did recieve an Email from Jacqui Kamara at BT asking me to cal 0800 800030 to arrange reconnection? I didn't call. Then I recieved a welcome letter for BT Option 2.

      I have since been trying to contact Jillian G Lewis - the person whose name appears on the welcome letter. The welcome letter gives no reply address - very unprofessional - so I sent an Email to Jacqui Kamara asking for Jillian G Lewis' Email or postal address - however she is unable to help.

      I'm no expert on communications but as BT are a telecommunications company I am amazed at how poor they are. Their operators are very unhelpful - and from experience useless. At my place of work we have Lotus Notes (not exactly cuttin edge software) but this allows me to find the contact details of anyone working for my company - something BT appear to be uncapable of.

      I have registered 2 complaints now, both with no reply. It appears that I won't get anywhere trying to resolve this issue so I am now considering with-holding any payments now until BT agree to provide the service I want.

      For now I will send both an Email and a written letter to Jillian G Lewis but I expect it will join her pile of unanswered letters.

      How can BT survuve with such poor customer service - because their position is virtually uncontested. In a so called free market where competition is encouraged BT have been allowed to keep far too much control. It's about time OFtel stepped in and split BT up.

    • profile image

      Amanda Brindle 9 years ago

      How reassuring it is not to be alone! The frustration I feel with BT makes you want to cry. For eight months now I have been trying to get them to resolve my problem, however all I ever get in foreign call centre staff who lie to you and transfer you to anybody they can and the merry-go-round starts again. Most of the time you are left holding for half an hour only for the line to go dead. I have emailed them constantly and they still do not seem to be able to help me. This is appalling service. All I wanted them to do was switich the name on our account to my partners, they promised they would do this and charged us £25.00. After what feels like hundreds of calls and email they have not been able to resolve this for me and have even lost the £25.00 payment. I have been acused of making the payment up and this morning was told by Arlene GraingereContact Customer Service that she had tried to phone me. Phone has not rang this morning!!!

    • profile image

      Kevin POTTS 9 years ago

      I Contacted BT after my line started showing lots of interferance and crackling. Strangely at the same time as I took on BT broadband. An engineer called and said that the line running under my tiles in the kitchen was damaged. I had no way of confirming or denying this as it was buried under the tiles. I hadn't had any previous problems with the line. Anyway.... The very helpful engineer said "Don't worry, I'll just run this external line along your skirting board and problem solved". My faith in BT restored. He took about 10 minutes, got the line working but severed the other line to my phone in the hallway (which I haven't bothered to complain about). i have now received my BT bill and have been invoiced £184.00 for his services. AT NO TIME DID HE SAY, I WOULD BE BILLED.... I have a telecommunications background and could have run the line myself if I'd have known that I would be billed. I then phoned BT in order to complaint, only to be told that their systems were down and phone back in 3 hours..... PLEASE HELP... AM I JUST NIAVE OR ARE BT TRYING TO FLEECE ME.

    • profile image

      mr a shafiq. 9 years ago

      hi im making a complaint against the work that was caread out at my house ive been charged £99 for call out service wen ur enginer changed the wiring out side the house and in side the house so y do i have to pay for that ive tryed to contact bt on sevrel occcusions bt ur sttaff coudont aser my queshtons and hung up is that the service u r comited to provide customers. im not willing to pay that £99 call out charges if thats the case i have 3 houses and have 2 bt lines in my tenents names and ill cancell all the lines. and ill contact the locall newspapers regarding the way u have deallt with me. meany thanks mr a shafiq contact no mobile 07958 600327. watting to hear from u.

    • profile image

      Mr H Sharda 9 years ago

      BT Stole my number

      We had been with BT over 5 years, paid all bills on time with out fail.

      Over six months ago while trying to call home found no one was answering, upon investigation found my home number had changed. Called BT, they advised the had sold it in error and there was nothing they could do now. Had been given a temporary number, which seemed to change every few weeks, always without notice. Have raised mulitle complaints, been on hold number of time for hours, and passed to every department there is.

      Forced to take legal action now


    • profile image

      sarah wyatt 9 years ago

      Am not surprised to see so many posts on this site. I moved house at the beginning of january and tryed to transfer my bt account to my new address, i was told this would take 10 days. After 10 days nothing, so i called bt and was told my order had been cancelled, i placed a new order, again nothing happened. When i phoned to check the order bt had no record of it and i had to place another order, when this didnt happen i phoned to cancel and put in an order with my local cable company, who had me connected on phone and broadband in 3 days. i am now on into my 5th hour of phonecalls after receiving my 4th letter welcoming me to BT, and being told that i have 2 orders neither of which have been cancelled!

    • profile image

      Jeremy Smallwood 9 years ago

      It takes a while... sorry. But we're not alone! I have recently been without telephone or internet connection for 20 days, due solely to the incompetence of BT. Please consider the following: Wednesday 6th February: nearby BT excavations began and my telephone connection promptly vanished. I was not pre-warned of any disruption, offered any apology, nor advised of possibility of line severance or of the expected duration of time-out. Good project management and demonstration of excellent customer relations, an unfortunate accident augmented by poor communication, or simply the limp beginnings of an exhibition of impressive and cavalier incompetence? (Read on...)Monday 11 February: fault reported as soon as discovered, when I returned home from a week away. Further communication from BT was then limited to automated updates and automated apologies... (How can an update be of any use if all it tells me is that there is ‘no further progress’? And where is the sincerity behind an automated apology?)The automated prompt suggested I went on-line for updates... this was particularly difficult as there was no line. BT may care to look at the logic involved in this statement. Monday 18th February, 13 days later. Out of mounting desperation, I trapped a passing BT engineer, explaining my predicament to the first contact with an actual person from BT. He confirmed a fault and suggested a colleague would arrive that afternoon. (But no one appeared.)Another technician visited the following day, reconfirming the fault and suggesting necessary installation of ducting for a replacement line. “I would be hearing from the excavators very soon... (I did not.)19th: Telephoned by BT: “Diggers will be with you 08.30 tomorrow, 20th”. 20th: Diggers (II) did arrive but only to tarmac another BT hole, nothing at all to do with my problem. Diggers (III) arrived later that day. Excitement steadily mounted... this team filled in gaps between the same paving stones that would have to be removed anyway by my ducting squad. (Synchronised industry is such a difficult concept to grasp...) Having waited in thrilling anticipation all day, I phoned BT at 15.20 for signs of detectable life. “Excavators should be out some time this afternoon, before 5pm...”I know this will come as a shock to BT, but would you believe nobody appeared? (Anyhow, all was not lost; it was yet another opportunity to spend contemplating the toothless plight of the poor British customer when set against the disinterested incompetence of a Multi-National dinosaur.) 21st February 08.00. i) An engineer arrived to complete cabling, but was powerless through incomplete duct-work, even though his records confirmed otherwise... ii) 08.10 this engineer left to speak with the excavation ‘organisation’ (sic). “I will phone when I have further news...” iii) 08.20 an automated voice called, telling me that this same engineer was now on his way to my house... (Magic.)10.00 return call, from same time-travelling engineer: “Contractors will probably do the duct work tomorrow”13.30 I rang BT for confirmation. Operative had no records of anything, but rang back after 5 minutes with: “I think they will be coming tomorrow...”I again phoned BT later that day:” Notes not yet up to date. No further information. Will ring back.” (But of course, no one did...)22 February 09.00. BT Fault Line was unable to update on anything, holding with irritating music for 13 minutes before I rang off in now-familiar frustration. (Round 1 to BT.) Operative II later assured me that “duct work will be completed today...”Yet another BT van and engineer arrived around 13.00 (#5 so far...) to finish the cabling through what, his records showed, was completed duct-work. (But of course there is no duct work...) Much phoning around before he left, with hopes of “something happening this afternoon”. (I believe BT is vaguely linked with communications? You’d never credit it, reading these chronicles of wasted time....) As he drove off, an automated text arrived telling me to expect his arrival. Matters were dangerously starting to get eerily similar to Dr Who... “Spooky BT conquers Time Travel”.... (Honestly: you just couldn’t make it up!) 14.30. My excitement was difficult to bear... The Duct Team had landed. Did the job. Left site in excellent order. Same universe.I phoned BT Fault Line at 16.00 for next stage advice. Operator would “Ring back in the next few minutes...”And guess what happened next, Tarquin? Yup... no-one called...(In case you’re dozing off, it is now the 18th day without a BT line.)23 February 09.10 update call to BT: “Work will take place anytime between now and 5pm on Monday 25th. The engineers may need access to your premises”. (So. I was now effectively under house arrest for the next three days, as the moment I left the place a shiny BT van was, by Sod’s Law, destined to arrive...) 09.50 I tried another operator on BT’s efficient help-line. “Please ring Monday morning for more information”.09.55; yet another operator, damply lurking somewhere in Wales: “I’ll call the engineer with this problem, and ring you back”......and, most unusually, did return the call: “Unable to locate an engineer so cannot be of further help. I’m sorry”. (It was the last two words that really threw me, as so rarely a part of BT’s vocabulary...)25 February. 08.30 call to BT:”Anytime between now and Tuesday 26 February at 5pm” (House arrest now extended a further two days... Becoming just a little angry... Leant on bell of local telephone exchange until a real human answered. Courteous and understanding – as are the majority of the poor individuals working for this ‘organisation’ - this individual managed to push the right buttons, and...A little later...An engineer arrived to complete the connections. (I had to sit down for a while, as the room was swimming.) With hindsight, why was “work” started in the first place if BT was unable to complete their original task, with minimal customer disruption, in as short a time as possible? Why not simply source the required materials, detail a work-force, schedule the job, inform affected customers, and get on with it? Why have 4 separate teams of diggers and a further 6 separate BT units employed on such a simple job? That’s fourteen men and ten vehicles over 20 days; merely to join a few broken wires back together that BT cut off in the first place! I’m fairly certain that this sorry mess is by no means unique to your experience, so no doubt BT will have suitable processes already in place... (If I change my existing ISP to BT, as I’m presently contemplating, will this standard of management become the norm? Is it really worth proceeding, in the light of the above farce? Persuade me. Please.) I would be grateful if the person whose turn it is to field customer complaints this week could spare a few moments to write a sensible reply. Not an automated whine and not an anodyne response from a disinterested pimple, but proper words from an actual person who can offer mature advice. Are you there?

    • profile image

      Peter Cook 9 years ago

      I had a niosey, fast clicking on my line, sometimes loud enough to not be able to hear the caller speaking. I removed all the equipment and extension leads from the main socket and left in only the phone. It still clicked loudly. I changed the phone and it still clicked. I called BT's fault line to report the fault. They checked the line and sent out an engineer. He was checking for some time - he couldn't find the fault. He unpluged leads and checked, which took a while because the battery was flat on his laptop computer, so he had to keep going out to his van, which was obviously powering it. Finally he said it must be the extension lead to my broadband router and want away. I just received my latest bill and was charged £184 for this, what I thought, was a free service to its loyal customers.

      So much for loyalty! I have complained and received a standard reply, which basically says that in your contract with BT they are perfectly within their rights to rip you off however much they like. I intend to cancel my direct debit with them, end my broadband as soon as my 18 month contract ends and switch my phone to a different supplier, leaving only the phone line in place. I don't think I will ever call their fault line again, however bad the fault!

    • profile image

      Pete Flannery 9 years ago

      Re: Jeremy Smallwood ordeal; for goodness sake do not change your ISP to BT - they are every bit as awfull as your above experience. All of the time and effort spent on your easy to repair difficulty and they still manage to make massive profits. I wonder if they can imagine a world when they become efficient and customer friendly and then further imagine the massive profits they would then rake in. Still, I suppose it is easier to rip the customers off and watch the cash roll in with the minimum of effort. Nice work if you can get it... BT are (one of the) most despicable utility providers - as voted for by its customers although their advertising would have us believe otherwise. Still - happy days eh... I no longer have any service from them (other than line rental); I would urge you to do the same.

    • profile image

      MRS B CAVALLA 9 years ago


    • profile image

      cerys 9 years ago

      on the phone to BT as i write this losing the will to live!!!!!!!! been 3 hours on hold so far!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! was 5 yesterday!!

    • profile image

      Ki  9 years ago

      I have been having arguments with BT since November 2007. I moved home, asked to cancel my phone line and move my Broadband to the new phone line. I agreed that I would have to pay a £70 charge for the cancelled phone line. Only they never cancelled the line. They just continued charging me every month for the person who moved in to my old flat's phone calls! I finally managed to get them to cancel this 2 weeks ago but as yet they have not refunded me for the charges they took. I had to cancel the Direct Debit to stop them taking more money, then they sent me a letter saying they hadn't taken my Direct Debit because of an error on their part and would take it on the 20th Feb - and sent the letter to my old address!

      The broadband took over 5 weeks and hours of phone calls and repeatedly getting cut off to get them to move it over. Even when they told me it was sorted and gave me a start date, they then wrote and said they had cancelled it because my phone line wasn't installed! I rang them and pointed out I was ringing from the phone line they said I didn't have! They still made me pay for the Broadband I didn't get.

      After the broadband finally went on, they took £346 out of my account for cancelling the broadband contract - which I hadn't done and the broadband was still working! I rang them, and they told me they couldn't return the money! They offered to make it a credit on my account! I only pay £20 per month! I used the direct debit guarantee to get the bank to return the money.

      I've complained 3 times by email, been told I can't speak to anybody regarding my complaint when I ring, even when they asked me to call them! They are now saying they sent me a cheque for £346 the day I originally complained and I have to pay them back! I've never had a cheque from them, and my complaints seem to be going nowhere. I've asked for details of their ADR but they're not giving them out!

      Cerys - I know what you mean! I've wasted so many hours going round in circles with them, and they've admitted it's their errors but won't do anything about rectifying them!

    • profile image

      Miss Lucy Willett 9 years ago

      i hate BT!!!!!!!!!!!! I really cant stand them! they are too big, too many people not knowing how to deal with your problem. I moved house, and for some reason they cant seem to understand that I HAVE MOVED!!!!!!!!! They wont stop sending letters to my old address, all my bills, they havent changed my address on their computer, but my broadband had been changed. the first payment i made to BT was for £200 but this isnt showing up for some reason!! i have made so many complaints to BT its getting stupid, and they never respond and they wont respond now so dont know why i'm wasting my time writing this. I have asked again and again and again for itemised phone bills but guess what!!!!! no itemised phone bills have been sent to me! it took them 2 months to set up my broadband! i have been living in my new address for over 3 months now and they still havent changed the address! they are now saying that i'm going to be cut off for not paying my telephone bills!! for one - i have never received a bill as they have been sending t to the wrong address!!! 2 - i made a payment of £200!!!!!!!!! which they said they can see when i phoned them up (after being on hold for over an hour!!!!!!) but its not showing up on my account! so they need to fix this! and i'm supposed to be on some sort of option 3 plan but my phone bill is nearly £400!!!! um................... i dont think i'll be paying that some how!!!!!!!!! i hate BT!! I have been hung up on 2 times! the waiting time is stupid, i have been on hold for over an hour before, people dont know what they are talking about, "i'm not authorised" is all i hear!!

    • profile image

      GARY 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Matthew Winyard 9 years ago

      Ordered a BT Line for the house I just moved into, the people that occupied the property before me was with "Talk Talk" and so for me this became a problem as this was not a "BT LINE" according to BT and there was no line on the house, I repeatedly told them there was a line to the house but I gave in and agreed with them and they dispatched an engineer to my house to install a line on Moday 4th March, so I booked the day off work to see what was going to be done, they also advised someone be at the property incase they need access to install components. 4th March came round and I was waiting all day for an Engineer. Later I tried the so called "Talk Talk" line to find it worked. So now I have to pay £130 for a line that already existed, I lost one of my company days holiday.

      I contacted BT and said I had no engineer come to my house and they said sometimes the engineer does not have to be present to make a house visit they can do it all at the exchange.

      In no way I will be going Direct Debit with them, but oh wait they will charge me £1.50 more a month if I don't...

      I cannot wait till I can come out of my 12 month fixed contract to go with a different provider not because of all this messing about but when I call customer service I wish to speak to someone that can speak English.

    • profile image

      Peter 9 years ago

      I was going to switch back to BT after years with NTL/Virgin, as I had got fed up with the poor customer service! Ha!

      When someone answered the phone (it took 40 minutes for them to do that) I couldn't understand a word they said and had to redial. The second time it took about 25 mins. This time I got someone who was so impatient and bullying that I found myself agreeing to new phone lines being put in, which I hadn't thought would be necessary and which I can't easily afford. After more than an hour trying to get through I didn't want to miss my chance, so I accepted.

      The next morning, having thought it over and having phoned Virgin and been offered a better deal than I was on, I rang BT again and cancelled.

      Today - a week later - I get a 'Thank you for joining the thousands who choose BT every week' letter. and two identical 'We're setting up your direct Debit' letters.

      So I rang them this morning. After half an hour someone answered, asked for my account number, told me he couldn't help as it started with 'GB'. Said he'd put me through to someone who'd help me. I asked how lomg that'd take. He said something I couldn't make out and transferred me. Aafter listening to the ringing tone and the same bloody message over and over again I gave up.

      I'm SOOOOO pissed off.


    • profile image

      Michael Barley 9 years ago

      I've been put on restricted speed for downloading too much on an apparently unlimited download account. I've contacted BT about half a dozen times to receive general emails about downloading which was obviously copy and pasted from a web page. A page that I had already read. I asked for a real response and was given a phone number to call, which is only available between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Hmm, that's when I'm at work, and we're not allowed to make personal phone calls. I've tried to explain this to BT and have asked (politely at first) that they give me guidance on their recommended acceptable download limit for my account, so that I can keep check of it myself and try to be fair. I've had no response, just the usual copy and pasted replies and a link to the phone number. It seems that whoever receives these emails just don't know what to do with them, or don't have the power to do anything. I've contacted the complaints department twice but had no reply. I did get a reply to my question of how long my contract is however, and it seems that I can't break it without a penalty, even though in my opinion BT have already broken it, supplying me with an appalling service.

      I pay £25 a month for 8Mb broadband. Last week I was getting 500k download speed, a couple of days ago it was down to 250k, and now this evening it's at an all time low of just 75k!! I've checked the BT Hub, and it's fine.

      I'm appalled at BT's lack of interest in their customers. I hope that people vote with their wallets and leave BT in droves. They deserve it.


    • profile image

      Bob 9 years ago

      Here is telephone number for the office of BT's chairman.


      Hope this will help some of you.

      P.S dont ask where I got it.

    • profile image

      Jack Koumi 9 years ago

      It is now 3 weeks that our telephone 01788 543 643 has been out of order, which means we’ve had no broadband either. And according to various staff we have talked to (after interminable delays on 0800 800 151) it is the ISP, btinternet, that is to blame. We have been told that the job keeps being closed ready for BT Wholesale to do their bit (BT Wholesale are the engineers or the equipment suppliers for btinternet), but that bit never gets done!! It is those "tie - pairs" or whatever they call them that need replacing. The engineer that came yesterday thought he could sort it, & I was hopeful for once..... then he phoned & explained everything to my wife in detail, even the exact place where the fault lies, but, guess what, he can't touch that bit because it belongs to BT Wholesale.

      The situation is so exasperating. My blood pressure has reached epic heights!

      How can BT possibly justify this situation? It is absolutely disgraceful. Surely there is someone with the authority to order someone to DO SOMETHING.

    • profile image

      Tom Fisher 9 years ago

      I waited three months for my phoneline to be installed then Back in December I paid a bill for £164.97 online, however the payment was debited three times (a total of £494.91) from my account.

      I contacted BT and they had no record of this occurring and told me I should contact my bank. I then went to HSBC who said it definitely had occurred and they agreed to pursue BT on my behalf to recover two of the three payments.

      HSBC recovered two payments (a total of £329.94) leaving BT with a single payment for the correct amount of £164.97. In January BT refunded me these two payments but again according to their computers they have no record of these transactions. All that is showing up is that I paid in December but it failed, this is clearly not true.

      I assumed this was the end of the matter as I had recovered the excess amounts debited from my account and BT still had one of the original three payments (£164.97). Also I called the call centre and was assured there was no money left to pay.

      Then three weeks ago my phone line stopped working. So I called BT to report a fault. However the engineer discovered there was nothing wrong with the line and that it had been taken temporarily out of service. He said I would have to phone BT to correct the line. I spoke to BT and they said the only reason that would have occurred was if I had not paid my bill but I was assured this was not the case and they would get an online team to investigate, I am still waiting to hear from them. So by now I had been assured on several different occasions that my bill had been paid.

      However on the 6th of March I received a reminder letter from BT for the same amount £164.97. This completely shocked me and I called BT they said I owed £164.97 (despite being assured the Monday before that I did not owe any money). When I asked to speak to a Complaint Review Manager I was not transferred as there wasn’t one available.

      I had another letter yesterday informing me the line may be cut and a late payment charge will be added and I may have to pay for the full contract period. As my bank statements show this money did get paid three months ago.

    • profile image

      PaulBri 9 years ago

      This is what happened to me

      1} 22/feb have tried 3 times to order BT vision, every time the order as been cancelled internally by BT, spent ages on the phone trying to find out why! have waited weeks for delivery that is not going to happen. Not one person on the phone at bt knows why the orders were cancelled, and they will not let me talk to anyone in charge at bt vision, looks like i have come to a dead end. wish I had not taken out total broad band for another year, will be going back to sky for TV but another year for sky broadband, after being duped in to going with BT.

      Can anyone help at BT? I must be joking

      2}29th feb BT are Re-ordering for the six time, got to wait until the 10th march for box, don’t think i will get it. One of the bt staff told me to go back to sky! and that was one of the btvision staff. Its just unbelievable no one to help me. will just keep waiting.

      Keep seeing BT vision adverts on TV,

      3} 8th march. Just been on the phone to BT again my seventh order for BT vision as been canceled again, I have given up on BT vision, customer service in total Kr***p, one lady gave me a parcel tracking number for delivery on the 10th March when i checked the number it did not exist, rang BT back and found out that the lady made up the tracking number, its totally beyond any understanding, I have now given up anymore phoning of BT vision, now spent about 90 minutes phoning, no one can tell me why or can be bothered to phone me back. one lady that worked for Bt vision said i would be better using sky TV and that is the staff.

      many thanks, Bob for the phone number will give it a try, but I don’t hold much hope.

    • profile image

      Sharon 9 years ago

      I called BT in october 07 to let them know I was moving house and to put call mobile on my account, some idiot took that to mean I wanted to move from paying monthly to paying quarterly! I forgot to check my bank account for the DD as I assumed it was all as normal (moving house etc) and then got a bill for £285! I queried this (3 hours on the damn phone) it was apparently sorted out. Then I got a bill for £283 on 8 march 08, which BT had debited from my account the day before the bill arrived and 12 days before the due date.

      I got an indemnity claim through the bank and will have my money back.

      Spent hours on the phone to BT yesterday, got some very rude and ignorant manager who told me I have had my phone disconnected and my BB will follow today. I would be sent a bill that they wanted paying asap or they would send debt collectors to my home. I have offered to pay what I think I owe over 12 months on my DD but they refused and insisted I pay over 4 months, no leway, nothing. Ive told them to shove it and to sue me!

      I have just called Virgin media and have got them to supply me with phone line and Bband for half the cost of BTs services, oh and Virgin have much friendlier customer service

    • profile image

      janet  9 years ago

      ive been with bt now six months... everything was goin well unitll marchs bill!! my bill was for 89 pound!! well wen i 1st signed up to BT i had to pay a charge of 50 pound which i was told i wud get back at the end of six months!! i asked them to take this 50 off my 89 and i wud pay the difference with giro check!! anyway BT told me they wud ring me back within 24 to 72 hours... which they never!! they cut me off the phone and sent my 50 back in post!! now im without a landline and they are tellin me i need a engineer sent back out again because the not pickin up my line!! they r tellin me i need to pay a fee of 125 pound once again!!!!!

    • profile image

      Tony 9 years ago

      One way to complain about slow broadband speeds is to phone 0871 2003369 (the sales number) and complain abou deceptive selling. Tell them up to x y and z dowload speeds is a nonsense and they should be giving average download figures which are half what is advisrtised.

    • profile image

      Jim Morrell 9 years ago

      5 weeks i have been trying to get through to bt about sorting my ridiculously slow broadband speed and crackly line.. Its there duty as a service in which I PAY FOR!!!!! to come out and fix. I am not allowed to touch the cable which is outside my house which i know for a fact is the problem and I am constantly getting emails back explaining i am being capped.. well if im being capped 24 hours a day then jesus I must be downlaoding a lot which ahrdly seems possible when im only receiving less 0.5mb/s connection!!! I hate Bt with a passion and i will win this even if it goes to court!

    • profile image

      Phil Gee 9 years ago

      Have 8mg option 3 broadband unlimited,i have had this service for 9 months now. Upon getting a slow speed of 0.7 i phoned bt to find out why.

      They said you have had your speeds cut because of the fair usage policy. What fair usage policy i asked. The liar on the phone pointed me to another number.

      I phoned this number next morning to be told the same words. I then pointed out i knew nothing of a fair usage, nothing was mentioned on taking out the contract for broadband. I was under the impression my broadband was unlimited ie. no limits to downloading or uploading. I knew over and over again that i had asked about this being unlimited downloading etc. They will not tell me what the limit is, only that you can be charged 30pence per gig,soon rising to 60 pence.

      I went their website and yes found some fair usage for option 3 (but they will not say what the limit is). There is a limit for option 1 and option 2 but not option 3.

      Going back to conversation with the chimp on the phone,i asked how come you did not email me as to stating on your website that you email customers on option1 and option 2. The chimp replied oh we don,t send out emails to option 3 customers.

      So my understanding is this, bt lie and lie, excuse for excuse. They expect me to put up with a limit that no customer knows an answer to and charge me as well. They peg me everyday ,including weekends ,at the moment times of 6.30pm to11.45pm with 0.7 or lower. They even had the cheek to say download outside of peek hours or at night(which i did anyway). Since when has 11.30pm been peek times.

      I have found it impossible to find out the limit-how long this will last-from what period till when. I can,t find a way to warn other customers of this. They are rude,liars and to my experiance don,t give a damn about customers once you are tied to a contract. I,ve tried every avenue of complaint.

      They also fleeced us of the the line fiddle.

      A bt line was already connected to this house. I asked bt what the charges would be for the phone, they said ask the engineer when he calls before he goes up the ladder,because if he says there is a charge then you will be billed,ok i said.

      The engineer called,tested the line and did what he had to do. After that i asked him what bt told me to do. Are there any charges he replied no. I asked again to make sure,he said no again. A little while later a bill for £125.00 came,i contacted bt and complained. The answer i got back was,the engineer had no right to tell you that. I stressed that is what bt told me to do,i was only following instructions. We.ll look into it the chimp said,that was 9 months ago and still nothing,i,ve complained since then but nothing. I am convinced that this is a regular practice of bt charging again fo the price of new lines,i have heard of customers with similar problems.

      I feel cheated over and over again. My conclusions regarding bt internet are poor speeds,poor service and they ignore and lie to customers. I would not reccomend them to anyone.

      As to the phone...people beware and get eveything in writing if you insist on them. Do not at any cost take their words over the phone ,email or internet. My best advice would be don,t go near them. They now are increasing line rental. I have 3 more months on my contract,i cannot wait for it to end. I will never see the £125.00 they conned out of me. Hope you take this advice..Regards!

    • profile image

      M O'Byrne 9 years ago

      I closed my BT telephone account, moved overseas and gave them my address. Bill took 14 days in the mail, I sent back a cheque for two pounds 35 pence!. BT did not take into account the time it takes to pay bills and I received a letter from a debt collection agency. I checked that BT had cashed the cheque, which they had. What a bunch of thugs. i take solace in the fact that it probably cost them more than my measly final bill. hurray!

    • profile image

      mr ben celisse 9 years ago

      i was kept on the phone when i wanted to get reconnected for over an hour. i was asked to pay £25 on a card and set up a direct debit for monthly billing and connection cost£125? spread over some months. the engineer was meant to come on 6th march, after another long wait to see if they were coming i was asured that they could come up to 6 o clock, still no show. i contacted them again on 9th march, i was passed around the call centre with difficulty being understood. i wanted to complain about the service. BT had taken money from my card and a payment through direct debit of £36 and I still wasn't reciving any service from them. I had to take the day off of work and being self employed lost a days money, now i was being told that an engineer would come the following day, resulting in me losing another days wage. I told them that i wasn't happy and would like to be compensated for my inconvienience, the bad service and my loss of two days work. I was told i would get £10. I don't think this is good enough from such a large succesful company. I ended the call getting very frustrated with the caller and told her to cancel my agreement and reemburse me. the next morning an engineer turned up who was very helpful and approachable. I would like to speak to someone who can help me with my situation and the way i was treated.

      I do want the service BT provide and am considering taking out other BT services such as broadband and tv. I would just like to be considered as a valued customer with some form of compensation.

      thank you for your time looking forward to hear from you

      mr celisse

    • profile image

      Hung 9 years ago

      Reading your inputs above, I genuinly share your frustrations and am feeling sorry for you all.

      I had a situation with BT last November. When I 1st moved to my new home, I contacted BT for connection, and was told (after checked on their system) that my address has no line therefore I need to pay £157.99 connection charge.

      A date was set for this, but no engineer turned up at the time they should be, I called BT again and this time I was told that there's no need for an engineer to call as I have a line already and hence the number was active there and then, They also confirmed that there will be NO connection charge at all.

      2 days later, I received a telephone call from BT asking me for an appointment so that they can send an engineer down to connect my line. I explained and the person on the phone apologised and confirmed to me that she will cancel the booking.

      Some 4 weeks later, I received 2 bills 1 for the current number which I recognised, and the other, charging me £157.99 for connection fee , and on it it shows a completely strange telephone number. I quickly checked my bank statement and found that they had already took money from my DD account.

      I was furious, I called Customer Service and was passed around between department like a bloody football.No one seemed able to help me, and it was a total waste of time. I got fed up and decided to write to their complaint review service in Durham. I threatened to take legal action unless I receive a full refund + £25 for my letter.

      I sent this on 18/02/2008, and until this morning , nothing happened!!!

      I was so frustrated every time I thought about it. I search and found this site , after reading some of your guys' stories, I got hold of the CEO contact address: , I wrote to him at 11.27 and 4 minutes later he replied with a message :

      I will ask our high level complaints team to look into thisben.... Anyway, this after noon I received a phone call from BT : basically they agreed to pay back the full cost + £30 for my letter. They also told me to ignore a bill which was sent out on the 8/02 demanding £73 termination charge on this "non existing line"... and repeatedly apologised for all these troubles.I hope this was the last I have to deal with them, and my advise to all of you is: write to the right people (in this case Ben Verwaayen BT Chief Executive), you will be surprised with the response. Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      Sam 9 years ago

      I am currently in BT's complain procedure after a 22 day delay in connecting the correct phone line.

      I experienced major problems with BT customer services.

      After the initial few days, I began to diary, to the nearest minute, every call, every transfer, every period on hold, every callback that never materialised, every deadline that passed with no action etc...

      I also have a piece of correspondence from them calling me "Mrs Upchurch" (?), with invalid reference numbers on that they can't find in their system, and claiming to have attempted to contact me when they blatantly have not.

      All in all it makes pretty good reading and it makes BT look like a complete mess in every dept.

      If you are still interested in this data, please contact me on

    • profile image

      June Lee 9 years ago

      This is simply unfair contract, the despotism of the conglomerate.

      I have two stories. please help me.

      Last autumn, I paid my bill lately. So BT disconnected my phone and broadband with one-year charge of the line rental. I reconnected the phone line with extra charge.

      This winter, I've chaged my phone and broadband to Tiscalli from BT. Tiscalli said that they can handle everything and only one thing I can do is just relaxed.

      I was surprised couple of days ago that the BT sent me a bill of cancellation charge.

      I think I spent almost 300 quid for this extra. because I'm student, this money is something big to me.

      BT's customer survice is just a henpecking hen. Always same neverending story.

      I think this is unfair trade. Anybody has similar experience or any advise, please send yours to me at


    • profile image

      andrew sheard 9 years ago

      dear sir /madam

      i recentley moved into my property two months ago three weeks later i decided to have a broadband and bt vision this was fine until 2 weeks ago where it begun. i lost connection with broadband for over a week there for found myself trying to get in touch with yourselves but to my disscuss found myself passed from pillow to post it was harder enough not being able to understand your colleauges but when i repeatedly told them of the problem nobody wanted to take responseability therefor i kept ringing all there the various numbers 0845,150 ect to the point where i was so frustrated and then today found one of your colleagues asking me the same question no less than four times some times i found my self needing a interpreture and telling me my bill was over due of which i told him that i had already spoke to again someone yesterday being the 12/03/08 and he carried on with the same question what sort of training do some people get i would be of sound mind appreciate it if some one in english without being rude would get in touch

      yours hopefully

      andrew sheard.........................

    • profile image

      Gary Thorpe 9 years ago

      What an absolute farce, BT have proved to me to be just about the most incompetent company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. It would take way too long to write my whole sorry story, however, suffice to say it is not dissimilar to the above complaints. Our problem started over six months ago, with a problem with our internet, which was never resolved. We then moved house about 5months ago and unwittingly requested BT services at our new address. So for the past 5 months we have had nothing but trouble. This is internet, BT vision, pricing, etc, etc, So the ordeal continues to no avail and this week after around 20 phone calls and equally as many promises to resolve our problems we are still awaiting the remote control for our BT Vision Box, which we have had for a month now, (and no doubt still being billed for) It would appear that this item has been sent out 4 times now but to our OLD address.......oddly enough we have never had a problem with a bill arriving at our new address. The biggest frustration is that no one listens and no one cares. Afterall BT Profits are up and we are a minority.......OR ARE WE???????

    • profile image

      Tom Brown 9 years ago

      I asked BT for the code I need so I can change ISP's from BT to Tiscali.

      First they told me that it would cost £270 to leave BT before the end of my contract. I asked for the code anyway, but its been over a month now and I still haven't recieved it. I heard that legally they have to give it to you within 5 working days. I would like to take them to court but I don't have the time, money or the know how.

    • profile image

      Olga and Anastasia 9 years ago

      This letter is explaining the situation happened in regards with BT services.

      Dear Sir or Madam

      We are writing to you regarding above mentioned bill. We wanted to subscribe to BT Broadband on 28th September 2007 over phone. On that day we were told that we would need to have a phone line installed first. This would be done free of charge under the condition that we would be using BT broadband afterwards. After several unsuccessful attempts of your servicemen to install the line it was finally installed at the end of October. After that however we haven’t heard anything else from BT. It took several calls on our behalf to clarify that we were supposed to order additional equipment for the broadband to function. Just for the information calling to BT from our mobile phones usually takes us an average time of 6 hours to clarify the situation. However after hours on the phone we finally managed to place an order for this equipment under the condition that it would arrive within a week time. We also clearly told that we would be charged only after the equipment arrives. After that we haven’t heard anything else from BT neither have we received equipment. At that time we were already fed up with the poor customer service your company provided. We are MBA students and needed the internet service desperately for our studies neither we had time to spend another 6 hours on the phone with BT operators. Therefore we decided to switch to a different supplier who was able to provide us internet at the very same day of an order. It is to note that none of us ever signed a written contract at that time with BT. We were very surprised when we received a bill on February 12th 2008 for the amount of £172.07, which is basically 4 months after our last conversation with BT operators. It took several calls to your so called customer service to find out that apparently the broadband service was up and running and that we have been charged for it since end of October 2007. However we have never received all the necessary contracts, broadband equipment, any other paperwork including the internet password necessary to enter our account, or any previous bills. We double- checked with our neighbors whether they have received anything but this wasn’t the case either. Once again we had to deal with your very poor customer service and it took several calls to clarify that we were registered incorrect in your system,namely under different address . We assume that probably all equipment and bills were delivered to whatever of our neighbors your accountants wanted to send it to. However, we are now charged with the full amount of line installed, and the broadband charges since October 2007. When we tried to quit this contract (that we never agreed or signed) we were told that BT would be charging us for a year of broadband use plus an additional charge for the early termination of the contract (around 800 pounds). Even though it is possible to prove that we have never logged to the internet because we had no equipment, and we have never used the landline of our phone. Also we would be charged for the installation of the phone line.Meanwhile we are quite happy with a different supplier and don’t want to use BT broadband anymore.

    • profile image

      sean 9 years ago

      how can bt make mistakes with your direct debits and then cancell your services,when i was told it was bt's fault,cant wait for the final bill!

    • profile image

      pamela armitage 9 years ago

      19th march 08 Pamela Armitage

      Its just discusting the service ive got from bt. First signed up in october 2007 for broadband package at 8.95 amonth, which as i was told by the extremely young sounding sales girl would include my phone line too. i thought it was too good to be true, and it is too good to be true. 5 months later they tell me its too seperate accounts and 17.99 a month after 6 months for broadband the girl said 8.95 for 18 months and 17.99 after 18 months, she lied just to get me to sign up and being a pensioner who is disabled too, i cant afford it all. they should sort there staff out and get some better advicers on these cases. ill be damned if im going to pay all that.

    • profile image

      KATHLEEN  9 years ago








    • profile image

      eddie 9 years ago

      1.taken a £50 deposit & given my at that time a order no "VOL011894518****" along with a phone number "01642******" & verbal assurance that my line would be working with 48hrs. 2.subsequently cancelled my order without telling me (despite them having a mobile contact phone number from me) this time of writing failed to refund my £50 deposit in full 4. failed to give me any reason as to why this order was cancelled after a £50 deposit was taken. 5.would have charged me £125 + £13 admin fee for a new line, despite there already being a bt line currently installed at my home.

      and spent +2hrs in cold payphone box, being passed around differant departments, dispite telling staff am disabled, worst customer service staff i have ever spoken too

    • profile image

      j mordell 9 years ago

      Moved house 4 wks ago broadband not working from day one. Numerous phone calls made to people who couldn't understand me after being transferred from one place to another. Then believe itg or not my phone doesn't work. I report it on line and without any notification an engineer arrives whilst i am at work. Told my children that it was a fault outside and he would be back when he had fixed it. We asked him if he could do something about the broadband but he said he was only here to do the line not the broadband. As you probably know he did not return, never to be seen again. I still have no broadband, a very fuzzy telephone line and after complaining both by phone and on line no one will listen to me. What are we suppose to do? I have never had such appalling service from anyone before in my life. I am going to change my broadband as i can't go on any longer.

    • profile image

      tracey 9 years ago

      hi i was disgusted at the treatment i received from bt.I had rang up and said i was moving house and wanted to transfer the phone line to my new address they said that this was not a problem and asked when we wanted it in by, my partner said Friday would be the best as we knew we would be living at new address by then and it was all agreed for then. It came to Friday and we didn't get line connected not only that but we had our bank details and sorts codes etc sent to old house so we wernt amused to start with and it came along with a letter saying it wont be connected till 17th so we rang up and we spoke to someone that didn't have a clue all they could do was apologise and say the systems are down and that's why it hadn't been done, we asked to speak to manager and they refused three times to speak to manager. my partner was that angry she hung up. SO i rang back and i explained the situation again as it was someone different she said that she had our new address so no letters would go to old address and that she is sorry and it will be up and running by Monday at the latest, IT came to Monday and it wasn't connected so we rang up again bearing in mind this was all on mobile as we had no other way of contacted them and we got someone else on phone that didn't know what was going on,we said we received letter saying 17th and its still not on they we putting us on hold and transferring us to every department so we wernt happy, we asked to speak to manager again and we got told there was no manger to speak to again at there convenience so i raised voice and said i want to speak to someone higher and i got the attitude there's no one higher eventually he put me through to someone else we then again explained situation he said that they had mucked up and that they tried to connect our new address before disconnected old address so as you can tell its not professional at all, All they have is there big company name but they haven't clue what they are doing even 3year olds could run it better, i guess bt stands for basic tripe thanks Tracey

    • profile image

      tim porteus 9 years ago

      Having ordered a broadband connection the equipment failed to arrive, my phone line went down and I spent more that 2 hours being transferred from one person to the next, speaking to Indian call centres who couldn't help to, and was then informed that there is no complaints number, but they could transfer my call. Guess what . I was left waiting . no answer.

    • profile image

      m.thomas  9 years ago

      hello ,firstly great site a!its just great to see that im not going mad and that bt ,and bt customer service are really so bad ,my problem started when i closed my bt line down ,told all was ok ,but guess what still getting charged loads ,then to get my money back i must have travelled all around the world ,New delhi,stoke on trent ,every where and all to the expense of my phone bill ,and ten hours of my life telling different representitives of this company ,please can bt be put on hold by ofcom,PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Miss L Callaway 9 years ago

      Why has BT set up a separate payment department for which I am paying for ie £4-50 .I do not trust BT to take the correct variable amount out of my bank account as it is.It is bad enough that you have to pay £5-00 if they consider your payment to have been late but to have to pay an extra £9-50 for the privalege of paying by check is a B......... Liberty.I always pay my bill,have never defaulted,have been with BT for..... forever.Considering leaving now.VERY disappointed.

    • profile image

      Malcolm Lochhead 9 years ago

      I've just bought a new second home and need a phone line. My wife called BT and they said we'd need an engineer, even though the previous owners had a BT line.

      They have now missed four separate confirmed appointments without ever once warning me they would not be attending. I have wasted so much time waiting for engineers and in BT's endless phone queues (50 minutes was my longest wait). No-one I've spokend to has any idea what's goin wrong and all they do is offer a new appoitnment which the engineers then miss again.

      The last manager I spoke to said we didn't even need an engineer and the line woudl be activated within 48 hours from the exchange. It wasn't. We've just called BT to confirm the latest appointment to be told it's been concelled for some unknown reason and they won't be coming.

    • profile image

      Bob 9 years ago

      Going by the amount of dissatisfied customers above this complaint box.It would appear that not only are BT failing to provide a first class service but are also arrogant enough to publisise it.

      My grievance with BT is in relation to their inability to supply BT Vision to a customer who is barely a mile away from the nearest telephone exchange.

      It is no wonder that people are taking advantage of companies like Sky for all their telecommunications and entertainment packages.

    • profile image

      J.Shah 9 years ago

      My neighbour's telephone was out of order and he asked BT to investigate. BT blamed us without ant evidence stated that it was third party damage. Our telephone lines were o.k. BT were told several years ago when they installed the cable that it should be in proper tubes and then put in underground. BT chose to put the cable attached to a wall which was subject to all sorts of weather. Somehow our heighbours line was down but we had no problem althugh we share the same cable from the front. How can they blame us for the third party damage. How can they justify one of charge of £ 360.00 plus 13.70 repaired / replacement equipment and VAT on the top. BT needs some commonsense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you leave your cable outside, then they are subject to cold, hot and damp waether. Life span of a exposed cable cannot be more than 15 - 20 years.

    • profile image

      Brian Baxter 9 years ago

      Bt is a nightmare. We wanted to get a phone line put into our static caravan. The facility already exists on site. I am on my second hip operation and my partner is due to reitre. We need to be by a phone (there is no signal for mobile where we are) Getting a phone? easy? Ordered it, a lot of trouble, but eventually got a date. My partner went to the van for two day (200 miles away) to be there when the engineer arrived. I only found out that they had cancelled the appointment when I rang them to confirm the day before. So my partner lost two days work and still we had no phone.

      A new date was set, this took hours, one asian insisting "that you cannot have a telephone in a caravan" ( I suppose he was thinking of a long traveling wire!)

      Eventually a new date a week later was set. We informed the site owners, who were to admit the engineer and we would then have a line over easter. Nest step to get broadband...Even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      First, the line for the van was activated on the 14th (just found that out today), customer service rang us at home to ask if it was OK. Hard to tell from 200 miles away, so they were informed that we would let them know st Easter. Broadband was the next hurdle. I must have spent over eight hours on separate occasions, waiting, listening to why I could not get broadband, being told I could and would be put through, then no there was a tag on the line, then no the line was not strong enough and would take from the others. on and on and on.

      At no time when I 'was being put through' did the call make it, it just went dead.

      My partner ordered broadband on the internet, it was accepted, but the 48 hours was sesven days ago still no word. on and on and on

      So, Hurray it's Easter, we have our phone, we are on holiday. Except there was no phone, no engineer had been on site, no phone had been fitted. I did think of ringing faults to tell them there was no dial tone.!!

      Ordering again was the same nightmare. So it was decided that my partner would handle it on returning home after the break.

      Brain Baxter.

      This is Olive Lee I take over now. Oh joy, a complaints proceedure on the net. Wrote it all down, sent if off. Telephoned complaints also.

      On the telephone. Nice service, Tracy, put me through to faults, and we arranged a visit for today 26th March, between 1 and 6pm. If of course, the line was there we would be charged for the visit. Of course you all must appreciate how hard it is to search a caravan for a telephone line. Beyond us no doubt. The fact that the engineer had not visited the site could be one of the reasons the line was so hard to find.

      Meanwhile back at the ranch, Brian was waiting in the wings, and he too rang compliants. They arranged an engineerd this morning to actually fit the line.

      Guess what? No engineer no line. YET............. perhaps this afternoon will bring the mythical beasts out of their lair.

      Now, remember, there was also a complaint on line, written telling everything.

      Reply to the subject of no phone, no broadband was.......

      Phone was activated on the 14th, ring so and so and ask to increase the line from 256 to 512k and "see what happens?

      What is the point of having customer service's answering complaints if they cannnot read, or perhaps in this case understand English How much of "WE DO NOT YET HAVE A PHONE SO WHAT IS GOING ON" is hard to understand.

      So situation so far. No phone, no braodband no engineer no satisfactory contact at BT anywhere who can sort it out

      Olive Lee

    • profile image

      Jax 9 years ago

      What are BT doing? Without notice, they've just made some fundamental changes to their security system which has stopped me sending any email. No email to tell me they were making changes, no letter, no notice on their website, no training for their barely intelligible tech support people. Nothing Nada. Apparently, they've decide to stop people relaying emails via their server. So it's ok to forward emails, download them to the BT server, then send them on to my PC, but not to relay them - which is much more efficient (and more secure surely?) I want to use a proper email address not a 'BT' one.

      I'm halfway through an 18 month contract, so I can't change ISPs without incurring a wopping great penalty But BT think it is entirely reasonable to change how and what they deliver!

      Thankfully my domain host, Fasthosts, do have people who know what they're doing and have provided me with a temporary fix. They only found out what BT had done yesterday.

    • profile image

      Manish 9 years ago

      I have about 16 calls to Premium Adult numbers from my line in Feb. Me and my wife never made these calls. However, BT is saying the line is not faulty. Sometimes when I pick up the phone, I could hear 2 people talking. Is my line crossing with someone else? Is someone hijacking my line? I have no idea. Any advice, anyone?

    • profile image

      Andy Wood 9 years ago

      I have recently been stung 2 months in a row with a £1.75 charge for caller display even though I signed up for FREE BT Privacy at Home. I am informed this is because I have not made the requisite 2 calls a month using my landline. I understand this is their little way of penalising people who sign with another provider but in my case this does not apply and I simply do not use the phone very often. I complained that there was no warning about this charge when I signed up for this apparently FREE service (not even an asterisk referring me to the small print) but so far I am going round in circles as they just keep reminding me that it applies and have even suggested I type "BT Privacy at Home" into their search box so that the T&Cs are displayed (!) which to me simply highlights how well hidden they are. Next stop Otelo.

    • profile image

      john murray 9 years ago

      orderded bt option 3 for nov 10 08. thought the package came with bt vision. no! had to make another order for delivery. vision box was delivered dec 10 approx.non bt engineer installed the system (thought bt engineer charges were too high).do not how much my phone bill will be.tried to contact bt several times 9not colour prejudice but cannot understand them most of the time).i've been bounced about by bt solutions . every time i phone up there is a queue. problem is still not resolved for bt vision.more to come.

    • profile image

      Laura Purcell 9 years ago

      To whom it may concern,

      I got a BT phone line installed on 17th March. I was under the impression I was getting it for free but i've received a bill dated 24th March informing me i have to pay a half price line connection charge of £62.50. I was unaware of any charges until i received my bill.

      On the evening of the 17th March (day of connection) i had no line. I thought it was possibly the house phone so i bought a new one, it still did not work. I called up your staff a day later and they arranged for an engieneer to come by. In the mean time they said I would have all calls diverted to my mobile and this would be free of charge. At no time did they mention that i would be paying for this service. On recieving the bill dated 24th March, i see that i am in fact being charged for these calls.

      I called today, 27th march to sort this out, i was left holding for a total of 50 minutes and passed round to several departments. One of the gentleman that i spoke to, said a lot of peple had said that they were unaware of the connection charge also. i found your staff rude and unhelpful, with one of them stating that ' i'd recieved all my free stuff, and at the end of the day he had nothing more to say about the matter.' With BT being such a long standing company i would have expected a better service.

      I do not feel that i should be paying for this line charge (£62.50), nor the calls diverted to the mobile.

      i hope we can resolve this matter


      Laura Purcell.

      Tel: 0208 348 2795

      ACCOUNT NUMBER: GB03906140

      BILL NUMBER: Q0010S

    • profile image

      paul burdett 9 years ago

      Have been unable to send emails for last three weeks. All bt customer service say is engineers working on problem, but no redress to customers.

    • profile image

      SUE EDDY 9 years ago


    • profile image

      sarah piggott 9 years ago

      i have received a bill from Bt 5 time for £168 and i dont even have a telephone, so how can i be charged for something i dont even have !!! i've wrote on several occassions and even had a call back to say the matter has been closed but yet still i'm receiving bill and debt recovery letters. i am distgusted with their service and am sick of wasting my time ringing them to be put on hold for hours !!!

    • profile image

      sheen 9 years ago

      I moved house and was given a connection date and confirmation that my direct debit was set up. No phone on connection date. Then spent two weeks phoning every day, being passed around, but totally lost it when I was told that my order had been cancelled because BT COULD NOT SUPPLY A PHONE LINE IN DORSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Got given another phone number, new account number and eventually a working phone line. Called Bt to move direct debit to new number and was told that they couldnt do this and worse still could not cancel the direct debit on an account which was no longer mine. Told I would have to wait until money was removed from my bank account to pay someone elses bill then I would have to complain and they would then investigate.

    • profile image

      STATHIS 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Alistair 9 years ago

      I recently moved address and decided to move my phone and broadband with me. They say with 1 call they can organise this for you! What they mean is that it takes 20 calls over 3 weeks to get it organised. Then after having it all sorted after 1 month I recieve a bill through to my old address for the name Alyson and they have charged me a £430 cancelation fee on a new broadband service I apparently set up and canceled. This was taken from my bank before I got the bill.... (as it was sent to an address I no longer use). I have called them and after a few heated phone calls they agreed to send me the money back via cheque withing 5 days to my new address. I wonder how long it is actually going to take, if they indeed have sent it in the 1st place.

    • profile image

      Sarah 9 years ago

      Copy of letter sent to BT, date shown, so far no reply!!

      16/3/08 Dear Sir I am writing this letter due to the fruitless attempts to resolve the problem by telephone. I signed up for Broadband in August 2007 and this service worked efficiently for approximately 2 months. After this time the broadband began connecting intermittently therefore I had to connect manually when signing on. This was inconvenient but once connected the broadband worked fine. During January/February I could no longer connect manually and had to call the helpline for assistance. Since this time I have made several calls, all of them lengthy 30 – 60 minutes each time, in which the problem was supposed to have been resolved. The problem was not resolved, and following more calls to the helpline and complaints by email, I decided to end my contract with BT to find a more reliable provider. Following my second complain by email requesting to cancel my broadband, the first went unanswered, I received a telephone call 15/3/08. After clarifying the above I was advised by the operator to contact the cancellation line. The operator also advised that he would inform this department of the problem and that I should call after 2 -3 hours or the next day. I telephoned the cancellations department on Sunday 16/3/08 and was disconnected whilst the operator was attempting to put me through to another department. I telephoned again and spoke to three more operators, whom I recounted the same facts above, all of which could not close my account and wave the charges. Apparently no one had contacted the cancellations department to confirm the technical difficulties therefore they could not wave the cancellation fee. Whilst talking to the 5th operator, who could apparently give the technical confirmation the 4th operator needed, in order to wave the cancellation charges, I was cut off yet again. No one returned my call, and after being on the telephone for approximately 45 minutes, I had lost the will to phone and go through this whole process again. Just to clarify I am requesting that you cancel my broadband service because I no longer wish to pay for an ‘expensive’ service that does not work! I will not be paying your cancellation fee because I am not responsible for your poor service and therefore request you wave the fee! It is not my problem BT staff do not communicate.I do not wish to spend considerable time phoning BT, only to be passed around many different operators, or to be cut off, or to be told by yet another operator that they cannot resolve my problem.I do not wish to speak to anymore operators with an accent I cannot understand.I do not wish to listen to anymore awful music whilst I am left hanging on the phone.I do not want to listen to any more explanations of why my broadband does not work.I do not want you to keep apologising for your appalling service – it solves nothing! I just want you to CANCEL MY BROADBAND AND WAVE THE CANCELLATION FEE – PLEASE! If you would do this on 1/4/08, so I have time to arrange another provider, I would be eternally grateful.

    • profile image

      adrian 9 years ago

      I had problems with my line. As per their website, I checked if it was the phone etc to avoid a charge but they were ok and so called them out. They repaired their own junction box which was faulty and I thought well I wont be charged, I then received a bill for £184 for half an hours work to their own equipment. usual threats to cut me off if I didnt pay so how do you argue other than taking them to court

    • profile image

      Marcus 9 years ago

      Below is the latest complaint I sent to BT - it was only 2 and a half weeks ago and still no reply - they're a complete joke!

      I registered for BT broadband last August and was reasonably happy with the service, up until about 6-7 weeks ago. Suddenly the speed just dropped to almost nothing, it was barely possible to open a web page in less than 5 minutes, if at all. I have, on about four separate occasions and over this whole period, spent about 2-3 hours on the phone to various members of the technical team, performing various tests as requested. Any request for an engineer to come round were instantly rejected (presumably based on cost) even when the technical team concluded they had no idea what was wrong. I pretty much self-diagnosed (rightly or wrongly) the issue as being a fault with the home hub wireless router, as when using a standard BT modem, the broadband seems to be okay. Using the same wired (or wireless) connections with the home hub caused the internet to become unusable again. After trying to explain this to 'the experts' they reluctantly agreed to send me a replacement home hub (about 3 weeks ago). When nothing arrived a week later I called to ask what had happened and was told that they had forgotten to put the order through. I then had to go through another 30 mins of fault analysis before they agreed to resend the order and it will take 3-5 working days to arrive. This was about two weeks a go and still nothing. I'm pretty much at my wits end as the Broadband is not the cheapest and it has cost me about £20 in mobile phone calls to your 'help' line (the landline phone wasn't practical as I was having to go up and downstairs all the time for various tes ts I was asked to do). If you eventually send me a replacement home hub and that is not the cause of the problem, I have no idea how long it will take to get the problem sorted out.I think this has gone beyond being bad customer service, and is disgaceful from a large national company. Whilst it will be impossible to right things now I would hope that, out of goodwill, you could arrange for an engineer and a new Home Hub to come to our flat so we can be sure the problem will be resolved. I would also like to be compensated for the loss of broadband for two months and the £20 phone bill I have incurred.

    • profile image

      john buswell 9 years ago

      my computor has contracted a virus athough i have bt security.and trying to get the bt help desk is not possible although they claim to be 24 7,i keep getting pop ups from america telling me my computor is in infected with spy ware what ever that and they will solve it for a price.i thought bt security was to protect my computor.i have tried to contact the bthelp desk but am told its not available,so i am going to cancel my direct debit to bt as no one seems to bother or give a toss

    • profile image

      mrs baker 9 years ago

      We have had endless faults with our bt broadband service, mostly not being able to connect. BT keep changing our username for no apparent reason without telling us, so we can't log on or send/receive mail. To fix this we have spent hours and hours on the phone to clueless 'consultants' who just don't listen when we tell them what the problem is likely to be, and why we need our real e-mail address back! Bt is a disgrace, especially the phone 'helpline'. At the moment we are unable to send messages with outlook express - bt no longer recognises our e-mail address. After nearly an hour on the phone to the 'helpline' the 'consultant' admitted it was an ongoing problem with one of their servers which 'would certainly be fixed within 24 hours' and then added 'or maybe 48'!! Three days later, no change.

    • profile image

      jon 9 years ago

      Just contacted my mobile phone provider to query a large bill, it has transpired that on Feb the 22nd at 15:24 i phoned 118/247 (correct). Apparently my <1 minute call was recorded at lasting 19 minutes and 28 seconds, and i have been charged by BT £16.54 my mobile phone provider is unable to refuse payment for this obvious travesty by BT.

    • profile image

      Zafiropoulos Andreas 9 years ago

      We sent the letter below on March 18 2008 - there was no answer ! We send it again TO BRITISH TELECOMDepartment of ComplaintsW1 London United Kingdom Athens, March 18, 2008 To Whom It May Concern Gentlemen, With this letter, we would like to bring to your attention a serious communication problem that our London subdivision is facing on road 130 Shirland, Flat III, W9. In particular, our company member Mr. Andreas Zafiropoulos gave in an application on January 2008 to your company and you connected their telephone line with number 0044 207 266 4516 However, on February 22, the phone line became problematic. Even though we could call from our line, there was a weak connection with incoming calls and there was no connection. Our representative called your company, in particular the technical service department, and you stated that a technician would come and fix the problem. However, three days later, the technician still hadn’t come. When we called again to state our complaint, your company answered that a technician would be sent right away and until the technical difficulty is fixed, you would forward the calls from our telephone line to our cellular phone, something that hasn’t been done yet. On February 26 we sent you an e-mail to the address as seen on your website about the problems we have been facing in hope of an answer, however after two days we suddenly couldn’t even call. The line had gone dead.When we got in touch with you again, we were surprised when you told us that you had cut off our telephone line and you didn’t know the reason why because our bill had no breach or problem. No technician has to come to see the problem and all our efforts have gone in vain. We are sure that you can understand this problem that is serious and difficulties have arisen in our communication between Athens and London. Meanwhile, we have no Internet access, which is an imperative tool for our work. With this letter, we are forced to express our displeasure with the problem at hand and your weakness with how incorrectly you misinformed our representative. We would appreciate for an answer, as soon as possible, about our account: Name: Andreas ZafiropoulosAccount Number: GB03367410Address:Shirland Road 130Maida Vale, Flat IIIQ W9 2BT

      Telephone Number: 02072664516 So we can program our next course of action. Sincerely yours, Mamouzelou MariaGeneral Manager Partners SA 9 Kefallinias strMarousi 15125 GreeceTel 00302106180546Mobile 00306945466823

      Fax 00302106197029

      cc :

    • profile image

      Kathryn Foster 9 years ago

      Last month BT cut off my phone line for no apparent reason. Well their reason was that i hadn't paid my bill - actually i had paid it! It took over 2 weeks for them to reconnect my phone after admitting their mistake.. When it was reconnected i had a different phone number!

      To add to this - i then got a letter from Sky who provide my broadband to say that they are sorry that I was leaving them. As they had been informed by BT i had cancelled my phone line.

      Also to get BT to reconnect my phone i had to phone them from my mobile.... This has cost me over £25. When i asked BT to compensate me for this - they said i should of used a public phone! What??? I don't even know where the nearest one is! And i am not going to spend 30 minutes on hold stood in a public phone box on an evening.

      How on earth do BT get away with treating their customers like this?

      If only i was in a cable area... i would be changing to another provider in a flash!

    • profile image

      Jane Nicholas 9 years ago

      once again i have to compalin to BT, i cannot send e-mails because of stupid verification, which i cannot read. i am not stupid just very tired, i work all day and see my husband in the hospital in the evenings, he is a very sick man. i cannot have all this rubbish which bt are throwing at me. ia m fed up with them, you phone them iup and cannot undersatnd what is being said

      , bt are crap

    • profile image

      J Scott 9 years ago

      BT cut my broadband off today with no warning. I had cancelled my contract with BT from end May due to huge bills of about £260 a quarter despite not making a lot of calls. 10 days ago I got an extra bill for the accumulated shortfall in the direct debits which I had not yet paid. My contract has a further two months to run. BT did not give any warning. They just cut me off. I have paid my BT bills on time for as long as BT has existed.

    • profile image

      cynthia 9 years ago

      poor service only take calls when wanting money never take calls when complaining. l want my line back made payment and my line is still off

    • profile image

      The Mitchells 9 years ago

      When we had to move house very urgently because of subsidence of the property we were living in I called BT as soon as i found out where we would be moving to and asked firstly for them to activate our line at new property and secondly for an engineer to come out to put in an extension line for our BT home hub in our office room. I was told that the engineer would call out on the following tuesday to fit the extension and our new home would have an active phone line from that same Tuesday morning, Tuesday morning came and went , no phoneline no engineer , my partner phoned up to ask where the engineer was only to be told they had no record of my phone call , BUT surprise surprise our phone number (which we were taking with us to new property) was inactive from that date , so if they didnt receive my call how did they know to stop the line at the old property ????? we were then told we couldnt have an engineer out to fit an extension line until we had an active line and they couldnt book an engineer till AFTER the line was active. So we had to wait 2 days before they activated our new line, as soon as they did i called up to get an engineer out , i was then told that i would have to wait another week before an engineer could come out and the cost for the extension would be £167. which is more than if you want a brand new line fitted.We eventually got our phone line but once we put the BT home hub on the phone stopped working and we could no longer be online at the same time as receiving phone calls , my partner again phoned BT went through all those silly options you get and waited 30 mins before being put through, only to be told he had to phone a different number , which he did ,went through all the options again , waited 40 mins to be put through only to be told yet again he was connected to the wrong department and to call another number , this went on and on for over 4 hours being passed from pillar to post , number to number , operator to operator and still the problem persisted . Even as im typing this my partner is now on the phone with a customer service person being played the most boring music as he holds on to find out if they can fix the problem we are having . All in all moving our BT line to the new house has cost us over £70 in costs for using a mobile while we had no phone connections, and numberous hours wasted being passed from person to person and having nothing resolved.

      We are now convinced that BT stands for Bloody Terrible. And once we can get out of our contract with them we are going to leave and find a better service ANYWHERE ELSE.

    • profile image

      phil 9 years ago

      Continually awful customer service. Misinformation resulting in charges of £70 and others. Customer service via phone rude and utterly incompetent. We were informed that a procedure had been completed on multiple occasions and actually had not. Consequentially we have had problems with our service throughout the year. Our phone line got cut off prematurely twice which we didn't request. When we asked for a reconnection we were charged despite the disconnection not being requested! When i queried this I was spoken to very rudely by a female employee, and was told that we had compromised the contract!! We moved house and wanted to pay the line rental at the old house and have a new line installed at the new address. I waited for 2 whole days straight for the engineer to come. When he did not arrive by the end of the 2nd day I rang BT and apparently the engineer had quit for the day much earlier without informing me. We tried to rearrange and were told we would have to wait over a week, despite the fault not being ours. An absolute disregard for customer satisfacton by everyone we spoke to. A thorough lack of proper training given as everyone we spoke to at BT told us different information in response to the same question. We were charged for a line cancellation despite being told we would not be charged, that the direct debit was cancelled when clearly it wasn't as it still went out anyway. If proper training was given everyone would give consistent advice. I don't think we were given consistent advice by 2 people once. Disgraceful service. When trying to speak to a Manager to complain I was left on hold for 45 minutes before the phone line cut off at the BT end. The phone line does not give any clue as to whether one is still on hold or not also which is very frustrating. Once we have completed this complaints procedure we will never ever return to BT under any circumstances.

    • profile image

      Carl Stevenson 9 years ago

      I ordered broadband in Sept 2007. I still haven't got it. The customer care has been appalling. People from different departments phone me up with conflicting information. Nobody is able to tell me what is going on except for giving new review dates every 4 weeks.Hopeless.

      I'm embarressed that they are "British"

    • profile image

      Pauline Silker 9 years ago

      I have been trying without much success I might add to resolve a billing dispute to the sum £333.47 for a one off repair, a ridiculous amount for 4 metres of cable and two junction boxes. I have called and called only to be put on hold, cut off, fobbed off and finally passed over to India only to hear the operative sniggering on the other end of the line. I have written and to date have still received no reply. It is impossoble to speak to a manager. BT's customer services are absolutely appalling and woefully inadeque. On Thursday I finally managed (I think) to resolve the dispute, not to my satisfaction I might add as I still believe I am being ripped off. I am waiting to receive a counterfoil for the amended amount I owe and to have my services restored for the time being until I find another supplier. If this is the way BT treats its good paying customers they are not worth doing business with.

    • profile image

      David 9 years ago

      Referring to my last complaint posted here, I would like to thank the person who shared twith all of us here the email address of the BT CEO. My problem is FINALLY over..phew! I advise the others who still having issues with BT to contact the CEO as the matter would be dealt with by his assistance efficiently and most importantly quickly.

      Now..after reading some of the complaints here, I realised that some of the problems seems too familiar (not of the same issue with my complaint though). I still remember the first time I moved to the UK and signed up with BT..I plug in my phone one day and there was a dial tone (just to highlight, the previous tenants never had BT line at all). So I called that "special" number (sorry can't remember..but it's 3-4 digit no.) to know our the number, got the number, use the line as usual. But then, there had been several occasions where I called my wife at home and she said the phone didn't even rang. So I called here while on the phone with her on the other line on her cellphone..and true enough, the home phone did rang at all. And another occasion where my wife received a phone call, and the caller seemed to be surprised to hear her voice. She told him he got the wrong no. And the guys asked "isn't that xxxxxxxxx"? And my wife replied "Yeah it is". And the caller replied "Well that's MY home number". My wife of course replied "it's our number which was given by BT" and she was sleepy she somehow managed to end the conversation. But she admit the caller sounded genuine and was not playing a prank. Few days later, the phone line was not in service anymore. We made an enquiry to BT and was told there was NO BT line installed at all on this flat so we need an installation. Of course we told them, if there's none, howcome the phone line seemed to be working for 2 weeks? To cut it short, they scheduled for someone to come and "installed" the line. It took several weeks until we realised there was a dial tone again on the phone. I called BT to confirm if this that was really our line and they said yeah, our line was already active now. I asked them I thought we were told there was NO BT line at all installed in this flat and we had one scheduled in few days time. This time BT told us that we need no installation cos there existing one in the flat (???). It was full of confusions but we didn't want to think about all that as we were new in the country and we just wanted to have our landline soon! But during all this problem, I had thought that maybe the construction work on my bulding must have caused all this problems with the phone line(phone line interrcepted?). But reading some of the complaints here, I realised that it was obviously BT fault.

      BT is the main phone provider in the UK? Aren't they going to do something about the bad quality and service?? What a shame! One thing for sure, sould I return again to the UK, BT would definitely not be our no.1 choice!

    • profile image

      Cynthia 9 years ago

      On 30 March I 'regraded' my BT Total Broadband account to Option 2. I then decided to change this and phoned on Saturday, 5 April to cancel. This was withing the stated cancellation period. I spoke to a young man who cancelled the order and gave me a refenence for same.

      I phoned back to check on this on Monday 7 April only to find that the order had NOT been cancelled and that the reference number he had given me was for the original order to start service! I was told that the order was in progress and could not be stopped but that I should phone again on Tuesday8 April to cancel.

      I don't know what will happen, but will post again with the outcome.

    • profile image

      Cynthia 9 years ago

      I phoned to cancel service on my second phone line and was told that it would take 14 days for this to happen. Meanwhile, I am being billed. If I had asked for additional service, I doubt it would have take so long. All it takes is a flip of a switch.I object to being charged for two additional weeks of service, which is clearly an outrageous scheme to squeeze extra money from consumers. I plan to go to OFTEL about it.

    • profile image

      Robert Fisher 9 years ago

      Bt, lol, its ironic that I luckily have to be able to complain about the continuous lag out, time out, cable work excuses fall out every time, ok every second time i turn my pc on only to be confronted with a BTHOME HUB bullshitting exscuse of that there is a problem with my isp.BT YOU SUCK. Your system is third world comparative you LAG so many Victorian years behind other european countries that you are being laughed at abroad. YOU SUCK.

    • profile image

      Peter Lemer 9 years ago

      BT engineers dug a hole next door to our let to repair that telephone line and disconnected ours.

      The earliest they will come to repair it is 10 days later!

      There is no formal way to complain other than by writing a letter to the BT Correspondence Centre, which of course will take roughly 5 days to turn around.

      Meanwhile 6 tenants are without access to the internet.

      I think this is an appalling response to a mistake made by BT Engineers


    • profile image

      Owen L 9 years ago

      I saw Bt advertising cheap packages for internet and phone which I used for my business. I was paying massive bills (60 pounds plus per month) for a sevice that included an internet phone which should have made calls cheaper by making calls to land lines free. In the end the land line and the internet phone whould get 'mixed up'' and I was being charged premium rates for local calls out of hours and rediculous charges for minimal mobile charges.

      I called their sales team and said I was going to leave if they couldn't sort me out with one of these cheaper packages they were advertising. They wouldn't so I left.

      I swithched to talk talk but they were still renting the line from BT. 2 days before Chritmas BT decided to cut the line and it took 1 month to 'get it back'. In the mean time their help desk in India was sure I was still a BT customer and if i said I wasn't they would transfer me to an inactive line and I had to do the whole call over.

      I couldn't be more vexed about BT. They charged me when I was a customer. They are still sending me bills now I am not. They cost my business more than 1 months worth of internet business. There foreign CSA s are rude and un helpful. There technical support team is rude and unhelpful. There connection team are slow and in effective........ great company........not!!!!!

    • profile image

      GONUTZ 9 years ago

      This is a copy of an email I sent to BT regarding my complaint..........


      This was the e mail reply I got from BT........

      Thank you for your e-mail dated 07/04/08 about the BT line.I would like to confirm you that your order for the BT line has been cancelled. However I have place a new order for the BT line.I am delighted to receive your request for BT telephone service at your property. I have placed the order for your telephone service at address: [give customers address] Your Order Number is VOL011-............... (please quote this on any contact with us). I have arranged for an engineer to visit your property on 22 April 2008 between 0800 and 1300 to connect your service. Please see the full details of your order below:There is a connection charge of £124.99 (including VAT). * Your line rental has a minimum 12 month term. Please note that if you cancel your service within this time there will be a charge added to your account. * The telephone number is 0.......... Please note that I cannot guarantee this number until your line is connected. Please note that this is a provisional order as all orders are subject to an engineering survey. All prices include VAT and you can cancel this order up until 12 Midday the day before your line is connected without incurring any charges. We provide telephone service subject to our standard residential terms and conditions. You can read them at will receive your initial bill within 10 working days of your line being connected. This will include some rental in advance before you go onto your regular billing period. For information about viewing your bill online, please visit Thank you for choosing BT. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me again via e-mail.Thank you for contacting BT.Yours sincerely,Preeti WadhawaneContact Customer ServiceRef: 16553865

      I think my problems have only just begun !!!!! Bearing in mind that I have already paid for the connnection charge of £124.99 and they have already taken out my first line rental payment of £11.00 for a line thats not connected !

    • profile image

      NESTA HUGHES 9 years ago

      this has been on going since Jan/Feb when i attempted to go on tiscali broadband.However owing to BT insiting that my phone no 01766 540673 did not register to the bt post code which they insist is LL413EB.

      Because of this delay i then discontinued my efforts and attempted SKY broadband,same problem.

      This post code you bt instists is correct is not it should be LL414SE.

      BLAENAU FFESTIONOG although is included in the postal address is about 13 miles from my village TRAWSFYNYDD.Enquiries reveal there are TWO post codes for different addresses in the BL FFESTINIOG AREA which are a house called FRONWNION,ALSO FOR GLADSTONE COTTAGES.

      Today i contacted Tsicali and they have set their records stright and terminated

      my accoutn with them.However again SKY informs me that BT IS STILL INSISTING

      ON ll413EB.

      I do not feel i am being unreasonable by requesting this be addresses and dealt with immediately.If i do not hear in 24 hrs i shall as advised contact OFCOM to register this ridiculous unacceptable situation.BT IS blocking my attempts to go

      on broadband.please sort this out.




    • profile image

      j.shunta 9 years ago

      I am so angry & fed up with the service i have been receiving from bt, i have been a customer with them for many years and my problems started since october last year when i opted for bt broadband option 3. Everything was fine when i rang up to get the broadband service, they took all my details and gave me my connection & delivery date for my bt home hub equipment. The equipment did not come so i gave it a few more days until i had to call up to find out what was going on & was told that the order will be with me within 24 hours which it didnt so i rang back & was told that the stuff had never been ordered and that they will courier it out to me within 48 hours so i should stay in and wait for it as it requires a signiture, 48 hours passed & still nothing the weekend came in between so i called them back a few days later & was told the exact same thing that it will be couriered out to me via special delivery and that they will give me 7 days of free broadband for the inconvenience & then a few more days passed so i rang back to be told the same garbage so i demanded that i speak to a manager, i explained to him that i was fed up of being on hold for hours on end & being transferred to different department & being told different things/lies & fed up of the false promises made to me, he then assured me that he was going to definately sort it out & he will courier it out to me via special delivery & he will give me one months free broadband. Days passed and still nothing arrived so i made another call to bt & was put through to the order department and finally the guy i spoke to sorted it out for me and by this time a month had passed and i finally received my equipment and thought my problems with bt had finally come to a end but how wrong was i, i still could not connect to the internet at all so i had to make calls to their technical department everysingle day to get them to connect me, each call took a hour and it was not a free number so it was costing me, the advisor would assure me that i will not lose connection again but it kept happening on a daily basis so every day i was having to phone them and spend an hour each day. Finally about 2-3 weeks later the connection problem got better but i still lose connection on a daily basis but it comes back a little while later not like before where it would go all day. I contacted bt regarding my problems and they never replied back to me, i also contacted them regarding my free 1month & 1 week free broadband they promised me but they just ignored me like usual & said that there was nothing on the system to say that..another false promise made by them. I asked if i could have all my call charges made to the technical helpdesk refunded to me & thier answer was no which i feel is so unfair as i was not receiving the service i was paying for so why should i still have to pay! I could not believe that a company like bt would treat their customers so badly. Today i spent a further 2 1/2hours on the phone to bt as my home hub phone has not been working since yesterday and again they kept transferring me department to department and then was given another number to call & when i rang the number it was dead so my problem was not resolved. I was so angry that i couldn't call back as i know i would just be on hold for hours on end & just be going round in circles. I cannot believe bt can treat their customers so bad and get away with it they need to be shut down. They are all nice when they sell you a service or product but as soon as you have a problem thats it they don't want to know. I've had enough with bt i'm fed up with being on hold for about an hour just to speak to someone & then when you do get through to them they either cut you off or transfer you so your on hold for another hour or they make you false promises and tell you bare faced lies, then they have call centres in india where the staff don't seem to have a clue about anything, most times it seems like i'm solving the problems for them, & you cant hear or understand them properly. I'm an indian person and even i cannot understand them properly so i feel sorry for people who have to call and speak to them. Bt are using cheap labour and fleecing their customers and lining their pockets and at the end of the day we are the ones losing out we need to get bt to sort themselves out and start listening and addressing the problems we the consumers have. I AM SO ANGRY I HAVE STARTED LOOKING FOR ANOTHER SERVICE PROVIDER FOR MY PHONE AND BROADBAND AND I WILL TELL ANYBODY WHO LISTENS NOT TO GO WITH BT, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF TIME & MONEY WASTERS. I FEEL SORRY FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH BT!!

    • profile image

      chris 9 years ago

      bt have by far the worst customer service. It takes many days to get through to the right person or dept. No one is willing to give you there name and most of the time the info is incorrect.

    • profile image

      nell gordon 9 years ago

      for 1 year I have never been so dis satisfied with any product as I have with BT broad band as well as my phone line with BT. Every time I come to use my computer BT are up grading something and this is affecting my use of the computer. They cut off what I am doing with their upgrades. It can be at any time of the day but as soon as I turn on the computer and start doing something , that is it! They start interfering with what I am doing with their upgrades. i don't ask for the upgrades. I wold like the broadband to work for my benefit not for BT's. I would like to have the broad band removed as soon as possible. I am bound by BT,s contract but I want out of it as I feel that BT has not fulfilled their part. This being the case I think I am well within my rights to get a refund as my broad band has been at fault all through this year and even at 22.13 hrs there are still upgrades being put on my computer. This is not acceptable practice for such a big company.

    • profile image

      Alexander 9 years ago

      Dear BT,In October 2007 I bought a house and phoned BT to take over ownership of the existing line and also order a second phone line to be installed, with broadband internet to come down the second phone line. This second phone line was not installed and so having found that I could use broadband talk as a second phone number I called BT to check that no second phone line would be installed. BT confirmed that this was the case and so I left things as they were - one landline with broadband internet down that line and broadband talk to give me a second phone number.Please find below a summary of what has happened over the following five months - I have removed many of the phone calls and resulting conversations to try and keep this letter of complaint to a manageable length. You may be interested to know that I have kept a rough tally of the number of people at BT to whom I have spoken and it is upwards of sixty - I'm sure you can tell me how many hours on the phone that would equate to, based on typical time on hold and typical length of your service calls - I know it is well in excess of twenty four hours.17/10/07 - Ordered existing phone line to be transferred to me and second phone line added, with broadband internet on the second phone line.24/10/07 - Visited by BT engineer. Existing phone line transferred but engineer had no record of a second phone line having been ordered.25/10/07 - Called BT to cancel the order (if it existed) for the second phone line. No sucess despite over two hours on the phone.26/10/07 - Called BT and eventually told that there was no record of an order for a second phone line and my account simply had one phone line with broadband internet and broadband talk.31/10/07 - Found the internet was no longer working. Then found that the phone line was not working. Called the BT fault line and an engineer was ordered. Received to text message from engineer to confirm that he was aware of the job.01/11/07 - By 1100 no update from the engineer. Called BT and told that engineers had investigated the fault and found they needed access to the property and rather than contacting me and visiting the property (they had my mobile number and I was at home) they simply told BT this. Had to request another engineer to visit the property and was told that I was not a priority customer so this would take some time. Persisted with my request and eventually told that they would order an engineer for Saturday and would call me back with the details. Never received a call back. Later that evening found that the phone line was working again but it was a new phone number!02/11/07 - Called BT to say my phone line was now working but was a different phone number and the broadband internet was not working on it. Was told that they would need to get this new phone number disconnected and the original number reconnected as that had the broadband assigned to it. An engineer was booked to visit the nearest exchange to change the connections.05/11/07 - At 1245 I checked the phone and it was still on the second phone number. Called BT to find what was happening and was told that there was no record of an engineer being booked to change the phone number back. Was eventually escalated to a manager who said she would investigate the problem and call me back. Never received a call back. Eventually reached someone who told me that the second phone number had replaced the first phone number and that the first phone number was scheduled to be cancelled.06/11/07 - Called BT and finally told that the only solution was to re-order broadband internet. Unfortunately I would have to wait five working days for this to be activated.13/11/07 - Second broadband internet account now working.04/12/07 - Receieved bill for £286.16 for early cancellation of my first phone line. Called BT and was told this would be cancelled. Also requested that any similar bills for the first broadband internet account should be cancelled.06/01/08 - Received bill for £101.43 for first broadband account. Called BT, explained that this account was no longer active.28/01/08 - Received reminder for bill, once again phoned and asked for it to be cancelled.19/02/08 - Received another reminder for the bill, called again to have it cancelled.03/03/08 - Broadband stops working, after 2.5 hours of phone calls finally find that new broadband account has been cancelled. Am told it will take 5 days to get broadband reinstated despite it being BT's fault. Do some googling, find a BT complaints related forum and get hold of a number for serious BT business problems. Spoke to a useful chap called Ken said he'd try to sort things out.04/03/08 - Broadband starts working again.I then continue to receive ridiculous bills of £2.13 for the old broadband account which I simply refuse to pay. As you can see writing this letter alone is worth more than £2.13 of my time yet over the past five months I have wasted countless hours due to BT's utter incompetence. Today (09/04/08) I received a letter from a debt collection agency for this amount. I demand that BT retracts its claim for this money, erases any references to this on my credit reference data and seriously considers a substantial refund for my stress, hassle and timewasting. I would also like to remind you that I have also repeatedly asked for BT1571 to be set up on my broadband talk line and this has yet to be activated.I would like to remind you that I currently pay you approximately £50 a month for my telephone and broadband and if this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction I will be taking my business elsewhere.Yours,Alexander

    • profile image

      Michael Beard 9 years ago

      Dear MargaretTried to call but was greeted by an answer phone.What do I have to do to get ANY service from BT. I have two lines not functioning and BT are prohibiting us from transfering to an alternative service provider.It cant get any worse but somehow BT manage to make it so. I have made a simple and generous suggestion. Ten days on it still has not been responded to.Kind regards, Michael Beard----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 10:43 AMSubject: FW: 12 months disrupted service VP64952370...........HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................URGENTMr BeardCould I take this opportunity to acknowledge receipt of your email in this office, myself or one of my colleagues will be back in touch with you within the next 5 working daysIf you wish to speak to us direct before then please call 0131 448 6552 quoting reference CM 31259834RegardsMargaret SmythService Office.From: Michael Beard [] Sent: 01 April 2008 17:01To: CFB ONEBILL COLLECTIONS GSubject: 12 months disrupted service VP64952370...........HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................URGENTDear Sir / MadamFollowing another hour on the phone to BT the situation with our account VP64952370 is still after 12 months unresolved and still we do have only partial use of the services which you demand incorrect and excess payment for.It will take me days to give you full account so I hope in the first instance the following synopsis will be sufficient. Please remember that the problems I am about to relay follow previous experience with BT where it took me 2.5 years to get successful settlement of the over payments that BT took through direct debits.The situation on this account VP64952370 has now gone on for 12 months and started when BT without my permission, and after I personally phoned in an attempt to stop this action, allowed another operator or provider Midland TLM to take over our lines, 01926 811822, 01926 811823, and Broadband. Due to the quarterly billing regime the error did not come to my notice until three months later when I received a bill from this company. BT would not take any action over their error and illegal action and I was left to pay Midland TLM in order to get the telephones back with BT. I was encouraged by one of your business IT divisions and naively put my faith back with BT. In this process it was recommended I go to One Billing. In the transfer to and and from Midland TLM I paid and had duplicated costs by BT which I was told I could claim back. I was told that if I put everything on to the one bill then it would be easier to make a claim for refunds. My first application last summer was responded to and suprise suprise I got not one billing account but two! After more days wasted on the phone I eventually got the two accounts on to one! Progress?, unfortunately not as one telephone line 01926 817180 was left off the new account.So I get another account the current one, but meanwhile through means outside of our control the 01926 817180 is suspended as we are told some other operator has acquired it. BT cannot tell us who, so for the past five weeks we have not been able to use this number and still cannot. About the time this problem arose I got my first ONE BILL and could not get sense from this complex and incorrect bill.I had 20 queries with errors on the bill, so I called the appropriate line and was told that I can only have two of these answered????!!!!! The two I was allowed to query were for approximately £200 of equipment I did not need and had not been sent. I was told a new bill would be issued and until then and the other billing issues were resolved BT would not press for payment. So why is one line currently barred, another not useable..........and another issue in the midst of all this the Broadband line failed being faulty and it took BT over a week to fix the problem. During that time alone I spend over 20 hours on the phone.........this is ridiculous and totally unnecessary.So I am happy to pay what is owed which is a fraction of the £700 plus requested by BT but I genuinely believe the balance owed is significantly in my favour. The reasons for this centre around but are not exclusively, the following issues BT allowed my accounts to go without permission to undeclared third party service providers on two separate occasions over the last 12 months.In the first transition and reinstatement I was obliged to duplicate payments which have not been reimbursed.BT representatives advised me on more than one occassion that we are due compensation.In the second and more recent transition we have been charged and denied use of one line.My business broadband was out of action for several days and you seek payment for such.Your erroneous, duplicated, protracted and delayed attempts to ONE BILL these accounts has denied me resolution of most issues todate.The one and only bill you are seeking payment against is riddled with errors.I and my wife have spent not only hours but accumulatively days on the phone over the past year with no progress at all in resolving the issues.Mobile phones have had to be used excessively.I believe the situation is now so complex as to take disproportionate resources to resolve. I recommend that both parties draw a line as from 1st April 2008, today, with us withdrawing all claims as long as BT have all lines working and our account goes to zero balance and we start paying from today onwards. Though this does not anywhere cover our claims and costs.I would not relish court action, but 12 months patiently waiting for BT to do resolve outstanding issues without success is indication that this may be the only alternative and if taken our claims will be substantial. Oh! and one other action was to contact my local BT business manager who agreed a one to one meeting could resolve all. Promised a 48 hour response and still waiting three weeks on...............there is more.I do really believe my proposal is fair and the most effective for all of us. I would appreciate immediate response as this dispute is detrimental to my business, private life and health.Yours faithfully, Michael BeardDear MargaretTried to call but was greeted by an answer phone.What do I have to do to get ANY service from BT. I have two lines not functioning and BT are prohibiting us from transfering to an alternative service provider.It cant get any worse but somehow BT manage to make it so. I have made a simple and generous suggestion. Ten days on it still has not been responded to.Kind regards, Michael Beard----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 10:43 AMSubject: FW: 12 months disrupted service VP64952370...........HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................URGENTMr BeardCould I take this opportunity to acknowledge receipt of your email in this office, myself or one of my colleagues will be back in touch with you within the next 5 working daysIf you wish to speak to us direct before then please call 0131 448 6552 quoting reference CM 31259834RegardsMargaret SmythService Office.From: Michael Beard [] Sent: 01 April 2008 17:01To: CFB ONEBILL COLLECTIONS GSubject: 12 months disrupted service VP64952370...........HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................URGENTDear Sir / MadamFollowing another hour on the phone to BT the situation with our account VP64952370 is still after 12 months unresolved and still we do have only partial use of the services which you demand incorrect and excess payment for.It will take me days to give you full account so I hope in the first instance the following synopsis will be sufficient. Please remember that the problems I am about to relay follow previous experience with BT where it took me 2.5 years to get successf

    • profile image

      Jo  9 years ago

      In 2006 I left my old flat and after 3 attempts I thought at last I thought I had cancelled my account. Skip ahead to March 2008 and in the middle of trying to secure my mortage for my first property, I receive a Notice of Debt Collection from a bill I had not paid for January 2008. I haven't lived their since 2006 and somehow now I'm being threatened with court! As well as being very distraught, this has effected my credit rating and surprise, surprise it is impossible to get hold of BT. The debt collection thankfully is on my side and we are both trying to find out what is going on and clear my credit rating. So far it's been 6 weeks and no news from BT!

    • profile image

      OGGY STOOP 9 years ago


    • profile image

      A K 9 years ago

      I just want to speak to someone who can understand basic english

    • profile image

      Tony Quinlan 9 years ago

      I am absolutely sick to death of BT Broadband. It is so slow I cannot watch live streaming and downloads take ages.

      I am paying £25 a month for Option 3 Broadband and yet when I go to I find my download stream is around 600kbps!!

      This is a disgrace......when I complain by email they say an engineer will ring I need tell you nobody ever has despite 4 complaints in the last fortnight.

      I want out of my agreement with them as soon as possible. They never told me my speed would be this slow.

      The place is run by people who are not up to the job.

    • profile image

      graham 9 years ago

      spent over 8 hours only for bt to disconnect my phone line by mistake,found that they have took money out of my account for a second line that does not work,they will not refund my money,,bt have you over a barrel because they are the telephone line owners and have threatened to cut off my main line because i refuse to pay for a second line that is not connected,,,you are sent this way and that only to be asked time and time again the same questions and after a bit of differing ,oh you will need to speak to another department,,,

      some one please give us the head of bt there mobile or land line number ,so we can phone him direct,,


    • profile image

      Ken Townend 9 years ago

      This is a copy of latest letter to BT. 5 Months now trying to sort it out.

      8 Mount Pleasant GardensHAYLETR27 4JR01736 757633 Complaint Review Manager BT Correspondence CentreProvidence RowDurhamDH98 1BT13 April 2008 This is two letters in response to the service provided by BT over the last 5 Months.The first part is a copy of the letter sent will the initial received bill on 3 March 2008. Accnt No. GB0346 8646. Bill No. F002 HH The second part is my second appeal at getting something done about the total inadequate service from BT. This is the story so far………….Part 1.At the beginning of December I decided to go on to Sky and was informed I needed to be on a BT line to do so. I contacted my provider Post Office and BT to inform of the change, which was to be on the 28/12/07. On the 15/12/07 at 20:15 I contacted you again stating we would not be going to Sky and cancelled the change back to BT. This was acknowledged and agreed by your representative. (check your recordings). I also told the Post office we would not be transferring which they were very happy with. We went away on a Xmas break and when we returned on the 8/1/08 we found we had an invoice for 3 months line rental and BT had taken £19 out of our account with no signed authority. After trying unsuccessfully for 24 hrs to speak to an English person to sort this out at 08:10 on the 10/1/08 I spoke to your representative who assured me we were still with the post office and that she would sort this out and any monies taken would be returned. She also stated there was a note to say we had phoned on the 15/12/07. Later that day I had a voicemail on my mobile from a foreign sounding male stating that the monies would be returned less 60p for calls made. I didn't understand this as we had not been with BT and the calls made since our return had been after 6pm when our calls with the Post office were free. Later that day I was called on my mobile by a friend stating they had been trying to phone us and were getting number not recognised. We tried the phone and found we could not phone out or receive calls but our Virgin internet still worked. This can only lead me to believe you had transferred us when requested not to. (since confirmed by the Post Office whom I called asking why we were cut off). After spending endless time talking to someone in India I again managed to get hold of someone in UK on 11/1/08 who stated he could put in a request for my number to be reconnected but not for 48 hours and if I wished to go back to the Post Office I would be liable to a penalty payment. I asked him to make the connection and we would sort out the penalty when it came to leaving BT again. As this was all an error on your part I do not see why a penalty would be payable. Especially after all the hassle and expense of using my mobile phone to contact friends and family to explain why we were not on the phone. I was advised my line would be connected on the 14/1/08 and was actually connected on the 15/1/08 with a totally different number. I again rang BT and it was agreed to give back the old number but it would take 48 hrs. We were connected back to our original number a couple of days later. We received a bill (Q001 GJ) enclosed stating we owe £41:91 payable by the 28/1/08. This includes line rental charges of £37:29 which we do not agree with. We were transferred back to you on the 28/12/07 (wrongly I may add) then cut off on the 10/1/08. Re-connected on the 15/1/08 and have now arranged with Post Office Phones to go back to where we were on the 4/2/08. Which gives around a months rental due. I was quite happy to pay the line rental for the period with you and any calls made during that time. I do not see why we are required to pay any further penalty as all the problems have been caused due to BT not doing as they said they would do on the 15/12/07 when the agreed not to transfer my number from the Post Office. We have since paid the bill for £41:91 and received from you a final bill dated 24/1/08, stating you owed us £50:82 which we duly received by check a few days later. We have now received another final bill from you stating that we owe £135:25 including a cancellation fee. As the whole mix up was down to you and no fault of ours we do not see why we would be expected to pay any cancellation fee. We had to go through BT to get a line back, after you wrongly cut us off, so that we could go back to the Post Office. I have had e-mails from your department to say the cancellation charge would be waived. (From Rohit Ohri eContact Customer Services Ref 15203872 Dated 28/1/08). Can you please reassess the second final bill to show charges for any calls made within the chargeable times and re submit to us without the cancellation charges?(Also not forgetting that you took £19:00 from our account without the written mandate which I destroyed when I rang on the 15/12/07 to cancel the change over). Your company received the Company of the Year Award for 2007. How you got that with all the problems you have caused us over the last 3 months I do not know. Please can you sort this as soon as possible as it has put a lot of unnecessary stress on us for no reason at all. If all your departments checked with each other this would not have happened. A very very irate customer. Ken Townend BEM (Mobile No 07733156530) Part 2 13/4/08 09 April 2008 We have now received a final reminder from you for the £135.25 Bill No Q002 KA. With no comment about the letter above sent on the 3/3/08. 10/04/08 I rung your Customer Service line and after 20 mins of recorded messages actually spoke to an adviser. After some discussion she stated she would not be able to reduce that amount and would pass it to her Manager for her to contact me. She took my mobile number and said I would be contacted. 13/04/08 I decided to write this as I have heard nothing and I am now worried about being cut off. Please can you ensure you look at this as a matter of urgency and speak to which ever department to ensure we are not ‘cut off’ until it is all sorted out. yours

      Ken Townend BEM Mobile No 07733156530 if not at home.

    • profile image

      Gillian Smith 9 years ago

      I have added the le letter i sent to MS Lewis at BT :

      Subject : Complaint

      First Point:

      On the 31st of March 2008, I called your sales team regarding connection of my existing landline, and to place an order for your ‘special offer’ Option 3 broadband deal, with limited edition Black home hub and free bt Vision Box.

      Upon speaking the sales advisors it soon became clear I was dealing with one of the most incompetent operatives I have ever encountered. After explaining my wish of my landline to be connected to order ‘’special offer ” Option 3 broadband package.

      Whilst taking my detail he obviously thought it appropriate to continue eating and coughing down the phone whilst speaking to me, after 30 mins on my mobile which (contrary to some of your Indian operatives beliefs is not free) and him taking all my details, he announced he had lost everything and we would have to begin again.

      An hour and ten minutes later only my order for my land line to be connected was complete, the broadband still had to be done, after approx an hour and a half on the phone and repeating my detail numerous times the order was complete. I was told my line would be connected within 2 working days and I would receive the homehub and the broadband would be connected on the 9th April

      Order consisted of :

      1. Connection of existing landline

      2. Standard line rental contract (free evenings and weekends)

      3. 1 limited edition black honehub

      4. Option 3 broadband package

      5. Free BT vision Box

      Upon summarising the order I realised my BT vision box was missing, so when I mentioned it I was told I had to wait until the 9th of April to order it, which he had neglected to tell me at any point during the call or upon completion of the order.

      Call time aprrox 1 hour 30 mines

      Point Two :

      After 3 days of waiting for my line to be connected I decided to call to find out what the problem was, holding for 25mins to speak to someone was only the start of my problems. I was the put through to an Indian gentleman, where upon I first discovered my details did not match those on the account, again we can contribute that to the completely incompetent sales operator I first dealt with, who had not input my details correctly, and obviously didn’t understand what his job entailed.

      After being told he could only speak to the account holder, and as my details didn’t match I wasn’t

      he account holder, I was transferred AGAIN.

      After convincing the next advisor that I was the account holder by giving my bank details, which funnily enough did match those on your system, strange how the only thing the original advisor did manage to get correct were my banking details.

      So my account was being debited, yet my name wasn’t even on your system. This is extremely disturbing that my bank account, can be attached to details of another person.

      After supposedly sorting my details out with this gentleman, I then explained my problem, he

      seemed unable to grasp the fact I had already ordered my line connection, but it was still not working, and told me I would need to be transferred yet again.

      After being passed from Indian team to Indian team I was getting increasingly annoyed as no one seemed to understand what I was wanting to know, or saying for that matter. I was being read the same statements and asked questions over and over again, there was a complete breakdown in communication as I found them extremely difficult to understand and often completely incomprehensible

      I then asked to speak to someone in the UK who could deal with my problem, I was told there were no customer care centres in the UK and that she would get someone to call back with 24 hours, of which she could not give a time slot.

      Call time approx 1 hour

      After waiting over 24 hours for my supposed call back I called again as my line was still not working 4 days on.

      Again I was through to an Indian call centre where I gave my details which, surprise surprise didn’t match those on your system, after being transferred a further 3 times I was got through to a ‘delightful’ Indian girl who I could barely make out and was again told someone would call back within 24 hours.

      I decided to call again and by sheer luck got through to and English girl who within a few minutes had amended my details and told me what the problem was and that she would send an engineer to the exchange and gave me a date of connection the 9th of April.

      Call time approx 30 mins.

      So in order to get my phone line connected supposedly free of charge I made 3 separate calls and a total call time of 3 hours which left me a with a mobile phone bill of £30.

      Point three:

      The 9th of April came and the phone line was connected and the homehub was delivered. Upon opening the package I discovered I had been sent a standard white homehub, and not the ‘special offer’ limited edition one that was advertised and promised to me.

      I connected the hub to check the line and broadband were working and decided to call to find out why I had been sent the wrong hub, yet again another Indian call centre, who informed me that I was sent a standard hub because they have “had no stock of black homehubs in warehouse for a while”.

      So in conclusion I was not contacted about the lack of black homehubs and I am stuck with the standard white hub, meaning it is not a special offer, therefore am I correct in saying the you were advertising a product to the public which you knew you did not have in stock and knew you wouldn’t be getting any more the near future.

      This method of drawing customers in with special offer products, which you do not have in stock which was openly admitted by several of your staff, is false advertising and therefore trading standards will be informed!

      Point 4 :

      On the 9th of April I also called your sales department to order my BT vision box as I was told to do. My detail were again taken and the line was checked, I was given an order number and told everything was fine, my box would be with me on the 15th April.

      Today the 14th April I decided to call to check the order status, as my trust and respect for BT and your ‘advisors’ has long gone, only to be told the order had not gone through.

      So after taking a day off work, in order to be here when the box arrived BT have again proved how incompetent their staff are.

      I then had to again, go through all my detail and the box had to be re ordered and now won’t be here until the 22nd of April, 22 days after the original order for the package was made.

      I called your BT Vision department seeking compensation (possible upgrade in viewing package) only to be told that no compensation could be given!

      It’s just not acceptable, I cannot believe the service I have received from BT it is the worst I have EVER encountered, The call centre operative in India are completely incomprehensible and its fairly obvious to me that they do not receive adequate training or English lessons for that matter.

      When I phone a company as an

    • profile image

      Elaine 9 years ago

      I find BT a joke, i recieved a phone bill for 107 pounds when i had switched to AOL as my talk provider, i have agreed this is for some calls before the switch over, waited untill the remind came in and informed BT i would have diffuculty paying at the moment she gave me a few weeks to pay. The next week i cant call out phone BT to find i have been disconnected, pay 40 pounds and set up a direct debit for the other 67 to be taken out over 2 mths,

      Had to wait 3 days to be reconnected instead of 12 hours. Today discover they have cut me off again, i cant call out no one can call me and i cant even dial 150, phoned from my friends they apparently do not have my dd instuctions when i gave it to 3 people, the man was suppose to call me back and hasnt, this company is a joke and i plan on finding someone else to rent a line from.

    • profile image

      david gollop 9 years ago

      from Saturday 4th.April until Friday 11th.April our phone line and broadband service was not working.After endless phone calls from our mobile to bt to complain we did not have any feedback as promised as to how long we were going to be down. We expect some compensation for this inconvenience as we are trying to sell our property and have found this has been a real problem.

      Phone number 01264 773542

    • profile image

      ruth saphier 9 years ago

      i have had the hub package since november 2007 and have not beeen able to make a single phone call out going, on the new number given 0161 309 0226 people have been able to ring in. i have made several phones to 150 and 151 from my mobile phone which has cost me a lot of money and time. 99 per cent of the time i wqs left holding on and passed from person to person only to be cut off.i have sent several letters to customer complaints which i have had a response which i replied back today. only to find when i got home today 15/4/08 i coule dial out on this phone line but nobody can dial in i used this number to phone the number on my computer spoke to an advisor who told me to ring 150 which i did but got cut off again. when i tried to ring back i can no longer dial out but people can dial hence this email. mrs r saphier not a happy bt customer at all .please reply to

    • profile image

      Dr. Mansoor 9 years ago

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I want to bring your attention to the extortionate reconnection charges BT is making. As you know the company which is undertaking engineering work is a BT subsidiary.

      I have existing line in the house which was in use previously but now BT wants 125 pounds to reactivate in comparison to 50 pounds sky charges which incluides free dish LNB and instalation.

      Due to the rip off I have decided to depend on mobile so I wonder if BT could make any money at all if all the customers take steps to stop this ripoff.


    • profile image

      Charlotte Caldwell 9 years ago

      It is so good to not feel alone! I was encourage by this site to wrie the enclosed email. Thjanks!

      Mr Verwaayen,Our story with BT started last year when we bought a home in Scotland and tried to get phone service. We live most of the year abroad and naively thought we could be connected immediately, as it does here in the US. How wrong we were. After three months of 5 missed appointments we eventually got service, for one week, and then we were disconnected.I have tried with little success to get some response from BT regarding our situation; we have now been informed we were disconnected because of non payment of our bill, despite being set up for direct debit and money being withdrawn from our account. This was done with no warning or explanation. You are aware I am sure of how long it takes to speak with someone in customer service - hours in some instances.. Each time, times, when we finally got through, we were cut off in the middle of the conversation and then we had to start again. I have spent literally hours and many pounds of mobile calls on this fruitless quest. When I eventually spoke with someone in billing who seemed to know what had happened, she added insult to injury by telling us, we were charged 70 pounds for an early cancellation fee and that we we would have to pay a further 124 pounds for being reconnected - with a new number. I asked that our original installation fee be refunded. She said a supervisor would call me back, but when I said I was in the US, she told me BT employees could only call the UK! And this from a communications company? What about all these calls we make that get answered in India?.I cannot express my frustration in dealing with BT. I cannot imagine how you are able to stay in business. Like many people, I look forward to the day when I can get VOIP in the UK, as I do in the US. Until then, my mobile will have to do, as I cannot get another landline without a BT line rental. How crazy is that.Please take these complaints seriously. This is gotcha capitalism at its worst.Charlotte Caldwell

    • profile image

      Futrai 9 years ago

      Having confirmed no charge to be levied I obtained a Mac Code to transfer my Broadband from BT to Be. All went well but I then received the bill from BT for the cancelled service.

      1 hour later on my call to India I was informed that the charges were due to both systems ? not being updayed my the migration personal. The present outstanding payment would be waived but I would have to ring India again in 3 months to get the next payment cancelled.!!!

    • profile image

      Yvette  9 years ago

      I just want to correct my surname that was spelled wrong on my account details when I opened the account over the phone. After 7 phone calls speaking to customer services that can't understand english I still don't have any luck!

    • profile image

      Gordon Ward 9 years ago

      I am at present with cable landline.

      Why should BT have the momopoly on landlines. I want to change from cable with my package deal of bradband/talkunlimited landline to a comany of my choice but I am told I am unable to do so because I do not have a BT landline. BT want to charge me at least £110 to be re connected. It is wrong, they should not have the right to whether I have a landline with them. I at present to do have the right of choice. BT should be made to let go of their monopoly.

    • profile image

      Sarah Stratford 9 years ago

      I am so confused I don't know where I am at.

      Was really upset with BT service so called to say I wanted to cancel. The bloke (Scottish) was so offhand and said alright, but it will cost you £400 or more.

      I was very worried and called to reactive my account in December. I thought I was reactivating my account but although I had the same telephone number, I was now called Sarah StraPford!

      I was still querying the old bill which caused me to cut BT off, as I had signed up for call barring to stop my son making premium phone calls and hadn't been given the right info. I thought those calls were barred but they weren't. I have several pages of most amusing responses from BT customer service, one telling me that you can't bar premium rate, another saying you can't 'stack' the bars.

      Many frustrating calls were made to reinstate call barring, all with different info, I have kept a record of some.Once in a while you would get someone who knew what they were doing but the chances of speaking to them again are slim.

      I got cut off last month,not sure why. Then was put back on with a new number - had to wait two weeks for the internet to catch up. Now I seem to have a bill, recieved today with a £200 odd cancellation fee. I have been in tears of frustration because I thought I had paid everything up to date. I have two current accounts (net and phone) and at least two old ones which I keep getting random bills for with no dates on and no one seems to know what they are really for - least of all me.

      Any ideas what I should do anyone?

    • profile image

      Chris Lewis 9 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      I am sorry to trouble you but I have spent 4 hours on the phone to BT Customer Services in the last week and I have hit a dead-end.

      Last Thursday (10th April) I rang BT to get my phone line re-connected and get BT Broadband Option 3. After much toing and froing I eventually got the order that I wanted and was told that my phone would be connected on Monday (14th) and my broadband today (17th) I thought this a little slow considering I already have a dialing tone and I have previously had BT Broadband at this address, but I accepted this.

      I then received letters dated 10th, 11th and 12th April giving a BT Service start dates of 16th April, 25th April and 15th April respectively. Assuming the latest dated letter was correct and this was for both phone and broadband I was happy. This would've meant that I would have received my service on Tuesday.

      After 2 hours being bounced around many members of BT Staff and being put on hold for long periods of time I have now found out that I will have no service until 25th April. That is 15 days and 11 working days from the original order. This is totally unacceptable.

      Is this what you would call a good customer service or an abuse of a monopoly position? I want to be a BT customer because your BT Broadband is the most consistant service on the market but BT is totally let down by its customer service.

      Looking forward to your reply,

      Chris Lewis

    • profile image

      Cathie 9 years ago

      I received my new BT verve 500 April 16th battery on one of the handset did not work I phoned the on the no on the instruction book and they said they would send nw battery fine. I receved a call from them to say that they had just taken over BT customer service re phones and that they had no battries and gave me a BT no to acll and quote aref no. This I did and they said that they could only send me another phone that I would have to pay for first and that they would then refund the money I had already paid. They would collect my phone on the 18th but I could wait atleast 3 days for the new one. I did not agree to this and they said the only other way was if I called a company that supplies ther parts they would send me a new battery and I could then send the invoice to them they would refund me the cost of the battery. While I did not agree with this I did try I phoned the company and they have not got any so I again phoned customer service to be told ther was nothing else they could do.I then said that they could take a battery out of another phone, they could not do this as it would affect the warrenty of thet phyone HaHa as the battery is in a plastec bag by itself I could not see this, but after quite a time on the phone I have not got any satisfaction.

      I told them that I had just had a toe amplitated and that bothe myself and my husband are disabled therefore cannot be without a phone

      I have been looking to see if I can find a battery on the net and have found the same phone £ 13 cheaper, but am concerned that ! if I send this one back will I get a full refund and 2nd how long will I be without a phone

    • profile image

      Neil McDonald 9 years ago

      This is a copy of the complaint and the response regarding the exceptionally bad service I have received from BT after having only set up a simple land line.

      My Complaint:

      Dear Sir,

      I am writing to inform you of the unbelievably poor service which I have received since setting up a basic phone line back in November 2007.

      The account appeared to be running perfectly well until the first notification of an unpaid bill which was received on 07/03/08 advising that there was an outstanding balance of 174.81. It appears that the bill had not been paid since December but was not brought to my attention by BT until March. On receiving this notification I immediately contacted your customer service team to pay the bill. Your advisor was informed that the bill would be paid ASAP as I was now aware of the issue. The bill was then paid online by my girlfriend but was not applied to my account as she is not the account holder. I then contacted your customer service team again and was advised that it would be noted on the account that this was a missing payment case. My girlfriend then contacted you with the payment details and the transaction was identified and applied to my account. During this call an order was placed for the broadband hardware to allow an internet connection to be established and my girlfriend was informed that the package would be delivered within five working days. I then called to ensure the account was up to date and was informed by your advisor that this was the case and every thing was in order.

      Having rectified the previous problem it was brought to my attention that the phone line did not appear to be working. I then contacted BT again and was informed that the account had been closed and a final bill issued. I asked to speak with the relevant department and was passed to several different people who were unable to help. At this stage I had been on the phone for over half an hour and asked to speak with a manger as it was clear the multiple customer service representatives did not know how to deal with my query. The manager passed me to your sales team who set up a new account for me and advised that the phone number would remain the same. Your sales advisor asked me to call back in two working days to check if the broadband order was being processed as he was unable to check at that time. This call took over 52 minutes and cost 8.99 in call charges on my mobile phone not including any of the many previous calls my girlfriend and I have had to make.

      Finally it appeared that the problems had been resolved but this was not the case. I contacted BT again to check on the broadband order and was informed that the order had been cancelled and that the phone number allocated to my new account was different from the original. Your customer service advisor sent through an order to have the number changed back to the original ***** ****** which takes four working days. I was asked then to call back again to order the broadband hardware once the phone number had been corrected.

      Today I checked my Equifax credit file and found that BT have registered a warning in February indicating bad credit on my part. I called to make a formal complaint regarding the continual shocking service and was then passed from the original advisor to three additional people before being told that a complaint could not be raised due to system issues. I was promised a call back within two hours which I never received.

      This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced due to lack of communication and incompetence on your part. I would like the following issues addressed to bring an end to this nightmare.

      1. Correction of my credit file with formal notification being sent to me by letter

      2. Phone line to be reconnected with the correct number ***** *****

      3. Suitable compensation for the wasted time and phone bills

      4. Delivery of the broadband equipment

      5. Details of a direct contact to assist with future problems

      I can be contacted on my mobile ***** ****** at any time. Should there be no answer please leave a message with a direct contact number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      The resepnse:

      Dear Mr *********,

      Thank you for your email dated 9/4/08 about your BT telephone service.

      I am very sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced in the past in relation to your billing of the land line and for the ordering of your Broadband service.

      I have checked your BT account and when the line was started in November 2007 you had requested for monthly billing. We issued bills out to you in 15th December 2007, 15th January 2008,15th February 2008 and 15th March 2008 to the installation address, reminders were also issued 10 days after the original bill. Your line was made incoming calls only on 11th March 2008 and due to the amount of bills outstanding the line was then disconnected on the 16th March 2008 and the final bill issued on 7th April 2008. Once BT send the bills out on the cycle that the customer request (ie monthly) we trust that the customer will be aware that bills will be due and if they are worried that they haven't received one in 4 months they would contact us in regards to it. Bills can also be viewed online at to allow customers to keep a closer check on the bills. Therefore details on the credit file are correct and no adjustments will made.

      Your phone number has been changed back to the original ***********.

      No compensation can offered at this time, I am sorry that you had to wait so long to get through to an adviser however this call is a free phone number when dialling from a land line.

      Broadband products will not be issued out to you until the order has been placed, now that your line is back on and working an order can be completed please ring the Broadband sales team on 0800 085 6161 to request this.

      Unfortunately we are unable to give direct lines to advisers for customers however you are welcome to reply to this email and I will be happy to help with your enquiries.

      I understand that this may not be the response you were expecting however I trust that the information I have provided has helped you understand BT's position on these matters.

      Once again please accept my apologies for the problems you have experienced with BT recently.

      Thank you for contacting BT.

      My comments:

      It appears accrording to BT that there is now a serious issue with the Royal Mail. Is it possible that the bills and reminders issued for 3 months could all go missing? I thnik not!

      Note in the response they state that the BT telephone number is free from a land line. Thats great if your landline has not been disconnected by BT.

      I asked to be contacted by phone regarding this complaint but again BT cannot follow simple instructions and they replied by email!

      If anything can be done about this I can be contacted at


    • profile image

      mary jackson 9 years ago

      I have two complaints, the first one is, i got bt vision from you a good few months ago, it never worked from day 1, some 1 eventually came out to fix it, it lasted 2 weeks at the most, the same thing happened again, i have reported it approx 5 times now i don't even get any replies, the other issue i have is my home phone isn't receiving income or out going calls i again have reported this a few times again no reply. mary jackson

    • profile image

      Douglas Johnson 9 years ago

      I have been complaining about the interference on my hub phone since it was installed Oct 07.

      To date nothing that has been tried by you has worked.

      About 2 and a half months ago you ceased talking to me although I had been promised that you would endeavour to find a solution.

      I wrote 3 weeks ago to BT and Monday 7th April received a telephone call from BT unfortunately the wrong department. The lady called Pauline said she would get someone from the correct department in the internet section. This has never materilaised.

      I feel that you are side lining the problem and that you win whichever outcome ensues. You are not going to be out of pocket as I continue to pay the bills.

    • profile image

      Ayisha Madden 9 years ago

      I called BT 4 weeks ago when i moved in to my new property. There are BT sockets and BT line wire everywhere so i thought this would not be a problem. How wrong was i! Firstly they charged me £124.99 to connect a line that they said was not ther but evidently is, then i have to wait 4 weeks for an install date. Only then to recieve a text on Fri 11th at 6.30pm to cancel this date and give me new date another 8 days away. When i called to say this was most disappointing i was basically told tuff that the new date and thats it. 5 hours on the phone to them from a mobile doesnt come cheap. I now have no faith in them whats so ever but have no choice as they are the only provider i can get in my area. Id been with Virgin for 4 1/2yrs without a porblem im very dissapointed.

    • profile image

      debbie 9 years ago

      i have been separated from my husband for over 2 yrs now and bt still insist on linking our phones, he has been able to read my billing info,

      order things from bt ,these have been put in my name and sent to our old adderss that we both lived at over a year ago, and to top it all today bt have done a credit check in my name without my permission for something my ex wanted to order from them,

      i have made many many phone calls about this linking our accounts to be told they were no longer linked, then this happens today!

      fumming dosent even come close to how i feel,

      what they have done is against the law!

    • profile image

      Ali Bongo 9 years ago

      Foolishly, a week and a half ago I accepted BT's offer to provide Broadband, phone line and Broad band Anywhere.

      The next day when the mobile phone arrived it was faulty. I was not impressed with customer services and made the decision to cancel my order and was assured that the cancellation had been done. I confirmed this a couple of days later.

      On Saturday I lost my Tiscali Broadband and discovered that BT had taken it over.

      I contacted BT and was told I was not a customer of theirs and that I had no Broadband with them.

      I tried Tiscali they advised me I was now with BT!!!!!

      After 9 hours of speaking to idiots at BT i eventually obtained a MAC code for a service they still state I don't have.

      However, I cannot migrate from BT as they have tagged my line and tied it to them.

      What a *****ng shambles!

      Having spent the weekend going round in ever decreasing circles I have now found that I can connect to the internet. I have checked with BT who say it' not with them. I have checked with Tiscali, they still say the lines tagged to BT so I can't jon them.

      So....FREE BROADBAND :-)

    • profile image

      Mr A A 9 years ago

      To cut a long story short, not only did they charge me £124.99 to flick a switch for a line when a box clearing saying 'BT' already exists in my house, but they have to balls to charge me late and reconnection fees when they dont send me out a copy of the direct debit mandate to make me aware of the date the payment will be taken.

      Now, without trying to sound racist, its taken me over 6 hours to finally speak to somebody that speaks effing english! after being cut off, transferred around and speaking to managers who have promised refunds for all the failed direct debit late payment & debit charges from my bank, Ive still yet to recieve the credit returned to my bank account. Finally i brought myself to painstakingly call BT again. As usual, I got the same routine of being transferred around, speaking to fucking indians that dont understand a fucking thing you say! FIIINALY after 2 hours of hanging up and re dialing, i spoke to somebody in the UK (friendly chap) who saw all the notes on my account, quite willingly agreed to refund the whole amount of £102.50 back to my bank account, he took my sort code and account number and it was settled. i felt a huge relief. i even logged into my online BT account then next day to see if there was any progress, and it showed a credit of £102.50 being processed. I thought this was the last of it....I was wrong...

      The monday after the weekend, i decide to check my online BT account for any progress, and what do you know....a bill of £102.50 is required to be paid! so its like BT lent me money only for them to ask me to pay it back again when I havent even received it back in my account yet!!!

      Im a Sky employee who deals with sales and accounts! Even though i get free sky, broadband and telephone, i put off switching over to sky's phone service simply because a BT line is required by everybody when switching between providers, so i decided to stay with BT to keep my future options open, but after today, i was straight back onto my computer at work and signed myself up with sky talk.


    • profile image

      John 9 years ago

      i have had trouble with my BT line for ages now! My ISP has told me that BT has a problem and will fix the line but no! The intenet still disconnects when i get a phone call. It's now running at 0.5 mbps and shouls run at a closer to 3 mbps with a max of 3.5. I have been told 3 times that they have fixed the problem and all 3 times nothing has changed. all they have done is slowed my internet speed from 3 mbps to 0.5.

      If anyone knows anything please help!

    • profile image

      debbie 9 years ago

      ok gave my ex the email addy thats been put on here, within a few mins he rang me back to say he'd had a relpy, (under five mins) and that the problem would be looked into,

      ive just googled ben verwaayen and he is one of the top bt guys out there,

      will keep you posted on the outcome, have also told my ex about this site.

      the email was

    • profile image

      Aravind Venugopal 9 years ago

      I recently took a BT landline. Now the only reason I did take it, was to get my o2 broadband connection. So when asking for the new line, i specifically mentioned that I wanted the minimum option 1 contract for 10.50, alongwith paper free billing. The customer service agent also promised that the half price installation (a whopping £60) would be taken from me in installments. All well so far. then I receieve a bill, where they informed me I was put on option 2 instead of 1. I called them to get it corrected. keep in mind that this was even before I got the service activated. I was then promised by the customer service agent that this was a free upgrade, and any charges would be reversed. At that point, i specifically asked him whether I would continue to pay 10.50, and he said YES. 3 weeks down the line, neither has my complaint been resolved, but my repeated attempts to get BT to correct it result in one answer - 'your complaints have been noted and our team will get back to you in 24-48 hours'. That, im sorry to say, was over 10 days back. Am i in a different world, or does BT time go according to some different clock, that as normal humans are unaware of?

    • profile image

      Peter Halsey 9 years ago

      I am writing to complain about the extortionate charge of £4.50, plus a stamp, for cashing my payment cheque each quarter. I am a pensioner living in the countryside and need communications, but this represents a significant extra charge to the already high line rental charge, Is this actually legal?

    • profile image

      Liz Bonelli 9 years ago

      We just got billed for supposedly making 100 calls FROM our house number, TO that very same house number....!!! After spending around an hour waiting for an advisor, he seemed to find it funny... 3 months on, we are still waiting for our money back and a correct bill. I have also had experiences of money for two bills getting deducted on two consecutive days, etc. etc. The point is that because BT have the monopoly on home phone lines AND THEY KNOW IT, they can get away with providing no service at all to customers, long waiting times, rudeness, incompetence and mistakes after mistakes. What can be done about this? I have no choice but to stay with BT because providers such as Virgin don't service my area (despite the fact I live in zone 2 London, and not in the sticks!!). Does anyone know of any other provider? I've enquired with Sky but they need a BT line... Catch 22...

    • profile image

      Mandy Carter 9 years ago

      I ordered a new phoneline with BT around 3 months ago, at first it seemed to be going quite well! The engineers came and dug up the road within two weeks and then it all started to go horrible wrong. We waited about 4 weeks for someone to come and connect the cables to our temporary caravan but no one came and we heard nothing and could not get a answer from BT. On my way home from work one day i saw the engineer and explained that we were still waiting for the road connection to be put to the caravan and he said that he would talk to the exchange and give me a call. Which he did and the next day we were connected. Great i thought now i am going to order broadband. So the next week i called BT and got passed around to a least 10 people and repeated over and over again my tel number, Name and Address. I was on the phone for a least 2 hours but no one know who i was and the phone number did not exist. So i was eventually told to call back the next day and then they would know who i was. Unfortunatly the next day i still did not exist but lucky for me i did get to speak to several more people for 2 more hours...Trying to convince them i did have a phone line. I was told to try again later in the week. So later that week i called again and spoke to several more people at BT but i was still invisible. This time though a break through, she know i was there and confirmed that the connection had not been done correctly. She promised to send a email through to the faults division and that the next day i would be able to order Broadband. Unfortunatly the next day my phone line was cut off and i no longer existed. I had at this point lost the will to live so my husband called BT on his mobile for two hours and spoke to various people in India who he was unable to understand, eventually he spoke to a lady who promised to get the problem sorted and said that she would call him back the next day. And quess what she did and 2 days later we had a phone line..and a new number. Thankgod. But unfortunatly the very next day we were cut of again. At this point i wondered if BT was responsible for contributing to the countries suicide figures. We then started the ongoing process of talking to BT again, so we talked and talked and talked to lots and lots of people. We were eventually promised the the phone line would be connected on the 16th of April and quess what...wait for it, It wasn't. I called BT and Complained again but no one seemed to care, I was passed around, what i could not understand was that i had had a phone line twice so why is it so hard to connect us again. 4 days later i received 2 phone calls from india telling me my phone line was not connected, REALLY! and would be re-connected in 30 days or at least i think thats what they said! So i sit in anticipation everyday with my fingers crossed hoping for a phoneline. MY god and i still need Broadband.

    • born4thesurf profile image

      born4thesurf 9 years ago from Truro

      Hello everyone, this is the webmaster of this blog.

      This morning I heard a the debate on my local radio station Pirate FM in Cornwall. I moved to Ponsanooth in Cornwall last year and tried to get BT to fit a new line to our house. Simple yes? No way was this simple!

      I'm not one for complaining but after 6 months of problems including 3 separate bills for £300 for one phone line, total lack of communication with BT customer service reps, the list goes on, I decided to set up a BT complaints blog on the web where people like me could submit there BT Complaint online.

      The idea behind this is to put all BT complaints received into a report and send off for investigation from Offcom, Watchdog and such like. So far I have had almost 10,000 people visit this blog in 6 months with hundreds of complaints received. Have a look at the BT complaints blog at

      There are links on there to submit a BT complaint. Join me and together we can get some action to put right this terrible service we are receiving.

      Thanks for all your complaints so far - They will all be going into the report so we can get some answers

    • profile image

      pauline silker 9 years ago

      Here I am again!! As a result of my last run in with BT I finally managed to get a response, yes it's amazing isn't it!! Finally I received a counterfoil for a greatly reduced bill, my initial bill was £333.73 which after much hair pulling and screaming on the end of the telephone line to India and various other departments belonging to BT the bill was reduced to £130.70 which I agreed to pay, and was told that when the amount was paid my services would be restored (ha ha). I have been without service to my landline since February. I sent off my cheque believing that in x days I would be functional again, yes your right I wasn't. I received another bill for £20 and a few pence which was paid immediately and then to my ultimate disgust yet again I was told I would have to reapply for my services, enter into a twelve month contract with BT again, free of charge - wait for it after they had checked my credit rating, what a 'B' cheek. If any on the numskulls working for this organisation had taken the initiative and looked at my account no outstanding monies were owing or ever had been as I paid my account by Direct Debit. I have been so annoyed and frustrated with BT I told them not to bother. I am now looking to sign with hopefully a more reliable company. How BT manage to get away with such atrocious service (lack of it). Where are the company's who are supposed to deal with customers complaints against big organisations such as BT. A very worrying aspect in all this is how the bills are calculated, how can BT justify an amount of £333.77 and then make such a reduction? The replacement cable used for work carried out in my home cost, and I quote £13.72, pluse £99 call out charge which is outrageous for half an hours work. so the additional amount on the bill was for what precisely I wonder, share holders holiday fund!! I also complainded to OTELO and also got no joy, apparently my complaint was not the right kind of complaint, sounds like the statement British Rail made regarding the wrong kind of snow/rain. Otelo also stated that the booklet enclosed would explain the situation to me, yeh you've guessed, there was no booklet enclosed, what a farce of an organisation, as bad as BT in fact. So, what if anything can be done regarding such practices if government watchdogs haven't got any teeth to bite with then they are of no use at all and a waste of money, another government quango, jobs for the boys. Who is the head of BT I would dearly like a one to one with this bloke and his cronies.

    • profile image

      Adrian Hicks 9 years ago

      I have NEVER experienced such a bad service as BT offer. I simply moved house. On the day of the new move they gave me a new number and said it would be up and running the next day at 8.00 am. It wasn't. I complained (30 minute call) and was told the number was wrong. I was given another one. That didn't work. Another call (1 hour). Still no joy although I was assured it would be up and running in 48 hours. Another two calls (1 and a half hours). Its still not resolved. I have however spoken to the entire population of India. How many departments do they have? They have no direct lines and will not do call backs. Awful!!!!

    • profile image

      sean 9 years ago

      I have recently lost approximately £2 via your payphones and the general level of service at these is disgusting.

      It is neither not just the money but the amount of time and inconvenience this has created!!!

    • profile image

      colin graham 9 years ago

      ok, we ordered business broadband and a phone line for our new office. firstly BT didnt show up on the day of the installation then claimed we hadnt placed an order. strangely enough after placing our second order we then received two hubs and 2 sets of documentation. since we didnt place our order in the first place this was obviously an act of god.when i called customer services i was then informed that we had placed 2 orders.ok BT then finally came around and got everything up and running very quickly which was excellent. unfortunately our company requires a static IP as we are a web company and had ordered this with both orders.its now 3 weeks after everything was setup and after at least 7 phone calls to at least 15 different people they still dont seem able to get this sorted. Our business depends on this and BT just cant deliver.In my opinion its the lack of trained customer services staff compared to some organisations they are abysmal.

    • profile image

      Cannon68 9 years ago

      charged £300 for call out. They said fault was my fault - down to an internet router. The router was supplied by work - had it checked. 100% working fine. BT just took the £300 as a direct debit. It's theft............................... and can I get through to them on the phone............what do you think.

    • profile image

      Tim Poole 9 years ago

      I moved into rented accomadation in Inverness on January 16th. The previous occupant had BT phone and broadband and had attempted to cancel the line with BT on the 14th. On moving in, I did phoned BT, who informed me that the line had never been cancelled. Since then, I have spent a unmber of hours on the phone to BT customer services, billing, faults, etc. The latest brilliance from BT is to install a new line without shutting down the old one! The customer service has been appalling, the last guy even telling me that in order to sort out a fault on an order that has never been truly processed, I would need pay

      £116.33 for the engineering visit£99.88 for every hour of part hour of work completed by the engineer

      For a line which was in the house and I have never been able to take up due to a 'technical fault', I found both the tone and attitude of BT extraordinary. After 3 months, one would have presumed that someone somewhere would be able to do the simple thing and after all the hassle, any mention of additional charges would be dropped (what are they doing to get £124.99 for a reconnection anyway?). What's more, I am increasingly angry with continually having to explain myself to new people and BT employees in India, who although are doing their best, seem uhnable to really help in this situation. My girlfriend is Canadian and this has been frustrating for both of us.

    • profile image

      Marie Phillips 9 years ago

      My mother was recently made deceased at a very young age, a totally distressing time for us, made even worse by BT!!! I asked for the account holder name to be switched to my brothers name who lives at the same address as my late mother. BT said they couldnt do this they would need to open a new account in his name, same number. there would be no hassle they said no interference with our line connection. I had also paid a recent bill in my mothers name that was in advance so they said this would be issued back to me (I had to call twice to ask them to issue the cheque in my name not my mothers). Anyway, the new account was supposed to be activated on the 24th April 2008, on the 25th a neighbour called to say she had been trying to get through but the number was not reconized. Nobody could ring in, I contacted BT who had re-circulated the telehone no. we had been issued for the last 15 years or more out without informing us. No guarantees of getting it back they said, they had not even issued us a new telephone no. Also the number was crucial to us at this time, my mothers death was surrounding tragic circumstances and the number had been issued to police, coroner, funeral directors etc, family and friends. They also said it would take up to 5 days to sort but we were expected to still pay line rental as we could ring out. They also issued the refund cheque in my mothers name and had to re-issue it again, third request for this. We are stil waiting for the number and line to be re-connected. BT have caused us a tremendous amount of stress and inconvienience at the most difficult and stressful time of our lives. They are a complete and utter waste of space!!

    • profile image

      Anita 9 years ago

      The only reason I'm forced to be with BT is that I need wireless high-speed broadband and Virgin seems to require a BT phone line if you're in a non-cable area. The space here is not enough to describe the frustrating endless phone calls I made to BT in the past and now. In the recent episode they cut off my line without prior warning, because I have not paid the full amount requested. The bill they sent me was £10 short of what I'm supposed to pay, but how should I know that if the amount on the bill is incorrect? So now they disconnected my account, if I want to reconnect, I have to pay the outstanding balance + £35 reconnection fee. I DONT' THINK SO!

    • profile image

      Grace 9 years ago

      BT suck eggs in hell! OMFG! It's been 9 weeks and they still haven't returned my £50 despoit I paid them after I cancelled my service with them!

      You know what?! I don't even want the poxy £50 i'd be happy to give it to charity... it's the principle of the thing! BT should stand for b*stard tw*ts!

      (count back from 100.... and relax)

      Cheers people.. just needed to vent! LOL

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      I sent the following to BT, I thought it easier to copy and paste rather than write it out again:

      I was moving into a new property and required a phone line (the property had never been connected before) and with everything being finalised I attempted to be pro-active and order the phone line knowing it would take a week or 2 to be installed. After, what I would deem an unacceptable amount of time being kept on hold (I will later realise this is the norm for BT), I managed to order a phone line for the property. Again, being my pro-active self I thought I would order broadband at the same time, or at least make it known that I was intending to order it so it would take less time once the phone line has been set up. I was promptly told this was not how it was done and I would have to phone up again. Anyway, after just over a week of no confirmation from BT about my order I phoned back (when I learned that it is not unusual to be on hold for over an hour) and was told there was no record of my order. Strange, since I had even been given a reference number, but putting it down to a bit of bad luck I re-ordered. I phoned back a few days later to make sure everything had gone through and amazingly my original order had been found. Now we are at about 3 weeks from when I originally ordered and about a week away from an engineer coming out. Great, took a bit of time and there were some hiccups but it should be done soon.

      Once the phone line was installed I wanted to order broadband. So off I go to my nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to order it (I couldn’t bare being on hold anymore). I ordered broadband with no problem; I even get the limited edition black home hub. Broadband takes about 10 days to be installed, so about 10 days go past and I’m getting ever more excited about my limited edition hub, but nothing comes. So back on the phone (still about an hour on hold) to find out what’s going on. “It’s been put on hold sir because we can’t find your local exchange, hasn’t anyone told you?” No! Nobody contacted me to tell me anything of the sort. I’m now told that BT engineers are driving around trying to find the exchange and it will be within the next few days, then 10 days after that my home hub will be delivered, but I will be contacted once the exchange has been found. No contact but my home hub is delivered a week or so after. Happy with the limited edition hub, not so happy with the lack of contact.

      Now I am online and surfing away to find a TV provider. I see an advert for BT Vision…do I dare? It looks good; I must have had a bit of bad luck with the previous services BT provided me, and this is their rival to SKY, so they must be anxious to satisfy my television needs. So I ring up and am put through to a BT sales assistant straight away, things are looking up. A line test is done on my broadband (I have option 3, 8mb) and I’m told everything is ok and an engineer will come out on the 22nd September (the standard 6 weeks). I make the arrangements to be in on the 22nd and hear nothing back from BT. Stupidly assuming all is well I sit in and wait on the 22nd. About 4pm on said day I decide to phone BT to see what’s going on. I find out there is no record of my order! By this point I have put up with quite a lot and am starting to feel a bit aggravated by what I perceive as BT clearly not caring about its customers. The sales assistant was very apologetic and the only answer she could give was that BT’s systems are ‘playing up’ and orders are being lost. So by your own employee’s admission the systems are inadequate.

      Reluctantly I re-order BT Vision. Another line test is done (I still have option 3, 8mb) and I am told this time that the equipment will be sent out, not installed by an engineer, and will arrive in 6 weeks time. I asked for a reference number but that will be sent out via email over the next couple of days. Sensing my diminishing faith in BT the sales assistant told me someone would phone to confirm the order. 1 week passes and I have no email and no phone call. I’m back on the phone to BT but now the sales representative refuses to speak to me. After answering all security questions she asks if I am the account holder. I am not, my partner is, but you have been dealing with me thus far so why are you refusing to me now? All I want to know is if my order is actually being processed or if it has succumbed to the same fate as my other orders. Now being unable to even speak to anyone I am fuming. I ask for the complaints department but because I am not the account holder she refuses that as well. I ask for the address of the complaints department but am told there is no such thing.

      At this point I am wondering why I am giving BT my hard earned money. I phone my partner and tell her she now has to phone to ask for the update promised to me. She does so and is told that our order has been put on hold because our broadband speed is not fast enough. I found that a little strange since it is currently the fastest you offer. If you are offering a faster service but not telling customers might I suggest a different approach? We are again asked the question “didn’t anybody tell you that your order has been put on hold?” Again, the answer is no. Another line test is done and amazingly it is found that we do have fast enough broadband to support BT Vision! 3 line tests – what an amazing waste of resources.

      The order is apparently now being processed as I write this letter, with a full promise of an update over the next couple of days. You will forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

      I am amazed that this is what it takes to order BT services. A friend of mine was in a similar situation (requiring a phone line, broadband and television) at about the same time. He went with SKY for the whole package and it was all fully working within 3 weeks of his original order. I envy him.

      Now I am hoping I have painted enough of a picture for you to be able to understand my position. In turn I tried to understand yours; to see what I should expect as a customer. I was clicking around your internet site and came across your values. It may be worth either reviewing them or the ways in which you achieve them. As a customer, and based on my brief but eventful relationship with you, would you like my opinion on how I think you are doing in relation to your values? Well I’m going to anyway:

      · Trustworthy - we do what we say we will – In none of my contacts with BT did you do what you said you would, not without considerable stress on my behalf.

      · Helpful - we work as one team – This is clearly the most laughable, nobody who I spoke to had any idea about any other processes in place if they were in a different team, the very fact a customer has to phone up so many times to each separate department, and my bills for phone, broadband and Vision all come through as separate accounts, demonstrates how far away you are from achieving this.

      · Inspiring - we create new possibilities – There is more truth in this one, good going! It’s just a shame customers have such a hard time getting these new possibilities.

      · Straightforward - we make things clear – Not really – I was told things on the phone contrary to the website (or hidden on the website) and at no point did I think to myself ‘thank god I spoke to that BT representative’

      · Heart - we believe in what

    • profile image

      Christine 9 years ago

      after reading some of the other horror stories here I dont feel as bad however having gone through the same abismal service since last august when we had BT vision installed,has not worked since day 1 and we get shunted from pillar to post and back again with noone taking any responsibility.after many,many hours on the phone-at local rate! we get another dept thats if the servers not down or no reply or just been hung up on!! a company as big as BT needs seriously to get its act together and treat customers properly.Needless to say contacting directors/CEO etc may get results but 8 months later i'm about to throw the V box in the tip and order SKY!The frustration and anger just dont seem to be worth it, lifes too short but why should they get away with this C**p?

    • profile image

      Daryl Smith 9 years ago

      I requested a pin number change on our smart divert system last monday 21st April 2008. I was given a BT reference number. 9689653566. I was informed that the job would be complete in 48 hours and i would receive an email when complete. On wednesday no email arrived so i waited until Thursday. i contacted BT local business department and i was informed by a young lady that she would sort it out and email me when complete. Monday 28th April in the morning the requested pin number change had not occured, I then went to use the smart divert system at 16:50 monday afternoon to hear a message that the service was not available. So i presumed that the pin number had been changed. I tried again with the requested pin number and still no service available. i immediately phoned BT and was told the pin number was changed and the job was complete and closed down. I informed them that the system was not working. They carried out a line test and informed me there was a fault. I then spent a further 2 hours trying to get some one to resolve my problem, All the chap in faults wanted to do is charge me out of hours call out fee to fix the fault on my line. A fault which i never had previously to the pin number change. I was left with they would fix it by 5pm tuesday. Tuesday 29th April. I received a text message at 07:23 this morning to inform me they were working on the fault, at 11am this morning still no line working. At 11:32 a text message to say that the faults were fixed arrived. STILL NO LINE WORKING. I have now spent since 11:40 tuesday trying to get someone to fix our problem and get our smart divert working again. We only access our system by Smart Divert and never use the phone socket directly. The actual socket is at a remote location to satisfy the legal Licensing laws surrounding taxi and private hire business. At the moment my business is losing about £430.00 per day. this line has been off now since approximately 16:30 monday afternoon. Wednesday 30th April update. still no smart divert working and still no closer to being resolved by the look of it. The worse thing with BT is they dont even have the decency to phone you back.

    • profile image

      Mr Lee Smith 9 years ago

      My turn!

      I recently began a bt contract for a phone / internet combination priced at £19.00 per month inc,some free calls.i had a telephone conversation (india)during which i repeatedly asked if there were any hidden / rising costs to said plan.I was assured the price was all i would pay , excepting call charges.this suited me as i only wanted the line for the broadband and very occasional fax anyway.For the first 3 months that was indeed all i payed .the broadband played up quite a bit which invoved many a infuriating phone call to india , but thats another story.the problem was , after 3 months , bt started another account up and began taking a daft amount of money from my bank for broadband.after many an infuriating phonecall , they agreed to refund the broadband portion of my bill.

      being angry as i was i asked to cancell the whole thing and as they had admited miss selling me the package i wanted to start from scratch.However after looking at the broadband options on the market , i decided i would phone bt to retain my line rental and just get my broadband elsewhere.again.. many an annoying phonecall later ,during some of which i was left on hold and then hung up on .i was told that i hadnt cancelled my line rental at all

      I,m no racict and would happily talk to a alien who spoke reasonable english ,but the people in these call centres do not and it just makes complicated matters unbearable.

      Bt is shit!there summed it up!

    • profile image

      lyn  9 years ago

      10 weeks ago we had problem with our shop phone on the Monday a Bt engineer found a fault. The same day we received a letter from Bt stating unusual activity on phone and over £120 of premium calls had been made. On the saturday, Two days previously we had mis-laid a hands free handset. Checking our usauge online the calls had been made in a 3hr time frame on the Saturday. I immediatly phoned the police and informed BT, who told me to wait until the next bill arrived then phone them back. I phoned back when bill arrived to be informed I would have to pay the charges and if I did not the phone would be cut off.

      I made a complaint to Bt regarding paying funds on my behalf to a company when the calls had been made without my permission and fraudulently. I enquired had Bt notified the companycornserned, no it was not their responsibility they stated. I asked for the companies details which Bt refused to give me. I asked for the address to make a formal complaint to Bt and was told they would ring me back. 10 days later no one has rung and this morning we received a letter stating they had explored all avenues and we now had to pay. We could complain to OTELO if we wished to so.

      Phoned Otelo who are sending out forms advised to also complain PhonePayPlus

      Why should I have to do any of this. The premium numbers are sex phone lines I asked Bt why these numbers were available without a pin or credit card, not their problem I was informed. On the Saturday when we were having problems with the credit cards machine not being able to access the phone line(because some dirty pervert was using the phone) I pulled out the hands free and put an old corded phone in, would I have been facing a £3,000 bill my Monday if I had not done so?.

    • profile image

      Harri 9 years ago

      I moved into a flat in Woolwich on January 4th 2008, and on the same day made the first call to have my BT phone line installed. I have now placed 6 separate orders, been told that the phone line has been installed twice, been charged 4 times for installation and still don't have a phone line.

      I am absolutely beyond despair.

    • profile image

      Harriet Burnell 9 years ago

      Currently having a nightmare with BT. Asked them to set up a phone and broadband package. On two seperate occasions engineers failed to turn up. We then cancelled the service and sent the equipment back.

      Since then we have had about 8 bills, for varying amounts. Each time we call them we spend about £10 trying to find someone who speaks enough English to understand. After an hour on the phone each time they promise to cancel the account. After only another few days we receive another bill. Have no idea how to handle this.

    • profile image

      Michael Lock 9 years ago

      Letter of complaint I sent

      I have cancelled my Bt Account as of 1/5/2008 due to the terrible service I received from you. I paid my account regularly whilst I was in work. I had to give up work and I asked to go onto a monthly payment plan to make payment more affordable to me. This posed no problem to the first person I spoke to and arrangements were made. However my phone and broadband was cancelled even though I was making payments. On ringing to ask what the problem was I was treated like a bad debtor and the person I spoke to was very abrupt and made me feel as if I was a criminal. I was informed that under no circumstances could I have a monthly plan, even though I had a letter and paying in slips to the contrary, as I would have to pay my bill in full before I could be considered for direct debit. This left me confused and very upset. I phoned back the next day and got another person who informed me that I had the monthly payment plan and the other person was wrong, they apologised and my telephone and broadband was resumed. I thought it was all sorted but no my phone and broadband was disconnected yet again, and yet again told I had to pay my bill then I could set up a direct debit. Yet again I rang up and was told I could have a direct debit set up as I only had one payment to go, so I arranged to pay by direct debit. I paid my final payment and the direct debit was set up, or so I thought. No I was yet again informed that I was unable to have a direct debit until I had paid my bill in full, even though I had signed a direct debit form with the arrangements of paying £61 a month, which was due to be taken on the 1st May 2008. I received a letter stating that I couldn’t have a direct debit until my bill was paid, even though it had been cleared at that time. This was the final straw for me, and I decided that I would go elsewhere as the treatment I was receiving was appalling. I had been a loyal customer of BT for a number of years and I do not expect to be treated in this manner. I informed you that I was leaving and would require a MAC code to give to my new supplier. I received the code and my new supplier informed me that you had given them the date of 1/5/2008 as the switch over date. However I noticed when I set up my new broadband that my BT broadband was still active, I rang to ask why this was and the lady informed me that on my records I had switched over to another supplier and my account had been closed with BT. I do not expect a bill from you regarding payment from the 1st of May 2008 .Michael Lock

    • profile image

      Michael Lynch 9 years ago

      Possible phone Scam

      I live in France and father has been calling me on the same number for several years. He attempted to call me recently and was sent through to an operator who informed him that the number requested was unattainable. The person who replied then suggested to put him though to the desired number .... with the catch that at the end the operation was to be charged. Has anyone else experienced such problems ? Is this a ligitimate technical problem often encounter, or is this yet another underhand method of filling BT's coffers ?

      I now only call my father from France....and its cheaper !

      Michael Lynch, Orléans France (

    • profile image

      Hitesh 9 years ago

      I want to complain about the charges which occur to my final bill. I think they are unfair and I am pressurised to pay for the services which we haven’t received and no one taking responsibility for the inconvenience we been through.

      My phone line is installed in May 2007 and after using phone line for a month then it was off for 2 months and then got back connected in August 2007 then the main trouble started end of August, when neighbours builder was working out side the house and they cut the phone line by accident.

      So I inform the BT about it and ask them to solve the problem. As BT send the Engineer in weeks time then engineer came and gone with out doing any thing.

      Then I asked them about it and they don’t have any answer about it and they send the engineer again. Still engineer came and gone without doing anything, which wasted my lots of time and energy.

      So finally in three months time nothing happens, I asked BT to disconnect the line and finished the contract.

      So BT gave me bill 254.58 pound bill on 11 November 2007 and explaining for engineer visits. So I ask the BT about it and refuse to pay for the work which they haven’t did. As result they wipe out some of charges 99.00 on 14 November 2007. But they still come up with 119.46 pound bill on 29 November 2007. I explain then again in last 7 months of BT service.

      Connected in May 2007

      Disconnected June 2007

      Connected August 2007

      Line broken August 2007

      Disconnection request November 2007

      November Bill 119.46

      After that I spoken to BT about it and every time new story happen so some time they say there is no more payment due in your account.

      But now I got letter form SC Gray Solicitors Limited Ref no 3380079 dated 21/04/08 saying that they are collecting debt for BT Group PLC.

      When I spoken to BT about it then they say you have to pay the amount because it is your liability but I am trying to understand if some thing happen inside my house I will feel responsible for that but some body broke the BT line out side how come I am become liable for that, if BT want to collect the money form builder who broke the line then BT must look for the builder or people who broke it instead of ripping of their own customer.

    • profile image

      Amanda 9 years ago

      BT are a disgrace. I sonly signed up so i could get sky broadband , they put me on a payment plan, well thats what i though! now they want full payment for connection charges (124.99) plus line rental which i cannot afford!!!! customer service is crap they tell you lies,i have explained my situation about 50 times to different people beacue they dont make notes on the calls!!!

      god im so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Colin 9 years ago

      This is an extract from the complaint letter I'm sending.

      "After closing my account I was sent a huge bill, £70 (less a service refund it came to £55.59) and informed that that it was an administration charge for the closing of the account. There is no way that charge genuinely reflects the amount of money it takes for you to close an account and transfer the data to another company. This is just a blatant attempt to impose financial penalties on leaving customers because your company does not want to compete in the marketplace.

      I rang your customer helpline and explained that I had not been warned about the excessive nature of the charge. I was promised that someone would contact me within 24 hours, to deal with the dispute. I waited for 24 hours. Nothing. Then I received a letter a week later telling me to ring your helpline. No department number, just the switchboard where I again spent my time waiting in a queue. I was told in an effort to contact me you had sent an email to a non-existent email address. I left my mobile and house number again and waited for another 24 hours. I did not receive any communication for the next three weeks, after which I received a bill for the amount again. I phoned again and the lady I spoke to expressed surprise that I had been told I would be contacted in 24 hours because according to her process took far longer. I explained the problem again, after some argument she agreed that I had not been warned about the charges and therefore would not have to pay them. I assumed that since an official representative of BT had told me everything was taken care of, it was fine and I gave it no further thought. I received another bill and then a threatening letter telling me that I would be referred to debt collection agency and my credit record would affected. I have never been threatened with debt collectors until I had an account with BT! As soon as I received this letter I phoned your helpline and spoke to someone who put me on hold and then hung up on me. When I phoned again someone told me that they could do nothing to help me and would not offer me any assurance that this would be dealt with. They claimed the account was being 'processed' and that no one alter it until that process had finished. I asked to speak to a supervisor because I found that lack of a definite answer totally unacceptable. I was placed on hold and was hung up on, again. When I phoned a third time I had to explain all of the above again and argue with someone who told me a number of outright lies including that OFCOM did not have complaints number! When I asked to speak to a complaints review manager in line with your complaints policy, he refused to confirm or deny whether he was one or not, or give me any information about the BT complaints procedure. He finally agreed that, since I had not been warned about the charges, I would not have to pay. This has taken months and months of pointless phone calls, being passed from department to department, and constantly chasing your people to do their jobs and being threatened with debt collectors for the privilege. The worst thing is I'm not even your customer!"

      I still don't know if my credit rating is going to be ruined by these morons. They seem incapable of processing their own paperwork. I am a student in a student house and I never knew it was going to be more trouble than it is worth just having a phone. To cap it all the threatening letter came on the day before I was due to hand in my 3rd year essays, instead of editing and proof reading them I was on the phone to BT trying to make sure I can still get a mortgage when I need too. Seems like I have had the same trouble as all the people above (though not nearly as bad as some!) I also had the phone call to India. The best part about that was that he said there was a problem 'over at BT!' The call centre staff you talk to are by their own admission are not even part of the company!

    • profile image

      Andrew Gallon 9 years ago

      We just wanted the internet. It wasn't a complex problem and surely is carried out every day. The amount of hours and phone credit wasted has been an absolute disgrace. If this simple task of setting up the internet was dealt with so badly I struggle to believe that anybody can receive good customer service from BT. Had a know it would be a saga I would have logged all the phone calls and taken names and locations of all the advisors spoken to.

      The story begins when me and my girlfriend moved to a new address and wanted to set up the internet. We initially approached Virgin however we could not get a line connection on our street and so we went with BT. A grave mistake. On 1st Feb 2008 my girlfriend Ming asked for BT's Option 1 package with broadband for £8 and we also had to get the phoneline for £11 per month. On February 5th the phoneline was activated and we were given a date of Feb 8th for our internet activation. Feb 8th arrived however the internet did not work. Ming phoned BT and after several hours, being transferred several times and having to repeat herself several times she was told the order had not been processed. Another order was set up.

      After 2 weeks the internet and the phoneline was set up and working. Life was good. However a month later with no word of warning the internet was cut off. Ming phoned again and once again spent several hours on the phone, being identified incorrectly as the previous tenant several times, being cut off several times and was transferred all over the place. Eventually an advisor told us to switch the router on and off again. This worked. Should this have taken 3 hours of Mings life? However we were not told of the actual problem which would crop up again in a couple of weeks time.

      On April 1st the internet was once again cut off. Ming phoned again and after several hours, being cut off and........well you know how it goes by now, eventually she was told that the order had been messed up due to some problem with the account holder and not receiving payment. Ming had set up a direct debit with them on the telephone. It was their error. The advisor was very vague about the problem but we think they cut it off as they had not received the payments. This was after Ming had been told several other ridiculous stories about how we didn't have a working phone line and so the internet was cut off for example. At this point we wanted to go elsewhere but Ming was told that there was a penalty for cancelling the phoneline early and so Ming asked for the internet to be reactivated. Despite it being BT's fault they told us it would take another week. Ming was rightly sceptical of this and wanted assurance that this would be done. She was told that she would receive a call in 3 days to confirm the order. This call never arrived. After 5 days, Ming phoned BT again. Usual procedure of being transferred loads of times and being identified incorrectly as the previous tenant. Eventually told the order had not been processed. It is a reflection of Bts customer service that this did not surprise us. It was also a slight relief as we could take our business elsewhere. We signed up with 3 and had the internet the next day at a much cheaper cost. We have had no problems with them at all. To avoid the penalty and further problems with BT we decided to keep the phoneline and we expected not to hear from BT again. We were wrong.

      On April 16th BT left a message on our phone that our internet activation date was on the 23rs April a complete contradiction to our last dealing with BT. Ming phoned again, had the usual problems and eventually got through to a person who spoke to a supervisor and told us that the order would be cancelled as was the phoneline with no penalty and no charge.

      A month went by and the phoneline kept working. We thought nothing of it as we had paid our rental for that time period. However we then started receiving bills so Ming phoned again and went through the usual process. After being transferred loads again(despite phoning the correct number provided on the bill) she got through to somebody who told us he would cancel the phoneline and send us a final bill purely for any calls we have made. It should be in the region of £1. We wait with baited breath. Ming took his name and department.

      I'm aware this has been a long post. The fact that it has been such a long post indicates how many problems we have had in trying to do a simple thing. We just wanted the internet. Ming has wasted so many hours and so much phone credit trying to deal with this. She has vital exams to study for. We are reasonable people and do not complain readily however this situation has left us completely disgusted with the BT system as a whole. Maybe we should have been more pushy and demanded to speak to a supervisor but I doubt we would have got anywhere. We'd be put on hold and transferred somewhere random. Communication between departments appears non existent and as there are so many advisors nobody can take accountability. So many different things have been told to her that it is difficult to know what to believe. Every transfer and every phone call is like beginning at square 1 again. The account details have to be handed over again and the story repeated. To phone BT you need to set aside an afternoon to do so. She has phoned the correct number provided however reached an irrelevant department. Or the advisors lie and just get rid of customers who do not want to buy anything. Its either that or they have not been trained properly to deal with quite simple customer enquiries. Even if it wasn't the correct department surely the advisor can identify the right department and put her straight through and so an ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of one transfer is necessary.

      Something has to be done

    • profile image

      Rob 9 years ago

      Currently I haven't hear anything for about 6 weeks. I don't want a BT line anymore. I'm not even going to post this. If I do something will wake up in the order system and I'll end up in a circle of hell trying to have my order cancelled and being ordered to pay!!!!

      Dear Mrs Lewis, I would like to bring to your attention an ongoing service provisioning experience I am currently going through, and have been over the past 5 months.

      Upon moving into my flat in December 2007, I made my first call to enable the BT line installed in my flat as a new customer 20th December 2007. As I already had a physical line, I was told this would take only 4 days. By the 27th I still had no service. Upon returning from vacation early January 2008, allowing another week for the New Year break, I still found I had no service:

      - the line was up, with dial tone – yes

      - calling unavailable – single tone on commencement of dialing

      I made a follow up call to be told the order had been canceled. No reason was given. We started a new order. Again, I gave it a week without service before calling back. Again I was told the order had been cancelled – by the customer. This wasn’t the case, so we started another order. I was away in February, however followed up again when I returned in March after finding I still had no service.

      This is a digest of the issues. In reality I have put up with being bounced around your call centre network, put on hold, dropped and caught in endless loops of trying to explain where we are up to and to be told there is no record of why.

      In April, one Sunday I received a call from an operator from an Indian call center. He informed me that there was a technical problem with my exchange. I was wondering if I should go round and fix it – it’s only down the road from my flat.

      Daily problems can and do affect all service provisioning departments, but I think the level of issue I am experiencing in what should be a simple telephone service activation request are reaching a level beyond absurd.

      This letter is notice that I DO NOT wish you to process this order. It is clearly not within your remit to supply this service or communicate with customers affectively and promptly. Nothing has been charged to my account, and I have received no letters from you. This matter is closed.

    • profile image

      Claire Morris 9 years ago

      This is a copy of a letter I have sent to BT today.

      Sadly I have to write this letter of complaint today, as my family have strong roots with both the G.P.O and later BT. My Mother and Grandmother opertated a telephone exchange in Wiltshire, and my Mother joined telephonists in the exchange in Swindon working for many years including those of WWII. My Father was a telephone engineer working on "The Gangs" and much later worked as a storeman until he retired at 62. My first husband was a Commercial telephone engineer with BT until he died in 1983.

      Today I am utterly shocked and disappionted to find that after waiting three weeks for a line to be installed in my mothers room at a care home in Elgin, Scotland, I have to write this letter of complaint as after endless phone calls yesterday, only to be reassured time and time again the line had been connected I discoverd yesterday evening, with help from a dedicated carer in the home, who went from room to room with my Mothers telephone, the line had been connected to room 1 and not room 13 as ordered, and my 89 year old frail Mother had sat with her telephone in her hand all the afternoon waiting for my call.

      Today I have spoken to BT for one hour, firstly to an advisor for twenty minutes who failed to transfer my call, so I waited in the queue for the second advisor who couldn't understand what I was saying properly and I couldn't understand her properly, who kindly transfered me to the residentail department, not the commercial department I required. After twenty minutes talking to yet another advisor I was told although I had a contract for the 13th May, because of an automated system my Mothers phoneline could not be connected today and will be connected between 8am and 1pm tomorrow the 15th May.

      No engineer entered my Mum's room to check the line, did not report to the home he was there and I am absolutely disgusted with the service BT is providing to us, you should remember your business will only ever be as good as your employees, and it is time you reassessed your work force and put your customers before your profits, sadly Mum has to use you, we however move in three weeks time and will be subscribing to Virgin Media.

      As you have broken your contract, I feel the connection fee therefore should be waivered, and an apology sent to my Mother from an executive member of BT.

    • profile image

      Lynne Holton 9 years ago

      Where do I start? BT are a joke and I can't believe that they have been getting away with providing the lack of service that they do for so long.

      It started in Jan of this year when we moved house. We moved in to rented accommodation and so I called to move our number to the new house. After 5 calls and over 3 hours on the phone I was told it was not possible to transfer the number and would have to set up a new account. On top of that we would have to pay £124.99 to have the line connected to the house as there was no record of a line ever being connected. Our landlord confirmed this was absolute rubbish and that the previous tennants that had moved out 3 days before had had a BT line connected!!

      The engineer visit was a smooth process and the line was connected quickly however when we the first bill came through they had overcharged us and had not set us up on the £11 a month tarriff as had been advised when the order was placed. This then took numerous phone calls and hours of being placed on hold to be advised that they would deduct the overpayment from the bill.

      The saga then continued on 10th May when we returned home from a weekend away to find out that our phone line had been cut off!! I called BT on the 11th and it took 3 different people to work out that our account had been cancelled because of an unpaid bill. As no one could explain which bill was unpaid I was promised a call back.

      As of 12.00 on the 11th I had not received a call and so set about the gruelling task of calling BT again. A total of 4 calls, 3 and a half hours on the phone from my mobile and being passed round over 7 different teams, i am still none the wiser as to why our account has been cancelled and our line cut off. I was advised that i would need to pay the bill dated 9th May as this was now overdue, even though it was only 2 days old! I duely paid the bill over the phone and asked to be reconnected. They passed me through to reconnections only to be told that I couldn't be reconnected, I would have to raise a new order, meaning we had lost our telephone number and it would take 3 working days to connect the line. I was also advised that it would a completely new account and at this point, no one can explain where the £57 that I had just paid for advance payment of my old account had gone. And as for an answer as to whether my credit rating has been affected by these appears to have enough knowledge of their job or BT's systems to work that one out.

      We have today, 15th May, now received a reminder bill and a termination notice informing us that if we don't pay the bill dated 9th May (not due until 19th May) by 21st May, we will be cut off. Somebody at BT does not appear to be able to read a calendar because we were cut off on the 10th, before these letters were even produced or our payment is due!!?!

      I have called to log a complaint and got absolutly no where. I was given a complaint reference number and was told that somebody would call me back....I wont hold my breath.

      I am normally a very clam person but BT make me want to scream.....

    • profile image

      George Steele 9 years ago

      Why is BT so incompetent. They sub-contract the email to Yahoo and we have dreadful service, always breakiknig down, they sub-contract personal webspace to Geocities who can never be contacted and finally they sub-contract customer hekp to India who almost never never respond.

      The only reason I stay with BT is for the BT Vision television serevice but i am already thinking of paying another supplier for my email.

    • profile image

      Claire Morris (again) 9 years ago

      Another copy of another letter of complaint to BT!!!!!

      Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is a sequel to my previous letter of complaint of 14th May 2008, following the disgusting service my Mother and I continue to experience from BT. In my previous letter you will see an appointment had been made to disconnect the incorrect connection to room 1, and connect to room 13 on Thursday 15th of May between 8am and 1pm. The Engineer arrived on Thursday morning, but seemed to have terrible problems finding what he was looking for. As he walked the corridors of the home with the Manager and Handyman, who opened cupboard doors and loft hatches to help him, the Engineer repeated, he couldn’t find what he was looking for as he didn’t know where it was. Later he reported to a member of staff, it would be impossible to connect a line to my Mother’s room, but strangely contradicted himself by saying it would be “extremely costly”, and to buy a mobile, (an absolutely useless suggestion and my Mother is 89 years old and unable to operate a mobile phone.) After hearing nothing from BT and telephoning the home, I telephoned BT, and once again joined that interlude of musical appreciation, and reassurance that there are actually people waiting to speak to me, if I have the patience, the time and presence of mind to remain sane. All I needed was to speak to someone who actually knew what they were talking about. When finally reaching the faults department, explaining the catalogue of events, I was deemed important enough to speak to a manager after patiently waiting once again; however, she was concerned and had an advisor whom I had spoken to the previous day, with her, and assured me all that needed doing, they felt, the same as I did, was an Engineer to revisit the home that afternoon, disconnect and reconnect, and the job would be done; but unfortunately she didn’t bother to phone me back, and no Engineer visited to the home! I decided at approx 3:30pm to once again contact the faults department, I spoke to yet another advisor who put me on hold countless times, but did thank me for my patience each time. I was passed to an advisor called Sarah who had been informed of the comedy of errors, who was apologetic and very officious, and was really of no use whatsoever, because she had no idea like all the other advisors exactly what to tell me, as they are advisors with no engineering knowledge. For the last two days I have not been offered any opportunity to speak to anyone in the Engineering department. Sarah did explain to me in great lengths however how the order should have been a provision order, which meant other equipment would be needed to connect to room 13; she would however contact a colleague in the provision department to discuss the matter and would contact me again, but she really wasn’t sure how soon she could do this and felt it would be unlikely to be the next day (16th May). The time was now approximately 4:45pm and my Husband arrived home from work, I relayed the situation to him and he was livid. My Husband then for 1½ hours experienced the queues, endlessly being put on hold, the transfers, the music, the inability to understand, and then was transferred to a gentleman. He said it was clearly a case of disconnection of the wrong line and connection to room 13 and he would transfer the call to the person who could deal with it, this was a helpful lady who though she tried very hard, could not beat the system, and my husband was transferred to another gentleman who listened and said “this has to be changed” and typed out a report which he sent to the Engineering department. He told my husband to expect to hear from them within 48 hours. May 16th 8:45am – Message received “recognised fault, aim to fix by 15th May” May 16th 9:15am – “fault fixed, contact within 48hrs if you need further assistance”.

      May 16th between 9:15am – 10am telephone call, from Greg on 0800 028 5085. New order been arranged, and booked for Friday 23rd May, for telephone line to be installed correctly in my Mother’s room. All equipment on site from previous connection, therefore no problem envisaged, straight forward connection.

      Why were we told yesterday the original order was set up incorrectly and a provision order should have been set up? After my conversation with Greg today, I understand this to be incorrect!

      Why, when this connection is obviously the same as the previous one, do we have to wait one week for this to be carried out, as a second Engineer has visited the site two days after the original mistake? Does no one within BT actually care what happens to their customers? It seems that they are unable to accept when they are in the wrong or wish to rectify their mistakes promptly, we are just cast aside to the end of the queue because we simply do not matter. Surely after three days of absolutely despicable service, we should not have to wait one week for a phone line which was ordered over three weeks ago, to be installed correctly in the room of a frail 89 year old lady, who is too weak to travel to England to be near her family. For my Mother, who suffered a stroke and heart attack five months ago, everyday is precious.

    • profile image

      John 9 years ago

      I copied this lettter to BT today. after several like it...

      Customer Complaints BT

      Dear BT person,

      I am absolutely and utterly astounded by the fact that I find BT one of the most incompetent, inefficient, pitiful excuse for a ‘communications company’ that could not organize a piss up in a brewery.

      All I have wanted for the last 6 weeks is a BT phone line. One of these is essential to connect a thing called a telephone to the outside world. You may or may not be familiar with the fact that your company specializes in this.

      Firstly I wait in for an engineer. I take ½ a day off work no one turns up and after 15 automated decisions via Dehli I find that I am connected. No I’m not. Several days later I find that my BT phone socket in my flat does not work. That is one of the things you imbeciles were suppose to check in the first place I presume when I took a day off work.

      Anyway I have my phone plugged into the bedroom. So I receive a £124 charge for this service and a sign up to some talk plan I never asked for. Dear BT, I would not pay you a penny more than I have to as you really are the most incompetent fools on the face of the planet as 10 days later you disconnect me!!!!

      I assume that my phone is faulty as my broadband connection through AOL is working …just. So I buy…..and get this you’ll laugh….. a BT phone. So I pay more money to your miserable excuse of a company only to find out that my broadband is working and my telephone line isn’t despite some jackass of a technical support guy telling me my line is fine.

      So I begin to send emails, some of which are more obnoxious than this letter, but I am now getting really pissed off. I have paid for a phone line connection to the tune of £124 and I am not connected and the phone point in my flat doesn’t work. I am now paying BT for the use of a line I cannot use. I am also paying AOL for services I cannot use. And still I use my mobile phone at my expense to sort out this problem. In the mean time AOL inform me that you have turned down their application for me to pay my calls through them. How spiteful can you get?

      You cannot work this out for yourselves. After a WEEK on the phone through dozens of departments across the planet I reach someone who I can talk to. Oh and why do I go global to talk to BT? Because you fools put this number on the back of your bill 0800 800 150. You get a Delhi telephone operator who barely understands English telling me that my telephone account is in England so I need to ring 0800022 3089. Why in gods name do you not put this number on the back of the bill!!!!

      Anyway several emails later and mobile phone bill that is escalating faster than fuel prices I liaise with several of your staff I find out that you allocated my number to some other bugger. Not only that I ask you to sort it out and 3 days later still nothing.


      On the phone again I eventually track down a person who allocates me a new number. Why could YOU not do this in the first place? Why did I have to do the donkey work and organize your miserable little company? Now I hold my breath. Will I get connected or not? But I still have grumbles because since you fucked up I now have to wait another 3 weeks before AOL can set up broadband with you.

      So I paid you for a connection that didn’t work. I continue to pay you for a phone line I cannot use. I pay AOL for a talk package I cannot use. I pay for a broadband package through AOL I cannot use. I pay for a mobile phone bill to sort all this out. I do not complain often, but tell me please that I am not unreasonable to complain. Also tell me that after 6 weeks of the above its not unreasonable for me to get absolutely and utterly demoralized with your lack of so called ‘service’.

      I am as you can gather not impressed. It really is absolutely appalling and I want some compensation for the time effort and expense I have had to endure to sort out this problem that should never have happened.

      Yours angrily,

    • profile image

      Tony Benson 9 years ago

      Having moved house I contacted BT to cancel my home office and broadband account last November. Unfortunately I'd not long since signed up to a new broadband deal which included a hub and hub phone. They said I'd have to pay the full amount of the contract to cancel, but when I pointed out I didn't receive the kit AND that I'd signed up to BT in my new office and no one said I could have transfered the account and save the extra payment, they said they'd waive it. At the time I asked them to cancel both line rental and Broadband. 3 months later I received another broadband bill. I complained but they'd already got the money off me. After hours on the phone to customer services, they said they'd send me a cheque to re-imburse me. Instead they sent me another £230 bill. After not paying it, they set CSL on me, and eventually I had to pay it. It's not my fault that their customer service is shite, but it doesn't seem to matter. I'll ditch them as soon as possible and never go back.

    • profile image

      Sarah Cook 9 years ago

      I set up the phone line with BT and cancelled it one day late without using it. I was told I'd be charged £70. I complained and was told it would be written off. 2 days later a new direct debit was on my bank statement, they had set up broadband without my permission. I cancelled that, with no apology. The a week later got a bill of £169.95 to cancel my phone line! 4 weeks, 2 complaint letters, 20 calls and over 50 customer advisors later and I'm still no further forward!

    • profile image

      Dorothy Campbell 9 years ago

      33 Montagu Gardens Edmonton London N18 2HB 22nd May 2008 The Manager TO WHOME IT MAY CONCERN RE: Account No: GB 03907179 Dear Sir/Madam Good day to you, this letter is to let you know of our dissatisfaction and my intention to withdraw my custom from your poor service. Sometime in March 2008 my home phone was connected but I only get two weeks service before it was turn into incoming calls only. I was sent a bill for the amount £16.??? which has been paid a couple of days later, however the telephone suddenly went on incoming calls only without notice, with my permission my son got in touch with BT which we were first told we were the one barred the phone which was not true, we tried everything with your engineers including faults customer service and other several times but to no avail. After a long and tiresome campaign we finally found the problem it is your High Value Department barred the phone and requested documents from me, they said the address owed money to BT so in order for me to be exempt and have the phone go back to normal I have to send copy of my driver’s licence and proofs on my address which I have done. However it makes no difference, nothing happen. I ask my son to call for some progress, but was told by a rude woman from India pay the money you owe us or you won’t get the phone back on. I persistently push for the phone to be put on, they cut me off completely, I made a call to the faults department who came and fix the problem, but the next day it got cut off again. I call BT but were told their hands are tied at each department there is nothing they could do all I have to do, (Sorry) BT expects me to pay for the previous account holder’s error and I no intention of doing so, and we cannot pay for a service we haven’t got. Can you help? Your sincerely Dorothy Campbell (Mrs.) 07984 814603

    • profile image

      g shaw 9 years ago

      i asked for a second phone line to be billed in my mothers,this was aug last year,christmas 2007 i phoned bt to that the bill was in my name,they said no problem it would be sorted,

      april 2008 i recieve a bill still with my name on it and phoned again they said they had to stop and restart the line so it could be put in my mothers name,unfortanly bt not only stopped the line but also disconnected her phone,so they had to send a bt engineer around to reconnect her line,

      2 weeks later i recieve a bill for the line being reconnected,i phoned bt and they said that it would be recredited to her account,

      i then recieve a bill for disconnecting the line before end of contract,i phoned bt yet again to inform them that it was bt who disconnected the line not me,

      well i am still fighting with bt about this

      this morning i get another bill for connection of the same line that i had already paid for,bt said they would phone me at 1400 it is now 1549,

      so far i have spent 14 hours on the phone 2 hours on the internet to bt and i am self employed which means i have lost over £400.00 in earnings

      bt is a mess with a total disregard to its customers



    • profile image

      graham shaw 9 years ago


      if we hassle her with our complaints about bt and block her email with complaints about bt maybe something can be done about it , i am just doing one now,


    • profile image

      Joy 9 years ago

      I had my experience of non help from BT when I requested a line activated July 12,2007.

      The BT man assigned me a number and said the line would be functional in 3 days,maximum.The line was not activated,and went dead,instead.When I called on my mobile, I was put on hold for hours.When a person answered, they were rude and unhelpful, and sounded bored.I was polite and kept my calm, but they put me back on hold for four hours and then put me through to a closed desk.This occured everyday.

      Meanwhile, on my mobile I was getting periodic texts stating BT was aware of my problem and that engineers were currently working to fix the line fault.This was untrue, as when I finally was visited by the second schedualed engineer almost 4 weeks later due to my refusal to give up with complaints(the first didn't bother to show, nor was I notified about the non-appearance,nor offered an apology or an explanation) he stated it was the first he had heard of my problem.It was the end of the first week of August,almost a full month since I requested the line.I was in central London in a good area.I had good credit rating and was never late with payments to anyone.A good customer.I was being treated like rubbish.It was very offensive.I was billed by BT,meanwhile for three months payment ahead of time for services from July to October.I have been told this is illegal.

      It was August, and I hadn't even received the requested phone line!

      Any employee I did finally manage to talk to was hghly apologetic,but absolutely clueless.I demanded finally to speak to a manager, who said to just pay the money, then I could complain.Nothing could be done until I paid.This was outrageous.I requsted he send a "complaints package" in the post,as he had suggested he do.No package arrived.So noone could help on the phone, and no one was sending anything by post.Service was terrible, and I no longer wanted any part of such a bad company.I was advised to go to Talktalk by a talktalk representative I met.Ihad been with them before, so I thought perhaps I should go back to them.I entered Carphone warehouse, and told them what was happeneing with my phone line.They checked the functionality, then said to leave it to them and they would sort it all out.All I had to do was sign a contract and pay them.They were reassuring,soothing and polite.They dealt with me face to face and promised good service.I received nothing of the like from BT, who would not even talk to me.

      In fact, the deciding moment was when a BT manager phoned me and demanded I pay.When I stated my case and my problem, he refused to listen.I was polite and emphatic he listen to what had happened.Then he hung up on me while I was relating what had been going on, and all the money I had spent on being on hold daily on my mobile to BT.

      They refused to let me go as a customer, and next told me if I tried to leave them, I would be fined.But they breached any verbal contract with me when they refused to give me a line within their guaranteed 3 days as stated by the person who took my initial enquiry and request over the mobile.Billing me ahead of time for a service I didn't have.

      They sent lies in texts to my mobile stating engineers were dealing with my line fault, when no engineers had shown up for almost four weeks.Lies from a company to a customer should never be tolerated.

      BT has no excuse for bullying, or threatenng behavoiur as a company.They did not take responsibility at any time for services not given.They did not explain the untrue texts sent.They did not answer my calls promptly, nor were they helpful when after hours of being on hold and paying I eventually got through to different people, whoeach time could not help me. I was even told once to fix the phone line myself!That man told me to go get a screwdriver and find the line box!I wasn't going to be responsible for damaging myself or BT property or taking that kind of risk.They have happily sent threatening letters and periodic bills.I am currently paying Talktalk by direct debit and receiveig their good service and excellent customer help.Their people are all ppolite and treat me with respect.They help in a fair and prompt manner.Carphone Warehouse supply face to face friendly advice and service also.BT are so used to being sole suppliers of phone service that they do whatever they like to people.There doesn't seem laws in place or consumer help.I have only just discovered this site after months of looking on my own.It is good to know I am not alone, but I am angry at being scared by a phone company I called and expected good service from almost a year ago.

      I would not have gone to Talk talk if I had received any kind of decent service from BT.Abuse of human rights with a telecoms company is not to be tolerated.Bullying should not be tolerated.Any business must face the fact that the customer is why they exist.Not vice versa.

    • profile image

      Leah Green 9 years ago

      In November 2007 my partner and I tried to get a phone line connected at our home. BT told us it would cost £124.99 even though there was already a phone socket in our flat from previous tenant. My boyfriend took a day off work and waited for the engineet to arrive. He saw a BT van pull up outside so he went out to show them where we live (as our doorbell did not work at the time.) The engineer said he could not connect the line that day as BT had told them the wrong address. This meant that he was expecting to carry out the installation from a different exchange box which was about 5 metres down the road from us!!! Because of this we had to phone BT to re-arrange an engineer to come out another time. The second time the engineer was a 'no show' so we had to make several calls again to sort out another appointment. I was then contacted by BT who told me that the engineer couldn’t make it so again we had to re-arrange another appointment. Finally the phone line was installed in January 2008 - this was after my boyfriend lost 3 days wages waiting for engineers to turn up and connect the line and not to mention the costs of all the telephone calls we had to make from a mobile phone as obviously at that time we had no land-line telephone installed yet.

      When I originally contacted BT in November to order the connection of the phone-line, I requested to pay by variable monthly direct debit but I received a letter a few days later saying that they have put me onto a 'payment plan' and would debit my account with £30 a month - I did not request this. Again this took several calls to sort out.

      Since January 08 when the line was finally installed, we have received no bill from BT (it's end of May 08 now) despite us phoning BT constantly to find out when we would get the first bill. We kept being made false promises that my account would be debited "tomorrow" or "next week/month" but this never happened. Now we have just received a letter saying that the first direct debit will be collected on 20th of June 2008. My partner contacted BT and was told that we now owe roughly £270.00 which is a lot of money to have to pay out all at once.

      Before the line was installed we have spent so much money on mobile phone credit because every time we phone BT we are kept on hold for ridiculous amounts of time. Once we were kept on hold for 1 hour and 45 minutes!!

      We have yet to speak to anyone who actually cares or takes our complaints seriously. We receive no apologies’ and always have to deal with rude sales people who are only interested in trying to upgrade our package or getting us to sign up to BT broadband etc to earn extra commission. We also frequently end up speaking to staff from a call centre based in India, who have little understanding of what our complaint is.

      In view of this, we are now refusing to pay for the connection fee due to the amount of money we have lost trying to sort out their mistakes. (Estimated money lost: £150 = 3 days lost wages and about £20.00 - £30.00 mobile phone credit.) It's totally unacceptable that as a company they have caused one of their customers to actually lose money due to their incompetence. We are at our wits end trying to sort this mess out and have finally had enough. The least they could do to resolve this situation is to waiver the connection fee as compensation to me and by partner for the time and money spent and wasted attempting to sort out THEIR errors. We feel that this would be the only satisfactory outcome to an extremely frustrating situation.

      They are the obsolute worst company I have ever had to deal with in my entire life!! They are completely incompetant and unreliable. I can't bear to ring them anymore - all that ever happens is I get passed around to different departments and kept on hold constantly - It's like talking to a brick wall. There is a complete lack of communication between departments and they never actually resolve anything. They should be out of business - THEY ARE A TOTALL DISGRACE!!!

    • profile image

      Gregor Fleming 9 years ago

      After moving into a new flat my new BT line was installed and everything was fine for 2 weeks. Then my line was disconnected without any notice or communication from BT. I was told this was because the bill was not paid but no bill was received and a direct debit had been set up from the start. Then,again without notice, my line number was changed and registered in the name of a complete stranger. So now I have a changed number which is not in my name. My Sky broadband now has to be canceled because the line is not in my name.

      I have spent around 10-12 hours on the phone being passed fron department to department with no success. Three times I have left my mobile number for supervisors to call me back but nobody has. The customer service has been absolutely shocking! Two times I was even cut off. It seems like nobody wants to deal with the problem so keeps passing the probem to other departments. I think the training that customer service staff receive has to be reviewed, it is not working. It is soooo frustrating!

    • profile image

      VinceSamios 9 years ago from Australia

      my complaint - my connection isn't fast enough :D!

    • profile image

      NGandhi 9 years ago

      I have only been trying to 'go back to BT' as they call it, since mid March 2008 and it is coming to end of May 08 and they still haven't done the job. We used to be with BT until about a year and a half ago when we moved to bulldogbroadband. However, as you can't get many services like Sky unless you have BT, I decided to move back to BT.

      I placed the (first) order on around 14th March 08 and they promised that my telephone line will go back to BT on 2nd April 08 with the same telephone number as we have now. Nothing happened on or after 2nd April and no one from BT informed me anything either. I made several phone calls, spoke to about 15 different people on the phone who kept transferring me from one section to another and spent ridiculous amount of time trying to get some answer from them. Finally after trying for another 2 days, I spoke to a lady in customer options team who said the same thing as others that there was some technical problem and she placed another order for our line to get transferred on 27th April.

      Coming 27th April nothing happened again and after a week of this date someone from BT called me on my mobile to tell me that the current supplier Bulldog is not willing to realease our telephone number. I asked why and he did not know! He said he could install BT line with a different telephone number. I said no, I will speak to Bulldog. Bulldog told me that they have never had any order to transfer or even heard from BT about our telephone line being transferred!!! Bulldog even gave me a reference number for BT to query with them.

      I called BT again and again the same saga of being transferred from one section to another started wasting immense amount of my time over the phone. At times even my fully charged phone battery has completely run out talking to BT!!! This time one of the several reps I spoke to told me after 43 minutes of conversation (as you have to repeat the whole issue with every single person you speak to everytime, the torture of which is enough to convert any sober person into a terrorist againt BT) that I should cancel my line with Bulldog myself and then ask BT to reconnect and they will give me the same telephone number without any problem whatsoever.

      When I spoke to Bulldog about this, they told me that I can disconnect my line with them but then BT will charge £127 for activating the dead line. The even told me that BT should do what is called "return to donor" and they should be able to transfer my telephone line with same number without any problem!

      I have sent a written complaint to BT (by recorded mail which has confirmed that my mail was delivered on 14th May 08) but BT has not even acknowledged anything. As BT had initially promised to change our line on 2nd April, I even took over mobile broadband from Vodafone as our internet connection would be terminated with Bulldog when BT takes over. But BT did not change our line and I am having to pay for 2 broadband lines, one to Bulldog and Vodafone as well for nothing, hoping that BT will change our line!!!

      The nightmare of BT is as big as the size of their company.

    • profile image

      Kim 9 years ago

      Our problems started after we bought our house and asked for them to fit a line. Their engineer never showed up even though my brother took a day off work after arranging the appointment. Engineer then contacted him two days later saying he was sat outside our house ready to fit the line.

      We tried telephoning on the day that he was supposed to come out and SEVEN HOURS later we had still not spoken to anyone helpful. After speaking to 7-8 members of staff, we were finally put through to a number that was dead and our call was cut off. Finally spoke to someone who told us she would email someone to sort out the problem and they might be in contact.

      We then received three bills asking for payment for the installation of the line. A couple of the members of staff we managed to get through to confirmed that there the line was dead and had not been installed. We wrote to BT to complain about the service and then, after receiving another bill whilst waiting for a response, we received a telephone call to confirm that a "zeroed" bill would be sent to us. To this day, this bill has not been received, but three further bills stating an amount £10 less than the original ones have been received.

      I have now written a further letter that I'm going to post to their complaints department stating that I will take the matter further and contact Otelo if they do not resolve the issue. We'll see how that goes down!

    • profile image

      Michael Gordon 9 years ago

      Usual Service! Need a new phone line set up for my home based business. Order placed, engineer didn't show up, nobody called to tell us. Next date set for 2 weeks later, so i'm now losing money. Service centre washes their hands of responsibility even though they somehow had cancelled our order! But hey, it's not just BT is it? It's just British service in general. There's 3rd world countries with better infrastructures than us. I'm leaving this toilet at the earliest possible convenience. Britiain sucks!

    • profile image

      Chris 9 years ago


      It turns out that you can gain access to the phone bill of anyone you want, cancel their paper bill and read their itemised calls online...

      All you need is the BT account number from the top of the bill - then you can sign up on the BT website and with no security checks at all - gain access to their details and have all future bills sent to your own email address.

      How do I know this ? My ex did it the other day - I wasnt involved in setting it up at all. The bill is in my name. She just wrote down the account number and went online, created an account with her own details and signed up for online billingfor my phone number - now I dont have access to the bill at all. Inside her online account, the account details for the phone bill still show my details and she cant change them but she can still see all the calls that have been made and the bill gets sent to her email address.

      Thsi is actually ok for me becaus I'm moving out and we are keeping the bill in my name just so she doesnt lose brodband access. In case you didnt know - you cant just change the name on a phone bill - if you want to switch it over BT will cancel your account and disconnect the line and your ADSL - you will have to open a new account in the other persons name, pay a line re-connection fee AND an ADSL connection fee! There is no technical reason for them to do this - its purely to make money out of you.

      Anyway - take my advice, SHRED your BT bills if you are not keeping them because any stranger could gain access to your bill !!!

    • profile image

      Nicola Jiggle  9 years ago

      bt customer service is shocking

    • profile image

      Ross Willett 9 years ago

      Joined Virgin Media back in September 11 and ive only now just managed to get my calls and broadband package from Virgin cos up untill last week i was getting charged from both Virgin and BT!! I estimate about £150 or probably more BT has cost me. Everytime i phoned Bt i would get rubbish like"Oh virgin has not told us yet", "Virgin has told us but they have to do something else on there part?" blah blah blah and more. Only last week did BT actually decide to acknowledge me and have finnaly let me go to Virgin and stopped chargeing me. But last week i phoned BT again asking to be refunded my last couple of bills but they refused. So am going to write a letter now to see if that helps? urs, Ross

    • profile image

      Maureen Eastham 9 years ago

      I had been told by BT that this phone would be worth while getting and save me money. All ive had is trouble from it and now its going to cost me money and grief. Ive complained in Ref no volo11-10552830013 and need a quick and satisfactory solution to this complaint. If there is no result with the billing cost not being reduced, I would like to cancel the whole contract! I hope this can be resolved in a short time.

    • profile image

      roymundo 9 years ago

      i recently applied for a bt phoneline to be installed in my home,giving bt all of the information they needed to process this they then sent a email to a none bt employee addressed to myself whom forwarded it to me with all my detail on it. name,d.o.b,present address,previous address,bank account number and sort code. after complaining via email all i was told was they still wanted £50 to process the order with no apology.after phoning them it did take bt 50hrs to respond,there reply was all we can do is apologise.what can i do.

    • profile image

      FRANK 9 years ago

      REF NO; 080530-003052











    • profile image

      john bamford 9 years ago

      I had NO line,it was dead/ got bt too look at it/ fault in line at entry box, and a new bt master box needed thought to be becouse of lightning, their equipment/ line and box, but because it is inside my house I need to pay call out charge/ WHY thier equipment that I rent they should pay to keep it up to scratch not me bt don,t want to know.The stress it causes me/ no one cares

    • profile image

      christine Jones 9 years ago

      I am a disabled student with the OU who are forcing students to go on-line. Sadly i chose BT as my ISP; I had non-stop problems with service mainly no-service at all quite often and after 'being connected' to the internet i often had no phone either.

      It took MONTHS to get this problem sorted out, as most people know, trying to complain via phone is impossible if you have no working phone; its not much easier if you do have a phone. BT refunded some charges eventuall after a stinking letter to the Chief Ex but I shouldn't have needed to go down this road. I wrote to the faults people (recorded post) as I couldn't ring them -no reply. I wrote to accounts and customer complaints also recorded -no reply, which is why after months of crap/no service i wrote to chief Ex. I lost a year of work and money as I was forced to take an OU course which didn't require internet access at that time (one of a few), but BT don't compensate customers for loss, inconvienience, stress, misery and so on. They fob you off with a few quid off your bill full stop and quite often they get that wrong. They sent a letter offering X amount of pounds refund but forgot to pass on this info to accounts, so it took weeks more to get it taken off the bill (for a service I had NOT received)

      To cap it all, my phone was hit by lightening recently. This happens approx once a year; usually, even if I have unplugged the phone, a bolt of white/red light shoots 6 ft out of the wall/phone socket across the room. Usually BT come and repair the socket/box/thing and thats the end of it. I have explained what happens but get no reply to written complaints and engineers just say naff things like 'oh' or 'it shouldn't do that'. This last lightening was unexpected and sudden, i had not unplugged the phone or disconnected the ethernet cable. The wall socket got it but so did the Hub which was just a massive (approx) 6ft high, wide, white flash, crackle and BANG and my computer motherboard was melted as well.

      Bt first insisted that there was no fault on the line although my phone was dead and a friend made the complaint. Then we got the usual intimidation "if there is no fault we will charge you £216 call out fee" but an engineer did come out and replace the wall /phone socket and BT sent a new hub. House Insurance paid for a new computer but then BT sent me a bill for £216 anyway. According to them if damage is caused by lightening they are not responsible for repairs. Actually they are because i rent the phone socket from them and wouldn't have a phone line/connection without it. Red letter arrived despite protests etc. I rang my insurance company and explained the situation including how often lightening hits the line and shoots across the kitchen; very lethal should anyone be in its path (and I have a young child). The insurance company, who are brilliant, were very concerned not just about the frequency of 'hits' but also about possible injury/death and the fact that BT had been made aware of these dangers months ago and done nothing, suggested nothing or even replied! They said if I had repeted claims they would have to discontinue my insurance policy. I rang OTELO. They said they don't normally deal with lines/cables but were also very concerned about the serious danger element. Wow, up to this time i'd been led to believe there was nothing that could be done about it, reinforced by BT lack of response/concern.

      I rang Consumer Direct, they advised me that BT probably weren't responsible for the hub (which they were not charging to replace) but were responsible for the wall/phone socket; they advised me what to do : recorded list of complaints and so on; 7 days to reply...

      I got a reply of sorts, a very brief one line reply saying BT are going to credit my account with £184.00 ( new chief ex ignored letters sent to him) what happened to the rest of the £216.00??? BT failed to apologise, failed to address the problem of danger caused by lightening coming through this socket and insurance company concerns etc nothing -the letter did add around another dozen lines about other products and services but as we all know these aren't worth the paper they're advertised on! Since the massive bang/flash/whatever it was that destroyed the computer, hub and phone socket I have been scared stiff. If it looks like a storm I unplug everything, ethernet, phone, electric sockets leaving me with no communication with the outside world. I live 6 miles from a bottle of milk, in the middle of the Preseli hills in wales and NEED a phone. More storms are forcast according to the insurance company so i will again be paying for a service not available due to danger. If anyone gets injured the Ins Co won't cough up because this is an on-going problem and BT have been told of it many times.

      Incidently when i rang them to complain about being charged for lightening damage to the socket, which i had not previously been charged for, they insisted i would be charged for similar incidents in future because lightening coming down the line isn't their fault; they eventually, very reluctantly put this in writing but only after i told them they had to, by law, if that was how i wanted it. Phone calls are easy to deny. BT constantly refuse to put things/replies in writing; i wonder why (not). I am frightened of the damn phone now, more so than before and this last week we have had nothing but storm warnings. Can anything be done? I have never had a problem with the Electric travelling down the line and that pole is the highest thing near the house.

    • profile image

      S.M.Sutcliffe 9 years ago

      On the 28th my neighbour's phone wasn't working. Mine was so I tried to report hers. The automated line said there was no fault on her line and disconnected. I went on-line to the web-site, but found I could not report the fault because I had no fault number. I phoned the help number that put me through to one of those very helpful young people in Delhi. Despite the length of time I have to wait to speak to anyone, I have a friendly relationship with them after all the calls I had to make after taking on BT broadband. The young woman told me to try another handset in my neighbours phone and gave me another number to ring if that didn't work. I did that and got no response so rang the next number and spent the next 4 minutes listening to instructions telling me to do what I had just done. I waited till the end hoping for another suggestion but the line terminated again. I rang my friends in Delhi again. This time, after reciting my story yet again, she agreed to make an appointment for an engineer to call on my neighbour. She also told me it would cost her £160 pounds if the line was found to be OK, plus another £99 if any repairs were made.

      My neighbour is old and infirm and a widow, so I took the phone round to her house to let her decide what she wanted to do. She was very upset and apologetic to me for wasting all this time and tried to pay me for the phone calls. However, she agreed to the engineer coming and told me later he arrived shortly after I left, replaced the outside junction box and did something on the pole in the street. He assured her there would be no charge because there were 2 faults on the line that he had duly repaired.

      When I returned and learned this, I tried to complain to BT, but since I couldn't find anyone to speak to and had no fault number to post a complaint on the site, this appeared impossible. I also tried to lodge a complaint with OFTEL, but the Web site has been discontinued.

      This state of affairs is utterly disgraceful. No-one is available from BT to make a complaint to and it is no use complaining to the operators in Delhi. It is hardly their fault that they work for such a bunch of swindlers. The only thing I can do, apart from rant to myself and on here, is make sure that when my contract is up, I have nothing further to do with BT. The tragedy is I used to work for them when they were British Telecom and a good, helpful, fairly reliable publicly owned company.

    • profile image

      Leah Green 9 years ago

      I emailed ben verwaayen one of BT's company directors as advised above - I received a reply to say that he has passed my complaint on to the higher complaints dept. I received a telephone call the next day from someone from the higher complaints dept and they apologised for the appauling customer service we have received etc and offered to credit off our entire balance (£270.00)!! We have received the credit note now and we don't owe them anything! Result!

    • profile image

      john bamford 9 years ago

      BT/ Don,t talk too me about bt. They are so big they think they can do ,charge anything,and we the unexpectant public will just pay up. I,ve an ongoing complaint with them for about a month now. I can,t receive iternet and phone line together at same time , BEEN ONTO bt asking WHY /put on hold ased too check this that and everything done it no help ,AT one point lines went dead I had too phone up from friends put on hold again/ engineer came out found fault with bt line .bt entry box and master socket/ fault /perhaps down to lightning strike/ their equipment but still I get call out charge to fix it ////BUT still not getting both internet and phone at same time/ been told extension cable to sons room too long andbad quality/ this rectafied but no change onto bt again/ again on hold check ,check ,check nothing/ told bt looking into it get back to me after 48hrs / but still nothing/ BT complain. complain /complain but get nowhere / scream/ pull your hair out nothing its so stressful

    • profile image

      James Roeves 9 years ago

      Call queing is truly appalling and progress should be about moving forward this is not the case in this instance. It is intended to manage staff more efficiently, but this is usually not the case and what is so sad is that the National Telephone utility manages their telephone system worse than any one else.

      Every time I have to contact Bt I know I will have had to wait for hours only to find I have been put through to the wrong department. I am writing this whilst being held in a queue. I want to cancel my line, because I am renting my house out. There is no option for cancelling a line, so I am waiting for customer services. I just got through after 23 minutes and sure enough have been transfered after having to answer questions as to why I am cancelling and having to be told that my call was important and could they do anything else and they hoped I would have a nice day; After 23 minutes I have no interest in passing the time of day with a stranger I will never meet, or probably speak to again. The transfer was almost immediate. There was crackling on the line which made it almost impossble to hear, but our business was concluded in short order.

      In the past I have spent well in excess of an hour trying to resolve isuues and have frequently been transfered between departments up to 5 times, often back to the same department more than once. I have therfore come off the phone feeling quite positive which is an incredible that I felt like that after being kept waiting for 23minutes.

      I own a restaurant and would like to put into context for BT would you be happy eat in my restaurant if you had to wait 2 hours for your meal, have the wrong order sent out, when you tried to complain you were told there was no one to complain to, but the barman could sort it out, who then said you needed to speaker to the washer upper, who passed you onto the chef who passed you back to the waitress again, who passed you back to the chef again. At this point you are quite agitated after insisting on speaking to someone higher up. You are begrudgingly passed to a supervisor, but only after being told that they will say the same thing as they have already said. The supervisor then tells you all all complaints must be addressed to someone in writing and no you cannot speak to them in person. The question is would you accept this as adequate and be happy to return, or would you never eat there again?

    • profile image

      John 9 years ago

      I have had the misfortune of talking to the BT "helpdesk" several times. In each case they had passed me on to different people and had taken my details and details on the issue several times. It took no less than 4 weeks to resolve each issue. One issue had takn 8 weeks and an engineer came out - this particular incident got me quite stressed especially after being told it was my home line at fault and I would have to pay for the replacing of this! However, the engineer was english speaking and resolved the issue within 24hrs. Those call centres I always get through to really have no idea what they are doing.

    • profile image

      Pat 9 years ago

      I was given the wrong package , i only wanted the line. During the last 6 days trying to get it put right before they connected me. Ive tried and tried to alter and cancel but can get nowhere. by phone they just pass you on to another person, by email they dont answer at all. Looks like ime stuck for 12 month contract i dont want . Their behavior i find disgusting!

    • profile image

      Michael 9 years ago

      On Thursday 24th April I requested a new line connection to my house and explained it does not have a line due to refurbishment work. I was told this was not a problem and I would just have to pay £124.99 to get a new line and it was booked for the 16th. I pay with my direct debit which I setup there and then and in total it takes 30 minutes to complete everything. (done, or so you’d think?)

      Then I get called roughly a few days later explaining to me that I no longer need a new line connection as I already have an active line. I disagree as I live at the property and can see with my own eyes that I don’t have a line. He says that he will cancel the order!. After countless times of explaining to him that I DO need a new line he says ok it won’t be cancelled.

      I ring up a few days later just to check everything still fine and and i find out the person has indeed cancelled my order! Therefore i have to create a new order for the 20th and explains to be that he can transfer the direct debit details over to this new order so nothing needs to be done.

      I then get a call from the 0800 number again explaining that my money can’t be transferred to my new account, I don’t understand what they mean by this as I only know of one account, he then hangs up on me without any further explanation.

      I ring the next day and explain how rude the person was and i am told that he needed not have rung me to tell me this and should have begun to refund the £124.99 connection fee money back to my bank account.

      I ring a few days later as i’m not happy about the whole thing and I am informed by this person that they will try to sort it all out for me and arrange a credit to my account for the trouble. The problem is that I received my bill for another connection fee which I have already paid but have not been refunded yet on this so called other account as promised. ( Can I also add that the other account was caused by someone at BT cancelling my order, so I thought swift action by BT to refund this from the old account would have been mandatory. )

      Just to top it all off I have sustained a payment processing fee which makes no sense as I was told my direct debit had been transferred to me new account, after all I can prove I set it up as I paid my connection fee of £124.99 with it and ironically would have managed to cancel this payment if I had paid by any other means even if it was not my responsibility to do so as this is clearly BT’s fault.

      I rung last on 30th May and had little joy with the person at the other end, as I again had to explain everything and he told me there is 2 accounts, the 1st account has the £124.99 credit which I paid last month which is yet to be refunded and the 2nd account is in debit by roughly the same amount due to the connection fee being charged again on this account. I told him the situation and wanted the payment processing fee taken off Immediately of £4.50 which he would not do without my direct debit details. However I will not pay the connection fee on the 2nd account until I have been refunded my first payment. I rung again on the 2nd june and was told my account is £25 in debit which makes no sense at all so i asked if he could tell me what this cost relates too but of course he couldn’t as he only works for BT? eh????

      I rung again today (3rd june 2008) and after 10 minutes was cut off. Looks like they have just blacklisted my number. The saga continues….

      I find it amazing how i’ll ask a simple question on the phone to a BT employee in India (0800 number) and they will give me an answer to something completely different?!!??!?!?!??

    • profile image

      Cass 9 years ago

      I am a small business owner, and I had no choice of company when I needed my phone line, so I was stuck with BT. This involved many many calls, promises not kept, assistants who were going to ring back and never did. I eventually got hold of a number that was apparently an unofficial phone on a wall in some office in Birmingham - it was answered in some alarm. However it was great - finally I could ring up and attempt to speak to the SAME person on the SAME issue for the first time. Usually you can never contact the same person, hence no one is ever accountable in BT - but this time I had them. And it worked, through many calls and keeping the pressure up I got my line and broadband.

      Then came the first bill. When I had signed up for my bt business broadband site it cheefully tells me how I can view and manage my bills online - so I tried - and tried - and tried. No luck. I then tried phoning the billing team on the number on the bill - the automated response system twice asked me to press number '2' if I wanted to report a fault - which I did. Then it asked me to enter the telephone number to which this fault was connected. I entered the number (correctly) and the auto response told me that it was not a BT number and I should contact my own telecomms service provider and then hung up. Great. How do you report a fault on the reporting a fault service? I was stuck in some kind of psycho-technical Gordian knot. But I am not easily defeated, I tried several ways to speak to a human being and finally did (again by phoning the number provided on my bill). They ask me, 'what is your account number?' I start to reply, but 'Ah, no your phoning the wrong department, you want the OneBill department', but I phoned the number on the bill I wail in despair, they'll put me through they say. But what if I never speak to another human at BT again I cry? They give me a bachup number in case. Luckily my handset has hands free, as when they put me through the phone alternately played 80s elevator music, told me how important my call was (like I didn't know) and then rang - for about 20 minutes. Finally I spoke to the Holy Grail of bill advisors, the OneBill operator.

      'I have been trying to view and pay my bill online, as it tells me I can do on BT broadband webpage to which I was directed by your sevice' say I.

      'You can't do that with the OneBill' says she.

      'Then why does it tell me I can?' says I.

      'It wasn't giving the right information so they stopped it' says she.

      'So its a fault' says I.

      'No its not a fault, they just don't provide that service for the OneBill' says she

      'But the webpage to which I am directed by your service tells me explicity that for my convenience I can view and pay my bills online' says I.

      'Well we could change your bill to two seperate statements and then you could do it' says she

      'sounds okay' says I

      'There will be a charge of £4.50 for each of those' says she

      'I know its not personally your fault, but BT really doesn't work very well does it?' says I.

      'Would you like to pay your bill over the phone?' says she.

      And I did, with a heavy heart, and a growing sense of disbelief that a company making 6 billion pounds of profit could be so unutterably disorganised, bewildering, uncaring, useless and arrogant in its disregard for the customers who heap riches upon it. They are totally sh**, and I will leave them the moment that twelve months is up, the very moment. I just praise the lord that all those phone calls they made to me to try and convinve me to sign up for three years came to nought. I now see why they are so desperate to sign you up for three years - you wouldn't stay that long once you experience it.

      Hurray for this site, lets give BT what they deserve, not just for overcharging us and giving us all stress we don't need, but also for actively throwing a spanner in the works for small businesses for whom all time is precious money, and hours of it wasted on the phone to BT may be the difference between success and failure.

    • born4thesurf profile image

      born4thesurf 9 years ago from Truro

      I was so happy to see your BT problems website. I was actually looking to see if I could somehow get the head of customer services of BT to write him/her a letter. I have already contacted BBC watchdog and below is my letter explaining my situation.I hope you can add this to your BT complaints page and put foward to offtel or whoever can help us out here.

      Here is my BT Complaint letter:


      BT sent me a letter saying someone was interested in my phone number and if I haven't contacted them by April 24th they would disconnect me.I called (in disbelief) saying that I do need it, so they said fine they will cancel the cancellation request. They didn’t and so my line was disconnected.A lot of expensive calls(was on hold for ages) from my mobile phone were made and eventually I was put onto a woman called Barbara who apologised, organised for the activity of the line the following day and said my old number will be back within the week.

      All this time my sky broadband was cancelled because of no active line.It’s the 3rd June and I still don’t have my old phone number back. I do have service but as everyone has the old number they can’t contact me.To add to insult I received a bill a few days ago for £41.I was offered 1 months free rental and £10 as a gesture of goodwill for the following:

      *disconnecting my phone line without my permission

      *A mth of no broadband which they argue isn’t their fault

      *massive mobile phone bills calling BT and being put on hold

      *constant promises from people in foreign countries that all will be sorted and then nothing ?

      *continuously calling BT as in the 1st few weeks no-one bothered to call me to review the situation?costs of my visits to the internet cafe as I am in the middle of organising a wedding and have to do it out of office hours Over a month of missing calls as everyone has our proper phone number

      *The stress I have suffered in the last month because of the incompetence of BT.

      If I don’t pay this bill I will receive a CCJ yet nothing happens to BT for the lack of service.They boast that the last thing they do is disconnect landlines after non payment of bills so there are a lot of unpaid debts with a phone line yet they disconnected a bill paying customer and caused all this bother and stress.I am looking into other landline providers as we speak but would appreciate your response on this.


      Majella Foley

    • profile image

      ana 9 years ago

      I havent got broadband since 3 months ago and now im living the country and still they ask me to pay my contract till august 2009

    • profile image

      holly 9 years ago

      Oh my god – BT are such a joke. My phone line went dead a month ago. Situation resolved itself so I cancelled the engineer. 2 weeks ago, same thing happened. Took my broadband down this time too. I’ve had 2 engineers come (both fixed the problem for about half an hour – something to do with the main box in the next street) but fault returned. Situation now is that I’ve been without a phone or internet access for two weeks, I’ve made £40 worth of mobile calls to the faults helpline (why is not a free number?!), I’ve had to take one annual leave day to wait for an engineer, I missed my best friend’s farewell drinks because I had to spend a Saturday waiting for the other engineer, I’ve heard ‘I’m sorry to hear about your fault’ 12 times from 12 different operators, I’ve spent the last two evenings on the phone to them trying to sort out the problem – talking through floods of frustrated tears, I’ve left my number in call queues and been promised a call back within 45 mins only to hear nothing, I’ve been transferred between departments, I’ve been cut off, and I’m at my absolute whit’s end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can this company be so damn incompetent?!?!?!?!!?!?! Thank god I now have a support group at! Is there a Facebook group I can join too?

      As soon as my contract is up with BT (1 month and counting) I’m switching to TalkTalk!

      But until then, I have yet another engineer coming this Fri. Please wish me luck!

    • profile image

      griffgrogg 9 years ago


      this may be an unusual one but need some help and advice here as I am slowly going round the BEND!

      I am goind round in circles with BT "customer servies" and "fault finding" dept (isnt there a trade descriptions act offence they can be prosecuted for!!)

      I have the misfortune of having BT broadband and landline services and as anyone knows when you pick up your landline handset to make a call it defaults to the internet line........however my dilemma is that all of a sudden on christmas day 2007 my landline number started dialling and making silent calls to one random number on the same exchange. So far it has made over 500 calls to this poor person at all hours of the day and night, there is no pattern and calls have been made when none of us is at home and house alarm set.

      BT have suggested that when were out of the house someone is letting themselves in without permission to make 5 second silent calls to this number and presumably sneaking in whilst me and my children (all aged under 10 years old) are soundly asleep in the small hours. I have a BT home hub phone which, like most phones, has a dialled number list.......this other number has NEVER ever been on this list.....if only I could drag someone from BT to look at it !!

      I have made at least 40 calls and each time spoken to different operators, broken promises are made, my calls never logged meaning I have to repeat myself OVER and OVER again, some of the call charges have been refunded and Ive now changed my telephone number in an effort to stop it but to my dismay after a month they have started AGAIN!!!

      I have phoned this unfortunate individual (on my mobile I hasten to add) and she is a confused old lady who none of us has ever known or had dealing with in another town.......she told me that she is blighted by these silent calls and when she does pick up the phone she hears a 'whirring' sound in the background. Interestingly she said she experienced the same scenario a couple of years ago from another residential number on the same exchange that went on for months until he changed his telephone number.

      Im at a complete loss...........BT dont believe the calls are not being physically dialled from my house, customer services are useless and inconsistent, and I cant find any information on the web about similar problems....but I CANT be the only one !!

      My only step now seems to be getting rid of my BT landline completely

      Has anyone heard / experienced this before........BT says not but I dont believe anything they have to say to me

    • profile image

      Fred 9 years ago

      I've been on the telephone to BT since 12.10pm this morning.... it's now 4.15pm and I still haven't got my telephone line connect at the house... It sounds so simple to get a line connected... Not so with BT... Haven't even got the order taken yet as their computers are running so slow... Holly don't go Talk Talk... had a nightmare with Talk Talk would not recommend at all...

    • profile image

      holly 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tip Fred - would appreciate any recommendations from anyone!!

    • profile image

      Fo 9 years ago

      I have for days experienced problems with BT internet.

      Their staff in India are compulsive liers, part of the BT culture by now.

      Its an outage problem that will be sorted in 4 hours first one 3days ago, now its 24 hours.

    • profile image

      lee singes 9 years ago

      bt all i can say is they are the laughing stock ot the telecom world, if i could use someone else i would, job advertisments to work for BT obviosly say compulsive liars, incompetant, usless waste of spaces needed to feed the good old english public a whole lot of bullshit. they need to be put out of buisness, i hate them and i am totally disgusted that they use the name British in there name especially when they employ those useless crib card reading monkeys in there overseas call centers

    • profile image

      bob 9 years ago

      BT want shooting

      I spent 5 days on the phone (logged)

      spoke to countless people not in the uk, lost a lot of business, said they would call back, also had days of work.

      I was told i have to agree to £110 call out and £90 per hour for repairs, if I did not agree they would noy come out, so the result is under section 40 of the harrassment act I intend to sue them, as it is illegal on paper or verbally to demand any monieseven oftel agree with this one.

      so bt now it is my turn.

    • profile image

      Mags  9 years ago

      I just cant believe that there are so many people out there who are having a nightmare like me and mine isnt over yet and yes BT customer services is appalling and I have complained to the ombudsman and they arent doing anything to resolve this matter either. I own my own business (a guest house) and did inform BT when I bought this property and thought I was on a business line package WRONG! The new yellow pages phone book comes out and I am not listed as promised and so I ring BT and they tell me they have made a mistake and I have been listed as a residential property instead and it would be straightforward to transfer to business WRONG! I have just received two bills from BT £171.70 and £262.40. The £171.70 relates to a featureline which I do not have and other calls and services I do not have either. I also have direct debit set up and they have tried to charge me £4.50 call handling fee. The £262.40 relates to the cancellation of the featureline which I never have had and £30 connection fee to BT but I have been with BT for two years so there is no way am I going to pay for a bill including a connection fee to BT. I am also supposed to have a call divert facility but BT keep taking that off on a Fri at 5pm and I am loosing business because of this. When I phone BT business they dont know what is happening and I get told that they cannot understand my account as it is in such a mess but that doesnt help me. The other thing that was suggested was to allow BT to take these two amounts out of my account and then I could try and claim it back but who would pay for something that they dont use and if I did allow BT to take these amounts out of my account they wouldnt give them back to me would they. The other thing that has totally cheesed me off is that residential have taken £56.00 line rental on top of these bills and when I spoke to BT residential I am told I cant claim this back as the account is closed so I had to go to my bank and get it back that way so when I rang BT they said they would send me a further bill requesting this money but I do not owe £56.00. I have been told that my actual bill will be £125 only but they cant raise this bill with these two other bills outstanding but like I said they cant be outstanding because I dont owe it. The other stupid thing is that BT reckon I have BT broadband but I dont I am with o2 who are brilliant before that I was with AOL who were totally rubbish and BT are trying to say I have a BT hub etc at the property but like I have said come and see for yourself but they wont come out because they know they are conning me. When I spoke to an Advisor they told me that the business line is £40.86 and then £6.00 for the divert total £46.86 but when you look on the website their own website they have three business line packages and one is £43.11 including call divert so why are BT trying to charge me nearly £47.00. I have spoken to BT but it was nearly hometime so couldnt deal with it and told me they would ring back but I always get told this and never get the phone calls back. I wish I had taken my business elsewhere and used another phone provider but if you need to advertise in the yellow pages etc you are tied to BT but I am losing business hand over fist especially at the weekends when they deliberately turn my divert off which was working fine Mon-Thurs why turn it off on a Fri at 5pm and then tell me they cant deal with it until mon but I have been told if BT put an order in for the divert I will be charged £30 connection fee but how can they get away with this it feels like I have a loaded gun at my head. If anyone can help me resolve this as I cannot afford to be paying for bills I havent run up or connection fees that BT have deliberately created by switching my divert off.

    • profile image

      Vie 9 years ago

      I'm not even a BT customer and I have a complaint!

      Recently I got a spam email from BT, advertising there NAT service, or at least it sounds like a NAT service anyway. They told me, and I quote; " We sent this email to *My email* because you gave us your address and permission to contact."

      No, I did not.

      Anyway, I unsubscribe on there website. To do which they demand your name, title as well as your email (Obveously the email needs to be there, why they want the other stuff confuses me.). I tell them to never contact me again and explain that there services are vastly inferior to the one I already have.

      Today, JOY of Joys! I get ANOTHER Spam email from BT. Once again telling me I asked them to send me the garbage!

    • profile image

      lp1 9 years ago

      I have copied my letter to the head of customer service Jillian Lewis below in the hope that it is some help to people. I am one of three people at my work who have had this same problem of being cut off with no notice and then having a complete nightmare reconnecting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...... Good luck to the rest of you. I am writing to you concerning a number of problems I have recently experienced with my BT service. Following alleged late payment of a bill issued on 8 April this year, my BT account was disconnected with no prior warning from BT. The bill clearly stated payment should be received by 18 April, disconnection occurred on this date.Arranging for the reconnection of my telephone line has taken almost two months and a total of over 20 calls to your company. This has resulted in loss to me as follows: * A total of over 20 calls to BT and associated costs as detailed in the enclosed mobile phone bills, at a total cost of £19.97 (this does not include calls made via a separate 'pay-as -you go mobile account) * The major inconvenience of loss of service for an unnecessarily protracted period - resulting in missed calls from family and lack of access to the internet, all of which was unnecessary - I was quite prepared to pay any outstanding amount over the phone as soon as the problem arose. I would also dispute that payment was late. * Loss through advanced payment for broadband covering the period 1 April - 30 June, invoice Q004 RS, totalling £79.90. During this time I was paying for a service I was unable to access.The issue about which I feel strongest is the unnecessary stress and inconvenience of BT's customer service. Throughout the period I was given conflicting advice with every phone-call I made. Choosing which of the many numbers to ring was a lottery - I had to make separate calls for SD and GB account numbers and the lack of communication between advisors meant it was necessary to restate my problem a number of times. Trying to alleviate this problem was impossible as customer service numbers quoted on the back of GB account bills connected to advisors who only had access to my SD information. I was told an SD account was a business account and shouldn't have been allocated to me and then subsequently told that it was completely normal to have two accounts in this way (a situation I am still confused about as I don't seem to have been allocated a new SD account despite reconnecting my broadband service). I was put through to numbers and subsequently cut-off, meaning I had to start the whole process again as I had no idea of the number I had been put through to. I was told I would have to wait for a final bill to be issued and paid before I could re-order the service - that final bill never came. When I phoned to ask if despite not receiving this bill I could pay over the phone, I was told that wasn't possible. However when I phoned a few days later this advice was directly contradicted and I did pay over the phone. I was told that in reconnecting my phone-line my broadband service would automatically restart, however it didn't and I had to make a further phone-call to ensure that it was. I am now on what I have been told is a temporary land-line number although I have had no explanation as to why, or whether this situation will change in the near future. Since reconnected I have also received sales text messages from BT, a service I did not sign up to and do not want to receive. I would like you to reimburse me the total sum of £99.87 (which does not include the cost of calls made via 'pay-as-you-go') which I believe I am entitled to. Yours sincerelyMiss A Smith

    • profile image

      Sonja Mitchell 9 years ago

      Lovely to come across other people frustrated with BT - my partner and I wrote to OFCOM about the problems we had had with BT in a letter dated 30 July '07, and I was frustrated by it's response that 'it does not investigate individual cases'. There were too many ways that BT failed us over the two months, in particular the misleading information given to us by different members of staff, BT's failure to contact us to explain why promised services had not been delivered, and the sheer difficulty of getting thorugh to BT to tell them something is wrong, for me to believe that ours had merely been an 'individual' or isolated problem. And, indeed, reading through other comments posted here, I can see it is not.

      It took BT two months, from early July until late August 2007, to supply my partner and I with a telephone line. They were efficient enough with their charging - taking payments from our account over that period, but were near impossible to get hold of over the phone in order to tell them that we still had no phone. Over those two months my partner and I spent long periods standing in the phone box outside our house listening to that patronising BT voice telling us that the lines were 'unusually busy at the moment' and they would answer our call as soon as they could. It invariably took a minimum of 45 minutes before BT got over it's 'momentary' business, an hour-long wait was more usual, and on a particularly bad day, I waited for 1.5 hours before i got to speak to anyone. And all this was just so that I could inform BT that the service they had promised had not been delivered and we were still being charged for it. At no point did BT make an effort to contact us to explain why the service they promised (and then when failing the first time to deliver, re-promised) still had not been delivered.


      We wrote a detailed letter to BT's then complaints contact - Jillian G Lewis, Customer Services Director, on 30 July 2007, setting out the numerous problems we had with BT, and pointing out that two months on, we were still without a functioning telephone line. We cced our letter to OFCOM, the Office of Fair Traiding and BBC's Watchdog. We received a response from OFCOM, the Office of Fair Trading and BBC's Watchdog, but guess what? NO RESPONSE FROM BT. It was only after more calling, more standing around in that cursed phone box, and after having to work quite hard to convince the person we eventually spoke with that we really did not have a phone line ('But we've been charging you for a phone line since July', they said, 'We know!!' I cried), that we finally got one installed.

      We never received a response from BT to our letter and we have never received any apology for BT for the inconvenience of having gone without a phone for two months, while being charged for having one, for the hours and hours we spent standing in the phone box, and for the £130 we incurred making international calls from the phone box to my family in New Zealand (incidentally, my sister in NZ was had a baby over this time, and i was anxious to be in close contact with her and intensely frustrated and upset that i couldn't be).

      In summary, I have never encountered a service as bad as BT, and if i could find a way of never purchasing another thing from them I would. Unfortunately, like most people, i need a phone line. the only other answer is emigration? or perhaps for some of these government-set up institutions like OFCOM that are meant to be regulating phone companies to DO SOMETHING TO END THE NIGHTMARE THAT IS BT.

      Thanks to those who set up this website for allowing our individual grumbles to unify into a wail loud enough to hopefully catch some attention.

      Regards, Sonja Mitchell (and on behalf of Henry Fisher)

    • profile image

      grace 9 years ago

      I'm going to cut a long story short here: Ive had an ongoing problem with BT since i moved into my new property in November 07. When we moved in we found the line had to be reconnected (at a cost of 124.99 which is rediculous in itself, why should i have to pay because of something the previous occupants did) so we paid and had the line connected. We opted for paper-free billing and after a month or so i realised i had not recieved a bill. I called BT and after 4 hours on hold i was told that their system was not producing my bills. I asked if they knew when the problem was going to be fixed as i had set up a DD for my phone account and i did not want it just sat there not being used. They could not give me and answer. I have chased this ever since, every month. In March i was told that my total bill was only 32 pounds, i paid 20pounds of this with my own debit card (the account is in my partners name). I carried on chasing the problem and i was continuously told not to worry, the problem was trying to be resolved and that i would NOT be expected to pay a massive phone bill when the problem was resolved. It was only by pure luck that i decided to ring BT on the 8th June 08 to check on the problem and i could not believe my ears when i was told this:

      "The problem has now been fixed and your DD would be taken out shortly. the amount your will be paying is 450POUNDS!!!!!!"

      I was absolutly fuming. I asked why they did not bother to contact me and tell me that the problem had been fixed, even though I repeatedly asked to be notified when the issue was resolved and why the bill was so high. I was told that one charge was the 124.99 for the reconnection, even though I was told in November that it had been paid and another charge was 171.00 for change my option plan!!! I did change my option plan but i did it within the 14 day period that the letter advised. I have continuously battled with BT's incompetant call centre staff to find out why they have messed this up so badly and even had a phone call off of a senior manager who, as soon as i answered the phone, accused me of abusing her staff (all i did was get a little angry after being on hold for 4 hours only to be told they were going to take 500.00 offof me in a couple of days!) and that i could not deal with account as i was not the account holder (despite my partner telling them time and time again that i COULD deal with it as he works away from home) and she then put the phone down on me! I have now taken my complaint to ofcom and it is being dealt with by the BT chairmans office. Im expecting a call today to get it resolved. if its not then i will seeking legal advise! I would urge anyone having problem with the call centre to go straight to ofcom, i wasted 2 weeks repeatedly calling BT only to get through to people who dont care about the customers, have a limited grasp of the english language and are completely useless. In my opinion, everyone in their call centers need to be retrained or fired

    • born4thesurf profile image

      born4thesurf 9 years ago from Truro

      Jillian Lewis is a made up person which BT have made up (Ex BT Employee informed me).

      Refer to for more information.

    • profile image

      Richard Bushrod 9 years ago

      Hi Everyone.

      My hobphone has a very poor ear piece volume and dispite various complaints no answer is forth coming, now we have lost the dial tone on the internet line although it well still dial out and recieve calls.

    • profile image

      Danny Boy 9 years ago

      I am glad I've found this website. I have only been a BT customer for 6 months, and already I have a catalogue of errors to document.

      To start with I signed up for BT Vision's free bundle which came with the top level of BT broadband. THE BT Broadband arrived and was absolutely noway near as fast as the sales people had told me it would be, but that's another story.

      It took 2 months to finally get sent the BT Vision box after repeated phonecalls. To add insult to injury when I complained about this the person on the phone told me as an apology BT would wave the connection fee and give me a free on-demand channel.

      Some time later I noticed on my bill that I was going to be charged for this 'free' channel, so I immediately rang to complain. I was told that this would always be the case. So the person giving me this free channel by means of apology for BT was just lying to sell me a package I didn't want that I would ultimately end up paying for.

      The person on the phone apologised and said I would be immediately taken off this package. Ok fine, until I get my bill and BT have charged me £47 disconnection fee. I again ring to complain and literally have to have an argument with the guy on the phone to get this fee waved, as I didnt even want a payed subscription in the first place and only had one due to a lying BT employee misleading me in the first place.

      So now I have moved house and have spent the past 2 months trying to get BT to activate new telephone lines. I have been put through to the home movers department 4 times now, and each time despite protests am forced to give all the same information, and each time told I am being put on a priority call-back list. I am yet to receive a call-back.

      So I have had no phone line for 2 months, and am being charged for it, and everytime I speak to BT noone knows quite who to put me through to in order to get the situation resolved.

      I am so fed up I honestly have never dealt with a company that has consistently let me down in every possible way. Very stressful. I advise everyone to steer clear of BT.

    • profile image

      Laurence McMorrow 9 years ago

      My email shown above has not worked since 2nd June. I cannot read messages and orders that have been sent to my business. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get it sorted without success. My business is being badly dammaged. The drop down box from the btopenworld server will not accept my password. I demand that someone rings me today with a solution to this 3 week old problem. In the meantime do not send me a bill of any description.

    • profile image

      Nigel Carpenter 9 years ago

      I have been a loyal BT customer for 35 Yrs +. I have my phone + Braodband + packages with them. A satisfied customer for 30 years but the last 5 the service has gone down & down & down.

      They have rung me 5 times on an automated service to say I have not paid my bill. I want to pay my bill but I have no account number to quote.

      I have tried ringing them - I have tried searching their web site - I have tried google - I just cannot pay my bill unless I have my account number - but I don't have it & I cannot get through to a 'REAL LIVE PERSON' to ask for it

      Enough is enough with BT - I will change supplier for sure

    • profile image

      Flea 9 years ago

      I had to end my BT total broadband contract early when i moved out of my flat so the next occupents could connect phone and internet lines of their own and the house i moved into already had an internet and phone supplier. I rang up customer services and was quoted, after some adding up by the BT representative, the fees to end the contract early would be about one hundred pounds. At the time i didn't think it necessary to ask for the quote in writing but i wish i had when i recieved a bill for three hundred and thirty pounds for ending the contract early. After a few phonecalls to BT and two complaints lodged they still insist they will adhere to the larger amount and have since refered the amount to a debt collection agency. I have since moved house again but they refuse to change my details until the amount is paid in full so correspondance is almost useless unless i happen to be near where i used to live so i can stop by to pick up mail. BT also refused to set up a derect debit scheme for me to pay off the ridiculous made-up bill since the amount is now overdue. I have now had to borrow money to pay BT off and have still heard nothing of my complaints. I can't really express the stress and anxiety this has caused me, i am a manic depressive and BT definately has not in any way helped my mental or physical health. Great stuff.

    • profile image

      missmarple 9 years ago

      This is a minor complaint but one that really agitates me. Why am I charged £4.50 to pay my bill by cheque. It is pure extortion. What is this fee for? And should I in return send an invoice to BT for the cost of a stamp, envelope, petrol to drive to the post office to post the cheque. I will not pay by direct debit. It is just another way for BT to gain extra money through interest earned. And my bank account details are private. Nobody should have to pay this charge.

    • profile image

      G Dobson 9 years ago

      I moved to BT around March 08.

      April 08 I received a bill. I went online to pay. I phoned up BT to pay. I tried to set up my account by monthly standing order. I requested a form. I spoke to several BT reps in India. I complained on line. The Indian reps couldn't understand me and I could hardly understand them.I asked to speak to someone who I could complain to. I asked to speak to someone in the UK. I constantly got put on hold and passed to another foreign rep who could not help me. I tried every avenue to pay and to set up monthly direct debit. It is now June 24th and this still has not been implemented. A reminder came in April, I still had not been able to pay online. I sent a cheque. Subsequently the phone was cut off. Supposedly for 24 hours- it ended up being for 3 days. I run a business from home, my mother's husband was taken ill abroad, we couldn't contact him. I spoke to many foreign telephone reps in India. It was an agonising time. The bill was paid by credit card (2nd payment BT received)the phone eventually came back on 3 days later. I subsequently asked to move from BT I was told I'd have to pay a fee to leave!

      I also tried to set up enhanced BT answer service on the line for my business. I requested several times on line and three times on the phone. Much waiting, much music etc. Personalised greeting was not set up despite BT saying it was available on line. Sent several complaints throughout all this. BT phoned when I was not in residence. Were told to call back that evening, they did not. No number left for me to call them back.

      Today phoned BT again re answer service request still not having been implemented. Said I wished to move away from BT need the personalised answer message for my business. I added I did not want to incurleaving charges due to continued bad service. Rep said she'd cancel line there and then. I intercepted to say I did not want to be without a line. She told me the phone would not be cut off till July 24th 08. I was put through to another rep, then another, then another. The final lady rep said that my phone looked like it may be getting cut off the following day 25th June! Meaning I would have no phone for my business. She tried to put a stop on the cancellation and said I should phone back again tomorrow (the 25th June). (Yet another agonising evening in store listening to BT music) BT's treatment of me has been appalling. It has led me to much stress and much lost business due to the line being cut off and the standard BT answer message.After the horrendous time I've had with BT I wish to leave them without having to pay any leaving charges and go to a different supplier. I am at my wits end. If I have been cut off promptly it could take up to a month to get a new line with a new service provider.

    • profile image

      T Rowley 9 years ago

      I closed my account with BT in March 2008 was sent a bill in April 08 when reading it was discusted to have been charged for ending my contract which may I state I was not in a contract with BT as it had been well over tweleve months I phoned to explain all this and was informed not a problem please pay £23.58 and my account will close so no problem I paid the amount the following day

      To my horror I returned from a break to receive a debt notification letter from a credit service acting on behalf of BT for amount £35.93 outstanding on 25th June 08 I was not a happy bunny I phoned BT to which I was informed they knew nothing of this and as stated I have a letter in my hand this has been sorted but trust me I will never ever go back to BT for this to happen is a total disgrace it could or most proberly has happened to an elderly person whom would pay with such a letter that I received BT is a sham

    • profile image

      Melanie McNicol 9 years ago

      I knew things wern't going to go well when I received all my equipment 3 days earlier, when nobody was available to accept delivery. Not having received it all though I called to ask where the rest of it was. As it was so early in the contract I had not been informed of my land line number, so was extremely frustrated when no one could help me without this information, even though I hadn't been told what it was yet.

      After being passed to around 6 different depatments, all of which ask you the same thing time after time, it then took me approx 5 minutes to explain to one of the overseas calling centers what my postcode was. Only to be told they couldnt understand me !!! I GAVE UP, and just waited to see what would turn up.

      Now I have been sent a telephone to rent which is not the one I ordered, and after going through the same proceedure as above managed to get it arranged to be collected on 20th June. This is a Saturday and after waiting in all day, realised that it was not happening. I still have the phone in it's box awaiting collection. When will this happen ???????????????

      The call centers you have are useless: The attention to detail on delivery dates and products is terrible as they were both wrong.

      Unfortunately I am now stuck with BT for 18 months but just out of princable I will make sure we change to another supplier the minute we are able to.

    • profile image

      Gordon 9 years ago

      I ordered a 'new installation' of a BT phone line on the 19th June 2008. An appointment was confirmed by both text and phonecall, than an engineer would call at my address between 1300 and 1800 on 25th June 2008.

      At 1400, I decided to call and try and identify when exactly the engineer was going to complete this work. After much delay, I was reassured that the engineer would call, but they couldn't provide any further information with respect to a specific time.

      At 1730 I called again (25 mins on hold), as the engineer had not arrived to start the work. I was informed that the work had been successfully, completed and that I now owed them £132.00 as the line was now 'Active'.

      I protested that no equipment had been installed in my property and that I'd been instructed to remain at the property to provide access for the engineer etc.

      I believe that I had a very narrow escape by not becoming involved with BT again. They then conceded that I would owe them nothing (although, I've not received any documentation to this effect).

      The company's treatment of its existing and prospective customers is DISGUSTING. I feel foolish now, for even allowing myself to believe that BT had got better since my 5-6 years 'away' with a cable company.

      I have finally learnt my lesson and vow never, ever to have anything to do with BT ever again.

    • profile image

      Mr G. Bansal 9 years ago

      Bt have taken my my original numbers away from me by mistake, I am a retaurant owner, since they have done this my turnover has gone down by 50%, I am on the verge of Bankrupcy. I signed an order for my telephone Numbers to be transfered from the old company to the new one, instead I had my had my original lines ripped out and a new one put in, this happened on the 20th of May 2008, it is now the 27th of June and BT have still not put my original numbers back in, this mistake of BT is costing me an average of £5000 per week plus the longterm damage it is doing to my business.

      I need some one in BT to realize what is happening and resolve this matter soon before I close down.

      There must be someone there who has some sympathy for me, Our liveyhood is at stake here. BT has made the mistake, we asked for something and we got something else.

      Please Help

      G. Bansal

    • profile image

      J Swift 9 years ago

      Paid for a BT phone line August 2007 after spending months on the phone, waiting in for an engineer and no one showing up finally installation complete in March 2008. Just received bill charging me line rental from October to date. Phoned up stupidly optimistic that it was an error and would be removed from my bill. Message left today on phone to say "Mrs Swift the charges are correct as the job was finished in October 2007". HELP!

    • profile image

      S Rimmer 8 years ago

      Speaking Clock

      My sister and I are trying to care for our poorly mum in her own home and BT are not helping. Mum has short term memory problems but doesn't want to leave her home. The problem we have is the cost of the speaking clock @ 25p plus vat per call.. Mum constantly dials the clock building up a large bill which none of us can afford. We have been told by BT that all they can do is barr the line but this would not allow mum to make any calls which would be dangerous for her.

      I really want to hear what BT can do for us to help the sistuation. Sadly they are all singing from the same song sheet and seem to forget what customer service actually means. How terrible it is to be old in this country. We just want our mum to be treated with dignity and respect and for BT to use this as an opportunity to help. Don't say sorry if you don't mean it! Do something!

    • profile image

      Wendy Fortnum 8 years ago

      I've just had my phone bill of £187. I rang them upto see what I could do to get my bill down, ( apart from not using it, and then you still get charged silly money to have a line !), only to be told that the calling plan that I am currently on £40 per month, is actually on offer to people for £10 a month. Why of why are we only told of these price reductions when we want to save money or threaten to leave BT. Surely to keep customers they would want to treat everyone the same and not just dangle a carrott in front of you at the start then rip you off after a few months. The call person wanted me to agree to this new charge over the phone, which sounded good until, he told me that if i wanted to terminate the contract I would have to pay the full amount of how many months left, i.e 10 mths = £1000. Forget it BT, at the moment your not any better than the rising fuel prices.

    • profile image

      Scott & Kerri McDonald 8 years ago

      I would call this a comedy of errors if there was anything remotely comedic about it. I transferred my BT Business Broadband to a Residential package with BT. I was told this would be seamless. What I wasn't advised was that they would cut off my business broadband, not switch on my residential at all, claim I had my facts wrong, advise me I was in the wrong for trying to move my service to residential, tsk tsk, how could I? and that I would spend countless hours in a loop between India Call Centres, enlist my husband to help when it got too much, be passed to Sales, Order Management, Technician, Senior Technician, Customer Face (what is that!), and back again. I understand economics and the offshoring reasons, what I will NOT excuse is shoddy call scripts, badly trained Agents, disparate systems that are not cross referenced with your order/issues history, badly managed queue handling (90 minutes!!! for one answer) and the myriad of issues I have ran out of energy to list. Fundementally the systems and processes need integration and re-engineering from a business perspective, as an end customer who still has not had service re-installed as expected, I am flabbergasted (not used that word in ages!) that a key service provider can carry on without recourse in this way. Thanks for the blogathon opportunity to rant, Don't feel better yet, but time is a healer....

    • profile image

      Ken Maughan 8 years ago

      I decided to return to BT after my contract with TalkTalk expired as I wanted to take up the offer of the BT Vision package deal. I signed up at beginning of June and was informed of the start date of their service and the delivery date of the broadband goods. This was put back a few times and I got annoyed after speaking to many different operatives and told them in no uncertain terms that if the goods were not delivered,as promised, then I would cancel my account. Unfortunately this was taken out of context and my phone line of 25+ years was disconnected. I was told I couldn't have it re-instated so I had to have a new telephone number which I would have to send out to all my contacts! I was duly connected to this new service and to add insult to injury,was later sent a bill for £41 for the couple of days I had with them using my old number. Then I was promised a delivery date for the broadband equipment which never turned up but which appeared on another promised date, with a duplicated order delivered the next day! Then I was told the delivery date of the Vision package which never turned up, then another date was given ,tomorrow,which I've just been informed was incorrect, and now it will be delivered next week on the 8th July.

      Well, I have talked my way through 25+ call-centre operatives and technicians, spent dozens of hours idly listening to crap music whilst being "put on hold" as they tried to sort out the various problems that's arisen since I first signed up, and took days off,as have other family members, to await delivery of non-existant packages, all of which has left me tired and frustrated and I told the last lady to put a note against my order that, if the goods were not delivered by their latest "promised" delivery date, I would cancel everything and request an engineer to visit and rip out all my cabling and remove their equipment,if not, I would do it myself.

      BT are like many other broadband suppliers, going overboard with promises to get you to sign up for their packages and leaving you high and dry as soon as they get their hands on your bank details. And their customer service is like swimming through mud!! acronym for Bloody Terrible.

    • profile image

      John Rafferty 8 years ago

      BT what a bunch of total tossers Orders lost, BT unable to deliver a vivion box they didn't know my address! funny the bill arrives each month, then the BT vision box dos'nt work wait 3 days for a call back no call back phone up to ask and I am told yes they know it is not working but cannot tell me anything I have to wait..... ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • profile image

      Troy Bennett 8 years ago

      I recently bought a flat that does not have a BT line or socket installed. I called BT and arranged for an engineer to call (costing £124.99). This was set for 26th June 2008 between 0800 and 1300. No engineer called and I rang several times during the day and was assured that an engineer would call. I waited 10 hours and no engineer came.

      I emailed a complaint to BT at the lack of service only to get a response stating the engineer had completed the work by turning on my phoneline at the exchange. I said this is all well and good but I don't have a phone socket so can't make or receive calls!

      So, after getting £30 pounds in compo, a second appointment was made for 2nd July between 0800 and 1300 hours. I made sure the dept I spoke to knew exactly what I needed. i.e A PHONE SOCKET TO BE INSTALLED...its not hard!!

      On 2nd July I waited until 1330 hours and still no engineer called. I rang yet again and was told by the rep that he would call back when he had an answer. After 2 hours of further waiting, no callback, so I rang again.

      This time the 'chase team' was put on the case to I suppose chase it up! I was told they would ring me back. It's been 18 hours and I am still waiting for the call!!

      I waited 8 hours yesterday for the second engineer no show, but it gets better because I went back to where I'm staying currently and checked my fault progress online only to discover that the engineer apparently called but no one was in!!

      I was there all day, and no one came...they are lying!!

      It gets even better, because this morning at 0355 hours..yes 4 in the morning..I got a text message on my mobile phone which woke me up..It was BT saying they had repaired the fault and sorry for any inconvenience!!!

      Are they having a laugh???

      I went down to the flat this morning just to check that the engineer hadn't broken in overnight to install my phone socket..but no luck...he hadn't.

      So to recap, I have waited a total of 18 hours over 2 days for no engineer to call. I have not had a phoneline installed as yet, however according to the BT fault site the work has been completed!!

      Its a complete joke...words fail me...

    • profile image

      DG 8 years ago

      We are first time buyers in a new build property who wanted a phoneline to enable us to eventually get the internet. This is what had already happened: We ordered a phoneline about one month ago, the week before we were moving into our new house. Our appointment for 18th June was cancelled the weekend before installation by BT OpenReach, who promised to call back 23 June. The answerphone message informing us of this was from a totally incomprehensible foreign person so we had to call back to find out what it was meant to be telling us. An engineer / OpenReach didn't call us back with a new date and we were, in fact, sent a text message confirming that the work would be done on 18th June despite the fact that they had already cancelled this appointment. We rang BT to chase this up, to be told that the line was down as "completed" even though it isn't and engineer hasn't been anywhere near our home, nor have they contacted us. The fault was logged with faults department and we were promised an engineer visit within 24 hours. Engineer didn't turn up. No contact from BT by 5pm on the day the fault was scheduled to be fixed by (25/06/08). We rang BT again, who chased this with OpenReach and promised a call back AM 26 June. No call back from BT. We rang BT again, who advised OpenReach would contact us PM 26 June. We rang BT at lunchtime to try to make a complaint but were put on hold for 15 minutes and had to hang up to return to work before being able to speak to anyone. We rang BT again, to try to escalate the problem due to the time we've been waiting, but were cut off once, then put on hold and cut off, then on the third attempt were passed from faults to customer services back to faults and then around to a few other people until we had been transferred six times The sixth operator advised that it could not be escalated, and it would be 48 hours before they would be in touch to advise on how they were going to solve the problem (total call time 35 minutes) We rang up later that day to try to complain about the service and when we finally spoke to the lady in the faults department she told us a completely different story to everyone else we had spoken to, saying that an open order was preventing anything progressing and that it would need to be closed before anything else could happen. Why were we not told this earlier instead of being fobbed off with a different story every time and excuses about people being on holiday?The 48 hours passed and the promised call never came. When we rang to ask why, we were told we actually had to wait two working days, but this is not what we were originally promised.Since then we have made more phonecalls to BT, only to be told completely different stories by everybody, and no-one seems willing to update us on what is going on. We have received no phonecalls back from anyone who promised them, and we have also received no response at all to our letter and email of complaint. On top of this, this is what has also happened:· After weeks of waiting for a phoneline with no clue as to when we would get one, yesterday (02/07/08) we happened to lift the receiver of our telephone, only to find that there was actually a dial tone. Why had nobody bothered to contact us to tell us that we were finally connected?· We rang BT on the evening of 02/07/08 to say that we were connected and to check that we wouldn’t be billed for anything prior to this date due to us not having been connected, and the lady told us that she would adjust the bill accordingly.· On the morning of 03/07/08, we received a text message informing us that an engineer would be looking into the fault on our line, despite the fact that we had made the lady we spoke to the previous evening aware that the line was now working. We called BT at lunchtime on 03/07/08 to point this out and were assured that a note would be made that we no longer had a fault.· An hour later, whilst miles away from home, we received a call from an engineer, asking where we were. He was outside our house and had come to check the fault. Why did he make this wasted journey when we had already told BT not once, but twice, that the line was now working? We were originally told, in the many weeks before we were connected, that if an engineer came out unnecessarily we would be billed a horrendous amount for his trouble, and yet he still turned up at our house despite us having informed BT twice to cancel the fault report.We thought that our problems with the company would be over now that, after almost two months, we finally have been blessed with a phoneline but still they are managing to cause us grief.Our main gripes are these:1. BT'scomplete inability to call us back or keep us updated on events2. BT staff's complete inability to talk to each other, meaning repeated calls and repeated explanations on our part and wasted texts and visits on their part3. BT's complete failure to respond to our complaints thus far4. During busy periods they seem to ship alltheir calls out to India. These people are barely understandable and seem only able to transfer calls several times to different people without actually being able to solve problems or answer questions (see our experience above)

    • profile image

      Maz 8 years ago

      It didn't take me long to realise that I hade made a big mistake when I took out a phone line with BT. For 6 months, I did not receive a single accurate bill and every month I had to call BT for them to put it right. Only they didn't. They cancelled the charges on one bill & promptly applied it to the next one. I even got billed for calls that BT say they do not have a clue what the calls are but they're billing anyway, even if I DID NOT make my calls through BT. In the end, i just had enough and cancelled my BT phone line. BT applied a cancellation charge and a lot of other charges which I believe are unjustified but wanting to see the back of this legal crook, I paid up. Imagine my surprise today when I get a BT bill for a cancelled service. It gets better. Apparently I am paying for BT caller ID and answerphone when there is no active BT line. Are my supposed to be receiving these services through my derriere considering I DO NOT HAVE A BT Line. I've been calling those SOBs all day and hear this, their system is down and they cannot help me!!! Quite convenient!! I bet that if I said I was calling to pa up, the system would be online!!! I think that we should all get together and complain and hopefully they will receive a big enough fine to make them go bankrupt!!!!

    • profile image

      Samantha 8 years ago

      After leaving Tiscali broadband who also provided my phone line, i wanted go with o2 broadband. To do this, i needed a BT phone line, so after sorting out the cancellation with Tiscali, i contacted BT and told them i would like to have my phone line rental back with BT.

      The lady on the phone told me about the unlimited anytime call plan and i said OK, i will have that then. The lady instantly replied by saying, you do know that evening and weekend phone calls are free anyway in the standard line rental don't you? I said, oh right, i'll leave the unlimited call plan and just have the standard line rental. She then said, its too late, i've put you on the unlimited plan now and that i will have to phone back tomorrow to cancel the unlimited plan and that i have 7 days in which i can cancel anyway, so it will be ok. I thought this was very strange, almost like i was tricked.

      I phoned back the same day, as i was not happy about being put on the unlimited plan, when within seconds of saying i'll go on it, i said, no, i'll leave that and go with the standard line rental. When i phoned back, i explained and told them i want to cancel the unlimited plan and just have the standard line rental. The man on the phone, who could not speak English very well and didn't seem to be listening to me said, right, you want to cancel your line rental with us then? I said, no, i want to cancel the anytime call plan, all i want is the standard line rental with no extras, just the line rental. He said ok and he had done that for me.

      I wasnt confident that everything was sorted out though after those two rather strange phone calls with the BT staff, so the next day, i phoned back and just asked them to tell me what package they have me on. They said just the line rental, so after confirming that again with them, i was happy.

      Three days later, i receved a bill for £235.62! £1.01 usage charges, -£0.10 discount £43.16 rental charges, £209.55 cancellation charge, -£18.50 direct debit payment that i had no idea about.

      This is when it all started. I'll cut it short, as this would go on too long.

      Phoned up to explain what happened above. They told me the charge would be removed from my bill. Phoned back again next day to check it had been removed. It wasnt removed.

      I was to told by trading standards to ask BT for, under the freedom of information act, the first telephone transcript (recording) to be sent to me.

      My Husband phone BT and explianed everything to them AGAIN and said either remove the charge from our bill, or send the telephone trascript of the first phone call from me. The man said he has now removed the charge and as a good will gesture, will credit our account with £15.

      Still not trusting them, i phoned back the next day and without tellingthe story, i just asked what me bill was at the moment. £235.12 i was told. Here we go again!

      My Husband took the phone off me and told the man to remove the charge right now. The man said he can not do that from were he is, so my Husband just said, ok, under the freedom of information act, send me the telephone transcript of the first phone conversation right away. The man said, can you hold the line for a few minutes and went off. He came back on the phone and said, i'm removing the charge for you right now and my Husband said he could hear the man typing. The man gave my Husband a reference number for the charge removal.

      Still not trusting them i phoned back two days later again, to ask what my bill was at the moment. £10 the woman said and she went on to say i see here you have had a charge of £209.55 removed. GREAT! IT WAS OVER AT LAST!!!

      My Husband and i were so relieved it was all over and said we could not believe the stress we went through with BT just to get line rental with them.

      A month went by when i was paying for some shopping at the counter when my card was declined. I couldnt understand it, as i knew we had money in the bank. I left the shopping and went home to check our account online. BT had taken £220.12 from our bank and left us overdrawn!

      When my Husband got home from work, he was absolutely fuming. He was waiting in a que on the phone to BT for agaes, all the time, he was pasing up and down the garden on the phone. When he got through to billing, he said BT have stolen all our money from our bank account and i want it back NOW! He then said, before i go any further, can i ask what this reference number means and he read out the removed charge reference number he was given almost a month ago. The man said that reference number is not valid, so my Husband said, OK, so you are giving blag reference numbers out too now are you, i'll have every telephone transcript sent to me please and i will take this to court. The man then said, oh, he has found what the reference number is for now and said its a £209.55 charge thats been removed. So WHY has it been taken out of my bank then? My Husband asked. My Husband can't even remember what the mans reply was, as it was so much bull! To cut the phone call story short, my Husband told the man they had better have that money back in our bank SOON. The man said it will be back in within the next few days.

      More LIES! As when i phoned back the next day to make sure the payment had been sent, i was told in these words: "Its waiting for approval and will take ten days, Nothing is instant" he said. My Husband got on the phone to them again and told them we need that money back now.

      I phoned again the next day and a lady told me, "Its all sorted out and its been approved. The money has been creited to your BT account". NO WAY i said, i want that money back in my bank! She put me on hold for a while and then came back and said its on itsway to our bank and will be there in a few days. That was yesterday, so lets see what happens.

      Sorry to go on for so long, but i had to tell the full story. BT are crooks in my opinion. I believe that the staff are trained to try and rip people off and the lady in the first phone call knew what would happen.

      My Husband and i are only in our 30's, but we just feel so drained and tired after our ongoing battle with BT. £209 is a lot of money to us, as we have three kids to provide for . BT are nothing but organised, faceless thieves.


    • profile image

      Seriously annoyed! 8 years ago

      Copy of letter sent to BT 7 July 2008

      I was contacted in April by a BT Cold caller informing me that it would beneficial for me to leave Tesco Home Phone and return to BT. I was informed that my telephone bill be less, and so encouraged by this thought of saving money I switched.

      I have since discovered that my phone bill has increased considerably. I rang the BT customer services department and declared that I had been tricked into swapping my telephone company. I informed them I would like to leave BT and was told that if I do so before 12 months I would incur a charge of £140.00. This is unacceptable.

      I wish to be released from this fraudulent contract immediately with no charge to myself incurred.

      I expect a response within the next seven days and hope that this can be resolved without delay, and without my complaining to the Ombudsman.

      Sincerely disappointed.

    • profile image

      Mrs C Harrop 8 years ago

      I have tried and tried to transfer my line rental from B.T. to Tiscali. They both seem to be blaming each other for this. In the meantime i'm paying for two lots of line rental and calls. I am absolutely frustrated and fed up with both of them, as i seem to be getting nowhere whatever i do. If the matter isn't resolved soon, i'm swithching to another ISP.

    • profile image

      Spaniel 8 years ago

      After 3 months, and nearly 50 hours on the phone, complaining about everything from incorrect billing to service disruption, I complained to OFCOM, and lo and behold, I got a phone call 2 days later from a customer service manager! But it was still a case of too little too late, as BT had disconnected my broadband, losing me around £1000 worth of business. I have now requested a contract with Virgin Media instead, they're by no means faultless, but they're a damn sight better than BT! And the manager I spoke with ADMITTED that BT have no handle on the situation at the moment, and haven't had for about 7-8 months now! For anyone banging their head against a brick wall with their foreign call centres, here is the managers number that I got my hands on. If she asks where you got it, keep schtum! 07918880797

    • profile image

      Samuel 8 years ago

      Taking BT landline and broadband was the biggest mistake of my life. First BT put a new line in my house and charged me £150 while there was already a line in the house and started charging me for 2 landlines and when i received the bills for 2 lines i spoke to hundreds of advisors and called them for almost a week, every day, first everyone refused to help and the worst thing is that every other advisor tell you a different story and nobody tries to help you... but finally i made them realised the its BT's mistake and then i got rid of the other line got my bill waived but my £150 for the new line is gone and now i've moved the house and they want me to pay another £125.....

      They never listen to you and even if its BT's mistake they still charge you for it.

      Worst experience of my life.

      Never take BT services.

    • profile image

      Totally Disgusted 8 years ago

      In April 2008 I paid £100 to put my account in credit by £52 in order to ensure continuity of service as I was changing jobs and pay dates, unfortunately I did so against an incorrect account number - my money has fallen into a void.

      One week later I received an unpaid bill reminder - I checked my payment and at this point realised my error, I telephoned BT immediately & passed all information on to them. BT (India) said that they would transfer the payment within 7-10 working days. Fair enough, that didnt seem too bad - particularly as it was my error - BUT - 12 Weeks on, 22 Phone calls later, 2 letters requesting refund, followed by 3 formal written complaints made through thier complaint system and still no transfer or refund, service disconnected and reconnected in June 2008, this is to happen again shortly as I am still receiving payment demands for the April Account. I shall be commencing court proceedings against BT this week in order to obtain a refund of monies that it appears they are incapable of transfering to the correct account. If and when judgement is made in my favour and still no refund + costs + interest is paid to me within the relevant time frame, I shall then not hesitate taking further action - ie - sending the baliffs in. A course of action that many could legitimately consider.

      A shambolic service all round, faulty equipment provided, hiddeously slow broadband - wrong telephone number provided by BT on paper vs actual, endless telephone calls asking for correct spelling of my name which incidentally remains incorrect - This shambolic service appears to be provided by what are in my opinion incompetent staff that are incapable of recording anything thats been discussed nor are they capable of following up to ensure the relevant action is made.

      Finally a tip for complainents from the UK - its been my experience that if you call between 9 - 10 a.m. you get through to people within the UK - but again based on my experience - you wont be allowed to speak to thier accounts department.

      I am advised by BT's Indian Call Centre Operatives that speaking to anyone in the UK within BT is "NO LONGER POSSIBLE." - given that thier customers are unable to to do so is it right that they still carry the name "BRITISH" Telecom?

    • profile image

      W. Duncan 8 years ago

      I have been a bt customer from the 1st of may this year what a joke l have sat on the phone to bt for 6 hours now and still going past from piller to post and still on hold what its about l get my line rental and broadband from B.T. and was told l can pay the two every mouth with a DD. it was set up for that payment plan now to find out that B.T. did not set it up and now l sit with a £124.00 bill for broadband when l pay £43.00 a month for a phone and thats with out calls. What was suppose to start off with a 43.00 a month line rental and broadband payment has just ended up bein a total nightmare for me.With bts estimates i should be paying £83.00 a month for broadband option3 and line rental without calls. WHAT A JOKE.

    • profile image

      Andy 8 years ago

      Where to start?!

      In the 1st instance I requested for this line to be cancelled when I moved house in December 07! After finding out this would cost well over £150 I decided it best to keep the line for the minimum term, as this would work out cheaper! I did however ask a representative to place a bar on the phone to make sure no-one could use it, to which they agreed!( I have later been told that I would have to do this from the phone line itself- I was not told this, as I would have explained that I didn’t live at the property so that was impossible to do!!)

      After 3 or 4 months (April I think) I realised that the bar had not been put on!! After much arguing and an extremely long conversations with at least two different people, I was eventually told that if I paid an extra £45, I think, on top of the last bill I had been charged for, then this would take it up to the amount to cancel the line, and that would be the end of it!! I very reluctantly paid this (which was obviously on top of all the charges which had been made by someone else… as I wasn’t living in that property)!The full amount we had agreed was debited from my account, so I obviously assumed that my account had been cancelled as promised!

      In May I realised that I was STILL being charged and had to phone you again, they said this would be sorted and I would receive all my money back since my last conversation!! However in June I was charged AGAIN- I phoned back yet again to complain and after a long argument (even though last time it had all been agreed) they promised to give me back the last two months and I would receive a final bill with a refund on!! On this occasion I had to phone back three times, as the first time they needed more information, so I had to dig out an old bill, and the second time someone put the phone down on me- I’m 100% sure this was on purpose!

      Now in July, I have been debited £11.20 from my account…the third time since I was assured my account was cancelled!!!! I am DISGUSTED that I have had to continuously phone up every month for the last 3 months to re-discuss an issue, which had been promised to be sorted!! I cannot understand how this has not been rectified?! I was angry enough at having to pay extra money in the first place to cancel the line, when I had been charged at least 4 months of someone else’s phone charges from a property I don’t live in any more, when I had originally requested a bar to be put on the phone!! To then be told it was sorted, and be charged 3 more months of line rental is utterly shocking! Ive found it very hard not to raise my voice on the phone when discussing the problem, as it never seems to be fixed, so I am now writing this letter!! I can 100% say this has been the most terrible service I have EVER received, and I would love for someone to be able to step forward and deal with this issue properly- a refund of the last 3 months charges would obviously be the very minimum I would expect for the terrible way in which I have been treated as a customer!! Taking money from my account when you should have been crediting it seems ludicrous to me!!

      If the issue had have been dealt with properly, I still may have continued to use BT in the future- I now find this extremely unlikely! I would appreciate a very quick response to this letter, and unlike the last 3 times, I do not expect to have to wait for another bill to be processed before I receive a refund!

      Please please please would somebody deal with this properly?!

      Andrew Marshall

    • profile image

      Charlie 8 years ago

      All I wanted was some information. I was in two minds as to whether I should choose a business or residential line & business or residential broadband service from BT.

      My local area is not local loop unbundled, so I don't have many cheaper options.

      After being passed to 6 different departments and after half an hour of time on my mobile I've given up. I am no closer to anything that even resembles an answer. If BT can't even get the pre-sales right it doesn't inspire much faith that the service will be any good either. More importantly it shows a glimpse of what customer service is going to be like, as they were one of the 6 departments that I spoke to.

      I'm so frustated by the way the guy in the business sales section passed me off without even finding out what full enquirey was, that I think its made my descision to pick another vendor for both at any cost.

      0/10 BT...

    • profile image

      Kal 8 years ago

      I have a bt e-shop, what a joke. My online business began in September 2007 & from the very beginning BT have literally caused my business to crumble. I have experienced so many problems with BT and the e-shop that it would take up the full length of this page to list them all, so I will save the space. The biggest problem however, is the customer service at BT. If you are running a business you should not expect to wait for hours, days, weeks, months at a time for problems directly caused by BT to be addressed and resolved. I waited 5 months for a response from BT when I first began to experience problems,thats the first 5 months of me trying to get my new business off the ground! I made dozens of phone calls to BT Helpdesk, Technical Helpdesk, sent emails, eventually ended up writing a complaint letter which was ignored, conacted Trading Standards, Oftel, wrote another complaint letter, gave them time to reply, heard nothing for 5 month.When I finally got a call out the blue to see how I was getting on with my e-shop the staff member was unaware of all the problems and the ongoing issues and promised to get back to me asap-he didn't and I ended up contacting staff at the Chairmans office (i got the number off someone else who had big problems with BT). The staff member at the CO listened to my concerns but they still have not been resolved. My website is contantly unavailable, often for 1-2 days at a time. I can't get into my administration pages to check for new orders or make changes to my website when this happens so my customers end up suffering as a result which makes ME look uncapable and stupid when its actually BT who are the root cause of it all. I can't afford to pay another company to design and host my website now, I put everything I had into this- all my savings.My company sells fashion items so I had to put alot of my stock onto ebay to shift it (for much less than it was worth). Until I get compensated (one can dream) or the problems are resolved my business will almost cease to exist. So, anyone thinking of using the bt e-shop- save yourself from the sheer stress and disapointment & go with another company. BT don't know anything about running a business, obviously.

    • profile image

      Paul Hughes 8 years ago

      On 30th May 2008, we moved into our new house. The telephone line was active, and so as soon as contracts were completed on the sale of the house, I telephoned BT to open a new account.

      After choosing the “Unlimited Evening Weekend Plan with Renewable Contract” and giving my Direct Debit details, a quick credit check was carried out, and after approval, I was informed that as this was a straight-forward take over. The line would be active on 3rd June.

      On the 4th June, the line was still not active, so I contacted BT Customer Support to enquire as to why the line was not active. And so started my nightmare experience of the labyrinthine BT Customer Support service. Over a period of eight days, I contacted BT seven times totalling a duration of 35 minutes using my mobile phone to try and get the issue resolved. Each time I was directed from department to department, from one geographical location to another and, put on hold for several minutes and gave my bank details once again. In one instance after being put on hold for ten minutes, I was redirected to department that had closed for the evening.

      These are some of the reasons I was given why the line was not yet active:

      -There is a fault on the line (impossible, as it was working perfectly for the previous occupants of the house – as we contacted them on the line)

      -The order is Open and Validated, but not progressing (?)

      -BT is waiting for OpenReach to connect the line.

      -OpenReach have no record of the order.

      -I need to pay £25 deposit before the line is active, as no credit check has been done!

      Basically, it seems as if my order had “stuck” and no-one understood why this was happening. During daily telephone calls, several BT Support staff were deeply apologetic regarding my case and offered to “take charge of my case personally and phone me back”. Usually, that was the last I heard from them. When I contacted BT Customer Support and asked to speak to one of these members of staff, I was usually told that they were “in a different office”.

      By now I was absolutely fed up. I’m a very patient person, but trying to get a basic service was driving me to despair. After demanding to speak to a manager a number of times (and being put on hold for several minutes at a time), I finally spoke a manager. She did phone me back – once – with no resolution.

      After trying again on 10th June, the staff member I spoke to again informed me that she did not understand why the order was “Open and Validated, but not progressing”. She said that the best thing to do would be to cancel the order and create a new one.

      When this was done, she informed me that straight away, she could see a number of items on the order that was not present on the old one. I was informed that she could not set up the account with the Direct Debit details I had provided with my original order, but that the account would be set up as a “cash and cheque” account. I was advised to contact BT again to set up my direct debit details when the line was active on 12th June.

      Sure enough, the line was activated on 12th June, so the first thing I did was to supply my Direct Debit details - again. My bank details were duly noted and I so I was satisfied that the problem was now resolved.

      A few weeks later, I received a bill for £40.43. I ignored this, as my Direct Debit had been set up. On 28th June, I received a reminder for the outstanding amount. I telephoned BT Customer Support, and the staff member informed me that she could see my Direct Debit details against my account and to ignore the reminder.

      Today, I tried to make a call and was directed to BT Billing where I was informed by a pre-recorded message that my service was now restricted due to non-payment of the overdue amount!

      This didn’t come as any surprise, as it seems that to provide me with a basic telephone line has been beyond the capability of BT.

      BT Billing had me put on hold for several minutes again while they attempted to contact a manager. I was on hold for so long, I hung up.

      Eventually, I got through to a manager who informed me that my Direct Debit details were in fact present, but the last person who had entered these details against the system had not activated them. I have been informed that the restrictions will be lifted from line by tomorrow afternoon, but given my previous experience with BT, I’ll believe it when it happens.

      The incompetence of the company astounds me.

      All I want is a basic telephone service – something that the GPO could have provided me with much quicker forty years ago.

      When contacting BT Customer Service, as a customer I felt that I was down a ravine crying desperately for help. In a nutshell, it’s diabolical. After negotiating several automated options, I was redirected to several centres at a time. I’m sad to say that I couldn’t actually understand many of the staff I spoke to in the Indian call centres – not because of their accents, but because the volume of their voice was painfully low. Again, I had to hang up and try telephoning again.

      I was also incredibly frustrated that many staff did not know why my order had “hung”, and so I was again re-directed to other departments. My wife even resorted to calling the Welsh language customer support line as her first language is Welsh. They couldn’t understand what the problem was with the order – so she was re-directed to an Indian centre.

      The final straw is having the line restricted due to non-payment when my bank details had been supplied three times.

      Unfortunately, I am now locked into a contract for twelve months with BT. You can be sure that I will not remain with BT one day longer than is legally necessary.

    • profile image

      total cock-up! 8 years ago

      After so much hassle and aggrovation from BT, in march this year my husband and I decided that enough was enough and we would switch servicce providers to go with AOL! Simple eh - NOT AT ALL!

      The ORIGINAL reason we decided to swap was the usual c**p service we received, plus the fact that they'd cocked up on direct debits to the sum of something like £500. Anyway. after a lengthy in-depth investigation by BT, thney agreed they'd made "errors" and would clear our account, leaving us owing NOTHING which would thus enable us to switch providers.

      We jumped at the chance, but low and behold, 4 days intoi our NEW contract with AOL BT, in their infinite wisdom, seized the line! MY husband called BT and after much shouting and cursing we discovered it was infact in "INTERNAL ERROR" and they would restore the service asap! 6 weeks later we were able to make calls, receive calls and use the internet - safe in the knowledge these were ALL being supplied by AOL!

      Imagine my complete FRUSTRATION then when only 4 months into a NEW account with BT for LINE RENTAL ONLY the pillocks have taken upon themselves to RESTEICT MY LINE! Can NO-ONE at BT understand simple instructions - LINE RENTAL ONLY! Apparently, un-beknown to my Husband and I, BT were still charging us for our calls until May this year - HOW THE HELL did that happen when we switched Service providers back in March???

      So, dur to NOT being able to contact BT because THEY BLOCKED ALL CALLS I couldn'tphone them (OBVIOUSLY) from the house phone so I've currently used about £50 phone credit - and got nowhere! I've emailed them using the "COMPLAIN" link on their website - and got NOWHERE!

      Feeling I have no further choice, I've sent the CEO of BT an email informing him of my - how shall I put this - FRUSTRATION at the recent events, and am now waiting for a response!


    • profile image

      Norman Dowe 8 years ago

      Hello I have complained Several Times, It all Started when I moved House from 83 Foxburrow Road Norwich NR78QX To Herbert Nursey Close Norwich NR86BT I had to change as I was with Virgin and no Cable at Herbert Nursey Close, This was in April, I went for BT Phone a Broadband, and it has been a Total Nightmare, I and Members of my Family have spent over 30 hrs wasted on Phone, the final staw when talking to call Centre a BT helper asked if he could take over my computer to solve the Broadband Problem, I said yes Next Morning I had lost all My Microsoft Programes, It cost me £234 for a New Windows CD, Last week end at last BT sent an engineer round to check the Line, I had asked all along to get the line checked and after he Left I had The Green Light on my Hub, after a few hic ups it has been Green for 72 Hrs, Great My broad band account is 3761 9849. But I can never forget all the wasted time listening to Music and the Same cnversation for 30 plus Hours,And the Hassle a Cost of losing My programes, But at moment Fingers crossed all is well. But Please DO not charge me any Broadband time untill after 15th July

      3 Foxburrow

    • profile image

      Julia Banks 8 years ago

      I moved property in January and signed up online to a joint (or so I thought) Broadband and Talk package, for which I set up a Direct Debit of £32 a month.

      Things were a bit chaotic for a number of months with decorating etc and I got a bit behind on checking my post so was concerned enough, when I opened an overdue bill reminder for £58.47 in April, to simply pay it straight away - via BT's automated phone system.

      I thought no more of it until a couple of weeks ago when I received a Termination Notice from BT saying that I still owed them the £58.47, plus £12 late payment fees AND an additional £45.93 in new charges. It was only when I started going through my bank statements to locate the £58.47 payment I knew I'd made that I thought "Hang on then, if I owe all this money what's happened to the £32 a month I'm paying by Direct Debit?".

      I tried going online to check my account, only to discover that their IT Team had deleted my account. I had received an email advising this, but had naively assumed it related to my previous property only. So then I tried calling BT's "Customer Service" team, but after being on hold for 30 mins I was told by the gentleman in India that they were having technical difficulties, were unable to access my account so I "should" call back in 2 hours.

      So I sent an email to their complaints team . . .and I have now sent three emails to their complaints team. Each time I get a different response from a different person in India, none of which appear to have bothered checking any of the facts or reading the history of emails.

      But reading between the lines it appears BT have split my account in two, so my £32 a month is paying line rental and calls only - as I rarely use the phone during the week I am assuming that that account must therefore be in credit, but I can't check that without the online account and the CS people seem incapable of providing me with a paper statement. The account I am being billed on is therefore for my broadband only, and they appear to have lost the £58.47 I have already paid on that.

      I am therefore refusing to pay them another penny until they can clarify exactly what has happened to all the money I have already paid them, and how the balance of both accounts actually stands. I wonder what will come first - hell freezing over or the baliffs??

    • profile image

      Rosieb 8 years ago

      My husband is a caretaker in a primary school and we live in the school house. We have always had our own personal residential bt line totally separate from the school and are billed as residential customers. At present the school is being rennovated and the school is a building site. In May the phone line went dead and i contacted the site manager, not us they said. I phoned to report the fault and an engineer called the next day. Not you he said and went straight to the school/building site where my line had been cut off. He also wrote a report explaining the cause of the fault and that it was not my responsiblity.

      One week later I was billed for £316.20p for the visit.

      No need to say I was passed from one BT department to the other when I phoned to complain. I then contacted the local council who accepted total responsibility for the line being cut, (although they couldn't understand why a private residential line was connected through the school building). Meanwhile I continued to receive billing for the above ammount from bt, even though they had been contacted by the council to say it was their responsibility. Bt even told them that I had accepted their decision and would pay.

      An explanation was sent to me by BT stating that since I had phoned about the fault and since "the fault is not within our network.. the payment is now due". Even though they had been informed that a third party was resposible for the fault, that the third party were willing to pay the totally ridiculous charges £99.00 +VAT for a callout and £85 per hour+VAT, they persisted in harrassing and threatening us for payment.

      Yesterday the whole process started again when my phone-line was once again cut by the builders-who again denied responsibility and I had to report the fault. Again the engineer came out and traced the fault to the school building and no doubt I will be billed for it despite the engineers report that "the fault was not with my equipment " and indeed does lie within their network, for installing my residential phoneline in a business premises that is now a building site and will be until Feb 2009. How many call outs will I have to make by then?. Another nice little money maker for BT., but not at my expense. They have already priced themselves out of my market with their 3 month advance line rental and broadband charges introduced with no advance notice whatsoever. As pensioners on a fixed income we have no way of paying these charges in advance. Do they give a rebate when the internet and phone line is down due to a fault in the line? No way; they make the customer pay to get it fixed.

      PEOPLE POWER is long overdue to combat the abuses in customer service practiced by this arrogant and greedy corporation. Pass the HBP pills. Bt is as a big a health risk as smoking.

    • profile image

      Arthur Noble 8 years ago

      I have tried in vain to contact BT about the following and thought you might be able to take the matter up for me. Thank you for all you are doing to expose BT's pathetically awful customer "service" (!!!):

      Re: [I have deleted my phone number and account number for security reasons: both were quoted in the original text which it was impossible to send to BT]

      One of your salespersons recently contacted me with an offer of Total Broadband. I explained to her that I already had BT Broadband and above all that under no circumstances did I want to change my Netgear router to a BT hub. She then offered me a freeview box for a one-off payment of £30 and assured me that I would not need to change my router. Imagine my surprise when in addition to the freeview box two other packages arrived, including a BT hub. I phoned your helpline and was told by a very helpful young man called [name deleted for security reasons but retained in text to BT] that the freeview box had to be used in conjunction with the hub and that I would have to change my router after all. I then realised that the salesperson had therefore misled me with the assurance that I could continue to use my present router. Furthermore, Mr […] told me that if I did not use the hub within four weeks, BT would consider it a breach of contract! I therefore decided to cancel the offer and have the equipment collect, but was told that my £30 could not be refunded. This is scandalous! I was misled in the first place by the salesperson, who fully understood that I did not want to change my router to a BT hub and who said that the freeview box could be used independently. Moreover, she did not inform me that the freeview box would not work with an indoor aerial. (I am in direct line with the transmitters and no not need an outdoor aerial.) This is disgraceful practice and I demand that my £30 be refunded as I was doubly misled. Kindly see that it is credited to my BT account, failing which I shall be obliged to take the matter up with BBC Watchdog.

      I have made it quite clear that I wish to continue with my present broadband contract with BT and do not wish to change to the offer which you recently made.

      Thank you.


      Arthur Noble.

    • profile image

      Arthur Noble 8 years ago

      Further to my last blog: BT was to send a courier today (Friday July 18th, 2008) to collect the wrongly sent equipment. They asked me to be at home all day. NOBODY CAME! Utterly pathetic! I had to get a label sent from BT HQ in Belfast and will have to wrap up the equipment and personally bring it to my local PO in Holywood for return to BT. Is BT totally inept, delinquent, retarded... or what?!

    • profile image

      Totally Disgusted 8 years ago


      I received two bills this week, ARGHHH WITS END!!!!!!!! The bills total £248 - These should have been £108 in total less the £100 payment on account - currently sitting in a void, not refunded or transferred to the correct account (Court Acton for Recovery Pending.) Although as to why I was receiving two accounts was a mystery to me - why is my broadband bill for £170.11 when it should be £108 (less payment on account £100) Yet again I am forced to waste my time being passed from one operator to another for a total of 3hr 45mins only ultimately to be disconnected due to the length of time I was holding - either that or disconnected intentionally as I would not let the matter rest without some sort of assurance towards resolution of this ongoing hiddeous scenario.

      It seems that I have been charged for the disconnection against my landline I account which should never have been carried out at all had the payment on acount been correctly allocated to my account as promised a zillion times! However JOY!!!! I actually got to speak to a rational, competent member of staff, (If you are calling BT regarding your landline account on ask for Christopher Leckie - he should be honoured and recognised as an asset to BT - as employees of his calibre are obviously a rareity.) Disconnection charge duly credited, 1 months free line rental too. Reducing the now extortionate account(s) to a total of £206. I explained to Christopher that I had been told that my BT Package ordered & installed in April 08 would be £36 pcm and would include all telephone calls and all broadband fees including V.A.T. and yet I was being billed for call charges of £52? He advised me that sadly he was unable to deal with the broadband side and gave me another number to ring. I duly dialled the number.

      At this point my "customer service experience" with B.T. took a radical downturn to the depths of hell. I was again forced to speak to a representative that could barely understand me and I certainly had a great deal of difficulty understanding him. However, communications sufficiently understood in terms of his chastisement and total disrespect towards me. I was told that I must not tell him I had been missold a product as the broadband bill was totally correct. I argued that if that was the case the figure would not be as stated upon the document. I then insisted on speaking to a superior member of staff and surprise surprise he was unable to connect me due to the high level of calls.

      Status at this point then :

      Payment on account reamins in void.

      Missold package.

      No credit for call charges to account.

      Now owing excessive monies as a result of mis-sale.

      Broadband speeds ridiculously low - ethernet still not working with hub - despite investigation by techie for which I had to pay on advice from B.T who confirms the problem lies with B.T.Broadband.

      Top quality service eh readers?

      Apparently billed for two quarters rental as this is my first broadband bill - also not advised.

      If anyone knows of a solicitor or corporate expert that could advise as to how one may get out of a contract that was obviously missold I would be most grateful to learn, as I suspect as would many that read the posts on this site, as to how a letter should be worded to B.T. in order to get out of the contract without incurring termination charges as a result of mis-sale coupled with thier total incompetence.

      Please post here.

      I will update if theres any change.

      I remain


    • profile image

      Mike 8 years ago

      BT Broadband

      Went down on the 5th July and not back on until the 11th - meantime literally hours and hours on the phone to their India call centre trying to convince them the problem was at their end, every day the same 2-3 hour process with the same suggestions over and over again....

      Work from home so it cost me a fortune in time and lost business and had to buy a mobile plug in broadband (which worked instantly and pretty cost effective too compared to BT)

      Also lost BT home hub phone which then automatically went to 1571 answerphone which we couldn't access.

      I now have my latest bill and want to seek some sort of refund on it but how on earth do you get past their automated system to speak to a human being? Managed it once and they then just told me to phone another nuumber - which of course was totally automated.

    • profile image

      Jonny Colllinge 8 years ago

      I moved into my new home at the end of April 2008 and decided to order Sky which came with a broadband package so i would need a BT line.

      I phoned BT and asked for my line to be switched on, whilst on the phone the sales guy tried to sell me BT Broadband and Vision but i explained i had already ordered Sky though it was not yet installed for another week or so.

      The sales guy then seen his chance to persuade me to go with BT as i could still cancel my Sky order, I was told i would get a BT phone line with unlimited evening and weekend calls, BT Broadband option 1 and a BT Vision V-Box thrown in free as a way to persuade me, and all for £17 a month for the first three months then £28 a month after.

      I then mentioned that my friend (who's line i was phoning from) was on BT and he recommended BT to me but at first i was unsure after hearing of so many problems, the sales guy then said Dave (my friend) and me would receive a promotion for recommending a friend. (A weekend away each or something along those lines, which is also on the BT Home page)

      This sounded a good offer so i accepted, he then told me a need to pay a £25 connection charge, which i did, and everything would be sent out and switched on for such a date.. Great.. So i stupidly thought.

      Then during my order process i received a phone call from a BT Broadband adviser asking me if i would take part in a new BT Broadband service that was being tested in my area and there would be incentives for me as the line may get interrupted now and again, again i accepted as i am not a heavy Broadband user.

      Three days later i received another phone call from another BT Broadband advisor telling me it was a mistake and they where sorry. Fair enough i said, mistakes happen. He did however credit my account with £20 as a good gesture.

      Four days later i received my BT Voyager 220v modem, no BT Vision box nor these promotion tickets. No problem they must be on there way, i thought, so i installed my Broadband which was easy and quick to do.

      The next day i phoned BT asking where my Vision V-box was, they informed me i had no order for this and i would have to pay £30 for the box, i argued my point politely that it comes with my order, no it doesn't the women said... Here we go... I then asked where these promotion tickets where for recommending a friend, again the women said that is not with my order, again politely i argued my point and got absolutely nowhere.

      Next i sent in a complaint to BT via there website, about 1 hour later i received a phone call from a guy i could not understand a single word he was saying to me. After trying my hardest to understand the guy said he was from BT and was ringing regarding my complaint, ok i said and asked him some questions, to my amazement he didn't no anything about my order and could not help me he was just phoning to ask me if i was ok.. LMAO.. I said yes im fine i just want my BT order sorting out, but he could not help me.. It was like just ringing a random number for fun and asking them if there happy with life!!!

      So two days later i sent in another complaint via the BT website again, the next morning i gets a call from a women who spoke perfect English and told me i would get a call in the morning about my BT Vision and the order was in place, so was the promotion.

      The next day no phone call, again the next day no phone call.....

      In the meantime i then gets a letter from my bank "Unable to pay BT Group plc £37 from a direct debit, there will be a £25 charge".. Now my Direct Debit account i only put money into when a bill is due and this was not a due bill, i was only with BT for 2 weeks at this point and there is already £45 credit in my BT account!! Enough to cover me 2 months @ £17 a month and i never use my house phone. So BT have tried to charge me £93.94p (as i have also received a bill through the post for £11.94p).. So in a month the £25 i paid upfront + the £20 credit for the Broadband mistake + £37 they tried to take from my account + £11.94 bill i received through the post.. = £93.94p.. Now thats a joke!!!

      Anyway today i have had enough so i phoned BT to ask where my Vision box and my promotion for both me and Dave had mysteriously vanished to...

      My answer:- I cannot see a BT Vision order on your account Mr Collinge but we have some great deals on at the.... I slam Phone down!!!

      I want to cancel my order and please anybody reading this DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING WITH A BT LOGO ON IT!!!

      Or any company that starts with the word BRITISH!!! Cos they all suck!!! (i am British by the way)

    • profile image

      chelsea1983 8 years ago

      BT just might be the worst company on the planet. Seriously. I've done a lot of traveling, have had experience with a lot of companies, and this one just takes the cake. I have been through so much with them (thankfully, it's now all over, but it took over two months just to CANCEL an unwanted account). Now, my friend is dealing with the same awful service... he and his roommate have now taken two days off of work over a course of two weeks to stay home and wait on the engineer to come and set up the line, and twice no one has shown up - and no calls were made to explain why. Their broadband "service" is active, but since no one will show up to set it up, they are being charged for nothing.Instead of going through my entire ordeal again, I'll just post the letter I wrote to as many management e-mails as I could search out online. (I won't post the e-mail addresses here, but I will say that I finally received a prompt reply from BT through this method... even though these higher-level people weren't able to solve my problems for over a month.) --------------------------------------------------------- Dear BT Management,I am writing to document the fact that I am extremely, EXTREMELY unhappy with the "service" I have received from BT. I have already made a complaint regarding this issue by phone a few weeks ago, and was promised that someone from Customer Service would contact me soon about it, but so far I have not heard from anyone, which is really no surprise after the kinds of events I have been through with this company. I don't know who else to write, so I am sending this e-mail to the addresses which I can find, in hopes that someone will hear about what I have gone through in order to perhaps make experiences better for future customers. I apologize if you are not the appropriate party; please feel free to forward this to someone who has the responsibility of handling such issues.First, I want to say that I do not mean to be offensive to whoever is reading this - I know that you are not personally responsible for the events which I have experienced with your company. But I do think that it is important that someone at your company realizes what is going on with your customers, the sort of service that is currently provided, and the frustration level that is experienced by those who deal with your company. There are so many options for phone/broadband out there, at better prices, that you cannot continue providing this kind of service and succeed in this market. Major improvements will need to be made.I am an American MBA student, living in London for only five months. Trying to get phone and internet for my flat for that amount of time, I called BT to see if I could get a short-term contract. I was told on the phone that yes, certainly, I could have a 5-month contract. Apparently, this was not true at all, and luckily after I received the paperwork in the mail several days later, I noticed that it stated that the contract was for a 12-month period. (I don't know if the salesperson that sold me the contract was being paid by commission on number of sales made, but I greatly suspect it - can his name be looked up?) I called BT, and after about 20 minutes on hold, I was finally able to speak to a human being. Frustrated that I'd wasted a week waiting on the hardware/paperwork from BT and would delay my broadband capability even further, I explained this situation to about four different people at BT while being transferred from one person to another. Apparently, my phone line had already gone active, so I asked that it be cancelled. Your system is incredibly inefficient, regarding the fact that I had to cancel each service with a different department, and each time I was transferred, I had to explain the entire situation again, and have a different segment of the services cancelled (at one point, I was re-directed to someone after fully explaining my situation to someone else, because my account began with a "GB"?). A few times, I was transferred to people who said I shouldn't have even been transferred to them. At this point I was very angry and just wanted to cancel all of my services with BT, immediately. They transferred me to someone else who said that Customer Services would contact me about my complaints, and of course, they haven't. Thinking that everything was now solved, I called a different provider (who has turned out to be WORLDS different and actually knows how to provide customers with quality service without putting them on hold for hours) the following week to set up service. However, when they checked out my phone line, it was still active, and they said there was nothing they could do until BT cancelled the line. So I called BT again, and again spent a long time on hold just to talk to someone (please be aware that it costs me 15 pence per minute on my mobile phone, the only line I currently have, or 30 US cents per minute - I would estimate that as of now I have spent at least $50, which I do not have to spend, as a student, just on calls I have made to BT to sort these issues out). BT told me (this was Tuesday, I believe; I had called to cancel all my BT services the previous Friday) that my phone line/broadband had not been canceled at all at this point, that "they did it wrong" and that now my broadband was active too! So after talking to several more people that I was transferred to, they said that they could just give me the "migration code" to give to my new service provider, and that would solve the problem because the new company could just transfer service. So I call my new provider, and they said that in order to use the migration code, they needed to know whether a "PSTN Cease" had been placed on the line, which would apparently affect whether or not they could use the code and transfer service seamlessly. I called BT again, and again was placed on hold for a very long time in order to talk to someone. When someone finally picked up, I had to again re-explain the entire situation to her (suggestion: you should keep better records about what your customers have already been through - this saves a lot of time and a LOT of frustration on the part of your customer!! my new service provider, PlusNet, is EXCEPTIONAL at this, even e-mailing the customer every time an update to their file has been made!) The person I spoke to had no idea what a "PSTN cease" was, and I didn't get a "yes" or a "no" after asking her this question MULTIPLE times. (I do hope you have a recording of my conversations with your staff for review!) Also, they noted to me that my services have not been canceled correctly. Again. On this particular day, I would estimate that I spoke to about 10 or 15 different BT personnel, explaining my entire situation to each one of them, and spent a fortune on my mobile phone calling your company, mainly from being placed on hold listening to very bad-quality classical music. My broadband and phone service has been successfully switched to my new provider (well, we'll see if any problems arise within the next few weeks) and I thought that all of my dealings with BT were over, finally. Wrong again.Earlier this week, I received a package in the mail - the hardware for BT Broadband. The next day, I received even more hardware. I called BT, spent more time on hold, and finally spoke to someone who told me that they would ship me a bag to mail it all back in. Today I received the bag as promised - but it is not large enough to fit the hardware in! (At this point, why would I expect a bag that would actually FIT what it is supposed to?) Today I tried to call BT again to request another bag, but after 15 minutes on hold with no response, I hung up and e-mailed some "customer service" e-mail address instead, and was told that someone would get back to me in

    • profile image

      Arthur Noble 8 years ago

      The following letter to BT says it all!

      Dear BT,

      References: (deleted for security reasons)

      Some time ago Mrs Jane Stenhouse and Mr Anthony Kidd kindly helped me with a Broadband problem, and I am now writing to you both again as a frustrated and angry BT customer in the hope that you can sort out the following fiasco which has occurred:

      I am already a Broadband customer, but recently one of your salespersons contacted me with an offer of Total Broadband. I explained to this young lady that I already had BT Broadband and above all that under no circumstances did I want to change my Netgear router to a BT hub. She fully understood this. She then offered me a freeview box for a one-off payment of £30 and assured me that I would not need to change my router.

      Imagine my surprise when in addition to the freeview box two other packages arrived, including a BT hub. I phoned your helpline and was told by a very helpful young man called Colin McKane (based in Dundee but from Portadown) that the freeview box had to be used in conjunction with the hub and that I would have to change my router after all. I then realised that the salesperson had misled me with the assurance that I could continue to use my present router. She had assured me that the freeview box could be used independently. Moreover, she did not inform me that the freeview box would not work with an indoor aerial. (I am in direct line with the transmitters and no not need an outdoor aerial.)

      Furthermore, Mr McKane told me that if I did not use the hub within four weeks, BT would consider it a breach of contract! I therefore decided to cancel the offer and have the equipment collected, but was told that my £30 could not be refunded. This is scandalous, and when my bill dated 23 July 2008 arrived there was a charge of £76.58 plus VAT instead of the quoted £30!

      I have since made 14 telephone calls to various BT numbers – all to no avail – pressing various irrelevant options and coming round in circles. Your very helpful Mr McKane revealed to me that if I pressed option 3 twice I would be immediately connected to an advisor, which did in fact happen. Why you do not explain this when clients are asked to “listen carefully”, I cannot understand: instead, people are sent round in circles and kept waiting when a direct contact with an advisor is immediately possible.

      However, back to the main problem: Mr McKane was able to direct me to a person regarding the return of the equipment. This person promised to send a courier last Friday to collect the equipment, and asked me to be sure to stay at home all day, which I did. The courier never arrived! So much for BT’s efficiency and customer service! On telephoning 150 to find out why, they were at a loss to say, but said they would send me a label which I could “reverse”, stick on the equipment, and bring it to my nearest Post Office (Holywood) for return to BT. This never arrived either, but the courier did arrive on the Saturday instead of the Friday.

      Now, despite the fact that I made it quite clear to BT that I wish to continue with my present broadband contract with BT and do not wish to change to the offer which you recently made, and despite the fact that BT knew that I had returned the equipment, I find a charge of £76.58 plus VAT on my current BT bill. This is quite disgraceful, and I demand that it be refunded if it is charged, or deducted if a new bill can be issued before the direct debit is applied. After all, the fault lies with BT, and I have returned the complete equipment out of sheer frustration.

      I would be grateful if you could kindly sort this matter out at your earliest convenience, and I thank you in advance for your help.

      I stress again that I do not now wish to change from my present broadband contract with BT and would ask you to make sure that it remains intact and unaltered.

      I am sending a copy of this complaint to BBC Watchdog and will ask them to investigate the matter if it is not resolved quickly.

      Thank you for taking prompt action.


      Arthur Noble.

    • profile image

      Mr.Angry 8 years ago

      The curse of BT Answer 1571: This has got to be the most inflexible answering service on the planet. You have absolutely no control over how it operates and the marketing ploy is that all new customers get it free, the truth of course is that the person calling gets charged for a connected call and you have to call them back.. BT wins both ways!! If you want it removed you have to contact BT and ask them, but I didn’t ask for it in the first place! Its so much better if the caller gets an engaged tone instead of being robbed yet again by BT’s unscrupulous hidden con of providing you with this 'FREE' service. My advise ring them, complain STRONGLY that you didn’t want it in the first place. And get it turned off. …. End of rant!

    • profile image

      cuna44 8 years ago

      Sent the following letter to BT will be interesting to see what they say, and if they intend to reactivate my line.

      In January this year I decided to go back to BT for my line rental and calls (much to my now regret). I did this online, during this process I signed up for BT Together Option 2 with an 18 month contract. After signing up I decided I wanted to have the BT Vision. This also means I had to have the Home Hub as well. So on 3rd February I received a letter welcoming me to Option 2. On examining the Home Hub set up I would be getting the same free calls as with option 2. I called BT on 3rd February and asked to cancel my order and change to Option 1, as stated in the welcoming letter “YOU HAVE 7 DAYS TO CANCEL FROM THE DATE OF ACTIVATION”. I was told that even though I was within the 7days I could not cancel my order. But I could change from an 18 month contract to a 12 month. At no point during that conversation was I told there would be any payment needed or any penalty for doing this.

      Three months later (May) I received my first bill stating I owed £256.80 One-off charge for changing from an 18 month to a 12 month contract. I phoned BT and was told this amount would be removed from my account. I phoned again two weeks later, to be told nothing had been to my account but the money would be taken off. In the mean time I received a letter of non payment. So again I phoned BT and was told the amount was being taken off my account. A week later I received a letter of termination unless I paid my bill. So again I phoned BT and again I was told not to worry as the amount was being taken off my account.

      Not long after that people started telling me they could not get hold of me on my phone line. And at last I get hold of someone who is in the UK, and not in India and who do not have a clue about my account, and was able to finally sort this out. The repayment to my account would go ahead and he would lift the block put on my line, which had been on for at least a week prior to that. At no time have I had any correspondence about this. And I have been without a phone line for people to contact me, due to no fault of my own.

      The phone line was working well until people started telling me they could not get hold of me again. So again I phoned BT and was told the line had been affected by BT Vision and would have to wait till the next day to contact them. The next day I called BT Vision and was told it was nothing to do with them and was transferred to technical dept who could not find anything wrong so they transferred me back to customer services who could still not tell me why I was not able to use my phone, so they transferred me to another dept who then transferred me to billing. They then told me my account has been cancelled which is why I have no phone line, and a new account has been created, also a direct debit has been set up on this new account. At no time have I been sent any information about having a new account, I do not know my new account number, also I have not requested or authorised a Direct Debit to be set up on my account, which is illegal. Again I am without a phone line due to no fault of mine.

      My account shows I am £13 in credit. So what I want to know is what is happening with my account. I assume my original account of 12months is still valid, since I will be cancelling all my BT accounts in the New Year when my contract ends and go somewhere where they have a decent customer services dept.

    • profile image

      blimeyocrisis 8 years ago

      Just thought I'd share this live chat session with a BT agent with you - might already have similar postings on this thread, but really shows what a shower they are... I did try to get them to hang on, but obviously even their agents know how long i'd have been hanging on the phone!

      We are now routing you to one of our chat team...

      You are now connected with Nicole

      Chris: I've just moved into rental which will probably be short term. Can I get services installed and then migrated across to the next property (which will be a permanent residence) free of charge when I move?

      Nicole: I would love to help but am unable to because we dont currently have access to account details, we currently deal with new orders but if you call customer services, they will be happy to help. BT Customer Services are available on 0800 800 150.

      Chris: this will be a new order - what will the connection fee be? I don't want to be told 124.99. I think there's a deal for 29.99 at the moment

      Nicole: We only deal with Broadband, with your online order you won't be charged a connection fee.

      Chris: is that for broadband only? ie, will I still be charged for the PSTN line?

      Nicole: You'll be charged for line rental and line installation since you don't have a line.

      Chris: but there is a line that was used by the previous tenant. Are openreach in the business of ripping everyone off by charging for a nonsensical engineering visit? This is the digital age for god's sake, everything is console based where existing infrastructure is concerned. It's all soft switching. Why are BT going back 20yrs with on site visits?

      Chris: are you still there?

      Nicole: I would love to help you with this but we only deal with broadband, for Line Re-Connections we require you to call 0800 055 6258 to obtain the best price for reconnecting your line. Please quote "Web Chat" when calling.

      Chris: OK. Can you hang on whilst I call them?

      Nicole: Once you have an active BT line you can process your online order. Enjoy the rest of your day.

      Chris: Is that a 'NO' then?

      Nicole: Thank you for chatting with me today. BT values your feedback. Please click the "Close" button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us today.

    • profile image

      blimeyocrisis 8 years ago

      Just thought I'd share this live chat session with a BT agent with you - might already have similar postings on this thread, but really shows what a shower they are... I did try to get them to hang on, but obviously even their agents know how long i'd have been hanging on the phone!

      We are now routing you to one of our chat team...

      You are now connected with Nicole

      Chris: I've just moved into rental which will probably be short term. Can I get services installed and then migrated across to the next property (which will be a permanent residence) free of charge when I move?

      Nicole: I would love to help but am unable to because we dont currently have access to account details, we currently deal with new orders but if you call customer services, they will be happy to help. BT Customer Services are available on 0800 800 150.

      Chris: this will be a new order - what will the connection fee be? I don't want to be told 124.99. I think there's a deal for 29.99 at the moment

      Nicole: We only deal with Broadband, with your online order you won't be charged a connection fee.

      Chris: is that for broadband only? ie, will I still be charged for the PSTN line?

      Nicole: You'll be charged for line rental and line installation since you don't have a line.

      Chris: but there is a line that was used by the previous tenant. Are openreach in the business of ripping everyone off by charging for a nonsensical engineering visit? This is the digital age for god's sake, everything is console based where existing infrastructure is concerned. It's all soft switching. Why are BT going back 20yrs with on site visits?

      Chris: are you still there?

      Nicole: I would love to help you with this but we only deal with broadband, for Line Re-Connections we require you to call 0800 055 6258 to obtain the best price for reconnecting your line. Please quote "Web Chat" when calling.

      Chris: OK. Can you hang on whilst I call them?

      Nicole: Once you have an active BT line you can process your online order. Enjoy the rest of your day.

      Chris: Is that a 'NO' then?

      Nicole: Thank you for chatting with me today. BT values your feedback. Please click the "Close" button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us today.

    • profile image

      Natalie 8 years ago

      I set up my BT account on 26 June 2008 and was told I would have to pay £125 for an engineer to "flick a switch" at the exchange. I opted to pay this money in monthly installments and then continue to pay my bill monthly. After signing up to the BT online service to check my bill, I was shocked to see that my bill was £160 (they hadn't set it up monthly). I telephoned BT to request this be set up monthly as was initially requested. I was told I would have to clear the bill of £160 before they could do this - as I had already set this up in the first place, I refused to pay the money. I spoke with a different person who advised they had set this up to pay £35 a month each month. After another telephone call - this wasn't the case. 11 phone calls later this problem still hasn't been resolved - I have been told BT will call me back and have received no phone calls. I have now missed 2 payment dates, and am worried that the phone line will be disconnected and I will receive a black mark against my credit - all because of BTs incompetence at setting up my account correctly!

      Awful service from BT.

    • profile image

      Lyn Norman 8 years ago

      We ordered 'Total Broadband' on 11 March 08 and received the 'hub' etc - tried to set up but no BB signal. Tried all the suggested resets etc and phone the 'help line' - no signal because we had a DACs line. We had advised this was a possibility when ordering but was told it would not be a problem. We have spent many hours trying to contact someone in BT who could tell us when we can expect a resolution - have spoken to numerous BT people, passed around, mostly unhelpful responses or rudeness. To date, now August, we have only be contacted by BT once to give an activation date of 25 July which has, of course, passed like all the other 'possible' dates without activation or any contact from BT. What a shambles this company is, and unfortunately a monopoly. Our neighbours are having similar problems and, on top of a non-connection to broadband, are paying a monthly charge for something they are not receiving. Still not resolved after hours on the phone to BT. Are Ofcom any use at all? We have a complaints ref number from them but they seem completely useless too. Can Watchdog shame them into some action?

    • profile image

      Julia 8 years ago

      I have had a terrible time with Bt we chose to use the Bt home moving service to move on the 25th July 2008 they cut us off three weeks earily when I rang to explain the mistake they hung up on me three times. I emailed my complaint to them, they phone to appologise and hung up on me again. I emailed them again to complain and explain how much it was costing me in mobile bills as my husband was now working away and I was still arranging my move, and as I was moving i had lots of things advertised for sell with my home number as a contact. They have not contacted me since. I have emailed them again and an still waiting for a reponse. I am now changing my service provider because they are bad.

      The best was still to come they have now sent me a bill for my new address before I even moved into the house.

      I was doing a home exchange through the council the lady moving into my house was told she would have to pay £124 as they were not my service provider (which of cause they are)they were caught out on their con I believe this was illegal for BT to do.

      I am going to try and phone them as see if I can actually talk to someone in their complaints department wish me luck.

      My advice do not use BT

    • profile image

      Adam Simms 8 years ago

      On 21 July 2008 I signed up with BT Broadband for Option 1 broadband. Within 24 hours of that order being placed I cancelled the order. Since that date I have had a "flag" placed on my phone line which does not allow me to sign up to any other ISP's until the "flag" is apparently removed. I have spoken to exactly 15 different representatives from BT since that time (spending a total of 2hrs 10mins on the phone) and have been advised on more than one occasion that the flag would be removed within 48hrs of the conversations which occurred on the 23/7, 25/7, 28/7, 30/7, 1/8, 4/8 and more recently today where the Customer Service agent argued with me (the customer) and then advised me that if I wanted to buy a BT product then she would assit me but otherwise she would not. I asked to speak to a Supervisor who was conveniently on the phone (after she placed me on hold for 2 mins) and was then told that the Supervisor would call me back within a 48 hr turnaround. I have had this once before (25/7 contact) and never received the call. It has now been 3 weeks since that date and I still CANNOT connect broadband to my home due to this "flag" of my home telephone/address. I am now led to believe that the flag is for a “duplicate order” flag which would indicate that this is a mistake on the part of BT as there was only one order ever placed. This whole affair, to date, has resulted in serious implications to my postgraduate studies and has cost me also financially, factors which I have now had to document. I am at a point of despair where I am considering legal action and public lobbying due to the negligence exhibited by BT in not removing this flag from my phone line despite the many conversations I have had with employees. This is amounting to negligent confinement of my phone line and infringement of my right to have internet access.

      In all my years (and some of them dealing with very ordinary companies) I have never witnessed such ineptitude and callous disregard to customer service. If BT were the last telco on earth I would not give them my business. If anyone else out there wants to commence a class action against this corporate bully then count me in!

    • profile image

      Gary 8 years ago

      I have just been informed by BT that my line has been disconnected for non payment of my most recent bill, the 08/08/08 bill, yes thats right the one 2 days ago that i received in my mail box. Now because they have disconnected me, they are going to take 48 hours to reconnect me, and on top of that i will loose my internet connection and my inclusive calls. What a wonderful system they have, and they call other countries a third world. How can i stop them from disconnecting my internet?

    • profile image

      kay chilvers 8 years ago

      im trying to save my 82 year old mother some money on her phone bill. phoned bt customer services who said that she would save money going on to the low user scheme, I asked if they could send details so I could show my mother. Later when on line I noticed a new scheme called Basics, I phoned again. Although its supposed to be up and running I am told its not available yet and even if it was my mother would not be eligeable as she uses £4 more per quarter than the scheme states. I emailed to cmplain that 2 BT operatives told me totally different things. One said she would be eligable one told me she wouldnt. I received a phone call back telling me THEY HAD SIGNED MY MOTHER UP TO THE LIGHT USER SCHEME. I did not give them permission to do this and insisted they take her off of it until she had looked at the information BT were supposedly sending. On top of this terrible customer service, i complained about the £4.50 charge which BT brought in which is still payable even if my mother has a pre payment card therefore giving BT their money before the bill is due just as a DD does. this is disgusting and I told them so but its like talking to a brick wall, I asked that my comments be passed to someone who actually has some authority but I wont hold my breath.

    • profile image

      singman 8 years ago

      told bt i was switching to closed my account and cancelled my phone could not then take over a line that did not exist.tried and tried to get bt to reistate the line only to be told i needed to take out 12 month contract with bt for the phoneline.

    • profile image

      kay chilvers 8 years ago

      Unfortunately Mr. Ben Verwaayen left BT in June so try this one which is where he passed my complaint to.

    • profile image

      Marian Sanders 8 years ago

      I too have had problems with BT which started in February. I had a fault on my line which I reported to BT. Two engineers came out three days later and worked on the street and this seemed to sort the line problem out, however the next day the phone wasn't working. Again I phoned BT and reported the fault, the BT advisor said he would send out an engineer, he also said there would be a charge if the problem was due to wiring within the house or if it was due to faulty phones. Two engineer's in 2 vans arrived two days later, one replaced the old style main socket and the other engineer worked on the street. The engineer told me there would be no charge as the socket is the property of BT. The next week I received a bill for £230. I phoned BT to query this charge and after about six hours I was told they would look into the matter. This went on for 3 months in which time BT cut off my phone. In this time I phoned BT 30-40 times, I sent 20 or more emails which I now know was a tatal was of time. In the end I sent an email to the next day I had a reply asking me to phone telephone number 020 7356 6666 when I phoned this number I spoke to a very nice man called Raj, within five minuets he had taken off the £230 charge and within an hour my phone was reconnected. I thought that was an end to it but my next bill BT tried to charge me for reconnection once again I phones Raj and he took the charge off there and then. I hope this will help anyone who is at the mercy of BT. I think we should all agree not to give BT any more of our hard earned cash as they are RUBBISH.

    • profile image

      smoocher 8 years ago from uk

      ive had no phone line for six days bt cut me off i rang up bt once again asking them to recconect my phone line still waiting i think i mite ring up and complain to head off about this im not happy having no phone line for six days

    • profile image

      Andy 8 years ago

      I called on August 6th to say that one of my BT lines was not working. I had a couple of sound guesses as to the cause as I’ve become way too experienced with your company and (lack of) service having lost months of service through no fault of my own. Seems like every time you do anything locally, or God Forbid! - go up the pole opposite my house, my phones go down! If you don't believe me, check my records. You will also find refunds for lack of service and gross inconvenience well into the hundreds.

      So to find out what was going on after being told by your automated fault check that I didn’t have a problem, I had to trick your damned time-waster of a phone service to get through to a real person who might put me through another real person in faults. I ended up with a lady with a script who I can only assume was an Asian, with a nice thick Asian accent. After a variety of pronunciation tries, this lady reconfirmed that the problem was at my house after having me execute one test and that I could have an engineer out at an exorbitant call out rate. I was furious by now.

      Again I told her that a/ there was work going on down at the local exchange, and b/ BT is increasing my broadband speed sometime this week so either of those might be the reason that your auto-fault-finder is lying, because I definitely DID NOT have any service. But apparently I was mistaken because I know nothing and your automated tester is always correct.

      I told her to forget sending an engineer out - which in my experience takes about 5 days - until I called one of the engineers that over the years spent way too many hours trying to get your service up at my house. So many, in fact, that I am now friends with some of them AND their families! So while we were on the phone discussing theory, lo and behold, it all starts working again! Nothing moved, nothing changed, nothing here anyway....

      Your fault checker was wrong.

      Then, I get a call from one of your voice robots checking up on me. It said that they had tested my line a few times and nothing was wrong, so was I happy? NO! You were If you are going to employ robotic voices, tortuous call sifting programs and automatic fault testers in lieu of REAL people who speak proper English (it’s a PHONE service!) constitute your so-called ‘Customer Service’, have them at least be right! BT cut me off for at least 2 hours and doesn’t even know! Hopeless!!!

      So you’re asking why I’m still with BT? Because as much as we’d like to emigrate to the companies with the MUCH better deals, the way the lines work in this neighbourhood, we have no option because they are antique and you own them! I did try a couple of weeks ago to get my broadband away from you but stupidly was talked into staying with a suddenly competitive package. “Oh! You are supposed to get a call every year before renewal to discuss your plan!” Am I, heck!! No one has discussed my ‘package’ in years. Not until I was going to leave, that is.

      And on that subject, I am sitting on a projected bill for the broadband line which runs from July to October where, even though my bills have gone down, you still want me to give you the difference to hold until October! Now how does that work? I have asked for a revised bill reflecting the actual usage between now and then but apparently you can’t do that??? I know you can and I suggest you do because I’m not paying a bill that doesn’t not reflect my purchase correctly. How is it right that BT holds even a pound of mine for a night when BT has not earned it, never mind 3 months? Why should BT be earning the interest on my money? Please just get me a correct bill and I will pay it.

      Finally, after all this, my download speeds are supposed to have rocketed up to 6MG but nothing appears to have changed. Has the upgrade even happened yet?

      So, in short,

      A/ if you are going to torture us with automated systems, have automated systems that work!

      B/ we are in England so get people who speak English with English accents to work on your phones so that we can understand them! Helpful gesticulations and lip reading are not possible from the other end of a phone line!

      C/ Call your customers before they renew to make sure that they are getting the best deal! Don’t just say you do!

      D/ Revise charges when plans are revised and correct your bills at that time! DO NOT presume that withholding someone else’s money for ANY period where the services bought do not exist is in any way acceptable! It isn’t!

      And I realise this letter will change nothing because BT is too smug and fat for that, but you know that I am not alone and I will be leaving as soon as I possibly can.

      In the meantime, I suggest you reissue me with a correct bill so I can pay it and forget about you all for the next 3 months.


      PS: (PEH), my mother, died in 1999. I have notified you of this any number of times but no one seems to care enough to change the name on the account. I guess that ‘s because the money keeps coming in.

    • profile image

      TMG 8 years ago

      just had a call from someone, dont know who as the number was withheld, and although it was not a malicious call (prob small kids on there parents mobile phone) I could not disconnect the call from my end, in fact when i hung up my phone my phone rang again. this call continued for some time 20-30 mins with no-one on the other end , even when unplugged my phone and plugged it back in again they are still connected, customer services/faults (when i got to a real person)tell me they can do nothing about this.And they could SELL me an additional service to help combat this problem, which i refused as this does happen but not often. Im pretty sure BT COULD make it so i could disconnect incoming calls on my end I am also sure they will not as this MUST be making BT many thousands of pounds every year, as always with BT its money first customer services second.

    • profile image

      dean charlton 8 years ago

      hello, im hoping you can help me? ive recently recieved a letter for an overdue amount of £139.33? (account number - GB 0431 2124) having cancelled my bt account and understand that the cancellation fee was around £70-75 which i had no problem with. Originally when i phoned an advisor to question this amount of £139.33 i was told i had also terminated a call plan and that id occured a charge for this? when i took the bt line on the advisor `advised` me to go with a call plan to save money on my calls in the short term as i had informed the advisor i will be closing the account within 2-4 weeks. There was no mention of a cancellation fee for the call plan! Now i have been informed that i have an extra cancellation fee to pay?? for the line and the call plan??

      Like i say i have no problem with paying the cancellation fee for the line but i feel i have been forced into taking a call plan with the intention of bt gaining an extra cancellation fee from myself. I understand the advisor may have gained a bonus for this sale at the time, but its now at my expense. If i was told of a cancellation fee for the call plan then i definately would not have took the call plan.

      Hopefully we can come to some understanding about this, ive been looking at several websites with respect to this matter and have found that im not the only customer to have this problem.

      Thanks for your time and i await your reply


    • profile image

      Keith B 8 years ago

      I have recently joined BT after moving from NTL and it is a decision that in many ways I bitterly regret. After some teething problems with the handover I was shocked at how difficult BT have made obtaining technical supported. It is almost impossible to get to speak to someone - the automatic complaint line hardly enables you to speak to a human being. I was passed from one technician to another repeating the same information ad nauseum. Several times I was passed on without any warning. It is an utter disgrace.

    • profile image

      John Cobb 8 years ago

      Hi all

      I have tried to get back to BT on the 4/08 iwent on line and applied for unlimited anytime package. I heard nothing for 7 days. I contacted BT 11th August and was told no record of this transaction. I had to re apply i did this and was given an order no starting with VOL. and that i would get transfered on the 29th August. I still had no confirmation in writting from BT so again i contacted BT on the 14th and informed that my previous order was cancelled, no reason given. I was instructed re apply yet again and they would cancel the previous applications. I was informed by BT that i would have transfer by the 1st September. I contacted BT again and was told that i woul only get connected on the 3rd and not 1st. All i got from BT was appologies. THEY ARE DISGUSTING

    • profile image

      Jamie Keeling 8 years ago

      Having had problems with the Broadband a year or so earlier, i'm not suprised this has happened again.

      We currently have ADSL broadband, which means we have to share it through our phone line, plugging the home phone and router cable into a filter so it works.

      The internet connection will drop randomly, it can be on for a matter of minutes or a matter of seconds, maybe an hour if we're lucky. We've rang up BT around 15 times within the past week, going through line test after line test.

      We were then told to rip the box off the wall and try the test socket (Which we had done a year ago when we had problems before) but we refused as we know it's not our connectons. They said we need to do it otherwise if the Engineer does come out and finds the fault is indeed the box on the wall, we get charged for it. So i was quick to explain to them that this had happened before and the engineer had checked the exchange up the road and the wiring here and concluded that the cabling is not the problem.

      We explained that we've had 3 routers before this and the internet connection would still drop, even with the this found BT Homehub. We sat through more tests, being told to do the same things we had done the day before and it just felt like nothing we had said to them previously had been recorded and it was like starting from square one every phone call.

      Eventually they agreed to send out another engineer who, unsuprisingly said that our cabling is perfect (It bloody ought to be after we replaced it just to make sure its not us) and that he's going to send a report off to HQ.

      We checked the status earlier today and have now been told the case is closed and we are being sent a replacement BT Homehub.

      This is ridiculous, hours of phonecalls and telling India that it's nothing on our side. Countless times of telling them that we've already done what they asked us and they finish everything by saying "Have a new Bt Homehub".

      Any person with a brain would of realised by now that if the engineer said the cabling is fine, if the connection has dropped with any router we try and if the problem doesnt improve even when it's not at "Peak Time" (Still happens at 4am) then how on earth is another replacement going to help.

      It just seems to be going around in circles and i'm just going to cancel it and go back to Virgin.

      Cable broadband, always on, no fuss.

    • profile image

      Charlotte Kirin 8 years ago

      Strangely comforting to feel the frustration coming through these comments and to know I am not alone.

      Early in 2007 I contacted BT to ask them to provide a call package. I gave them direct Debit details and was told I would receive written confirmation within 5 working days. I heard nothing, and couldn't get a telephone response, and so after several weeks attempted to get a service from our previous provider. But they couldn't provide a service because BT had been in touch to say that they were taking over the line. Following this the provider cut us off, but BT did not take over the provision.

      We were cut off on the 16th July 2007. Between that time and November 2007 I rang countless times, spending hours on mobile and borrowed phones (discovering that hours on a mobile gives me a REALLY bad headache), being cut off, passed round in circles, told that there must be a fault with our phone. We finally got our service back on the 27th Novemeber 2007. After making a formal complaint, the money that had been deducted from our account while we had not had a service was repaid.

      In May and June 2008 we started receiving bills for a number we had never had. We rang BT each time we received one of these, and each time we were told that the situation would be resolved. On the 2nd July we were cut off. Knowing how incompetent BT are this felt inevitable and deeply depressing. Many, many hours of phone calls later we were reconnected. But we have just paid a charge for the termination of that line because there was no way that we would ever trust BT to resolve the situation without us losing our phone service again. I know intend to make a formal complaint but have no confidence that this will acheive anything at all.

      Of all the dismissive and unhelpful comments, probably the most astounding was when my husband was insiting that we had not asked for our service to be terminated and was told that I must have done it behind his back.

    • profile image

      jennings 8 years ago


    • profile image

      wizard99 8 years ago

      Christmas 2007 i thought i would treat myself to BT broadband because i already had the phone socket on the wall and that being i was a bt customer befor i went to NTL , anyway i took out option 3 Bundle and that is broadband + phone +£30 pound for the conection which i was told.All so that i would be paying Quarterly { 3 months }. so i thought great so i took a loan and payed £100pound in advance.After christmas i was to get a very big bill with £125.oo pound for a phone conection which i thought was very wrong being that I was told that If all the wiring was in tact then there would not be any charge for the reconnection. The £125 refers to the charge if the wiring has to be reprovided. the sales team said. so i put the phone down on them being anoyed. in april thay cut my broaband + phone off and was still billing me in july. They now have put a £285.51 phone bill to Moorcroft debt collection plus their fee of £71.38 which total is £356.89p for the phone. Now for the broadband bill which is £519.50p which wescot debt collection are billing me for.A grand Total of £876.39p bill for BT which i find unreal and disgusting.

    • profile image

      I hate BT 8 years ago


      1. Never phone BT you will wait for hours and get nowhere. Immediately write to the address on the back of your bill some place in Durham sounds like Royston Vasey.

      2. Immediately initiate proceedings via the small claims court using their MD as a named individual . Why put up with rubbish clean it out,

      3. Any and all time taken off work can be claimed back via the Additional losses procedure. There is simply no need for you to jump through their hoops, Send them your last pay statement / 365 and request the money per day.If a business send in your P&L and do the same. No surrender they will fold.

      4. I've personally gained back over £350 for a simple missed appointment. I took a day off work they couldn't be bothered to turn up as I live in a rural village.

      5. OTELO are paid off hired hands and the so called independent overseer is a total incompetent quango paid off idiot. Do not waste your ink with this bunch of inbreds, the small claims is so much more fun. Watch them squirm and it costs them loads in solicitors either in house or contracted in.


      FYI As soon as you threaten this they resolve the particular issue you have the next day. So take the fix and still go through with it, you will ALWAYS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Simon Anthony 8 years ago

      I have all relevant record to cover the following:We were Cold Called to 'come back to BT' - assured calls to Iran were free. Our first bill showed they were not.We complained - after months and months we were refunded this charge. Then - because of the considerable disruption, being cut off twice despite being told we would not be - frequent incorrect or missing bills, lost details and hours of lost time we left BT.They now intend to charge us for leaving them. A One Off cancellation fee due because we broke the agreement for low cost local calls. Our argument is that BT broke the agreement by their very poor service and so can not bind us to that broken contract.They now threaten to use a debt collection service. This is theft and intimidation by the BT system.We can and will pay for what we really owe but we will fight to protect or rights.

    • profile image

      AdrianB 8 years ago

      Recently I received a bill from BT for £450 of which £435 was for fixing a fault that a BT engineer had told us was due to water entering a cable joint some distance from our house. We had three visits from BT engineers and every one assured us we would not be charged as the fault was not on our side of the master socket.

      We were confident that the fault was within BT's responsibility so we logged a fault on 150. But how many people are so intimidated by BT's warning that they may be charged (£99+VAT to callout a BT engineer plus £85+VAT per hour) that they never report a genuine fault? They have good cause to be scared as we found out. My advice is to record every word of every conversation you have with BT, on the 'phone or with an engineer.

      This is the second major dispute we have had with BT in less than a year. The standard of service they provide is risible while they are allowed to maintain an effective monopoly by owning and operating almost all subscribers' telephone lines, a model that may work for the electricity industry but is clearly failing fixed-line telecomms consumers.

      If the collective dissatisfaction of just the bloggers on this page could be harnessed and the amount of wasted time, stress, time spent with inadequate or no service, over- and mis-charging and mis-selling could be documented, could people power (as suggested by Rosieb) bring about change? Surely there's a member of the legal profession on the wrong end of BT out there who could suggest how to take them on effectively... I for one have had enough enough of them and would readily give up my fixed telephone line but for the fact I'm dependant on it for (non-BT) broadband for my work, so I can't give my business to someone else even though I want to.

    • profile image

      RockHard Place 8 years ago

      As we know BT line reconnection costs £125, depends whether line exists is active etc

      Before placing order, I call BT, they confirm on the phone that a line exists at my new address and there will be no reconnection fee.

      I place order, and order broadband aswell.

      First bill includes (you guessed it) £125 connection fee (despite the fact that no engineer was called, the line was just activated remotely etc etc). When I complain, they say that the person who advised me that there would be no fee was wrong, and that I need to pay it. As a special favour they say they will allow me to cancel the order without any cancellation fees.

      So I can either pay 125 that I was assured I would not need to pay; or I can have no phone line. Hobson's choice, I think it's called

      Yrs, stuck between rock and hard place

    • profile image

      Miss Shek 8 years ago

      I am a new customer BT and sadly it was a headache from the very beginning. I requested for the current account holders name to be switched over to mine. I was told its not a problem but the account number would change. Of course I ask one of the obvious questions and that is if the tel no would change as of course this would affect our internet connection with Tiscali. BT advised the no will stay the same and the change will be seamless from the 27th of July. 3 days after this day our tel line was dead until after the 30th. I called BT so many times during work and after work, I spoke to soooooo many BT staff of whom all made false promises and clearly didnt care of whom gave me crazy time scales to fix the issue but never did until the 2nd week. I couldnt understand why the internet was still no working then having made numerous calls yet again to BT I found out that they had changed my number!! There were times where I got cut off but no one bothered to call me back hence I was in the queue for long lengths of time and finally was told that BT will request for my old tel no back. Days later I got a call to advise that my old tel no would be given back in 3 days. 7 working days later this was completed however inbetween those days I called everyday and they kept making false promises says yes yes it will change over anytime after 8pm tonight. Such lies and unprofessionalism!By this time Tiscali detected a dead line and close our account, hence another 7-10 working days and still its now the 27th of aug and our internet is still not working!I spoke to BT customer services and she said that they would give me £15 which doesnt cover the fact that I havent used the internet since a month now plus all the inconviences. Still to this date no letter of apology from BT. I am moving property as of Nov and will be cancelling my BT account.

    • profile image

      jen smith 8 years ago

      Back last year, i was slightly late on paying BT their bill, when i did pay, they cut all my services off 2 days later. After getting on the phone to them, they said i would usually be charged £500+ pound for being disconnected within the contract time, and for reconnection, but because id already paid my bill, and wanted all services back, they said they would let me off with the charge this time.

      A yr on, and a different phone number with them, all up to date in bills etc, ive just had all my services disconnected. Called them, and they tell me ive failed to pay £500+ pound for the old account, ( yes, the charge i was told i dont have to pay),Spent all day so far on the phone being passed backwards and forwards and with no luck. This means ive lost BT vision, BT broadband, and the phone. I needed my internet for studying, im so close to my exams for college, this is pathetic.

    • profile image

      Helen Davenport 8 years ago

      Something needs to be done about BT - the service they provide will cause someone to keel over and die with stress one day. It's up to us to do something about it. So glad to find this website and find I am not alone. We're all paying £125 for a terrible service and untold amount of disruption, upset and stress.

      Here is a copy of a mail I just sent BT.

      I moved into my property on July 23rd 2008. I immediately contacted BT to arrange my landline to be connected. The flat is a an old property that has been converted into flats and unfortunately my postcode was not on the BT database (it is on the Royal Mail Database). This resulted in a lengthy phone call to locate the postcode but, eventually (45 minutes later) the postcode was found and I was informed I would get a call back about my connection date which was projected to be the 27th August (!) Two weeks later, no call back. I rang back to enquire only to be told there was no trace of; my call, my details, or the mysterious address. Luckily I rang a call centre I believe to be based in Ireland and a very polite woman said she would ring my mobile back immediately, which she did. This time she was enable to locate the postcode (45 minutes on hold) and I was told that her manager, a Mr Leo Murphy would ring me back that afternoon. he didn't. The next day I rang again. It was my misfortune to get put through to a rude and sullen girl who; a) said it was not possible for her to ring me back as her manager had refused and b) at one point quite angrily said to me "I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN!!" this phone call took around an hour. I was informed someone would ring me with a time for installation. Two days later they did! And I was given a time, being promised that the address was all correct. I booked the afternoon off work. Two days ago I received a text message advising when the engineer would come. The address was incorrect. My heart sank. A phone call put me through to an international call centre to a man whose english was barely comprehensible. He informed me that there were now two addresses for me on the system, one that was right and one that was a little way up the road, the incorrect one. He told me the entire order would have to be raised again. After 40 minutes on my mobile I was informed that now my installation date would be September 10th and that was the only date available. I also amazingly had to pay a £25 deposit!! This had never been mentioned before. I am furious and frustrated for many many reasons that I will list here. Your company's treatment of customers is APPALLING. 1) It is not my fault that your system failed to recognise my postcode that is on the Royal Mail database 2)O800 calls from mobiles cost. A lot. Why is it ok for one call centre to return my call but refused by others; this is disgusting service. 3) Why do you have a system that takes (consistently) 40 minutes to amend a simple address error. 4)You employ people from overseas whose English is barely understandable. 5) You fail to ring people back even when promises are made 6) Orders get misplaced. 7) If an engineer was booked to come to my area tomorrow afternoon and it s YOUR mistake, why have I been given an appointment 14 days later??? What is that engineer doing now? 8) I have taken time off work - I will lose that time now. I have no landline (read intenet, but I wont be taking that with you)that is vital to my job, still. I have had to spend the best part of 5 hours on my mobile (often during working hours)to your incapable service centre. I have been charged a £25 deposit. You have the indignation to charge me £125 to connect my line. 9) At times I was left on hold for more than 10 minutes at a time; you have only one lousy classical 2 minute piece of music - sheer torture. I have no other choice but to use your company to connect my landline. I believe that you have abused this authority and treated me appallingly - websites show me that I am by no means alone. In December I complained at your appalling service when I disconnected my previous landline. I got an e-mail to say that my complaint was being processed and then; nothing. I am not going to let this complaint go unheard. I have already contacted Ofcom and am in the process of contacting Watchdog and other media. I believe that I am entitled to reimbursement; other complaints about BT that I have read about online have had their connection fee waived. You do not deserve the lions share of the telecommunications business, your service is a total and utter farce. I anticipate a hasty reply. I will endeavor with this complaint until I feel that I have received a satisfactory reimbursement and apology.I will be forwarding a copy of my mobile itemised bill as evidence (with a copy of this e-mail) to your complaints department in Durham. As soon as time allows, I will be placing my business elsewhere and will be advising everyone I know to do likewise. Your customers deserve better.

      Helen Davenport.

      What can we do next???

    • profile image

      PaulaB 8 years ago

      I am normally a very patient 40 year old but have been driven to tears a number of times by the incompetence of BT to not deliver even the most basic of tasks and with the hopelessness of their customer service:

      - last summer we moved back to our flat in London, and arranged with BT (which took 1 hour on the phone) for a phone number and broadband. Nothing happened on the due date and when I phoned to find out what was wrong BT had cancelled the order (for some unknown reason) and failed to inform us

      - my husband then tried again and we ordered a phone number and broadband

      - the phone line started but the broadband didn't. After about 10 hours of frustrated phonecalls moving from one department to another, there was some problem with the designation of the line but noone knew how to change the code on the system. So we gave up and went with Virgin.

      - we are now moving back to our house in Bristol and asked for the number on caller redirect to be transferred back to the restarted line. All that happened was that the caller redirect was cancelled, and the transfer order VOL didsappeared.

      - so today I have tried again, and as usual after being transferred 4 times and 30 minutes on the phone I was given another VOL number and told this would happen within 48 hours - we shall see!

      - I then had another argument about our refund on our caller redirect, where the customer service lady kept telling me a cheque had been issued on 7 August, and seeing as I changed the caller redirect on 18 August was obviously not true but she insisted that that was what was on the system and therefore she was correct!

      Overall I have never encountered such incompetent service - the automated option system is frustrating, I often get cut off and then haven't a clue how to get back to the person who I have been through a number of people to get to in the first place!, the operators are generally nice but hopeless, their systems are complicated and each operator can only ever see a very small part which exacerbates the problem.

      If I struggle with BT then I am sure there are many elderly customers who are also having major problems with the service and are powerless to get the problems fixed, and feel that this is criminal of BT.

    • profile image

      Sam 8 years ago

      Whilst agreeing with all other reader's entries regarding BT's incompetence, arrogance, systematic failures- I'd like to add HARASSMENT to the list of crimes against its customers! Having left BT within 2 weeks of being persuaded to go back- after a catelogue of appauling errors- I wrote and complained and was called by someone proporting to report into the Chief Exec. She apologised, offered me £100 compensation and agreed to waiver the cancellation charges.

      How utterly naive of me to assume that the matter had been resolved! Several months later- several letters later, numerous phone calls later- despite being told that the matter had been resolved, BT now have written me to inform me that they are about to instruct a debt collection agency to recoup £265. This sum hilariously includes the £100 compensation they sent me by cheque! Meanwhile- they keep writing to me- asking me if I want to come back to BT.

      Personally- I'd like to see them in court for harassment, loss of earnings, anxiety and moments when I'm sure I've been close to a heart attack. How they are allowed to keep functioning in this way is quite beyind me.

    • profile image

      Sam 8 years ago

      Whilst agreeing with all other reader's entries regarding BT's incompetence, arrogance, systematic failures- I'd like to add HARASSMENT to the list of crimes against its customers! Having left BT within 2 weeks of being persuaded to go back- after a catelogue of appauling errors- I wrote and complained and was called by someone proporting to report into the Chief Exec. She apologised, offered me £100 compensation and agreed to waiver the cancellation charges.

      How utterly naive of me to assume that the matter had been resolved! Several months later- several letters later, numerous phone calls later- despite being told that the matter had been resolved, BT now have written me to inform me that they are about to instruct a debt collection agency to recoup £265. This sum hilariously includes the £100 compensation they sent me by cheque! Meanwhile- they keep writing to me- asking me if I want to come back to BT.

      Personally- I'd like to see them in court for harassment, loss of earnings, anxiety and moments when I'm sure I've been close to a heart attack. How they are allowed to keep functioning in this way is quite beyind me.

    • profile image

      Louis De Quincey 8 years ago

      Hi all fellow frustrators. Dont really know where to start, not certain anyone will even read this but it wiill be good for me to get it all out. First 12 months with bt wasnt too bad at all, the worst that happened was home hub packing up and a replacement was sent out straight away, oh yes, 8 month battle trying to get money back for text messages i was being charged for even though they were included in my package, i was told every month that i called and complained it would be sorted and wouldnt happen again but it always did.My initial contract came to an end just as i was moving home and because my experience with bt wasnt really that bad i decided to go with them at my new address, of course the added incentive of free installation and vbox for bt vision if i signed a new 12 month broadband contract sealed it for me.This turned out to be a lie which i found out a month on when i called to track my order i was told by bt themselves i was LIED TO to encourage me to sign up. Not good.

      The next saga in my loving relationship with bt began just a month into my new contract. I recieved a bill on the 5th and was amazed that in less than 4 weeks i had managed to run up a £77 bill, this included next months line rental but as i was concerned about the charges i was incuring i ordered call barring online. The next day i recieved and email stating that i couldnt have call barring because i didnt have a phone line with bt?They had not just cut me off they had terminated my contract because i hadnt payed my bill for one day!!!!!! calling bt from my mobile ,after an hour of holding i finally got hold of someone.We got down to it and we established that it was a massive error on bt's part, they were very sorry and would i like to order a new phone line? HELL NO, this was my oppotunity to leave bt and never look back.I said i would NOT like to order a new contract and as i had paid my bills in advance (phone and broadband) asked for my final bill to be totaled and any money owed to me be refunded.I was told this would happen. Nearly a month passed with no word from bt until two days ago (28th) i recieved a letter dated the 16th?!!! telling me my new line will be active on the 19th!!! ive tried and tried to get this resolved with no luck and today to make matters even worse i recieve my final bill that reckons i owe bt £123 for a one off charge they cant even tell me what it is for.

      The battle continues....

      BT is supposed to be a national institution but it is just another thing that is letting this once great country down.

      Good luck everone and DONT GIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Paul Carloss 8 years ago

      I moved home from one flat to another in the same block and paid an extra £125 for the provelidge when the new flat already had a phone socket, I paid the £125 previously too in my previous flat too. Then BT then tried to transfer my broadband to the wrong address despite an engineer visiting the correct address to install a phone line. Because of this I was without broadband for over 2 weeks.

      I have just received a broadband bill with a different account number, 6 weeks after my move. This was the first I knew of another account, I thought I was using the same one as it was still active with on-line billing. They have also not tranferred my direct debit and have sent a paper bill and charged me extra, when I was paying by direct debit, paperless. I complained and got passed to 6 different operators and was queing 6 times for 3 hours in total, one operator even said she was finding out information for me and then put me in a queue waiting for the Home Movers Team, when they answered, I asked why I was speaking to them and they where rude, unpleasant and unhelpful in every way. I eventually found out that they didn't disconnect my old account as promised 6 weeks ago and I would had been charged for this and for my new account. BT didn't cancel my old address over a week after moving and I found out while complaining about having no service, but even then it still wasn't removed from the system. Someone else who wanted BT Internet is living at my old address and if he had a Hub could he have been using my Internet under my name? If so, this is dire.

      BT have now finally cancelled my old account, but now the on-line payment system is saying it's just collected payment for almost £50 from my bank without my consent as it's charged me for service at my old flat after I moved which is in error. BT say that if I want this back, I have to speak to my bank and it's takes 10 days to get it back after making a special visit to my branch. Another operator is saying it hasn't gone out and I won't know for sure until Monday. I can't afford to be without £50 when I'm on benefits and this debit wasn't authorised and isn't even on the correct date, besides I normally pay £26 a month. Another direct debit I've set-up is also due in a week for my new account. This would mean I've paid £76 for broadband for 1 month when I was without it for 2 weeks too. Since this mess up at BT, my BT email is deleted and I have no Internet phone, it's not transferred and it's a total shambles. This is extremely inconvenient as people know this phone number and Email. I can't get into any on-line BT services either and all operators are confused I have 2 accounts. I'm not supposed to be pay for service while not connected either, making it more confusing.

      I've asked to speak to a manager on 4 occasions now. My accounts are totally messed up and I'm very confused. Different operators also keep telling me different stories and I haven't got a clue what's going on, but I can't even trust BT with direct debits any more if they take money without authorisation for incorrect amounts. I've written a complaint to BT and am very stressed and upset by the terrible service I've had, plus I'm waiting to see if I'm out of pocket by almost £50, if this is the case, I'm going to be very short of money until my next benefit payment. I now want compensation for the awful way I've been treated by BT.

      Please see for my full journal on my complaint.

    • profile image

      Steven Courts 8 years ago

      I left BT several years ago and joined up with one of their competitors because they offered a better deal. Since that time I have been receiving calls from BT Business every few months asking if I would like to continue having my business number in the phone book. On each occassion I have patiently explained to the BT rep that this is a private number, is not a business number, never has been and never will be. I have lost count of the amount of times I and my wife have been assured that my name and number will be removed from their database but nothing happens and a few months later the next call comes asking the same questions. This, as I said, has gone on for several years and today I finally lost it. Before I returned from work my daughter took a call from a member of thepublic who wished to know what sort of kitchenware items I stock. My wife took over the call and explained to the gentleman that this was a private number etc etc. The caller, after hearing the story, was very annoyed on our behalf and made a couple of suggestions about what we should do. So when I returned from work I rang BT complaints to be told that as I was not a BT customer I would have to discuss it with my provider. I actually called the nuiscance call line and complained that I was getting nuiscance calls from BT which I'm sure didn't go down well.

      At this moment I am planning to call the complaints line in the morning and if I don't get a satisfactory answer or am put through to someone who will deal with my problem at that instant then it will be the Ombudsman. I don't think I should have to wait any longer for action as this farce has gone on for long enough.

    • profile image

      laura russell 8 years ago

      I have been waiting in for 2 days for a bt engineer to come out and fix a new line to my poperty I have taken 2 days off work without pay as was told that this was definately going to happen. On complaining, I am now being told that I have to wait for a phone call from the engineers to arrange a new date and time for them to come out. Which means more time off work. This is totally unexecptable and I feel that a company of your size should know this. Having already paid the money for the new line, I feel that I am not getting the service, that I would expect off of BT. On complaning I expected the telephone operator to say that the engineer was running late, not that I would now have to wait another 2 days at least ( waiting for them to phone) and then on top of that to wait another number of days for a convenient day and time for them to come out to my property, to do the work that should have been done today, ( but to start with yesterday).

    • profile image

      tony crisp 8 years ago

      bt rang me up asking me to stay with them for another year and we would recieve £2.00 a month saving off broad band.

      I explained that we only work at 1/2 a meg and bt inform us that there are no plans to improve this service.

      so why am I paying the same or more money for a cr- - service.

      The sales people were then offering a pr0duct that would not work on my system due to the poor rating but will they listen like hell will they.

      I will change when I am certain the one I want is reliable.

    • profile image

      Rob Winn 8 years ago

      Bt: To be connected you need to enter a 12 month contract

      Bt website: you can pay more per month to not be tied to a contract

      Bt: Yes you can pay more and you will definitely not be in a contract

      Bt bill: you are in a 12 month contract

      Bt: we have to listen back to your original order to see whether you were told about the contract, we will call you back in 10 working days



      3 weeks later

      bt: oh? ok you wont be charged any cancellation fee

      Bt letter: your final bill will be sent out within 2 weeks of your cnacellation



      three weeks later: direct debit has been taken... still no final bill...

      Even if they charge me the cancellation fee it's still worth moving to talk talk just to get away from the idiots at BT

    • profile image

      Beth Abbott 8 years ago

      I drafted the below to email to BT but their website keeps crashing and I can't submit it online! Typical!!

      To BT:

      I have recently moved house and have had problem after problem with BT and have spent more than 3hours on hold to your phoneline, much of which was before bt got around to installing my line and therefore cost me money as I had to call from a mobile phone. The first problem revolved around 2 separate people giving me false information when I phone BT helplines to enquire about moving house, mainly telling me that I needed to give no notice at all, then subsequently telling me I was going to be charged 14 days line rental for giving no notice. Then telling me it would be connected within 7 working days and there would be no connection charge (the only reason I stayed with BT) and then sending me a bill for £125 and telling me it wouldn't be connected for closer to a month. I spoke to customer services about the issue and explained that the only reason I decided to stay with BT and not go to telewest was because there was no connection fee and that it would be connected in 2 weeks and I was outraged that I had been lied to and trapped into the BT contract under false information. I spoke to Triyanka in Customer services who was able to reduce this £125 charge by 50% and remove the penalty charge of 14days line rental and said this would appear on my bill. This lady was very helpful which was the exception to the rule when talking to people from BT on the phone lines who generally just say they don't know what's gone wrong. I now have a bill for the full amount without the refund which means having to take even more time out of my day to sort out BT's mess ups. (I have now sorted this out via your website, it took half an hour out of my day on the online chat but at least it is now sorted I suppose. That is assuming it is actually sorted, but given BT's customer service track record with my account I am dubious.) In addition to the problems with the phone connection, there was a problem with the time it took to connect broadband (another TWO WEEKS after the phone i.e. SIX WEEKS after I moved), repeatedly being cut off by customer service staff, and the fact that I have lived in my new house now for TWO MONTHS and STILL do not have BT Vision because BT made ANOTHER mess up of my move and didn't order it to move and I will have to wait another TWO WEEKS for the BT vision to work. Basically every single step of the way BT have messed something up and as you can imagine I am appalled at all with the service I have received from BT. Especially given my flatmate who moved at the same time as I did was set up with phone and broadband with Telewest within 2 weeks with no problems at all. I would not recommend moving house with BT to anyone and would recommend that BT seriously look at how moves are handled to prevent other people having to go through the horrific service I have been subjected to.

    • profile image

      Ian 8 years ago

      I have recently recieved a letter from BT's Credit Management Department stating that they had applied to my credit card company for a payment of £0.34 and that the application had been returned to them.The letter went on to say that the payment request would be represented within the next few days. It further stated that if this second application failed there's no need to do anything because future credit card payments would be collected as normal on the dates that I'd agreed with them. It then said that if the payment is returned again that a fee may be added to my account and my services could be restricted without further notice.

      * The actual bill was for £33.91 not £0.34!

      * On receipt of the above letter I immediately called their Customer "service" number 0800 800 150 and spoke to a young lady (British I believe and in the UK!!) I explained the situation and she assured me that she would contact their credit management team and get them to call me back as a matter of urgency to explain how this error had occured - NO ONE PHONED BACK

      * Thinking that all would be well I did no more, assuming that the correct amount would be taken from my credit card on their next application.

      * It appears that, according to their subsequent letter, they did apply for it a few days later but this time for the correct amount £33.91 - which they said had also been refused by the card company. They went on to say that as stated in their earlier letter that if payment was refused again that outbound calls would be barred on my line.

      * outbound calls were indeed barred

      * I again phoned their customer service number ( this time being connected to a centre in (yes you've guessed INDIA) I got no joy out of the advisor and asked to speak to his supervisor - she was very apologetic and could only suggest that I phone the payment line and make the payment direct myself- which I did. she said she would put a priority request through to re-connect me within 4 hours.

      * on making the telephone payment a recorded voice informed me that a charge would be made for re-connection. I, again phoned the customer service number, to challenge the re-connection charge. I spoke to yet another advisor (in INDIA of course) and said that I was not happy with being charged for re-connection when the problem was of their making. Eventually the advisor spoke to her supervisor and re-assured me that a re-connection charge would not be made.

      * by this time I thought I'd ring my credit card company to enquire if there was any problem with the payment requests made by BT - I was informed that BT had made no such requests.

      * back again to the customer service centre for the upteenth time I eventually got passed to a guy who called himself the manager. I expressed my concern that there appeared to be a problem within BT that had resulted in these non payments. He took my credit card details and gave me a strong assurance that he would speak to the necessary people within BT to ensure that there would be no further recurrence of the problem. QED !!

      * Finally a few observations on BTs appalling customer service record:





    • profile image

      Danny Boy 8 years ago

      I thought that I would transfer from my cable provider to Sky and unfortunately I had to get a BT phone line in the house as part of the set up. Within a few days of placing my order with BT I knew that I had made a big mistake, as everyday I received introductory letters, the latest contradicting the previous. Within a week I had been given 2 new numbers and 2 new transfer dates. Realising the mistake I was making I contacted the Customer Services Dept and cancelled my order. I then followed it up with an e mail, cancelling the order, just to be sure. I then advised my cable provider that I would not be cancelling my contract and cancelled my direct debit to BT.

      Since then I have received duplicate bills and another letter advising me of a 3rd number and a 3rd transfer date. As I had doubly cancelled the order I felt certain that everything was in hand. Imagine my surprise to come home from work tonight to find that I had no telephone line. I contacted my cable provider only to be advised that BT had taken over my line and that if this was an error I had to contact BT. After being put through to various departments and being put on hold several times I eventually spoke to a guy in Aberdeen who actually understood what customer service meant and within a few minutes was able to explain that from what he could see, my order had been shambolic from day one and that he could see that it had been cancelled BEFORE BT contacted my cable provider to transfer my telephone. He admitted that it was most definitely an error by BT and that if I contacted my cable provider and requested my line be transferred back it would not be a problem. I contacted my cable provider and hopefully my telephone will be back with them tomorrow.

      For such a large, profit making organisation, BT is abysmal and this latest foul up reminded me why I went over to cable in the first place. I shall be writing to the Customer Services Director and shall seek compensation, which I shall give to charity, just to hit them where it hurts, in the pocket, it might only be a few quid but if enough unhappy customers request compensation the Board at BT might just start to recognise that they need to start delivering a customer focused service.

    • profile image

      I HATE BT 8 years ago

      On 27/02/08, I upgraded to broadband (provided by another service provider), at the same time I requested that my dialup service with BT be cancelled. Shortly after, 3 March, I received a bill with advanced charges for 3 months internet dialup. (£40.82). I phoned up to again request that the service be terminated, this took a long time due to the staff on the phone not even being able to see that I had dial up in the first place let alone cancel it. I was eventually told after a couple of hours of faffing around to get a simple job done, that the service had now been terminated and that I would receive a call within one week to arrange for the refund of the £40.82. Two weeks later I had not received a call, so I phoned again. This time it took even longer to find anyone who even knew that BT still did dial-up!!!

      I was told that there was no record of my previous request, and that the service still was enabled, and that I would receive a call again within a week to arrange for the return of the over charge. A fortnight later, nothing had happened, so I phoned back again to request that this be finally sorted out and to make sure that it WAS disabled. I was told that it DEFINITELY WAS DISABLED. .... Since then I have received a bill early June with internet service charges of £40.82, and after going around the whole loop again, I found my self being guaranteed that this had now been terminated and that I would receive a call within a week.... Since then NO call to refund me, and my next quarterly bill has just arrived with ANOTHER 3 months of dial up itemised on it for another £40.82.

      I AM FURIOUS!! This is ridiculous. I want a service terminating and six months later I'm still trying to achieve this simple goal.

      The service from BT has been disgusting!

    • profile image

      Tim Donlon 8 years ago

      Having waited 8 weeks for a new phone line I finally thought I might get somewhere when I was told a surveyor would contact me in 3 days, that was 7 days ago. I did get another call from a distant call centre asking if I accepted additional charges of £1610.00!! No thanks I just want a poxy phone line I donot want to buy BT.

      Needless to say no one rang me back but I kepep e-mailing customer services.

    • profile image

      Arwel Dewi 8 years ago

      I have asked BT to change the name on my bill as the name on the bill is incorrect - I have phoned at least 10 times and have been assured that the next bill will have the correct name on it. I'm at a tether now. I may send a letter of complaint. Any ideas?

    • profile image

      Ewan Jackson 8 years ago

      I am disgusted with the latest ways of bt.I have just received my latest bill with a so called one off charge of £4.46p for caller display but was never told about this charge at anytime.Surely I have the right to told as I would have cancelled completely with bt as I will be doing very shortly.Then when I phone to ask why I am told it is not a one off charge and it will be on every bill so I have cancelled that sevice.I think you are misleading people and I will make sure they are informed unless you can come up with a proper explanation.

    • profile image

      Patrick Nicholas 8 years ago

      If BT is bad in Britain you ought to see what it's like here in Italy. We have ADSL and 2 phone lines from BT Italia for our business - the service is dreadful!!! Complaints a waste of time, the lines are often down, ADSL is slow, some of my local clients whenever they ring get a 'this telephone is inexistent' message, calls from abroad often get the same message. BT refuses to fix the problem saying that when they test the line it's OK. The fax line often crashes after one page so that clients cannot send faxes without calling us first. I could go on and on

    • profile image

      julesmolloy 8 years ago

      On the 26th August, following our house move, I order BT Broadband and BT Vision. I was told that the broadband would be delivered on 2nd September and the vision would be delivered on 12th September. The broadband did arrive on the 2nd September at my new address. However the Vision was delivered to my old address. I only found this out when telephoning BT to find out where my vision box was. They confirmed that due to their error, it was delivered to my old address on 28th August. So not only to the wrong address but I took the day off work waiting for the delivery of this item and it was delivered on a completely different day than what I was told. BT have told me that I will have to start the whole order again which will mean waiting a further two weeks for the service which was ordered 26th August. BT were not prepared to rush this order for us and after they sent me round my hat ringing different places to be told that the parcel had not been returned like BT had said, no offer of a refund of the calls made was offered either. Absolutely unacceptable. A complaint has been forwarded to BT.

    • profile image

      Paul 8 years ago

      We are moving so diligently contacted BT on the 10th September 2008 to let them know on the that we would be moving from the property and our last day there would be the 12th October 2008, all went well with that call.

      Until on the 12th September 2008 we found we could not dial out or receive incoming calls - bit of a pain really as we're in the middle of arranging the move and all the people involved had our BT number to contact us on.

      So we try to report the fault - interesting we are now apparently not a BT customer, and spend just over an hour on the phone before we're talking to someone who can help.

      Help - well you were disconnected on the 12th September 2008 if you want to have the line for another month you'll have to sign up for another 12 months and pay a termination fee after the month - OK we explain that BT have disconnected the line early and everyone will be contacting us on that number while we are moving - just a repeat that we were disconnected on the 12th September 2008 etc this went on for a while.

      After a few times around we asked to speak to a manager, which happened to be Sachit Badrinath who eventually agreed that if BT were at fault we would still only have the option of a new 12 month contract and a termination fee if we wanted the line to be terminated on our chosen date rather than the one they had chosen for us.

      We're now frantically chasing around trying to notify everyone involved with our move of BT's mistake and giving them new contact details.

      It's kind of interesting trying to complain about an Indian call centre when all the calls get put through to that same Indian call centre and they would appear not to have any authority to rectify BT's own mistakes.

      Our new property did not have a BT line so fortunately we won't have to go through this again, although we had just paid BT another 3 months line rental so anticipating an interesting time getting a refund - although if this experience is anything to go by we'll just write it off.

    • profile image

      Johnathan Williams 8 years ago

      Firstly I rang BT and was offered a great package deal of talk, vision and broadband for £40 a month. This I was very pleased with and decided to order this product. After getting my broadband and waiting for my vision I was informed by a mate that in order to get the vision I needed to be able to get Freeview and this is something that I can't get in my area. Therefore I did not want the package deal that I was offered in the first place. When I contacted BT I was told that I would have to pay to get out of my contract, which of course I was not happy with. After speaking with a couple of people at BT one person agreed with me and said that they would cancel these products free of charge as I was not informed in the first instance that I had to be able to get Freeview. The person I spoke with assured me that everything had been cancelled and I was satisfied. I then rang back a couple of days later as my broadband was still working. I was then informed that there was no information on my account of cancellation and when I gave the name of the person that helped me from before there was no evidence of her ever looking at my account. I was quite shocked. They then assured me that the problem was then sorted and that everything had been cancelled.

      I rang back again a few days later as the broadband was still active and asked to speak to a manager. The manager I spoke with listened to all of my complaints and said that she would be sending me a letter outlining these complaints. I am still waiting for this letter as this was over a week ago.

      I have been shocked by the level of help that was offered to me when speaking to people at BT for the last five or six hours that I have been on the phone to them. I have been hung up on many occasions, either blatantly or when I am being passed from one department to the next. The waiting times that I have had to endure have been laughable.

      When being passed from one department that is aware of my account number to a broadband department, why is it that I always get sent to the department that does not deal with GB accounts, even though the person that is passing me over knows my account number? I have lost count the amount of times this has happened.

      I am still confident that this problem is not sorted as the broadband has still not been cancelled which is holding me up getting a new service from somewhere else. I do not believe that this is the last time that I will have to deal with BT as two days ago I received a letter thanking me for choosing the Anytime service for the phone, something I have never ordered. I, of course, had to ring up and ask them to cancel this. They assured me that I would not have to pay a charge for this, but to be honest I do not believe a word of what anyone says at BT.

      I am also worried that in a couple of months time I am going to receive a massive bill for all of these services that I no longer want or indeed have. What a joke!

    • profile image

      Rachel Green 8 years ago

      When I bought my first house back in February I was very wary about having BT as I had heard horror stories about their customer services but being a bit niaeve I gave them a try. To be honest I had looked on the internet for an alternative but Virgin and cable were not an option so reluctantly I gave BT the benefit of the doubt. I signed up to a package and arranged payment by direct debit and eagily awaited my services. My phone line was switched on and my monthly charge was debited from my account, all was going well. I arranged for broadband and this is when the problems started. Firstly it took weeks to be delivered as the couriers were not reliable and items were been sent to my previous address. Then as the second monthly direct debit was due bto go out of my bank account I noticed my bank balance was looking very poorly so I checked it out and BT had tried to take a huge amount out of my account so I rang BT to query this and I got an apology from a boy in a call centre assuring me it would be rectified and sure enough a few days later they tried the same trick again. This time I was furious again I got an apology and an assurance it would be rectified. The following month I could not believe my eyes when not only had the direct debit not gone out of my account but I recieved a bill which was £100 more than the previous one. Again I rang BT and demanded the errors be rectified. I calculated in total I spent 5 hours on the phone to BT. In the end the lady from BT told me that I needed to pay off the huge bill before she could correct the problem. I told her that with respect I didn't feel it was my job to correct BT billing errors and the reason I wanted monthly direct debit was so I didn't recieve a huge bill. This had now gone on for 3 months so out of 4 months BT had correctly charged me once. Reluctantly I paid the bill as the lady from BT told me I was going to get disconnected. So I settle into a stress free life for 2 weeks beforemy phone line gets restricted at the weekend, so I immediately phone BT again to sort it out. Again I get an apology for their mistake, I told the call centre boy that I was not happy and wanted to speak to someone in charge and then the line went dead. So far I have had 1 delay in delivery 3 months of bill errors and a cut in service can anything else go wrong. All I want is for someone to be held accountable for the mistakes and for them to make themselves known to me so when I have a problem I can go directly to that person.

    • profile image

      Francis 8 years ago

      The first on-line application to reconnect an existing land got lost somehow. Received confirmation e-mail but they never send reference number by e-mail as promised on the web. Phoned them up and they would set everything right. 2 weeks later no news so I applied again. No confirmation number again, but a phone call a couple of days later. Nice lady gives comfirmation number and explains the cost, although she could not tell if we had to pay the reconnection fee of a ridiculous £125 or not. Since I am hard of hearing I requested a e-mail and something in writing to be sure I heard everything right. Oddly they could not provide this kind of service, although I should have received the reference number by e-mail.

      A couple days later they phone again, telling that an engineer needs to come and we made an appointment. I take the morning off and waited and waited and waited, but no engineer. Then I receive a text message that I will be connected. Checking landline and yes it is working. Never received my phone number but thanks to number recognition on mobile I figured it out.

      Today I received the bill and yes I have been charged £125 for reconnection fee i.e. for an engineer who never showed up. Probably somebody flicked a switch and typed in a random number and earned £125 within 5 minutes. I should charge them for my hours of waiting and waiting for nothing.

    • profile image

      Shawn 8 years ago

      Where to begin............

      I missed a £14 payment from the start of my contract - my mistake I admit. No reminders were sent to me, the first I am aware is when my phone is cut off. Not happy with this. On the same day I receive 2 bills (1 red, 1 blue) with the same date (15/8/8) for the same amount (£63.04)

      On 20/8/8 I phoned BT & was told I would have to pay off my terminated contract & apply for a new one. Not happy with this at all. Spoke to supervisor in the UK who said he would call me back on my mobile the next day.

      21/8/8 Supervisor fails to call me back. Not happy with this.

      22/8/8 Contact BT again. This time get put through to Bangalore & speak to a nice chap. He states that all I have to do is pay the £63.04 (which I do) & he will organise reconnection of my line. He states that I WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY OFF THE YEAR'S CONTRACT. Quite happy about this.

      I am then put through to sales who, I presumed, restarted my service.

      5 days later, phone is connected, but broadband is not. I contact BT and end up speaking to 13 different people. Bloody furious about this. Wholly unsatisfactory & incompetent. It turns out that a BRAND NEW account has been started for me with A NEW NUMBER!!!! I didn't even know what my new phone number was!!!

      No broadband service was initiated so I have to start a new one. I explain to broadband sales that I have a router, but the chap states that there is a new better one available & he will send me one. I assumed this was free.

      2/9/8 Receive a letter from my bank claiming overdraft charges due to a BT direct debit for £112.65. What the hell for? I still don't know and I find it way too painful to attempt phoning BT again. Did I pay for the router I didn't really need? Not happy about this.

      8/8/9 Receive a final bill for £86.70 from BT for cancellation charges from my previous account, despite what I was told prior to this. Am absolutely flabbergasted as to the sheer incompetence of BT as an organisation.

    • profile image

      Kevin 8 years ago

      Well I'm currently waiting to get a refund back from Bt for a large amount of money. Basically what happened was my BT broadband contract was ending and without any knowledge or acceptance of it, a new contract was started when I didn't want one and I was about to move home. I phoned them about this spending hours of time and speaking to lots of people and they said that the new contract could be cancelled and they would waive all the charges of cancellation. That was great that it was sorted I thought. Then a couple of months later I checked my balance and a huge amount of money was missing. I went to the bank and they said it was BT that had taken it from my direct debit without my knowing about it. I phoned them again and they said it was a mistake and I should go to the bank and get an indemnity claim. I did so and the money went back into my account a couple of days later and I thought that was the end of it. No way! another couple of months later the same money was taken out of my account again. So I phoned BT again and they said sorry again but it was the system automatically taking the money out. They said it will be sorted out by them and the money will be refunded into my account. I've been phoning the last 2 weeks to ask where the hell it is. I also cancelled the direct debit for BT so they can't take anymore money. I've now just sent an email to and told them exactly what's been happening and how unhappy I am about it. I'm waiting to see if they reply.

    • profile image

      Allan Brown 8 years ago

      I was a Virgin phone and Broadband customer but decided to cut my costs by going over to Sky’s triple package. For this I needed a BT phone line.No problem you might think. I arranged for BT to come out in late August to install the line at a cost of 125 pounds. I took a day off work, and nobody arrived. When I called BT they apologised from the sub-continent and told me the installation had been cancelled. Nobody told me about this.I rescheduled the installation for September 3rd. and they did come out and they installed a line. I wanted my old number so the engineer told me I had to accept a temporary number until my old one was ported over from Virgin. He gave me a BT number to call to arrange the transfer. When I called I was told it would take 10 working days to make the changes. I had to get on to Virgin to extend my custom with them.I called BT 3 times during that 10 days to see if there was any progress on the transfer of number but was told I had to wait and that there was no way the people cresponsible for porting could be contacted. They did put in 2 requests to have them call me, which they failed to do. In addition I got a letter stating that as arranged there would be an engineer out to install a BT line on the 16th. Who arranged that one? Not me! So I had to phone BT to cancel that.Finally I got a call from BT on the 10th. working day to inform me that my request for a transfer of my old number was being dealt with and would be sorted within 11 working days! Naturally I was incandescent with rage and frustration. The operative finally admitted that ‘within’ 11 days actually meant ‘at the end of’ 11 days. I am told I should get my old number on the 2nd. October, at which point I can then contact Sky to arrange for their Broadband - after 5 working days, of course!Meanwhile, who am I paying for my phone? I agreed line rental with BT, but not phone charges, as I assumed I would be with Sky. And will BT try to bill me after I am with Sky, if I ever do get to them?I only wanted to give BT some cash and they cocked it up. This wouldn’t happen in the states, and it certainly wouldn’t happen in my business. I’m a teacher, and often my proffession is accused of not being in the real world. Real world! I would be instantly dismissed for such rank incompetence.BT are the most inept, disorganised crew I have ever ever had dealings with. They couldn’t arrange to string 2 cocoa tins together, and I wish I could turn back the clock and go with Virgin. They were more expensive, but very efficient.

    • profile image

      Istmeet 8 years ago

      Hi..My nightmare with BT started in April 08 when I moved into a new build hosue and was told I need to get BT line first of all before getting any other...installation charges were a hefty 129. First time the engineer did not turn up and my AL went a waste..but worst was that when i called to chase this, they said there had been a miscommunication b/w internal departments and so no1 was sent but I had to pay the price for their mistake. The next available appointment was after 15 days and this time Er turned up for 2 min and asked me at the door itself to check if line was was but he didnt even wait for a min for me to check all my lines. When i said i wanted to check lines in other rooms, he said he is in a hurry and is responsible only for main line. When i called BT back, I was told it will cost me £300 + to get 3 other lines working. And after all that pain when i emailed to complain saying they wasted my AL, they said they will refund £10. This is how much value they put on your time but an unbelievable price for 2 min of their staff time.....anyway my ordeal which I though was over had actually just begun....My bill was 16 pound over my rental charges. On checking, I saw an 0844 no. was dialled countless times each time for 9 to 17 seconds. I complaint and have written 4-5 emails but each time a different rep gives a different response. First one said he had made checks and no. was dialled from my landline. when i insisted its only me n hubby at home and we did not dial the numbers another rep offered 10 refund but not for full amount. My nightmare continues since this same 0844 no. is already showing again under "recent usage" in my online account which means it will also show on my next bill....and I cant do anything about it...except waste my time sending them long emails or waiting in queue for hours t speak to someone......BT's customer service is the worst I have ever experienced in my life. They have the monopoly so they think they can treat their customers however they like....I am absoultely disgusted by their service.

    • profile image

      Andy Robertson 8 years ago


      My BT experience was one of the worst that I have ever encountered with a large company.

      My broadband stopped working and after 19 days of trying to get it resolved via the tech department in India I eventually got through to the UK tech department (which BT do not want you to use). The UK team sorted the problem out within a few hours.

      Then I received an e mail from India stating that I needed to find a new e mail address as mine was no longer available to use with the account that I had.

      Again the UK team got it sorted within 2 minutes and confirmed that the Indian tech department in their words was CRAP!

      My latest saga was when I went to install a wireless router. The prompt screen asked for my user name and password? I could not remember them so phoned BT for advice and was promptly put through to...........................yep India. Again the information I wa given was all wrong, the person on the Indian side could not understand what I wanted, well after all user name and passsword are very taxing for someone in the know.................NOT!

      I eventually sorted the problem with the help of friends and family!

      If I wanted Indian telecom then I would have asked for it but I pay to Brithish Telecom and expect to speak to someone in the UK who has the educated knowledge to be able to understand my requirements!

      Andy Robertson

    • profile image

      K Roberts 8 years ago

      We reported a telephone fault 3 days ago to BT and they made an appointment to call between 1pm and 5pm the next day.

      they didnt arrive, they appologised and made a 2nd appointment for today between 8am and 1pm, it is now 12;20pm, and they have as yet still not arrived, I have just been told by their operator that they may.....still arrive, isnt that nice!!

      In a nutshell,..BT is just taking the P, and so much for giving disabled people priority, god help able bodied people.

    • profile image

      Lynda Bramley 8 years ago

      I contacted BT to arrange for a telephone line as we were moving house. I was informed that the property that we were moving into was a “bronze” address and therefore an engineer would be required to put in a line at the property for which I agreed to pay £124.99 if this proved necessary. An appointment was made for the engineers to come 6th June. I advised that we would be using sky as our provider of phone, broadband and TV services so we would only require a BT line. I sent an email to BT on 2nd June to advise that we already had a line into our property and that it was working so that the engineers could be informed and not waste their time. I then received a letter detailing a monthly payment plan and terms of agreement. The monthly payment plan that we were put on was £41 per month? This was not what we had ordered. I spoke with BT 5th June to amend the order to meet our requirements. The bill was adjusted to a direct debit for line rental only. I also confirmed that we were not expecting to be charged for engineers to come on site as the line was operational and I also wrote to confirm. During July we received a bank statement showing that we had been charged £124.99 for installation. I wrote to BT again to dispute the charge. I told them that when the engineers came out we told them that the line was connected and they got back into their van and drove off. We contacted the Residential Service team again and advised them that the engineers had done nothing but they insisted that the charge should stand. We were told that there was no existing BT line into the property however the previous resident had two BT lines so they did exist. We do not understand how BT does not know which properties they have supplied services to in the past. We formally requested a refund. We heard nothing and got no refund. I contacted BT again during September via their email complaints process. They sent the following response From BT Customer Services checked the account details and confirmed that already a request has been sent to BT’s offline team wherein they tried to call 4 times however there was no-one available. A request was sent to the offline team to contact me once again. Furthermore, it is understood that there was a line at your property, however, that line was dormant for more than three months, therefore, it was ceased and BT has to appoint an engineer to visit the property and activate the line. Hence, even in case of a line present at your property there will be a connection charge of £124.99 if the line was ceased for the past 3 months. If the line had been working fine anytime in the past 3 months then there is no connection charge. I appreciate your co-operation with us and take on board all of your views and comments, please rest assured that your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. However, the connection fee has been maintained. I trust that this E-mail will have helped to provide you with the clarification needed. If you have any further query please do not hesitate to contact me again via e-mail. Thank you for contacting BT. My response I am surprised that you were unable to contact us. There is someone home most days and there were no messages left. Alternatively you should have been able to contact me at work on at least one occasion. As I wrote to your customer services, I would have expected a response by letter if you were unable to contact us. The line was active when we moved in as I reported to you dated 5th June prior to your engineers visiting. The previous occupant moved out only one month prior to us moving in so the line was not dormant. Please re-evaluate. Response from BT Customer Services thank you for your e-mail dated 19/9/08 about the connection charge for your BT Landline. I would like to inform you that the cost of provision of a standard line is £124.99 Incl. VAT. Even if BT wiring is intact within your home, full connection charges are applied. This charge is raised to cover the cost of connecting your line. The policy on charging to connect ceased lines changed from 15 August 2007. Previously, where the customer had confirmed internal wiring was intact, no connection charges were quoted. This policy was often confusing for customers. Connection charges are now raised for all line provisions of ceased lines. If you need any further support with this enquiry or any aspect of our service, please do not hesitate to contact me again and I will be happy to help you. Thank you for contacting BT. My response What do you not understand about the line was working. It was not a ceased line. There was nothing to connect. Please provide a credit. You have wasted the time of your engineers and are trying to get us to pay for this. I strongly object to this and I will take this matter further if this is not resolved. Please provide the credit to our account of £124.99 Lynda Bramley BT keep changing their reason for the charge. At least we have a line but this is theft as they have really done nothing. Who are BT accountable to? This is theft.

      How do we make a complaint to this company?

      Very frustrated

      Lynda Bramley

    • profile image

      Paul Anderson 8 years ago

      Just thought i'd add this one.

      Phoned to tell BT that we would be moving home. This was 2 weeks before we moved giving them plenty of time (or so we thought) to sort out the phone and Broadband. Was given the phone number for the new house, everything seemed to be going to plan(or so we thought again). We moved into the house and found the phone was working however discovered the number was totally different to the one in the house. The problem we really had was trying to get the broadband working. We phoned BT who had said that there was no order placed. After discovering there was a delay after the phone was working we decided to phone back in a couple of days if it still wasn't working. they said that they will give us a dial up connection to be going on with. We then received a csancellation bill form the old house. We only wanted the transfer of accounts. The bill was £178. We phoned up and were told we wouldn't have to pay(that was really good of them).I think it was cos of the way i said we wouldn't be paying.We then made a couple more phone calls to ask about the broadband. Twice we were told the order had not been placed and twice we were told at the end of these conversations that they had kindly ordered for us. The 3rd time we phoned i was so wound up that we were then told we would have to wait another 10 days for the broadband to be up and running. We now have the broadband sorted out and just received our first bill for £218 which included all the dial up internet charges , again we've phoned up and will do again cos they said we did not have to pay. From previous experience we'll phone everyday. Surely it won't take them long to charge us for complaining to them!!!!

    • profile image

      Jolanta Pitera 8 years ago

      I have a recurrent problem with BT landilne. It get started at the begining of this year, and I am BT customer for years now. I had lost dial tone and I phone up BT fault line. I was lucky this time and I was told by the advisor, the fault he recons is at the exchange and the line would be fixed up in two days. it is what happened. However the problem appeared again several months later. This time it was no that easy, because I swapped bt for talktalk for linerental. After long conversation with India in confidence the engineer will find no fault on my premises keeping in mind my previous experience, I naively arranged the bt man to visit. When he arrived he just disconnecet my phone from the socket, plugged in the analog phone he had with him, punched some numbers twice (it did not work first time) and my line was back. When I asked him what was the problem he said 'no idea!'. And or this 'service' I had to pay £99. My handset is OK, I tested it on the other bT line we have in our house and it was working fine. Therefore there was no faulty equipment. Also I use this socket solely for the phone, no other equipment plugged in. All was fine working for several weeks and bingo, one day my phone again lost dial tone. This time I decided to do some more research and see how I can and if I can test me line myself. I found instructions on bt website and also on bbc/home webpage suggesting that I could test the line by removing front plate from my nte5 socket and plug in working handset into test socket. Two working hansets did not detect any dial tone in the test socket. I was advice by some BT usergrop that it is the prove that this is the BT problem not mine. ALl so good so far. Armed in all this knowledge I rang up BT customer service and was repeatedly bullied by adviros supervisors (two of them) into inviting again bt man and checking my equipment for as they say 'line test is OK'. Now I am waiting several hours to obtain promised call back from line manager. I know that it will never happen. I did search what does it mean when the line test is done, and come up with explanation, that it simply testing my side of nte5 socket, and conclusion that no fault is found simply means that my side of nte5 is OK. That is why they probably insisted on sheking the equipment. But now i feel like fraud for lady supervisor told me that she has no other test but my words that the equpment is OK (handset). I am paying my bt bills with direct debit and I feel bit angry at the suggestions that I trying to lie. I am exhausted by all these problems. And although BT itself says that no dial tone at the test socket means no fault of mine I am still pushed to fix bt man coming up, and I am very much afraid of doing so because it can happen again, 'no idea what is the proble' and this time charge of £116 as they increased the rates. ANy suggestions will be appreciated. Should I invite the engineer and risk being charged again for possibility that my line side at the exchange is for some reason disconnected from time to time and the bt man just need to reconnect it, and to show up come to my house punch the digits and Tada! Please help. What should I do with all these mess?

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      Jonny 8 years ago

      June 2008 i moved into my new home and ordered Sky TV with broadband, i then realized i need a BT phone line to receive my Sky broadband.And here is where the story begins................It was a nice day, the sun was shining and the time was about 2pm, i had just finished work so decided to go to my friends and have a bottle of Budweiser before phoning BT fron his BT phoneline.About 30 seconds later my drink was empty so i dialled 0800800150, after pressing a long sequence of numbers i finally got throught to a BT Salesman who said "Hello Sir how can i help you today"?, "I havn't been Knighted yet" i replied jokingly....Anyway i explained to the bloke that i needed a BT phone line for my Sky broadband. No problem he said and asked if my Sky was yet installed so i told him i had only just ordered Sky and the installation date was not for a week.He then told me that i would get a better deal if i signed up for BT broadband, phone and Vision and there would be a special offer for me.All 3 for £26 a month with free installation and equiptment, i then told the bloke my friend had mentioned BT to me and if i order online there is a recommend a friend deal so i will do it online, there is no need i will do that for you Sir, he said.So £26 a month, a bonus for me and Dave for the friend deal, free installation, free equiptment and he made me aware i could cancel my Sky order before the installation date...OK i was persuaded.. Deal!!!So 2 days later i get a phone call from the BT Broadband team asking me if i would go on trial with a new service that BT is trying out and i had been chosen to participate, i was informed my line may be interupted now and again and for this i would receive 3 months free. I agreed as im not a heavy Broadband user..The next day i got a letter with my username, password etc to set my Broadband up.The next day i got a letter with a completely different username, password on it.Turns out it was a mistake and i wouldnt be on the trial thing, no problem but where is the communication between departments of a communications company? Mind boggling and the first mess up!!Another 2 days later i receive my BT modem plugged it in put the details from the correct letter and off we go.. It works i was happy, but not for long!!Another 2 days later i thought Where is my BT Vision? so i phoned BT to find out and it turns out i havnt ordered Vision!! Yes i have i said, i was sold it by a very persuasive bloke who persuaded me to cancel Sky!!"There is no record of this sir", the girl said,but i have paid a deposit payment when i signed up and where is mine and Dave's recommend a friend deal?.. "There is no record of this sir", the girl said again!!!I was amazed!! So i sent a E-mail of complaint to BT and the reply was outrageous, they made me feel like i made it all up, i only had 1 bottle of budweiser and i have a Dave as a witness. Still they was not buying my story!!!Anyway i then gets a phone call from BT telling me my Vision order was being processed and i would get a