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Developing a Successful Readership on

Updated on October 2, 2014

Quick List of Key Pointers

1. Provide High Quality, Original content

2. Remember the Format

3. Invest in Connections

4. Observe the Rules

5. Have Fun

What is

Bubblews is a content sharing website that functions very similarly to a social networking site.

It is a forum for sharing images, written content, and videos with people from all around the world, and while it is supported by advertising, the profits from the advertising are shared with the content contributors. The best part is, the more that people interact with your content, the more money that you can make.

How to Make Serious Income from Bubblews

Bubblews pays every time that anyone views one of your submissions, as well as if another registered user of the site likes or comments on one of your posted articles. At the time of this writing, each one of these interactions is worth $0.01 US, and you can cash out from the site once you have accumulated $50.00 in the "bank" in a process known as redeeming your funds.

Payouts are conducted via Paypal within 35 days of being requested, and while there have been some reports of lost and missing payments, I am yet to have been shorted any of my redemptions.

I have been a member of since July of 2014, and so far I have written 635 articles and redeemed for over 800 dollars. In the past month alone, I received $300 in payments from Bubblews, all by following the five simple rules I've listed above, and will describe in further detail below.

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The Four Ways to Succeed on Bubblews

1. Provide High Quality, Original content

Bubblews has a strong policy on plagiarism, and the readers can discriminate between quality writing and rubbish pretty easily.

High quality writing with a strong focus on developing a story or appealing to an interest is important to generate repeat visitors.

2. Remember the Format

Bubblews has a minimum character count and a maximum character count for a submission.

If you are normally a long form writer, it is acceptable to split a work into several pieces to fit them into the character limits, and you can link between the different portions to improve the overall flow of the piece.

3. Invest in Connections

The way to reliably earn on is to make a network of connections that will visit your work. This could be by promoting it on your website, adding in links on Facebook and Twitter to your articles, or just by interacting visibly with other site users.

Liking, commenting, and following other users on bubblews is a quick and easy way to get additional traffic on your articles, and the more traffic you get, the more you earn.

4. Observe the Rules has 4 primary rules that need to be followed.

1. You must submit original content.

2. Do not post obscene, defamatory, or semi-pornographic content

3. Do not post images you did not take yourself or have permission to use

4. Do not create "like" farms, or utilize tools, scripts, bots, or other people to artificially inflate your statistics

Not following the rules will result in not being paid, and possibly the loss of your account.

5. Have Fun

Bubblews can be a pleasant way to express yourself. There are very few limitations on the content that you provide, and they can even be as every day as a grocery list, recipe, or journal type entry.

Writing about things that you care about, and appeal to other people, will attract people with similar interests to yours, and you'll be able to grow your readership.

At my current level, I have several thousand connections, and reliably get upwards of 100 pageviews on each article that I submit. The interactions I receive on top of pageviews usually means that I earn between $1.20 and $2.40 for each article, and by posting 10 articles a day, the maximum amount allowed, I can supplement my budget with anywhere from $12-$24 every day with about 2 hours of work.


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