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Earn money online while working at home

Updated on November 5, 2015

There are perhaps hundreds of thousands articles are available on internet on how to earn money online. Numerous tend to advocate and bring traffic to specific sites where others offer free signups and bringing unwanted junk mails in your mailbox. But obviously there are many which might guide better for earning money online which one has to search through.

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs

Here I would like to summarize the most popular ways actually earn money online. These include affiliated programs, AdSense, data entry, freelancing / services and Coaching/translation and so on….

Affiliated Programs

Affiliate marketing is good way to earn making money as quickly as possible. Ebay and Amazon are examples of sites which offer commission from sales of products from those sites. Many sites offer money by each click on banner or ads posted in your website. There are sites where you can write articles and bring potential traffic to earn money like, and Digital Journal and others.


Freelancing Services

If you are qualified person with skills in program writing, web development, mobile programming, graphics and arts, accountancy, virtual services and sales and marketing then there are dozens of sites offer good opportunity to earn handsome money on monthly or project basis. Popular freelancing sites are upwork, getacoder, freelancer, guru, 99desgins and project4hire and so on…

Data entry

There are sites which offer reasonable money by offer data entry jobs online. People with good typing speed can earn money by doing those online jobs.

Data Entry
Data Entry

AdSense : Google AdSense

AdSense is another easy way to earn money free of cost. With AdSense, you can engage your site viewers to relevant and user interest based ads. The money accumulates in your account when visitor of your site click those ads.



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  • vvsoft profile image

    Rana Zulfiqar Hyder 2 years ago from Faisalabad

    Well thanks. I have tried to summarize the major areas for earning money online. Although there are numerous others which provide equal chance to earn money like social media and media sites.

  • Dianemae profile image

    Dianemae 2 years ago

    Good provided good information, but I wanted more. I thought you could provide more details.