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Building the Perfect Twitter Profile

Updated on December 11, 2016

Twitter Profiles

It is important to realise that your Twitter bio is as important as the landing page of your website. The effectiveness of your Twitter strategy will be impacted by these 140 characters and your profile picture.

This is the Twitter fundaments, but even when your campaign is up and going it can be useful to review these basics again, as new things will occur as things change.

Building the perfect profile: Picture

The first point below is the most significant. However, all are still quite important. If you focus on getting these early necessities correct, your campaign is likely to be more successful.

  • Profile Picture: Get a profile picture that brings across the nature of your organisation effectively or reinforces your brand. The suitability will depend on the nature of the organisation and the logos and photos available. If you are a small organisation include your picture.

Account Name

Make sure that you include your brand name. If your company is not well known include another word to describe what you do. ‘Bakery’ ‘Cars’ or whatever your business is. Therefore, scan readers can recognise you as a relevant account. If your organisation is small include your name somewhere. This help to build a personal relationship. People will warm to you more in this case.


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Your Location and Address

Fill this in, so that more relevant accounts in your area can connect with you. Do not be too specific, but a large near town and country would be best.

Bio of Profile Content and Words

Put information about you and include the keywords that relate to your organisation. Be friendly and open, but interesting and useful at the same time you need to appear interesting enough and informative to your target audience that they will follow you. The more interaction and relationship, the more you are seen and you gain more return on the investment made in your Twitter account.


Your Webpage

Include a link to your webpage. This is great opportunity to get new followers to go to your webpage. Interested parties can find out more about you and this will be more beneficial. This is key to ensure that you get your whole marketing and internet campaign integrated for maximum impact on your webpage.


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