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Conducting Internet Domain Name Search

Updated on October 10, 2011

Conducting Internet Domain Name Search:

You will see the importance of an internet domain name when you decide to launch your very own website. Your domain name, just like thinking of a name of a regular business, could make or break the business or the organization you would like to put up. With literally thousand upon thousands of websites already online, not to mention those that are already reserved, thinking of a unique and successful domain name could prove to be difficult.

Now if you are still on the planning side of putting up a business or an organization or you would just like to reserve domain names for future use, you can do so without actually creating a website for it. If you decide that you no longer need a domain name you bought, you can always sell it to other individual, organization or company and you will be known as a domain reseller. Thinking of a domain name is the first step. The second thing you must do is to register it to a domain name registrar.

Before you register your domain name, you need to conduct an internet domain name search first in order to find out whether it is still available or is bought by another individual already. You can do a domain name search on the website of the registrar. If, unfortunately, your domain name is already taken, you can tweak it a bit so your alternative will come as close to your original domain name as possible. You can try using hyphens to come up with a new domain name. Of course you can think of a totally new domain name. For your internet domain name search requirement, you can use the tool in Whois. Not only will you find out if the domain name is taken already, you will also be given the information as to who the domain name is registered to and from what location.

The internet governing body requires all domain name owners to list their personal information for the public to see. There are a lot of reasons why this is implemented and one of the practical reasons is to prevent criminal activity over the internet. What most of the public is not aware of is that criminal activities are prevalent over the internet and preventive measures are used so that the criminal acts are hastened. Human trafficking, pornography, racism and sexual harassment are just some of the crimes committed over the internet.

The availability of domain name owners to the general public is one way to combat crimes that are being committed by the use of the internet. There are a lot of domain name registrars who are also introducing private name registration. This is now for the protection of the domain name owners. The information is still accessible but is limited. The owners are notified first upon who wants to view their information. Domain name owners will usually give their information as long as they see it necessary and safe. They understand that they need to be contacted especially for business purposes.

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