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Graduates: Overcoming Graduate Unemployment

Updated on December 12, 2016

The Way to Employment

Any unemployed graduate that has failed to find the job of their dream following graduation should consider other options. We will tell you of how many UK graduates are amending their career in order to get themselves into a career.

My Story: Unemployment with a Degree

Two years ago, I graduated and took a series of job interviews in the area of my choice, finance. The Banking Crisis was at its worst and there was a lot of competition for jobs. I lacked the necessary experience that was needed to get a job. Only graduates with the highest standard of academics were getting straight into banking jobs, however I felt something would come along soon. All the same, I started looking for jobs that would pay a decent wage and were potentially in the same companies. I found that Administrative Assistant jobs paid reasonably well and I could work my way up to Office Manager.

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How I combatted long-term unemployment

I decided to amend my career path, so that I could get into a good company and work up. I tried applying for Admin jobs, but I failed some of the tests in IT. I did not have a good understanding of all the Microsoft Office that I would need for my job. I was advised to enrol into an Administration Course.

My Action Plan that I used to get a start on my career

The most important elements of the training was the Microsoft Office skills, also I gained a lot of confidence. After completion of my course, I really got into to my job applications and I had interviews. I managed to get the job with prospects of training to become a more senior admin team member in the future. I am very happy with the decision to change my career direction.

Advice to Other Graduates

Do not feel dejected by failing to get the ideal graduate job. This is because there are so many other options out there and you only need to be flexible and open minded to find them. You do not have to follow my exact example, as there are many other types of entry level jobs. All in all, getting your first job gives you perspective on your next move and helps you start to get some direction on how to shape your life.


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