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Proof of Federal Government Inefficiency: Colorado EPA Employees Instructed to Stop Pooping in the Hallway

Updated on June 29, 2014


EPA Busted
EPA Busted | Source

American Taxpayer Money Hard at Work

How can you tell when taxpayer money is being wasted?

Answer: When you learn that one or more employees of a Government Agency that is supposed to monitor energy waste are pooping in a public hallway inside a federally funded office building.

The person that thinks this is funny needs to be fired immediately, and they need to sit at home and think about this. There are millions of Americans unemployed and underemployed thanks to poor economic policies from the current administration, meanwhile people are crapping in the hallway in Colorado in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) building. It's not funny.

Toilet Paper with Clever Sticker on it

Toilet paper with clever poop sticker on it
Toilet paper with clever poop sticker on it | Source

Internet Meme

Meme that reads: "Someone pooped on the floor. Just your average hall bathroom day."
Meme that reads: "Someone pooped on the floor. Just your average hall bathroom day." | Source

EPA Employees Asked to Stop Pooping in the Hallway

Let's 'Poop on the Floor' Just for Kicks

The internet meme (pictured on the right) was uploaded to the website user Suffolk kid ram.

Internet memes are created with the intent to be funny. Memes are supposed to be humorous, and if funny enough, they are re-posted with the possibility of going viral.

This meme shows that some people find it funny to defecate in the hallway in public places. Perhaps it is funny to some people because they don't have to clean it up. However, the person that does have to clean it up, is not laughing. Taxpayers that give their hard-earned money to the U.S. Federal Government every year are not laughing.

Internal EPA Email Obtained

Government Exec reported that a "Region 8" EPA office building for Denver, Colorado sent out an internal email to all employees that inappropriate bathroom behavior needs to stop. The worst of the behavior includes pooping in the hallway. There have been several incidents of one or more persons placing human feces outside of the bathroom on the hallway floor, which poses a health and safety risk to all employees.

In fact, "workplace violence" specialist John Nicoletti was brought in as a consultant to confirm that this activity is extremely dangerous.

The EPA is just as Dirty as the IRS -- even without the Poop

But wait, that's not all. This June 2013 article points out that the EPA took part in targeting conservative groups and charging them fees, while not giving the same treatment to liberal groups.

In case you were not aware, Federal Agencies are supposed to operate in a non-partisan manner, and not specifically audit or target certain groups or individuals based on political activity or connections.

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    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      I agree ... not funny at all! There's something wrong with both the people doing it and the people laughing about it. The people who are laughing are probably the same people who hate it when their neighbors dog poops in their yard.