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Do not Worry about Mistakes - We learn by Mistakes Only

Updated on January 11, 2015

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Retaining of Distinction is more important than Achieving It.

After having been approved as an Google Adsense Publisher - there was another Big Question before me as to how to retain the approval so that the Google Ads spin money for my blog that is me. Retention was not the major issue as Google will continue with the approval till the bloggers or website owners did not violate the Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense Policies and provided good content on their blogs or personal websites.

I chalked out Five Point Program and strategy to achieve my next goal :

  1. Providing Good Content on the Blog without violating Google Adsense policies.
  2. To grasp the webmaster tools so as to get the indexing done by the Google crawlers.
  3. Search Engine Optimization and keeping the blog free of malware or spyware.
  4. Establish my brand names Web Question Answers and WQAINDIA along with my verified Authorship displayed in Google search Displays and that too on the top of search displays.
  5. Social Networking so as to reach the each and every geographically targeted location.

While implementing my above Five point Program I faced so many problems as the liking of the audience on the web, especially younger generation, was altogether different and Soon I felt like being an odd man out.

When I used to search the web I used to see personal photographs of big technocrats along with search displays of their authored articles. I was so impressed that I worked for at least 3 days to get my image and name displayed by Google Search displays alongside my blog posts and that too at the top of search results.

After achieving the above feats my Google Adsense started showing some activity regarding Page views, Clicks, CTC, CTR, RPM and URL channels.

I used to implement my own plans, test the same, critically examine the outputs and again changing, executing and testing till I got satisfied with the published content on the web as viewed by others on the web. I ensured that my friends and relatives who provided me the feedback were fore-warned not to click any Google Ad dishonestly .

After ensuring that I was quite comfortable with the Google adsense policies, Terms and Conditions, I decided to spend a few Dollars to pursue my Hobby to be developed as Publishing Platform to yield returns. To implement my above five point program I took the decision to get my Domain Name Registered at as a Google Client and to get the Domain Name registered I had to shell out a few Dollars through Google Wallet and all my blog content was smoothly redirected to my customized Domain Name.

At this junction, when I got my Blog or Website verified in webmaster tools and linked it as Google Analytic property, there arose the need for back links to my Blog or Site to redirect the Traffic to my published content on the web." What Steps I took for increasing traffic through SEO tricks, Back links and Social Networking" will also be very interesting for new Bloggers, who are struggling to find a respectable place in the web search results.

On the basis of my mistakes I could write an article for the fresh bloggers and newbies so that they do not repeat the same mistakes as I did in June 2012 when I was a fresh blogger and tried desperately to know How to earn through Blogging and Adsense - Answers to Questions of Fresh Bloggers and Newbies.

What to do after committing mistakes?

Mistakes are committed due to ignorance and the person committing the mistake never knows that he or she is going to commit the mistake. Nobody would like to commit mistake with prior knowledge. If you have committed a mistake then it is the time for self introspection and one must analyze the reasons behind the mistake. The reasons could be:

  • that you acted in haste without evaluating the pros and cons.
  • it was an accidental mistake.
  • the mistake was either due to machine failure or human error.
  • outcome of unexpected research results. A scientist might be doing R & D work and he or she might have anticipated different results than the actual results which could be better or worse.

All such mistakes compel us to think as to how to avoid such mistakes in the future. For example if the mistake occurred due to machine failure then we may either need to upgrade the machine technology or conduct machine checks more frequently. However if the mistake occurred due to human error then the human being on the project might be subjected to medical check up more frequently. For example a pilot may require medical check up before handling any flight. Every mistake has hidden message in it to improve and avoid repeating mistakes to be successful. Most successful persons in the world were an utter failure at one time or the other but they won over their mistakes by fine tuning their working and not leaving any room for further mistakes.

© 2013 Ashok Goyal


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