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CSCS Test - How to Revise

Updated on May 13, 2013

Give youself The Best Chance of Passing The CSCS Test

You don't need to worry too much if you have not taken any exams for a few years, the cscs test is not really that difficult. There are several things to do to improve your chances of passing and I am going to give you loads of information to help in this and other articles.

The main thing you should make sure of is that the test that you are going to sign up for is the correct one for your experience and trade.

The test that you take and the card that you will get when you pass will differ silghtly based upon your level of expertise and the type of job you are doing.

What are the differences in the types of CSCS test?
As you might expect, the test that Supervisors and Managers will take is a separate one to that which a labourer or trainee might take. The are also a changes for specific skill sets (specialist activities) such as Demolition, working at heights, plumbing or gas and tunnelling. I will give you a full list in a later article. Don't worry too much as the majority of questions are the same and just 5 or 6 questions from each specialist subject are swapped around. The majority of the questions will come from the core sections and will be the same for everyone. The managers and supervisors test will be quite a bit different from the operators and specialist test.

There will be more information in some of the other articles but if you want to check before I get chance to publish them you could perhaps consult one of many training courses and booking agents. These work with a large number of individuals and would be happy to suggest which one is the correct test to take for your particular job. They sometimes show extra advice on their own web pages as well. They would be pleased to help you as you may find that it easier than booking yourself and use their services.

If you choose to visit them or use them to book a test, they might even give you some revision materials in with the service.

Is it worth using an agent to book a CSCS Test?

Obviously it is up to you to check that you are getting value for money. You might think that the ease of booking means it is, If not than you can always get free revision notes and mock test questions at the CSCS Test site. If you still want to make absolutely sure of acing it then it would be worth getting either the revision books or DVD's. Amazon sell them quite cheaply and there is a link on our site. Make sure you get the latest version as the questions changed in 2012 and there are still a few old copies knocking about. All the answers you need ar included in the books and DVD. The DVD has a digital copy of the book and also software to create a mockock CSCS test.

Now that the tests have been in place for a good few years, it has become obvious that a first time pass is only about 50% without doing some sort of revision. The ones that did revise and practiced with some cscs mock test questions pass first time 90% of the time.

The test is not especially hard but there can still be a couple of thingss that you may not have dealt with recently and are not fresh in your mind. Looking throught the notes and doing a few questions before taking the test will refresh these items and give you a much better chance of passing your test.

There is no excuse for failing when you can see all of the questions and answers before you take the test! It is a lot cheaper to revise than it is to take the test.Remember that that the price of having to sit the test one more time is possibly twice what a guidebook could cost you, particularly when you take into account the time and commuting costs.

Whatever you choose to do, at the least go through a couple of the study notes and also actually do a few of the mock test questions on the cscs test web-site at

One way to check that you know the answers is to get someone to help you by reading the questions out while you answer them.This way you aren't tempted to glance at answers and gloss over them without thinking them through. Make some simple notes while you are going through the questions, especially the ones you are unfamiliar with. The action of just writing the notes down will help you to memorise them. If you do it carefully you will also have a collection of quick revision notes that you can glance at just before you take your test.

If you are taking the test at the same time as friend you could turn it into a game by picking out the most difficult questions to test each other with. Really, just about anything that you are able to do which makes you think about the questions will help to get you a first time pass at the CSCS Test.

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