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Best Translation jobs in India. How to become a professional Translator?

Updated on March 29, 2016

Best Translation jobs in India. How to become a professional Translator?

Translation is fast growing as a professional domain in India. Technological revolution has interconnected businesses, people and governments across the globe. Globalization has enabled internet to pervade every sector and the global economy is becoming increasing dependent on the same. Translation is poised to become a multibillion dollar industry in the coming years. India is fast becoming a knowledge based economy and with the government giving a big push to e-Governance and e-Commerce, demand for translators is sure to increase in the years to come. Currently, the pay scale for a professional translator in India ranges between Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakhs per annum

The job of a Translator/interpreter is to translate written text from source language into target language. For example, one could become a translator in German-English or German-Hindi. Interpreters do the task of listening and translating oral or sign language into the desired language. Translation/interpretation tasks are required in various fields such as Engineering, Education, IT, Healthcare, Government administration etc. Advertising/Marketing firms and e-Commerce companies also require translators.

One can work as a translator full time or part time. The Central government and state governments often outsource translation jobs to companies. All government ministries like Science & Technology, Human Resource, agriculture etc recruit Junior Translators, senior Translators and subject Experts

Work as a Freelancer: You could either choose to work full time with a company or work part time to supplement your regular income. As a Freelancer, you can work with many organizations at your own convenience from home

Which languages are in demand? In India, demand for translator jobs is mostly for languages like German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. At present, the salary for a professional translator for German in India is about Rs 4.5 Lakhs per annum

Skills set and qualification: Employees expect proficiency in at least 2 languages. Proficiency in additional languages is a bonus for candidates. While a formal degree is not necessary to become a successful translator, employers generally prefer candidates with a formal degree or certification in Language training.

Candidates with minimum 2-3 years experience are offered good salary packages by companies. Having good knowledge in the concerned subject domain is a plus. For example, if you are applying for a translation job in automobile sector, it would be better if you have domain knowledge or previous work experience in the automobile sector

Get Trained: Many institutes offer courses in translation in India. Online courses are also available. Max Mueller Bhavan offers courses in German while Alliance Francaise offers courses in French. Delhi University offers courses in many languages such as French, German and Arabic

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) offers full time courses degree courses in foreign languages.

Do your home work: To become a successful translator, first learn the basics strong. Go through the work of experienced translators and learn the nuances of Translation. Begin with easy texts and simple subjects like Sports and Cinema, and gradually move to next level. Buy a dictionary and use it regularly to strengthen your language proficiency. Gradually develop your vocabulary skills as well. There are DVDs available in the market too.

In particular, develop your written skills in the source language as well as the target language. Similarly, listening skill is also necessary.

Build your resume: Once you are done with learning, it’s time to build your resume. Your resume should look unique and attractive to the employer. Mention your specific skills set along with experience, if you have any

How to join? Small companies hire freshers in India and provide them training. There are many jobs for experienced translators/freelancers in India. You could check online job portals like Naukri, monster and shine for Translator/interpreter jobs. Keep track of employment news each week to find Translator jobs in government departments


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