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How to Find More Companies That Will Really Hire You

Updated on January 16, 2014

Check for Signs of Ageism

See Part 1 -- Recession: How to Find Companies That Will Really Hire You.

A long-term employment history with a single employer now, unfortunately, may indicate complacency and the inability to find a job anywhere else. Be ready for this attitude, even if your long-term job was based on productivity, Continuous Improvement, steady raises and promotions. The current wisdom is that if one is not promoted every 5-7 years, then one should change employers. However, that stance may change during a recession, becuase there is often less chance for advancement in less healthy economic times.

While it used to be the case that employment for less than 2 years at more than one employer indicated a Personality Disorder, the average length of employment is now 1-3 years per company. This is as disconcerting as seeing people in public that seem to be talking to themselves [A Hah! - Schizophrenia! (that could be a Broadway musical)], when in truth, they are using a cell phone earplug/microphone.

Age limits are legally in place for the US Military and protective services - firefighters, police officers – and come other occupations. For other jobs, age has no bearing. During interviews, expect questions about your endurance, stamina, resourcefulness, lifelong learning habits (you’d better have them), and adaptability to change and changing priorities.

Interviewing and Age Discrimination

Check an interviewer’s attitude toward age and remember that an interviewer is not permitted to ask your age or graduation date from high school or anything else that gives away your age, except in cases where you must be an adult in order to be hired, or 21 or 25 years old in some cases.

There are no upper limits - only company policies of retirement at age 65 or 67 -and some people work into their 80s. It has become standard to leave dates off resumes, except for recent high school and college graduates, military persons applying or military or other government positions, or outside job candidates for federal US employment.

Be ready for trick interview questions. You cannot be asked the age of your children, parents, friends, anybody. When you interview for a job is to be just you, without any demographics, except that you are over 18, a legal query. Ideally, the interview would be with you unseen and your name and voice unable to be recognized for gender, nationality, or dialect. That won’t happen.

If the interviewer asks your age (you're over 40), you state it, and he/she does not hire you, or states that you are overqualified, you may have a legal pursuit under the US Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This is especially true if an equally-qualified person of younger age or an even more-qualified candidate of younger age is hired, instead of you. Check with an attorney if this comes up, as laws vary state to state.

Ask Shrewd Questions at the Interview

Ask gender-neutral questions that reveal gender issues. A good question: "Is this a corporate culture shares information equally among all, as well as to make company processes and lines of promotion clear?" You can split it into two questions just as easily.

Murky answers may indicate a somewhat hostile work environment or veiled discrimination. Look for answers that focus on promotion and raises based solely on merit and not cronyism.


Telephone & In Person – During the employment interview, ask to speak with one or two employees already working at the company and after talking with him/her, ask if you can call after working hours or can meet for a light meal or a drink. Then you can more freely ask more in-depth questions and gain more substantial answers.

In addition, call colleagues and ask what they know about the company with which you interviewed.

Offer to Work for “Free”

You won’t actually work for free, but it will feel like it to the recession-crunched employer.

Demonstrate your value to the company and representative industry. Offer to work for 3 months (one Fiscal Quarter) on a contract basis. You and the employer will come up with a simple work contract that will be payable at the end of each month, based on meeting your work goals. If you meet or exceed these goals consistently (this is Continuous Improvement), then you have a better chance of being hired on as an employee rather than a Contractor. Or, the company may offer you a higher rate of pay as a Contractor.

Either way, you have an income and if you are a Contractor, the company is not hampered by taxes and insurances. That’s the drawback for you. However, this is an entry point into employment if you need the work. See the article:

How to Get a Job When You are Pregnant

Ease of Women Doing Business Globally

Click to enlarge. Singapore and New Zealand score as the top countries for gender-neutrality and/or support of females in business.
Click to enlarge. Singapore and New Zealand score as the top countries for gender-neutrality and/or support of females in business.

Organizations You Need to Access

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  • Catalyst – Access studies about Industry winners and losers across America, and company profiles.

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Older Americans

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      Patty Inglish 8 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Peppermint Thrift - WOW, you sound well qualified. There is so much research and design going on in green businesses and colleges that are helping with that - is that a possibility for you?

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      Thank you so much for the advice - I am definitely going to check out your links. I always make it to the interview process and get comments on my resume but have trouble getting the job. I have a lot of different experience - Management, Library, Substitute Teaching, Clerical and have a Bachelors degree but it seems I never have exactly what the company is looking for. So, I will take any advice I can get - Thanks!

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      A lot of great information. Thank you.

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      Excellent resource