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Top 5 Blogging Marketing Mistakes

Updated on August 12, 2010

Blogging Marketing Mistakes

Having a blog with multiple posts ranking on the front page of Google is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, very few people ever achieve success with blogs. Most blogs just disappear into cyberspace, never to be heard of again.


The sad truth for most bloggers
The sad truth for most bloggers

You Can Do It!

But if you spend just a little bit more time than the other beginners, and educate yourself on blogging, you can have tremendous success (and fun!) with a ranked blog that gets natural traffic.

Here are some mistakes I see many rookie bloggers make:

One of my blogs with a #1 Google ranking:

Mistake Number One

Using the wrong blogging platform. If you want to grow your blog and have success long term, you have to choose a good, paid platform. I know that the free ones are easier, and obviously cheaper, but they are so limited, that sooner or later you will regret it if you start off on a free platform.

I highly recommend you get your own Wordpress blog, and your own hosting. And I’m definitely not alone in this assessment. Most of the worlds top bloggers user wordpress, it truly is the "Gold Standard." So don’t waste your time on the freebies, a hosted blog is very inexpensive, but much more powerful.

Experts Agree...

Expert blogger Jack Humphrey weighs in on Wordpress.
Expert blogger Jack Humphrey weighs in on Wordpress.

Mistake Number Two

Wrong Permalink structure. If you get this wrong in the beginning, you are in for a painful and costly experience later. The permalink structure is how the URL will look when you publish a post. Did you know that every blog post has it’s own URL? It’s a separate page on the internet. Just because they all show up together on the home page, doesn’t mean each one isn’t separate. And because of that, every single post has the potential to be individually ranked by the search engines! But if your URL isn’t crafted correctly, you seriously hurt your chances of success in this area. For example, after you main URL, there will be some text like so:

Examples of Permalinks (URL) Structures

Of all of these, the only correct one is the last one. In other words, it displays the keyword that the blog is about in the URL, which is vital to getting posts ranked. In wordpress, you can edit the permalink structure to be correct by pasting this in the Permalink custom field: /%postname%/%post_id%/

Mistake Number Three

Not creating a title, description and keyword list before you get started. This topic is beyond the scope of this article, but can be easily researched. Why is it so important? Because when your post is ranked, and a searcher sees the results in the search engines, all they can see is the title, description, and URL of the search results. From that, they will make a decision which one to click on- and believe me, it’s not always number one! Many times they will click on the title and description that is well written and is most relevant to them.

Example of the title and description of a #1 ranked blog. Notice how the keywords are included in both the title and description.
Example of the title and description of a #1 ranked blog. Notice how the keywords are included in both the title and description.

Mistake Number Four

Lack of keyword research for each blog post. This is an easy mistake to make. Sometimes we are so excited to get our idea down in writing that we just create a quick post and publish it on our blog as quickly as we can. But slowing down just a little bit, and researching the keywords, makes all the difference. If you do a search for “google external keyword tool” you’ll find a very robust, free keyword tool that will show you exactly how many people are searching for words within your topic. From there, choose the keyword that is best suited, and has anywhere from 500-20,000 searches per month.

Mistake Number Five

Lack of activity. Once everything is in order, all you have to do it post to your blog! But most people don’t post nearly often enough. And, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to post more than once a day to get a front page Google ranking, I have a blog that only got 1-4 posts per week and did very well, including number one rankings! Generally, 3-5 posts per week is great, more is better, the key is just committing to it and getting it done!

Seth Godin's Interesting Take On Blogging:

Increase Your Blogging Skills

There are lots of good resources to help you with blogging. Within hubpages there are some great hubs filled with tips and tricks.

There are also free blogging courses available.

Blogging is valuable on so many levels, and for so many reasons that I can't recommend it to you highly enough. So if you don't have a blog, get one! If you have one "sitting on the shelf," dust it off and go to work! The rewards far outweigh the small amount of work it takes to be a successful blogger.


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