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Book Review: Food Jobs

Updated on October 10, 2008

Are you interested in turning your love of food into a career choice? If so, the book Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers, and Food Lovers is a must-read for you. This book provides comprehensive information about many different types of careers in the food industry. It's perfect for anyone considering going to work in any aspect of the culinary business/

Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers, and Food Lovers goes much further than the traditional jobs that people ordinarily consider when thinking about pursuing careers in the culinary field. No matter how much time you've spent thinking about pursuing a career in this field, there's a good chance you'll learn about interesting job opportunities that you never even considered.

Preparing for a Culinary Career

Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers, and Food Lovers is filled with practical tips and suggestions for choosing and preparing for an occupation in a food related industry. Readers have an opportunity to learn about many different types of jobs and find out what's involved in acquiring the credentials and skills necessary to prepare for a successful career.

A Wide Selection of Food Jobs

The wide variety of occupations related to the culinary field is truly astounding. There are so many opportunities for people who appreciate and are knowledgeable about food, even if they have no interest in preparing or serving food. Of course, restaurant jobs are include in the book, but you'll also find information about some of the lesser known food related occupations, including:

  • Cake Designer
  • Cookbook Author
  • Cookbook Reviewer
  • Culinary Television Show Producer
  • Dietician
  • Farming
  • Food Blogger
  • Food Photographer
  • Food Product Demonstrator
  • Food Stylist
  • Food Writer
  • Kitchen Design
  • Menu Designer
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Many additional occupations

Is a Food Career Right for You?

If you've ever wondered if a career in the culinary industry is right for you, this book can help you make an informed, educated decision. Once you've reviewed the many different types of food related jobs described in the book, you'll have a clear understanding of just what types of care opportunities there are in this line of work. If you decide that this direction is right for you, the resources and educational program recommendations and information detailed in the book can help you decide what step you should take next to move toward accomplishing your career goals.


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