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How to make extra money with Disciple's Crosses

Updated on February 17, 2017

Disciple's Cross

Disciple’s Cross Is Not A Scam Or a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

Disciple's Cross is a legitimate work at home business that I can do easily and that brings in some much needed financial assistance to my husband and I. He and I both make $700.00 a week selling our Crosses. We want to share with you how we did it.

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Disciple's Cross™ Starter Kit

Home Assembly of Disciple's Cross Necklaces

Assembling the necklaces can be very hard when you first start with this work from home program. The very first you make may even look horrible. This will change, believe it or not. Even if you're not a crafty person, you can do this. Give yourself time, don’t rush. Rushing will only cause frustration. Keep a good sense of humor. When you come back after you’ve done several you can have a good laugh at how you started out. Watch the DVD very closely, slowing it down and rewinding it when necessary.

You will need to bend nails to make the necklaces. Although this doesn’t sound like the easiest thing to do, it really is just that. The nails are horseshoe nails and are flat and thin. They will bend with a little pressure (you will press the nail against a board). The hardest part about bending the nails is getting pairs that are mirror images of each other. The DVD will give you some very good tips on how to do this consistently.

However, If you need help in the nail bending there is a company called They are suppliers of prebent nails for Disciple's Cross makers worldwide, especially designed to help others to spread their ministry, as well as provide an income for themselves and their family, by supplying prebent nails to form the Disciple's Cross.

Wrapping the coloured wire around the bent nails is the part that is hard. You will need to keep the wire tight with no gaps between the wires. Also when you cut the end of the wire off, you will need to be careful so you don’t scar the colour. Try placing a page turner between the pliers and the wires to keep this from happening.

Although you must purchase the materials from Disciple’s Cross to be eligible for the buy back program, you can purchase practice wire from a craft store. It’s only a few dollars a roll and can save lots of frustration. It can be quite upsetting and stressful to scrap the wire that came with your kit. Wrap the wires several times until you get your technique down, then wrap with the supplied wire. After all the wraps are done and the necklace is assembled, you will need to dip them in a polyurethane clear coat. This can be purchased at any hardware store and only cost about $5. This will help keep the necklaces from rusting if they happen to get wet.

When you get the hang of bending the nails and wrapping the wire you can then tie on the leather cord. This does take a special knot that allows the necklace to adjust. With this adjustable cord, you could wear the necklace long or short. Next, is tying the tag and bagging the necklaces. Again the instructions are very detailed on the DVD and you shouldn’t have any problems with this part. Well, that’s it. If you can make it through those steps, then you can make the necklaces. As with any craft, practice makes perfect. If your necklaces don’t qualify for the buy back program try selling them yourself.

Craft Fair

Making Money with Disciple's Cross Necklaces

Making Money is very easy with these necklaces. Even if they don’t turn out perfect, they will be very beautiful. There are several venues for selling your product.

Person to Person. Selling this to individuals you know or having your friends and family sell them for you in an easy marketing strategy. The necklaces will sell themselves and anyone who sees them up close will love them. Although they are tagged to sell for $9.99, selling them at a discount ($5.00 each) will help you sell them quickly. At this price they will make a great gift for birthday, Christmas or any other holiday.

Flea Market. Many flea markets will offer tables or locations for as little as $10 per day. A flea market will sometimes attract thousands of people all looking for a bargain. With your discounted necklace you could move them very quick.

Craft fairs. Craft fairs may be a little more costly for location rental, but you will be attracting the type of buyers already looking for something homemade.

Book stores or other local retail stores. Getting your necklaces marketed in this type of store will help with long term sales. You simply sell the necklaces to the stores for $5.00 each so that they can then sell them for the $9.99. This can be very low maintenance job and there is a great deal of profit to be made.

Disciple's Cross™ - Buy Back Program

Buy Back Program of Disciple's Cross Necklaces

Disciple's Cross BUY BACK PROGRAM: To make money you have the option of sending the necklaces back to Disciple’s Cross for their buy back option. You will be reimbursed $1 per necklace for material cost and $1.25 for your labor. You are allowed to make up to 400 necklaces per week. If you make the full amount allowed you can make $500.00 per week.

We utilize the buy back option and sell our crosses to gift shops, Christian Book Stores, Craft Shops, and we even got our extended family into this craft business. If you are unemployed, under-employed, or a Stay at Home Parent, you can do this!

Click Here To Get Started Making Money With Disciple's Cross Today.....

A Final Word

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