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Updated on September 19, 2017

There is a new ad on Facebook and it is called Once a person fills out a simple form through the app, a representative from that company calls right away to get one started. The ad promises that one could make up to $300 to $600 a month by advertising on their car. Yes, people can place ads or decals on the #Rear Window of their car and money is to be made.

However, to get started, some money has to be paid. See, the company charges people for the decal that is to be placed in the rear window. The charge is about $19.99 plus tax, and it is returned to the person once the decal gets to the person. First, the person must take a pic, showing that the decal is in place, and send it to the company for proof that is was received and placed correctly in order to make some money.

Sounds all good, since the company returns that first payment. However, this company has tricks up its sleeve. In the end, other fees apply that makes this sneaky company look a bit suspicious. When one researches this company, one only ends up with sites that complain about it, and how possibly it could be a huge #scam.

The Additional Fee

Once the person sings up and pays for the decal, the person is ready to start advertising. Of course, the decal has to get to the person and show proof that the decal is on the car. The deal starts with a $10 bonus right of the bat. Also, for every person that buys the product using the text code from the person's decal, the person advertising gets $300 in commission.

Additionally, if no sale is made in 90 days, the person gets a $100#Gift card that can be used at a line of restaurants.

Here is the catch! After 60 days, charges the person an annual fee of $35 plus tax, which is mentioned in fine print. If the person chooses not to pay the annual fee, the whole deal is off! So, the $10 bonus given to start the campaign with the $100 gift card is not awarded unless the annual fee is paid.

Oh yes, the person can get paid if they choose not the pay the annual fee after 60 days only if a sale has been made. However, how does one know if any sale has been made? No one really knows. Only the company does and that is just a bit sketchy. So, one can bet that no sale is usually made for the first 60 days. So, most people will choose to pay in hopes that sales will kick in after. Guess what? This is most likely a perfect scam since it gains trust with the refund of the decal in the beginning..

Other Features that Require Fees

Somewhere along the lines of paying for a decal and getting a refund for receiving it an putting it to work, will also offer people to review web sites under that same account for a $5.99 plus tax monthly fee.

While advertising with the car, a person can make an extra buck by reviewing web sites. Again, nothing can be collected unless a sale is made with the decal.

Also, the company offers, for an extra $10, to run a back ground check for any DUIs. If the person is clean, that person makes $500 instead of $300 for each sale that comes from his or her decal. Again, how does one know if the company is being honest with sales.

Additionally, when a person signs up for a campaign, a letter is received that the actual companies printed on the decal are not the companies being advertised. Another company is actually behind it and is using the big names to attract attention. That in itself seems to be a characteristic of being a scam.

In the end, if one should not have to pay to get paid. The particular trait of having to pay fees makes the company look like a huge scam! The annual fee is what kills this company, and people should not pay attention to it.


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