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Bar Interview Attire - What to Wear to your Bar Interview

Updated on July 13, 2011

Dressing for any interview in difficult, especially a bar interview. For a bar interview, You need to avoid dressing too formal. It's usually not the right environment for formal wear. Do some research before the bar interview to see what the current staff are wearing. You're looking to create an outfit that shows your professionalism and your personality at the same time. Always dress a notch above the current staff. Who knows, you just might be replacing one of them.

If your searching through your closet, try to find something you would wear to go meet your in-laws at dinner. You want to make a good impression, but not go overboard.

What the ladies should wear: Like all interview, black dress pants are the safest choice. They must fit you well because the bar owner doesn't want to see your middrift hanging out, or your thong riding up high. They also don't want you showing too much skin so be mindful of how low cut your top is. You want the interviewer to respect you. Top's that are fitting to your form to look subtly sexy are best. But smart looking is best. Always wear flat shoes and take off your jewellery. Your interviewer will see you as a safety hazard with loose bangles and 5 -inch heels. Behind the bar can be a dangerous place. Try to look like your ready to work.

What the Gentlemen should wear: Just like the ladies, black dress pants are the smartest choice. For a shirt, pick one with a collar and again, that fits well. When men wear shirts that are too big, it looks sloppy, or worse like a hand-me-down. Instead of white, which looks very formal, try wearing a blue or grey collared shirt. Pin-stripped clothes compliment both men and women. Unless the staff are wearing ties, you should forget yours at home. Unless of course, wearing a tie is your way of showing your personality. If that's the case, make sure it's obvious. Mens shoes should be black and look somewhat dressy. Make sure you wear shoes that won't slip or are not too shiny. Give the interview the impression you're ready to work.

Here's What Not to Wear

Having worked in the bar industry for many years as a Bartender, Manager, Owner and Consultant, your first appearance is most important. Dressing smart will always be better than sexy.


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