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Buy Sky Blue Rack Cards on Zazzle

Updated on October 22, 2015

Companies buy rack cards to advertise their businesses. They obviously must successfully convey a message to entice people to spend money. Rack cards are mostly used in locations that has heavy foot traffic either at times or all the time. Possible type of businesses that would buy them are convenience stores, hotels, rest areas and restaurants. Companies may either buy rack cards with inviting graphic design already placed on. An alternative to purchase some with a certain type of background with the plan add some design by themselves.

A prominent eCommerce website to buy rack cards is Zazzle. That online retailer has been in business since 1999. They have sky blue rack cards readily to be purchased for a low price of $0.50 for each one. You may either buy them on 4" x 9" (portrait) or 9" x 4" (landscape) size.

That particular one was created just by taking a picture of the sky on a clear day. Zazzle prints them on bright white cover weight (100 lb.) card stock with a gloss finish. They also provide professional high-quality full bleed and full color printing.

Click to buy sky blue rack cards on Zazzle.

Rack cards don’t need to be made just to advertise a business. It can also use to let other people know about an upcoming special event. Non-profit organizations may use them for both to promote their entities and special occasions.


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