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Buy American Create Jobs

Updated on August 20, 2011

Be Proud & Buy American

Recently I read about an individual study done to detect the amount of goods in an American family's home that were not bought as being made in USA products and it made me sick to my stomach what we are willing to do to save a buck and put our people out of work on top of padding the pockets of the Country that makes inferior products and places toxic items in our baby hands, China.

The study entailed removing all items from a home here in the USA and you would not believe how empty the house was when all items not Made in USA were removed. The only thing left was the kitchen sink and that is not an exaggeration my friends.

For example, "Our Family Brand", an American sounding, canned Mandarin Orange, is from China and there are many products that say, right on the front of the container, Made in China. If you pay attention to what you are buying you can cut China's export power which includes paying no tariffs and easily add 200,000 jobs to our economy by spending $64 a year more on Made in USA products. If you care for America and not just saving a few cents at Walmart, you can make a big difference.

I was buying food the other day at Walmart and some products right on the label said, "From CHINA" IE…the "OUR FAMILY" brand of Mandarin Oranges says right on the can 'FROM CHINA. The Volvo automobiles, which have always been considered to be a step above the rest in quality, are even owned by Chinese!.

I was shocked to find for a few more cents I could buy LIBERTY GOLD BRAND or the DOLE brand, since it's from CALIF. and help build America and take it back from the blood sucking Chinese since our Government is not going to do anything about anything.

For example, as I grew up, at Easter, mom and neighbors or church Members would boil eggs and we would have Easter egg hunts, which were a blast. How many of you have Easter Egg Hunts for the kids now with real boiled eggs that you spent time being creative with the designs or I guess for some of you time is a big issue and those plastic eggs take the place of the real thing. Some parents take all the short cuts instead of spending the time and effort to raise a child in a loving environment they expect the kids to get a replacement for parental care from the neighborhood kids whether there good or bad examples. That’s another story.

It might be do to the movement away from Christianity and the tendency not to take the kids to church which th so called government schools play a big role.You might not think so but the environment is much better than what some of the Neighborhoods offer in your local church. I grew up Baptist and as a religion they tend to give the young preferential treatment in trying to build a good foundation. In the process mixing religion with fun for the kids.

Back to the subject there are many sights you can go to to find made in USA products if you are interested in making a difference. Here is one of the best that I have found to use and you can too. Buy American my friends and create jobs. I wish everyone would use this and make a difference. We don’t have to wait for the Government to make a difference when we can step in and do it ourselves. Another sight you may use is but you have to be sure it is American made because there are hundreds of options you can make here. Thank you for reading and please leave your comments. American my friends it's all we have.!!!!! And Create Jobs. You know, how you, sit back and complain about the government running businesses out of the country. Well you don't have to wait for the government to do something. Buy American. Buy quality. Buy America and be proud.

If you need information on your business or many other topics please check out my download site and God Bless.


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