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How to increase traffic through SEO tricks, Back links and Social Networking

Updated on December 27, 2014

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Your Trust Our Inspiration

While getting published on the web, we need to establish ourselves as Trusted Brand Name. I took the following steps to win the confidence of my audience on the web:

  • After getting the Domain Name Registered - I selected "Your Trust Our Inspiration" as my Logo for Web Question Answers along with emblem so that my audience could recognize me through my Emblem, Logo or My Blogger's Profile image as a verified Author along side my blog posts in search displays.
  • I believe that one need not remember anything on the web if whatever published is True. This prompted me to use "Speak Truth and Forget" as my own quote in various Forum discussions.
  • Maintain your One and only One Identity. Never loose your Identity by providing incorrect information on the web. Even the Google search engines will ignore you if you are having multiple identities on the web.
  • Document or hyperlink your credentials so that the audience takes you seriously.
  • Know the basics of writing search engine friendly Titles, Summaries and how to organize your content and wait for next 72 hours to check your articles' ratings in Search engine displays.
  • Try the concept of negative key words so that your content reaches a bigger audiences. For example glasses is your main key word to popularized glasses of any type from Google Glasses to Crockery glasses or glasses used to correct vision like contact glasses then even wine glasses use is a night party may work for your content though these are classified as negative keywords.
  • Submit site maps to top search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo. I use the attracta SEO tools to refresh the submission to top search engines, to create back links, to check that the sites are not blacklisted by Google.
  • Of and on the site owners need to check for crawling errors through google webmaster tools and verify the domains by at least two methods so that the verification is permanent in nature.

Keeping the above facts in mind first of all make your Google+ Profile honestly. Make notes about the Tag Line, Introduction, Bragging Rights, Occupation, Employment, Education, Places Lived in, Gender, Contact settings etc. provided in your Google+ Profile. Privacy settings can be done as per one's own choice. Make sure that in all your Profiles ID's on the web the information about yourself is exactly the same every where so that Google Search Engines can locate you easily on the web. Similar information everywhere will make certain words as top key words for your profiles. If you are providing different set of information at different sites then you are deceiving yourself as Google search engines may find it difficult to forewarn you about your Identity Theft. It is always better if one uses the same Personal Laptop or Personal Mobile with mobile locations but same I.P. Addresses.

Security Concern: By following a set pattern of presence on the web one can ensure online security. Due to the above factors, only recently Google thwarted an attempt to Hijack my Gmail account. Google even notified me the I.P. address of the Hacker. Similarly last month someone in Los Angels made futile attempt to hack my Face book account. Facebook provided me the Geographical Location of the Hacker. This could be possible as I, being a retired Banker, am very much conscious about security and hate the fraudulent activity. How can you expect to be secured when you are not honest on the web.

Linking your Google+ Profile enables you to Keep Record of All Your Activities on the Web at one place.

Author's Latest Inventions

Without disturbing the originality of the original article, when this layman author had no knowledge about SEO tips, Links or Back Links and used to get frightened to share his thoughts on social networks due to hue and cry made by other authors that real authors or real profiles are fraught with danger, the author is now in a comfortable position to find and to be found by the readers. Though an advertisement about an eBook, on SEO 2014 & beyond in which the author of the book has made an observation that Search Engine Optimization will never be the same again, has been embedded on the right side of the bottom article - yet the author feels that SEO will ever remain a hot topic to be discussed in the future. Author agrees with the observation that Search Engine Optimization will never be the same again as this observation will hold good even after 25 years. It will never remain same tomorrow as tomorrow will bring new tools. Had anyone thought that we will be talking of negative key words instead of key words to get favors from search engines. Webmasters of tomorrow will get acclaim for the new tips developed by them for their clients and I think no expert or webmaster will dare to publish such an eBook as it will become outdated by the time it is ready to be publicized. Only recently the author of this article published help guidelines for the members of webquestionanswers about How to write a good article Title, Summary and Body but the author is not sure if these help guidelines will really help the members in the near future.

© 2013 Ashok Goyal


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