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Does link building still make sense?

Updated on July 27, 2010


I'm not a SEO expert, so if you are looking for interesting SEO advice I have to tell you that you have landed in the wrong place. Said that, maybe you can spend some time reading my thoughts about link building and link baiting.

Link building is a SEO technique that consists on obtaining links to your site by putting them on web directories, comment on dofollow blogs, and the most nice part is what's called link baiting ...

Link baiting is also a SEO technique that consists on obtaining a different kind of links, what's called "natural" links. It's also the most natural technique as, in fact doesn't not require any SEO knowledge to apply it because the most important thing here is writing original, useful or funny content that lots of people will find it's brilliant and well written. At the end, it's main purpose it's to give something interesting to your readers.

Lots of people will do the SEO job for you, in fact the will do the best white hat SEO job for you and without giving them a penny.

Image by D'Arcy Norman on Flicker
Image by D'Arcy Norman on Flicker

Building or getting links?

So, why not focus on writing something interesting or cool instead of spending your time looking to websites for giving away your link?

No SEO experience needed, forget about anchor text, pagerank, whatever else ... and appear on the first page in Google without worrying about this SEO tasks.

I have not been much successful on Hubpages, but for what I want I think it's just enough. I have more blogging experience with my own blog (written in Spanish). It has been online for almost three years now.

During my first phase nobody knew me, I wrote almost every day but had little visitors. That's when building your own links by yourself is necessary, because you can write great things but nobody will read it, as nobody even know that you exist. You need to appear on Google, comment in other blogs (but only if you really have something interesting to say).

After this, I was not much successful but things were going up as my stats. I switched from writing every single day to spending more time writing my new posts and avoiding posting if there was no interesting things to say. Not every day one has an interesting idea.

I wrote some nice stories, people liked it (not only me) and they appeared to spanish sites like Meneame, after that came the link storm. Lots of sites linked to my post in a very short period of time, I would have spent years to put myself all this links and resumes explaining my post. Writing the post took me about 6 hours during 2 days (the time reading a lot about the subject and writing about it with my own sauce, images, etc).

That's a lot of directories, a lot of blog comments, posts to read and comment giving your nice opinion.

Those articles are on Google's first page for the keywords related to it without doing anything else than put all my efforts in writing them. Some articles on my blog will never appear on Google first page even if I spend all my lifetime spamming the Internet and blogs with my links.

But this is not always so nice. Some people are applying dirt link building tactics like comment spamming, that smells! Bloggers suffer from comment spam from people that only wants to put a link on your site. Bad SEO consultants are spamming bloggers.

As my blog is dofollow I also suffer from comment spam:



I like this site very much I will read it every hour!

Very useful you are the best!

[part of the post copy-pasted in the comment] it's true. I agree 100%

You can identify them because this commenters don't have a name or nickname they are called anchor text, can be "best cars" or whatever else. You can put in your blog that you don't accept links to commercial sites but his links will be in the form of

Why people still do dirty link building?

Image by Marco Bellucci on Flicker
Image by Marco Bellucci on Flicker

Why link building first?

A blog with interesting things, articles, lots of readers is different from a business or a MFA (Made For Adsense) website.

MFA sites are basically junk, they don't want to offer something interesting as they only want to make money through ads. No important information, just nothing they are specialized in ads.

People don't want to see this sites and of course nobody wants to link to it without being paid. People usually fail on this sites by mistake or by clicking an ad.

Of course, link baiting will never work for MFA sites or sites made only for making money.

Those sites don't have something to link, don't have something to read they are ad-focused nobody cares about them. Are you looking for ads when browsing?

BTW: Don't tell nobody but I also build my own links, however I avoid spamming.


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