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Being an Avon Rep

Updated on June 17, 2012

Starting up

I am a new Avon Rep serving Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is my third time trying Avon and this time I'm going to make it work! This article will explain some of how the business works, and how to get yourself out there making money.

Firstly, if your looking for a job you can do at home, at your own hours, and be your own boss, you may want to look into Avon. The greatest thing about joining Avon is it's CHEAP, very very cheap. The start-up cost for me was only $20 and I got quite a bit of things to start me off. A black Avon bag, tons of brochures to get me started, tons of helpful reading material, order forms, lotion etc. It really can't get any better than that, for only $20.

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You've joined up, now what?

Now it's time to find customers! Of course family and friends is the best place to start. Even acquaintances will do just fine. In my experience, dropping off brochures in peoples mailboxes have gotten me nowhere. You need to make some kind of contact with the potential customer. Tell your family, friends and the acquaintances you know that you are now selling Avon. I have yet to receive any orders from a brochure that I have left in someones mailbox.

I HATE going door to door, so I refuse to do that. So for me, starting off with people I know is best. Then, this is really important, you see if they have any friends who will also be interested in buying from you. It has been working out very well for me doing it this way so far. Once you give someone you know an Avon brochure, they will bring it home and if they have friends visiting them, they will also see the brochure and might also make an order.

Giving brochures out in offices also works well because more than one person is usually around, and might want to look at the brochure when they're on break, or when they find themselves without a lot of work :) Always think big, if your giving to one person, think about the other people they know that may be interested, and who else may see the brochure at their home or workplace.

Places to leave brochures

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Laundromats
  • Hair Salons
  • Banks
  • Vets
  • Day Cares
  • Retirement Homes
  • Coffee Shops
  • Pharmacies

Any place that has a waiting area would be great, but still it is always best to start out by offering a brochure to the people you already know and get started that way! Unless your an amazing sales person who is very outgoing and social and has no problems approaching strangers :) I am not that person, so I do things differently!

A TIP - No one will refuse you if your giving them money. What do I mean by this? I shall explain. You've just taken your cat to the vet and paid $70 for a checkup. After you hand over your money to the receptionist ask if she'd like an Avon brochure. She will not say no! If you are paying for services at a vets, dentists, hair salon etc. it is MUCH easier to get your brochures out to those people. Just something I learned :)

The Avon Campaign Schedule

Each campaign lasts 2 weeks, so you have that amount of time to get a big enough order in so you can make a good commission. The products come to you about a week later and it's time to get them ready to be delivered to your customers. This is also the time to collect the money from your customers, they do not pay until you deliver. Once you have delivered and collected your money you pay Avon. The website will tell you how much you owe them, and how much you keep.

It is really wise when your starting out to make a calendar of all the important dates so you do not get confused.

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Making money with Avon

Avon pays by commission so your going to want to get as big of an order as possible, every campaign. When you join up with Avon you have a lot of information on how the whole process works so it's pretty straight-forward.

The bigger your order, the more you'll make!

Making more money with Avon

 Avon is MLM so the best way to make money is to recruit other reps under you. Then you will earn commissions off of their sales as well. When you join Avon to sell and start your own business you should have the choice to become a leader, and I think everyone should try this because this is where the money really is.

What I think of Avon

This is my third time trying Avon and I'm really putting in the time and effort and thinking more seriously about it this time. The last few times I only worked at it for a few weeks and only ever put brochure's in mailboxes. THAT did NOT work. I am easily discouraged so I just gave it up, both times. This time around I'm doing things differently, and I'm really putting myself out there. I carry my Avon bag with me wherever I go, so people who may be looking for a rep sees that I am one. I offer brochures to everyone I talk to. I bring brochures with me everywhere I go because there is always an opportunity to give one or more out! I am hoping to eventually buy some jewelry/clothing because you are your best sales tool. Say you buy a necklace from Avon, and wear it out, and someone notices it and asks you where you got it. It's a simple sale right there, you just tell them you ordered it from Avon and you are a rep, show them the necklace in the brochure, then leave them with the brochure! Done n Done!

I think Avon is great, and it gives me something to do (I'm a stay at home mom), and gives me something to look forward to. I love to sell, so this is definitely for me. I think it can be hard to make REAL good money if you do not know a lot of people when your starting out. Once you get going with it, and have your customers, it is great. I think the only way to make amazing money though is to be a leader and get as many people working under you as possible. That is something I'm striving to work for.

Thank you for reading!


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    • profile image

      Marzipan 4 years ago

      I joined a few months back and have been over charged for EVERYTHING, charged more than once for things... Promised delivery in time for Christmas and of course my orders were delivered AFTER Christmas meaning that my customers found alternative items meaning that i had to fork out for the payments!! Balances keep on appearing on my avon account even though it is NOT active!! I have tried to cancel my account but am having no luck and am sick to death of it!! If you are thinking about joining avon, DON'T!! It's the biggest waste of space EVER!! I have NEVER been late paying anything in my life and have always had good credit but ever since I have joined Avon, they have put me in the shit and I am not getting refused credit elsewhere because of their lousy mistakes!! Absolutely scandalous!! The robbing bastards should be put behind bars!!