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Christian Web Hosting

Updated on May 26, 2009

Your Search Ends Here

If you're in the market for a reliable and effective Christian Web Hosting company, your search might end with 2IP.

It's one of the pioneers of the web hosting services that set itself apart from its competitors as

the web hosting that eliminates subscription fees.

This one-time payment model - without any recurring subscription fees - is ideal for small businesses or individuals seeking a simple, ad-free, and reliable Web presence without a continual cost.

You can even use a free 2IP sub-domain to eliminate domain name registry fees and use 2IP’s free Web site builder tools to avoid costs associated with creating the site.

Who is 2IP?

2IP began their services in 1999 and are capable to meet the present day standards, along with more advanced options. They provide all the relevant details and with a casual browsing, you will be able to understand the functioning and specialty of the 2IP web hosting company.

They began as which dealt only with the free hosting services; later 2ip has advanced into providing premium hosting.

I was impressed by 2IP’s hosting plans and website which is so well organized that you are sure to be tempted for reading on to know more about the expertise of the web hosting company.

Choose from the innumerable features offered here to become one of their esteemed customers. Starting from PHP and MySQL enabled websites; you can enjoy more attractive hosting plans, thanks to the power of the 2IP.

Reasons to Choose 2IP

As far as I analyzed, this Christian web hosting company 2IP meets all the standards set by the experts to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the web hosting company; be it the easy availability of the support team or the complete details about what they offer, 2IP makes sure to answer all the queries of their customers.

  • The irresistibly attractive fact which I came across is that you can make the payments either annually or the usual monthly based. If you are interested, it is advisable that you check it out at the earliest as 2IP proposes to offer this highly beneficial annual payment scheme only for a limited period. They have already offered similar deals and this is the final chance to get the deal of lifetime. You can also save money if you are signing up for the promotional offers at 2IP as they will deduce the subscription fees forever.
  • They have several testimonials to their credit and you can checkout what the customers who were benefitted from the web hosting services provided in 2008 have to say. 2IP is confident that their customers will be convinced about the web hosting services offered via these aggressive marketing campaigns and they offer money back guarantee.
  • Apart from the dual offers of making yearly or monthly payments, you are sure to enjoy the best of web hosting which will allow you to host many websites under distinct domain names. You can also employ many website building applications that will enhance the working and appearance of your websites hosted with the help of 2IP. It does not end here; you can be free from domain renewal fees as the proposed one time payments package is inclusive of domain name registration along with future renewal fees.
  • I suggest that you use the one time payment for life and enjoy the web hosting sans the problems of updating. You can choose the more flexible and equally beneficial monthly payment plans too. In fact, the annual payment scheme is one of the best deals I have ever came across from a very reliable hosting company.
  • You can have up to 1000 pages if you make use of the one-time payment offered at 2IP and I am sure that this will bring the desired effects to your hosting experiences. The concession provided is also whooping if you choose the one time payment scheme; it will be worth every buck you spend on the hosting plans.

Get set and make the best out of the special "hosting for life" offer which is one of the greatest deals which I found online

Where you pay once and use it for more recurring charges

Genesis 12:3 - "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed"

-= Jesus Christ The Son of God is Savior =-


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    • nutuba profile image

      nutuba 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Interesting hub. I hadn't heard of 2IP before, but I'll give them a look. Thanks for the info!