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How to Build and Establish Teamwork at Work

Updated on June 29, 2015

What does a company look for in a person upon hiring them? One thing that every company is looking for is a model team player. They want to hire someone that isn’t frightened to jump in for the big win. If someone takes a day off work, the business needs to keep running smooth; therefore, the companies want someone willing to cross-train and contribute to keep the business running without missing a beat.

We all work for an organization that is looking to succeed. To do this the company needs to hire first-class team players. To be a good team player you must learn a few basic ideas to help the company you work for succeed, in turn, helping you succeed as well:

  1. Help when and where needed.
  2. Identify and inform others of your needs.
  3. Be thankful for others point of view.
  4. Follow through.
  5. Think about your company.

In order for you to succeed in a business, your business needs to succeed as well. Within the business you will have to work with coworkers on a daily basis as well as other departments whether directly or indirectly. This is best known as a ripple effect. Your actions affect others around you and then their actions affect the customers and so on. All things begin with you.

Help When and Where Needed:

If you would help a coworker do his or her job duties, the work will probably get done a lot sooner. Sequentially, the job will get done more efficiently. In doing so, your business succeeds and possibly recognition your way for efficiently getting the job done. Another good point of helping a coworker is like the old saying, “I scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Doing the favor of helping someone when needed might get them to help you when you are in a tight spot some day. This is not always the case, but helping other coworkers adds positive attitudes in the workplace. Even if you cannot help perform the tasks sharing ideas to more efficiently get the job done will essentially benefit the department.

Identify and Inform Others of Your Needs:

If you do not express yourself when you need help, no one will know that you actually need help. It is great to get the help you desire, but you must let it known. Don’t be scared to ask for help to solve issues that might arise. This will benefit you and the company in the long run. On the other hand, you also want to make sure you are getting the help you need by being clear and to the point. You do not want to ask for help and get help you do not need.

Be Grateful for Others Point of View:

One of the best things that can be done is to give recognition to workers for doing an excellent job. Many people strive at performing above and beyond the line of duty and just getting a “thank you,” or a “great job” will go along way in the eyes of that person. Some workers do not get the recognition they deserve and it helps brighten their spirits if even a coworker tells them that they are doing a fantastic job. Another example of being thankful for others point of view is just showing interest in their thoughts and views and allowing the help from others.

Follow Through:

A big issue that some people might have about getting the help they need is getting someone that only does half of the work asked of them. Make sure that if you are going to help someone that you follow through with your actions and be up front with them if you are unsure if you will be able to complete something. If you are up front with a coworker from the beginning there will be less aggravation on either side. If you are asked to help and you complete the job, be sure to follow up with the person that assigned it to you to let me know that it has been completed.

Think About Your Company:

Before you complete any new actions within your company or change anything, understand how it will affect the other departments or even the company itself. Remember how the ripple effect will be affected. Let others know of the changes by communicating this information and getting their views on the subject. Ultimately, you also want to see how it will affect the customers. Plain and simple, know how to get along with your coworkers and other departments to have the business run proficiently and professionally.

Remember that you can be a model worker by joining the team that is your organization. Don’t think you have to do the work yourself, because you don’t. You have coworkers for a reason.

Success is joining a winning team. Let that team be the company you work for.

© 2011 MarleyOz


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