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Direct Mail Advertising - Sales Letter and Brochure For Vista Levolor Blinds

Updated on July 29, 2014
The Vista Levolor Direct Mail Envelope
The Vista Levolor Direct Mail Envelope

The Sales Letter

Vista Levolor Letter

Johnson’s Box:

Only you can free the angel in Vista Levolor and win a dream holiday to Venice!

Dear Friend,

When someone asked Michelangelo the secret of his genius, he said he perceived an angel in a block of marble and set it free with a chisel.

Of course, as an architect, you are doing it all the time. Using the right interior décor to turn a room into a work of art.

This brings me to the best in window fashions – Vista Levolor

Any way you look at them, Vista Levolor’s window coverings enhance any interior. After all, our collaborators, Levolor Corporation of USA, have pioneered and led the window fashion industry for more than 80 years now.

But here’s the real reason I’m writing to you

Now, you can not only create new masterpieces with Vista Levolor, but also win, among other things, your dream holiday in Venice – the city of masterpieces.

Enrol in the Venetian Dream Scheme

All you have to do is recommend the best in window fashions, Vista Levolor, of course, to your clients. And you get closer to:

That dream holiday in Venice

Or that trip to surprising Singapore

Or the joyful discovery of Mauritius

Or the city of temples – Kathmandu

And a quarterly newsletter that will keep you informed about the latest in international window fashions.

For more details on how the Venetian Dream Scheme works, please refer to the card enclosed. You will also find a brochure that tells you just why Vista Levolor’s Venetian and vertical blinds, drapery rods ad false ceilings let you explore new levels of creativity. Do go through it.

So why not take that first step towards Venice, Singapore, Mauritius or Kathmandu?

Simply fill in the Venetian Dream Scheme card and mail it in the reply-paid envelope enclosed to reach us before September 24, 1994.

While the world waits with bated breath for your next masterpiece.

Warm regards

Sandeep Agarwal

Managing Director

P.S: The last date for enrolling in our Venetian Dream Scheme is September 24, 1994. Remember, you could be in Venice, the city of masterpieces! It’s where you belong.

Direct Mail Writing - The Brochure Headline
Direct Mail Writing - The Brochure Headline | Source
Tips For Copywriters On Writing The Brochure
Tips For Copywriters On Writing The Brochure

Building the Creative Idea in Brochure Copy

The brochure in the direct mail pack for Vista Levolor window blinds carries forward the creative idea presented in the letter - drawing an allusion between the genius of Michelangelo and the masterpieces about to be created by the architect. The brochure is the place where the creative idea can be fully developed and explored, and the product described in detail.

The cover headline reads:

Centuries ago, Michelangelo freed the angel he perceived in a block of marble. And created works of art the world still talks about. Today, the angel in Vista Levolor waits for your creative touch. And the world waits with bated breath for your masterpiece.

Inside Page 1 Crosshead: Michelangelo frees the angel

Michelangelo, kike every artist, be he painter, sculptor, writer or architect, had a very special relationship with his materials. This passion coupled with his genius, drove him to create masterpieces such as the Pieta for St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and the fresco titled "Creation" for the Sistine Chapel.

Page 2 Crosshead: Now, free the angel in Vista Levolor

Vista Levolor understands that a creative person like you needs the right material with which to express his genius. Turn a turkey into a peacock, a room into a work of art.

Vista Levolor, synonymous with the art of window fashions in India, has a collaboration with Levolor Corporation, USA, who were the first to recognize the merit of a powerful concept conceived in the same land as Michelangelo – Italy.

The story takes you back a hundred years to Venice where homes suffered from congestion, poor lighting and lack of ventilation until one day when Italian ingenuity

surfaced and people began putting wooden louvres on their windows. This served the dual purpose of creating privacy and letting in air and light. The Venetian blind, as we know it today, came into being.

Page 3 Crosshead: World-class window coverings for the artist in you

Today, Levolor has lifted this essentially functional concept of the Venetian blind to the ultimate in design an aesthetics. Transforming it from a mere instrument of ventilation and light into a canvas for discriminating architects and designers.

In India, only one company gives you the same international window coverings that architects and designers worldwide recommend – Vista Levolor.

And why not? Vista Levolor's collaborators, Levolor Corporation, USA, have been global leaders in the industry for more than 80 years, giving Vista Levolor their technological expertise in design innovation and production on a continuous basis. Then there is Vista Levolor's dedication to quality and engineering, adding up to give you window coverings that are truly state-of-the-art.

Describing the Product Range in the Brochure

Another important role of the brochure is to provide details about the product and the company that manufactures it.

Page 4 Crosshead: Sleek lines mingle with bold forms to create an effect that's nothing less than sensational

Subhead: Blinds. Plain. Mix-n-Match. Designer. Sheerview.

Vista Levolor's Venetian blinds run on a sophisticated, fully imported silicon-treaed mechanism. Precision engineered to smoothly transform an interior into the designer's showcase, these come with matching colour valances for a coordinated look.

And because works of art must not fade away with time, Vista Levolor's Venetian blinds come with features that make them long lasting. The cord lock, for instance, has an in-built mechanism which makes them crash-proof, prevents damages to the blind and ensures perfect locking. Then there's the guardian tilter which also has an automatically disengaging worm and gear mechanism to further eliminate the chance of damage.

The slats, while only one inch wide, are rugged, tough and durable. Made from a high grade Aluminum-Magnesium alloy, the slats refuse to bend, arch or crack.

Product Details In The Direct Mail Brochure
Product Details In The Direct Mail Brochure

More Technical Details of Products Follow

Thus the descriptions of the various Levolor products continue for another two pages. The last sentence goes back to the creative idea and rounds it all up: "So not only are they a beautiful way to express yourself, they're also a quick, easy way to transform an interior."

The Response Device is a Mini Ad in itself and mentions the offer as well as the special features of the product.

© 2014 Anita Saran


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