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Corporate Culture: How to Maintain Positive Relationships in The Office

Updated on March 26, 2012
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Creating positive relationships increase productivity at work.
Creating positive relationships increase productivity at work. | Source

The workplace is a melting pot of different temperaments, attitudes, values and beliefs. Although employees may be drawn together by the corporate philosophy or by the corporate culture, each person still has his unique quirks. Unfortunately, some cross personal boundaries that can ruin careers and friendships. Here are some suggestions and tips on how maintain a good relationship with co-workers:

Communicate properly

One of the most commons sources of work-related feuds is miscommunication. Whether it’s just bickering or an all-out employee war, many incidents stems from miscommunication. As such, it is important to communicate properly with anyone in the organization. Furthermore, proper communication entails both verbal and non-verbal communication. So be wary of your body language, facial reactions even the tone of your voice when talking with someone. Even the slightest gestures can be misinterpreted.

Corporate relationship reminders:

  • Watch your language
  • Contemplate on what is humorous to you and to others
  • Be mindful of your gestures and actions

Know your boundaries

More than just knowing your place in the corporate hierarchy, it is important that you are aware of personal boundaries. From personal space to language used, people react differently. Some are open to topics that are taboo while others are not. To avoid any explosive encounters, make sure you know personal boundaries and respect them.

Corporate relationship reminders:

  • Be specific with your boundaries
  • Express yourself tactfully when others violate your boundaries
  • Apologize if you do something that offends others

Respect rules and rights

Any company has rules to keep the flow of operations without any complications. These rules and policies are put in place so that there is structure. Underneath these rules and policies is the fundamental respect for rights of individual. Respecting the right of individual allows companies to create a peaceful and harmonious workplace. Of course there are differences of opinions but how these opinions are discussed and settled make a gargantuan difference.

Corporate relationship reminders:

  • Learn your company handbook and policy manuals
  • Be mindful of racist remarks

Be objective

Being objective is undeniably important especially when it comes to arguments. Focusing on the issue and not taking remarks personally will create a more productive team. Objectivity as a corporate culture involves employees having utmost respect for others.

Corporate relationship reminders:

  • Focus on the issues
  • Have a logical mind when dealing with problems
  • Keep your cool, being calm increases objectivity

Be professional

Every employee is expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. More just mere courtesy, being professional encompasses how one behaves inside and outside the workplace. This includes respect for authority, personal space, proper work ethics, and so on. Many business organizations explicitly write their professional expectations from their employees. However there are still unwritten rules based on the corporate culture.

Corporate relationship reminders:

  • Always consider the repercussions of your actions
  • Remember the golden rule
  • Keep your corporate philosophy and values in mind

Business organization must create strong relationships within the company to thrive and succeed. There will be times when there are disagreements but they are handled in a productive way. Moreover, creating a culture of respect,


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