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The Myth of Teacher Vacations

Updated on August 14, 2011

It's always important to base your career choices using good information. For those of you considering going into teaching because of "all the time off," please read this. For those of you who are teachers or know one, I hope this gives you a good chuckle. Feel free to share this article but please give me credit!

The Myth of Teacher Vacations
by Anna Eskenazi Bush

When people find out that I am a teacher, one of the first things they say is, “Oh, you get that great vacation time.” I beg to differ. For example, for winter break, we had two weeks off. Sounds great, right? Fourteen days of relaxation. Well, first let’s subtract the four weekend days that everyone would have had off anyway. That leaves ten. Now, most people got at least one day for Christmas and one day for New Year’s. That leaves eight. Three days I spent at the school coaching. That takes me down to five. Two days went to grading papers. Now I have three. During the regular school session times, I have to put off doing a lot of household chores, filing, etc. Guess what—winter break is catch up time. We have to minus two more days. So to be fair, I did get one more day off than the average person. Unless of course most people had two days off at Christmas and two days off at New Year’s instead of one. That would be one minus two more, leaving me with a vacation total of negative one. Did I mention I was sick for three days? How does that fit into the equation?

The same thing goes for the two weeks at spring break. And as for getting done with work at three, that is just bologna. Between coaching, directing, helping students after school, grading papers, writing tests, creating lesson plans and meetings, a teacher’s day rarely ends at three. But what about that big TWO MONTH summer vacation?

Most people get two weeks off, so now we are down to a month and a half. I generally spend two weeks at various trainings. That leaves a month. Let’s see. Making plans for the next school year and setting up the classroom—figure two more weeks—minimum. Catching up on housework takes another week. Well, I guess you got me there, I get one more week of vacation than the average person. Of course, most people, as they progress in years, get more than two weeks vacation. So, let’s just call it even!


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    • MangBerto08 profile image

      MangBerto08 6 years ago from Philippines

      Nice hub. I'm also a teacher and so is my wife. We are from the Philippines and vacation for us is lesson planning and grading sheets.