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Benefits of article marketing to online writers and marketers

Updated on October 16, 2019

Increased traffic is a gem that every online writer would wish for. More traffic may translate into more earnings especially in traffic driven online income. While there are many channels into which an online writer can use to increase traffic such as bookmarking and writing evergreen articles, every traffic increasing method has pros and cons.

Some methods require a lot of dedication and patience while others need expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills. In this hub, I will discuss article marketing, its benefits and how this method can be used to increase traffic to online content.

Market using online Article marketing
Market using online Article marketing | Source

What is article marketing?

Article marketing is a traffic generation method used by online writers to market their online content. It involves writing concise value driven articles about their products and/or services and then submitting this article to the many available article submission directories such as EzineArticles or A1articles in exchange for driving traffic back to their online content.

Article marketing may not sound popular mainly because one may presume there is double work in writing but the overall benefits of using article marketing far outweigh the effort.

Benefits of using article marketing

Uses and benefits of using article marketing are many, probably the biggest advantage of using article marketing as a SEO tool is that this method has been tested for a long time and found to be working.

Many online marketers still use this method a long side other newer methods simply because of the many benefits it has especially when complemented by other methods. Here, let us sample some of the benefits of using article marketing and especially in relation to online publishing.

1. Investment with minimal costs

You might have already seen many websites selling keywords, backlinks and other traffic increasing SEO tools or even Pay Per Click advertising. These can sometime be very costly and confusing if you don’t have any knowledge or skills in regards to SEO application.

Article marketing is very effective and you can do it as long as you are able to write a concise article about a product or service. Moreover, most online article submission directories offer free services. Once you write and submit such an article using the appropriate keywords, the benefits are long run and you can reap traffic and earnings for a long time as long as the article stays online.

Article marketing Increases traffic
Article marketing Increases traffic | Source
Article marketing drives awareness and exposure
Article marketing drives awareness and exposure | Source

2. Credibility

When you write a submission article, you establish credibility to your online readers. When you help others by providing valuable knowledge, the readers will surely look for you and regard you as an expert.

In return, you will enjoy constant traffic to your online content and more so, you might end up acquiring new clients for your products or services.

3. Awareness and Exposure

Article marketing will help you to enhance exposure and awareness towards your online content. It is your avenue to remind readers of what you have to offer and keep them informed of new products and services.

If you are a writer, you will establish a reading community fast if you market your articles through writing summary articles and submitting them to the many free article submission directories. What you get in return are readers from different sources who will drive traffic back to the source articles.

4. Web traffic

One of the tools in article marketing is the resource box section. This is the section where you receive your “take” by inserting a link and a teaser or your ratings back to your site. If used well, this section has capability of driving traffic back to your online content as readers would like to read more about what you have written, or more so would like to purchase some of the products or services you have outlined.

5. Backlinks and higher Page ranking

Search engines use backlinks and other methods to rank a page. By using article marketing you will gain more backlinks to your online content and consequently earn a better page rank on search engines. The more articles you submit the higher chances of gaining those backlinks.

The key here is to write value driven articles using the appropriate keywords and submit them to valuable article submission directories such as EzineArticles which are ranked higher by search engines. This way, you will not only get quality backlinks but also potential clients who might end up buying some of your products and services.

Back linking and higher page ranking
Back linking and higher page ranking | Source

Most submission articles will have a Title, Category, Summary, Body, Author, Resource box and Keyword sections. Use all these sections appropriately and pay attention to submission directory’s terms of service such the number limit of links to be included in the article.

The Resource box of the submission article should be brief and crafted properly for the article to have any effect on traffic or sales. Use of grammar, wording and keywords should be correct. The Resource box should be approximately 15% of the total wording used in the article body and the author name should always be included.

Article marketing is certainly a great way of increasing your traffic when it comes to online marketing. Promoting your online products or services using article marketing is one of the cheapest and effective methods you can use in online marketing if you get the drill and proper use of keywords.

Once you get used to this method, the key is to keep on submitting more and more articles until you achieve your desired results in terms of traffic, sales or clients. Most of the tools used are free and you might end up getting free clients and readers on top of constantly increasing traffic.


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