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Community Manager Salary and Responsibilities

Updated on June 17, 2020

I do many digital jobs for my brand, that is my service of copywriting and content writing.

One I can’t do, though, because it is too much time-consuming is the community manager.

I pay the high price of not building a community around my services not officially working as a community manager. I’m not building a close-knit community around my brand.

I still have to see how big brands pull it because I see the whole business of creating a community around one’s brand on social media as superficial.

Moreover, the few several hundred social media presences of brands I have seen did let a lot to be desired.

The worst ones were brand-centric, corporate-centric, and had laughable content. Just crass, and vain, pseudo-commercialism.

Nevertheless, I perform most of the tasks a community manager does, except reporting to a higher up in the corporate pyramid.

Importance of Community Managers


The number one tactic in a social media marketing strategy for a company to be successful is to employ the skills and experience of a community manager.

I’m not saying that to build a community around a brand, service, or similar is indispensable like many like to parrot in web articles I’ve seen.

Like with everything else, a brand should first research the market objectively and impartially before creating a community.

A company should first find out if there’s a need for an eventual community to be generated around the brand.

A community manager functions as a bridge between a business and its internet-based audience, potential customers, and client base.

Even if sometimes the community manager takes on customer support responsibilities, the position entails much more than that.

The job description below is just a generic one I built based on daily tasks as a content dispenser on social media. It’s not exhaustive, and I might be forgetting some of the main ones.

Community Manager Job Description


A few of the tasks the community manager performs.

Engagement Maintenance

Surveils the interactions the brand presence generated. Responds to engagements in a tone according to the customer’s sentiment.

Crisis Management

Watches the brand’s channels to deal with crises as soon as they happen.

Follows a workflow and enacts any protocol of policies regarding the managing of crises.

Statistics Collation

Fills daily spreadsheets with the day before’s statistics of the chosen metrics.

Creates monthly reports with totals, to have a month-over-month bird view of how the community-oriented efforts progress.

Content Assets Management

Enters the longer content pieces in a centralized registry with the URLs and the where, when, how, etc.

This document is the go-to document when a piece of content has to be identified for reuse or other purposes.

Social Listening

Listens to the company’s or (brand’s) community over a broad range of channels. Ideally, it’s a 100% passive back-end process.

It’s passive in the sense that it doesn’t involve performing any interaction or engagement or in any other way react to the community.

Social Monitoring

Searches the web for terms related to the brand and its competitors. Demonstrates to the community that they’re being cared for.

This process is similar to social listening but is more self-focused. Also, it has a reactive engagement side to it that social listening does not.

Customer Interaction

It includes all the tasks that require a response to the customers over different channels. Be it email, social media chat, social media public channels, calls, etc.
Customer Intelligence Tasks

Helps to improve and evolve customer personas with newly gained knowledge.

One of the processes that inform this one is statistics collation.

Content Creation

Creates content and sources additional media to use with it.

Many different tasks configure this process. For instance, content research, creation, proof-reading, correction, revision, and media sourcing.

Generic Community Manager Daily Schedule*

  • 8 AM Taking a mental snapshot of how the feeds of social profiles evolved while off.
  • 8:30 AM Local, regional, and global news check focusing on a niche. Mail check.
  • 9 AM Schedules, calendars, and priorities management. If possible metrics check.
  • 10 AM Social monitoring tasks, like returning engagements, content sharing, etc.
  • 11 AM Daily virtual or on-site meeting with the other departments of the company.
  • 12 PM Content creation, content actualization. Social listening to the brand niche’s world.
  • 12:30 PM Close examination of quality community engagements. Customer intelligence.
  • 1 PM brand-focused social monitoring. Creating engagements/improvements-to-do lists.
  • 2 PM Off to Lunch. Rest and recreation.
  • 3 PM Content tasks. Replying to engagements that happened today, up to now.
  • 4 PM Find information currents of our interest and influencers to attract and assimilate.
  • 4:30 PM Owned profiles maintenance. Third-party-profile-focused social monitoring.
  • 5 PM Sourcing testimonials. Managing other community strategies beyond soc. media.
  • 5: 30 PM Workflow checks on the feeds of the pages and profiles. End of the workday.
  • 8-10 PM Feed checks and writing down ideas for optimizing the strategy tomorrow.

*↬Pedro Rojas


The information in this article is just the tip of the iceberg in the community manager’s daily tasks. There should be many more processes that configure this occupation.

I couldn’t include them because they aren’t generic. They are shaped by the brand’s personality, its specific business plan, and the marketing strategies of the company that owns the brand.


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