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Easy Way To Do Domain Name Searches

Updated on October 10, 2011

Easy Way To Do Domain Name Searches:

For those with businesses, it is important to be in, if not ahead of the game. Having a website will help you reach out to more clients. Building a website is also a common trend among people who want to be heard or who would like to do it for profit. One essential factor you should consider is your domain name.

In the world of the World Wide Web, as with registering any business, you should pick a domain name for your website that is not yet used or bought yet by other person, organization or company. In order to find out if your domain in mind is not yet taken, you can use Whois protocol. It is an internet tool that is used by thousands of individuals to know whether or not their specified domain name is taken already. If the domain name is taken, Whois will also be able to give you the name of the owner and his or her location.

The internet governing body requires that every individual who owns a domain name needs to fill out personal information form. This information is available for everyone so that people will know who to contact in case there is a problem with the website or if other individual would like to buy the website domain from them. Also, the availability for domain name searches is very advantageous when it comes to searching for criminals, especially in the case of terrorism efforts. Other criminal acts that are caught due to the availability of domain name searches are racism, xenophobia, violence, slavery, human trafficking, pedophilia and child pornography among others.

The issue of intellectual property rights has been big since the conception of the internet due to video and music downloads, e-books and plagiarism of website contents. Having the information of the domain owner readily available greatly helps solve trademark disputes and other issues pertaining to infringement of intellectual property. On the other hand, having the list of domain owners available to the public also has its downside for other people abuse this for their own selfish benefit. Still, there is no reason to panic for the perpetrators are brought to book soon enough.

Other pitfall of the domain name owner registration will become apparent when a fake name and address is used. There is still no way to detect whether all domain name owners are legitimate so if a specific domain is listed using fake information, then there is no way to trace it. Also, domain name registration may not be updated and the current owner of the domain may not be the one registered. There is no way to trace this also; therefore it also adds another problem to the domain name concerns.

In Whois, you simply type the domain name of your choice and see if there is already an owner. If the domain name is already owned, you will be able to see his or her name and from where location he or she is. Other domain name searches such as Nameboy will provide you simple steps in searching for domain names.

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