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Coca Cola Company Branding and Packaging

Updated on July 2, 2021
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Company Overview

Coca Cola is the world’s most powerful brand in regard to beverage making. The company has been in the limelight of the global beverage making for more than a century. This achievement has been a by-product of its operating framework and vision which is based on excellence. Further, the company is focused at being number one in her product offerings(Coca Cola, 2013). Coca Cola is currently undergoing the process of replacing its outdated systems within a modern platform across its markets in an endeavor to create a cohesive perspective of streamlined processes and metrics. This hub will analyze the brand’s branding and packaging strategies. In addition, the paper will also discuss the effectiveness of these strategies in comparison to similar brand.

Packaging and Branding Strategies

For this entity, packaging plays a critical role in meeting customer refreshment needs. Further, the packaging strategy is focused at preventing misuse in the course of distribution and use. In addition, the company emphasizes on avoiding wastage during packaging, as much as possible. The following are some of the packaging strategies employed by this company.

Light Weighting

This approach involves the use of the smallest amount of resources needed in designing packages to make them secure before reaching customers. The company’s global vision is to improve the effectiveness of her packaging material per liter of produce by 2015.

Recycled content and renewable substance use

Coca-Cola is a market leader in advancing breach technologies that facilitate use of recycled content and renewable materials. The entity first began to use recycled materials on her beverages packaging in 1991. Since then, it has dedicated itself to establishing a state-of-the-art bottle-to-bottle- recycling amenities on her global operations. The aim in this endeavor is to facilitate accessibility of cheap and quality products.

Plant bottle technology

This system includes use of plastic packages that are recyclable and can be able to meet the company’s wide beverage needs.

In essence, the company’s packaging strategies have proved to be effective over the years. Apart from creating cost efficiency, the strategy as acted as a form of corporate social responsibility since the company’s carbon emissions have been greatly reduced.

Coke has stood out among its competitors and left them wondering about the exceptional branding strategy that it exhibits. The company does not miss any chance of relating its products with massive international commemorations, as well as other various events. For instance, during the last FIFA world cup edition, the company introduced its edition that was believed to be the latest.

On the other hand, Pepsi, one of the biggest rivals of Coke has come up with a special project dubbed “refresh project”. Similar to Coca Cola, Peps refresh project has been equally effective in giving consumers new tastes and hope of change. When Peps realized that its overall performance was declining, it embarked on restructuring its strategies and processes in order to sustain itself and achieve a competitive edge in the industry. What Pepsi was doing was to transform its brand to make it unique, as well as, ensure that the customer’s concerns, needs and preferences are taken into consideration. Further, the refresh project was an endeavor of the company to change the attitude and perception of customers towards the brand. The re-designing of Peps branding strategies has created a competitive advantage for the company to make it one of the strongest rivals of Coke.


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