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Everything is a lesson

Updated on August 8, 2012

Difficult customers are lovely people with unlovely requests, or unlovely people with lovely request. The thing is to persuade yourself that there is a tiny percentage of positive in dealing with annoying customers.

I passed through this by overcoming several stages which enabled me to observe myself, my potential and human psychology:

Phase I - Warrior

Having insignificant experience in customer services, I used to think that it was my destiny to deal with the grayest customers, i.e. those whose case was urgent, difficult, unbearable, unreasonable and weird. Given the business card of each customer service representative was to balance the environment through delivering excellent customer services, any angry loud request had to be handled for the customer's benefit and with white-teeth smile on my face. Normally happy and normal people were a rare case, for my smile doubled, and endeavor maximized and I rushed to make extra efforts to meet and exceed normal people's expectations. But given the overwhelming majority of my customer base, I used to daily mask my face with professionally happy smile as my only weapon, and get engaged into your-every-problem-will-be-solved battle to the detriment of my nervous system and tolerance in order to confide everyone that customer services in Armenia is a rarity but possible.

Morale:If you think to become a customer service ambassador, learn to always keep your smile and patience on "show-must-go-on" mode.

Phase II - Customer services is not a battle field, but if I had a gun...

Acquiring some essential skills and competencies, handling sticky and thorny inquiries was not a torture for me anymore. I knew every hall under each window and learnt the know-hows to face angry requests and resolve them. However, I didn't miss any opportunity to rebuke sharply the lack of discipline of my customers refusing to accept varied stupid requests and aggressive disposition of people. But next day I again received the same customers with foxy happy smile but "uncomfortable" feeling inside.

Morale:Never speak bad of your customers even in company of your friends. It is not professional.

Phase III - I am OK, but I have a gun (just in case)

Listening to customers' stories, especially when all your customers are lonely housewives dying to tell their story to be appreciated and comforted, certainly required special ears and my entire reservoir of energy. But I was on the safe side to know that they would be happy ultimately to be served by me, because I was there to delightfully answer all their foolish questions. Nevertheless, I noticed that I needed my gun by the end of the day when I was totally fatigued and didn't care of those silly stories and unhappy faces.

Morale: Customers should never know that you are falling with fatigue, hungry, angry and want to go to the toilet.

Phase IV - Everything is possible

Soon I learnt to effectively communicate with talkative customers which helped me manage my time and priorities and save my energy. When they started telling me their story with unhappy end, I started playing on words and face gesture, which served as a kind reminder and was followed by polite apologize and thankfulness to be permitted to serve the long queue in due time and manner.

Morale: Every customer is a unique and requires special communication method. To be professional, try to scan your customer to design his/her specific communication tool.

Phase V - Everything is a lesson

The fifth phase has commenced and officially has been completed today when my colleague shared a wonderful idea "Angry people strive to change their environment for the better, therefore their behavior is constructive". While moving forward our career ladder we meet many people who turn out to be “perfect” teachers. Being teenagers, we hated strict teachers who were demanding towards their subject. Nevertheless, we remember by heart their subject and now name those teachers "professionals".

Morale: Through finding the rationale of your customer’s behavior, you will take personal responsibility to self-develop and take the best out of everything.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Amenian, Great advice. Voted up and all the buttons. You are a highly-talented writer. And I urge you to keep up the great work. Love to laugh? Then check my hubs and then become one of my followers. I love to make new friends in as many places as I can. And have a Merry Christmas. Highest Regards, Kenneth Avery, from Hamilton, a small northwest Alabama town that favors Mayberry, the little town on the Andy Griffith Show.

    • Armenian profile image

      Armenian 6 years ago from Armenia

      Thank you very much for your comment and finding it useful:-) I agree with you totally) The most important things is the positive attitude.I have been in the customer services for approximately 5 years, and with almost every customer I tried to improve my communications skills.Now I plan to share my experience with recommendations:-)

    • Nickels-and-Sense profile image

      Nickels-and-Sense 6 years ago from New Orleans, Louisiana

      interesting analogies! I have spent many years in customer service in various jobs. I must say the main thing I have have learned is the customer is always right in principle, or at least, that is the basic idea from which customer service is derived. While I do understand no person or company can answer to every whim a customer may request, a smile can go a long way; but more importantly, a positve, friendly attitude, and the understanding of how the customer service represntative would feel if the shoe were on the other foot. It is an interesting topic and deserving a useful rating!

    • Armenian profile image

      Armenian 6 years ago from Armenia

      Thanks for the comment:-)The best customer services will be in Armenia, when the supermarket selling assistant wish you have a nice day with a smile on their faces, and not frustration:-)

    • CM Sullivan profile image

      CM Sullivan 6 years ago from California

      It sounds like the best customer service is right there in Armenia. ;)

    • Armenian profile image

      Armenian 6 years ago from Armenia

      Thanks for your Tamron. I do believe that once I will get that professional to professionally overcome bad days :-)

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 6 years ago

      I agree but its hard when your having a bad day yourself! Vote up