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Clickbank Marketing Strategies

Updated on August 27, 2014

Clickbank Strategies For Earning More

Every affiliate program has ways of earning, methods to earn more and some are simpler than others, so take note.

The main strategies that I will go through here, deal with the obvious ones you may have an idea about anyway, but I'll explain why I think they work the way they do.

First up is research, you can't promote a single thing without it, you need to know from as many angles as possible what you are recommending and promoting for others to buy, but above all else the benefits of the product or service must be the top motivators.

The products sale page is what you should use to study your affiliate product and you could rewite the sales page as a review listing the key benefits on your blog or website, or an article on any article directory.

Also if others have reviewed the product they may give some good reasons that you may not have thought of, you could google for this information, participate in forums and groups to locate further information.

Affiliate Marketing: Amazon Books To Buy

Generating Targeted Traffic To A Clickbank Promotion

Squeeze pages come to mind here, as they are simple useful tools to get leads to your email series that describe the offer you are promoting, either with an effective email series with tips and tricks or a monthly or weekly newsletter that informs people about whats happening in your niche and your site (Or the clickbank affiliate product you are promoting!!)

Squeeze pages or lead capture pages don't have to be long sales page like pages, they work best when they are short and to the point, as people of all walks of life tend to think they are busy, they normally won't sit and read something at first glance, unless they searched for it and really want to sign up or buy something targeted towards them.

When creating your first squeeze page you should split test two variants of your opt in form, the usual types are the default inline form that is a static form with your name and email fields for the potential subscriber to opt in, or the other is a fly in or pop up that has the same fields to opt in, by doing it this way you may find which one is better at getting people to subscribe.

But really to help people find your squeeze page you need to have in place a plan of marketing to get the word out on your opt in page or offer, you can optimize your lead capture page just like a regular website with targeted keywords and a link back to your home page if any.

Other ways of marketing your page go way beyond simple seo, such as adwords, blogging, free advertising and ezine ads to name a few, of course these all involve some form of seo, but they are specialized forms of marketing and all should be figured into your marketing at some point, although Adwords may take a little time to research properly as you do not want to waste any money on a dud campaign, if you haven't researched thoroughly.

I myself prefer article marketing as it is easy to set up and all you afford is your time and effort to write some relevant and highly engaging content that people are going to find useful, the best article directories to submit your work to are Ezine articles, Go articles, Article city, , Although there are quite a few, you should avoid any ones that you have to pay to submit your articles as this defeats the object of an article directory, you see the directories rely on content and if you are paying to get that content included, then they are not only making money off the people that pay but also the articles that people submit are helping them to build their adsense earnings in the process.

While the above is a general business practice that should be encouraged, submitting your articles should be a free process, so all you have to concentrate on is coming up with the useful content, with no worries about a recurring bill every month to submit your article content.

Tracking With Clickbank Trackers

When you open an account with Clickbank you then have an id which of course is your affiliate id, if you are a smart marketer you would have more than one Clickbank account, like me, each with a specific affiliate id for some differing promotions, this way when you come to adding tracking id's (TID) to your affiliate hop links you know where the sales are coming from, you may want to implement some other form of tracking such as Google Analytics to track hits and impressions and other visitor statistics to help you determine what's best for your long term traffic strategies.

Remember with a tracking id you have a limited amount of letters (8) for this so make it memorable, so you know what site your sales originated from.

You may also find the value of making your AID (affiliate Id) and TID (Tracking Id) keyword specific, as a lot goes on behind the sites code that gets picked up, particularly on a web pages heading, main title, first paragraph and at a 2% ratio roughly on your sites or pages.

Clickbank Analytics

Clickbank analytics is a great tool for viewing your stats to see what trackers are popular for your affiliate promotions and what you have sold or what people seem interested in clicking through your hoplinks. Clickbank Analytics can when used properly help you detrmine what promotions are working well and what campaigns that are not.


Clickbank: The Digital Marketplace
Clickbank: The Digital Marketplace

Is there anything else you would like to know about Clickbank?

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    • profile image

      Cach Pefi 6 years ago

      wow..thanks a lot, infact am promoting best products that earns me money and I bought Matt Bacak and Alen Sultanic's system a month ago that tracks and pulls unmerited traffic for me and now I've earned $3,451 so far in just a month, and I strongly believe that I will be earning over $10,000 each month as I follow his techniques and the software. You can see a clip of what caught my attention to buy his system here --->

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yes long tail keywords seem to be more effective at capturing the traffic that is looking for specific information such as product names and how to do something.

      Cheers Leblanc!

    • leblanc profile image

      leblanc 8 years ago from Canada

      If I may add, using long tail keywords is very important if you're into article marketing or so-called bum marketing. I use free sources like Google keyword tool and the free version of Market Samurai.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      I've read all your links / marketing hubs - and they are great advice, thanks.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 9 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yes I know what you mean, I only promote stuff I know I can pass off as a good recommendation, if I can add the specifc benefits then I know I'm off to a great start.

    • profile image

      TiffanyDow 9 years ago

      I love ClickBank :) I make a good amount every month promoting their products, but I'm always careful to only promote stuff I myself feel it worthy. Great Hub!

      tiff ;)