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Custom Challenge Coins as a Promotional Tool

Updated on April 10, 2011

Businesses continue to struggle in a down economy. It has become increasingly more difficult to gain new customers and brand loyalty. Custom challenge coins can be an effective way to promote a brand at very little cost. They can be used both internally and externally to create a buzz around a company or a particular promotion. People love to collect things and if done well, a custom challenge coin that features a unique logo or design may bring great word of mouth and drive customers, which can greatly increase growth.

Why custom challenge coins?

Challenge coins got their start in the military, but have quickly spread to the civilian and corporate world. These tokens are great branding tools and are used by companies and organizations all around the world. The earliest uses of challenge coins was as a device to provide identification, but it quickly changed to becoming more useful as a way to recognize an individual for a specific achievement or to offer it as a symbol of membership in an exclusive group. Just as the earliest challenge tokens eventually made their way from the collections of soldiers into the hands of collectors, so too have those coins that were once the exclusive domain of business groups. People collect challenge coins for the great designs and the limited edition aspect. Challenge coins of all types are proudly displayed in many homes.

How Custom Challenge Coins Can Help a Business

Challenge coins are so useful as a marketing tool because of their permanence and collectible value. A newspaper or radio ad expires and is then forgotten. A well crafted challenge coin may carry a company logo or slogan and be passed around for decades. Any design the marketing department can dream up, a custom coin manufacturer can produce. Colors, two different metals, edge lettering, embossing, enamel details and more are all options. The cost can be as little as a dollar or two per coin in a bulk order and depending upon complexity of design.

Just as people love to collect state quarters, various subway tokens, coal script or gas station giveaways so do they love challenge coins. It is easy to get them out in the public for little cost. A trade show is a great place to distribute them. Mail in offers that feature coins as a redemption for UPC codes is another popular option. Because production can be limited to any number of coins as supplies vanish it will make them popular on the secondary market. Each time a business has a branded coin resold, it puts the name and image in circulation again. Ebay and Craigslist are both popular secondary markets for challenge coins. What may have originally cost a dollar can now be seen by thousands of people on the secondary market. If a limited number of coins are given away monthly, this may drive more people to the business in hopes of landing the next limited edition token. It all hinges on a great design and arousing interest in them.

Buying Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are easy to buy. There are many great companies online offering their services in crafting a custom coin for any business. If the business is too small to have an in-house design team, many online companies provide design services for an extra fee. The remaining steps include picking the size, material, extra detailing, and number of coins. In just a matter of weeks, these great promotional tools can arrive on a doorstep and ready to reward existing customers or used to lure in new ones.

The best marketing and advertising campaigns are the ones which do not seem to be a campaign at all. There are many products that businesses sell with their logo on them. This is the best of both worlds. The brand is exposed to another person and that person willingly pays for it! A nicely crafted challenge coin can actually be sold as a collectible and may result in a zero dollar net cost of a promotion. Brand smartly. Savvy companies use company Christmas cards and small gifts like coins to stimulate interest and drive business creatively and cost effectively. Find out how a great challenge coin can help your business.


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