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Being an Asian Mompreneur

Updated on September 12, 2011

What is a Mompreneur?

A Mompreneur is a mom who is also an entrepeneur. She starts up her own business or sideline with the hope of improving her families finances. She strives hard to provide for her family as a mother and a breadwinner.

She can be a WAHM(Work at Home Mom ) , a SAHM( Stay At Home Mom) who is a WAHM wannabe or even FTWM (Full TIme Working Mom) who goes an extra mile to provide the best for her kids and family. Being inspired by other sucessful moms who seem to be able to have time both to earn money and spend quality time with their kids she embarks on her own business venture.

Asian Momperneur- My Personal Experience

I call myself an Asian Mompreneur as I'm born and bred in Asia. Being a Mom has really make me see things in a different perspective. Everything that I do I put the kids as 1st priority. Their wellbeing and growing up to be a self confident and well rounded individual are of the upmost importance for me. Since the birth of my second son I have start up a few ventures which have served as secondary sources of income for me.

My latest venture is my coaching site- Savy Hip Parentpreneur At this site I am teaching budding parentpreneurs ( mompreneurs and dadpreneurs) how to set up their own site and be on their way to developing their own secondary income.

I go step by step and show budding parentpreneurs

  • Getting Started in selecting their niche
  • Setting up a wordpress blog
  • Content Management
  • Affliate Marketing
  • Creating your own product

There are many different business which you can set up to help supplement your family income. Having the right mindset and a drive to improve your family lifestyle is what drives me on to become a Mompreneur.


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