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Earn Money Online in Kenya as a Student

Updated on April 6, 2020
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she is an enthusiastic character who loves writing, reading and meeting new people. ~why try tomorrow when you can do it today?~


So, you are a student and campus life has got you in that corner where you just have enough to last a day, and the only solution with your busy schedule is making money online. We all have been there and even after brainstorming a thousand times, you have no idea of how to get started. This article will therefore give you a few ideas on how to get started without the need of any starting capital!!

Making money has never come easy, especially making money online in Kenya and anyone that tells you can earn 100$ per day online especially as a newbie is lying. To make that much per day is not impossible though it takes a lot of hard work dedication and perseverance. And if you think you will start today and within a day you will have made lots of cash then you will die of disappointment because it is not going to happen! However, this article will get you started with the basic ideas of how to make money online in Kenya.

There are a number of ways to get started and I will highlight a few of them to you.

Kenyan Currency
Kenyan Currency


A blogger basically creates content on any topic whatsoever that one is comfortable with. There are a number of topics that you can choose varying from travel blogs, agriculture blogs, recipe blogs, fashion blogs, entertainment news blogs, decoration blogs etc. Basically bloggers make their money through ads or affiliating. Many are times where while surfing through various web pages you notice numerous ads. These advertisements are there for a varied reason, they are a good way to monetize one’s blog especially when there is a good amount of traffic on the page. So, if you have a number of ideas, why not get started on one of them that you are passionate about and earn a living out of it!!


YouTube Content Creator

How many times have you been on YouTube for hours enjoying the great content put out there? That content that you very much love earns the content creators some cash and all you have to do is start updating your own content that someone will love. However, to get paid on YouTube, you first have to monetize your channel which does not come easy, you must have 1000+ subscribers, your content must not have copyright issue, it should adhere to all YouTube guidelines and your likes must outweigh your dislikes.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves marketing products for various brands and then later get paid using commission. In Kenya you can affiliate for different stores such as Jumia or Kilimall and then be paid a commission of all the items that you’ve sold. Additionally, you can affiliate for e-books or even products on Amazon and end up pocketing lots of cash at the end. However, in order for you to earn using affiliating, the products must be purchased, you can’t earn using just clicks.


Facebook Content Creator

This comes as a surprise right, all those hours you put on Facebook and the data you use might be useful and you can earn from it. For Facebook you need to have a page that has 1000+ FOLLOWERS and enough traffic on it to monetize your account and EARN!! Additionally, you can use the page to host ads that will earn you some cash or even start affiliate marketing with it and earn commissions. All you need is a bit of creativity, get traffic to your page, monetize it and start earning!!


Online Research Writing

This does not come as surprise right, well many students in universities are using this as their income when parents and HELB fail. To be a research writer you need to have the skill as well as the clients, this is done through various platforms such as EssayPro, UvoCorp, prowriters, etc. you can also have someone else who owns the account if it is hard to acquire one and then discuss the terms and amount of your payment.



There are a number of surveys out there that pay you after completing a survey, even though most of them do not work in Kenya, there are a few that will even pay you via Mpesa or PayPal. Some of these sites include; opinion space, paid view point, Ipoll, MOBROG, SurveyNow etc. some of the sites will even pay you up to $5 per survey!!

Having some extra cash in campus I good but proves to be hard to get it. Some of these ways might work for your friends and fail on your side however, it is worth the try. With the society that we live in here it is hard to get part time jobs that pay well and suits your current status as a student, however working online might work for you and after all you have nothing to lose.


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