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Creating a Hub Site

Updated on October 9, 2008

A hub site is one that can be used to link all that you are doing into one neat little package. It is particularly helpful for those writing on several sites, blogs, or websites. It can be used by anyone to highlight and advertise what they are doing for the best results. Here you can find tips, advice, ideas, and suggestions for using your own hub site.  

Reasons for having a hub site.

There are probably a huge number of reasons for having a hub site and I can only list those that I have thought of. For you there may be additional reasons.

  1. The number one reason for having a hub site is giving people a good place to go and find out what you are up to. You can link to all of your sites!
  2. This gives you a good URL to add to other sites, profiles, and even to your e-mail account. It will make it easy for others to find your work.  
  3. You can also add this single URL to business cards, letter head, stationary, and other items that you are giving out to people. This gives you lots of exposure for the things that you do.  
  4. You can also work on building your web presence with this website highlighting all the things you are involved in.  

How and Where.

For those that have web building experience this is easy as pie. For the rest of us, me included, it takes a little work. However, even you can work your way into having a hub site that draws readers in and directs them to your various sites, blogs, and articles.

  • Skip free sites. It really isn't worth it to put your site on a free host. Instead choose an inexpensive one that will give you the tools and a real domain name.  
  • Choose a simple domain name. One that is easy to remember and easy to write down so that people are more likely to find you.  
  • If you have very little web design experience then I recommend Yahoo which is fairly inexpensive and has a lot of great tools that are very simple to use.  

Ideas for Creating a Good Hub Site

Write a good home page. Include some information about yourself and the purpose of the site. Talk a little about what you have been doing and what you are hoping (or are accomplishing). From there you can add any or all of the following options:

  • Include a thorough and detailed about me section. Here you can write about who you are, what you do for a living, what you are doing online, and what you are hoping to accomplish. Add a picture or two or link the page to an entire gallery. Also write up information about what qualifies you to write about certain topics.
  • Add a link to your profile or home page for your websites, article writing sites, and your blogs. You can also add pages that explain what you are doing on each of these sites or blogs. For example, if you had a link to your Hubpages profile you could explain what Hubpages is, the types of things you write here, and what Hubpages has to offer them as a reader.
  • Highlight some of your best articles. Your best articles can be choosen by you. You don't have to pick ones that have the highest traffic or make you the most money. Link to them and explain why you like them.  
  • Update your site often to give people new things to look at each time they are there.  

Website Tips

Building a website takes time and effort, but is usually worth it. Adding this link to your profiles, e-mails, and other locations will make it increase in popularity fairly quickly and will help to build your web presence which is important to money making.

  • Make sure you don't go overboard with crowding your page. It is easy to make a cluttered page and it feels uncomfortable to the visitor.  
  • You can use the site for money making options, but start slow and only add one thing at a time. There is a limit as to how much a site can handle and this site is already going to be based on links to other sites.  
  • You can add a blog as a separate sub domain ( Here you can add updates on what is happening in your life, contests you win, great comments on your articles, great articles, and other things that are relevant to someone who wants to read what you have written.  
  • It is often hard to be confident about your writing (at least for me). Here is the place to set all that aside and shine. Show off your best and write like you are one of the bests. You can also add fiction and poetry (which don't do well on revenue sharing sites) here for more great options.  
  • Once you have a site that is built up, offer a monthly newsletter for letting everyone who is interested get more about how things are going for you and what you have been up to.  

A hub site can make it easier to build a web presence. It is also easy to advertise, both on the web and off. If you are serious about making money online then this can help you achieve that goal by giving you more traffic, helping to validate you as a writer, and giving you the opportunity to have a little fun with it as well.  


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