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What You Need To Know Before Signing Up To Points2Shop

Updated on August 28, 2014

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About Points2Shop

If you're looking for a place to get lots of prizes and cash playing games. I'm going to be honest, this is not the best site for you. Why? Because Points2Shop is Survey and Offer based. That doesn't mean that there aren't any games for you to play on the site. It just means that most of the points and cash will come from you or your referral doing surveys or offers. So if you are looking forward to getting that big ticket item and you want to get it playing games there are far better sites to go on.

Personally, I'm going to be honest. I don't do Surveys and Offers. Now, I know you're wondering. So why are you on the site? Well, I'm on there for the free stuff. I might not be able to get the big ticket items, but I can still earn a few points here and there to get a small ticket item. So if you don't like doing surveys and offers and you don't mind books, snacks, hygienic products, school supplies, dvds, etc then it's still a good site to go on. Because all of the prizes come from which is a pretty large site. So they have a huge assortment of prizes.

So again, don't go on here for an XBox or cash if you don't plan on doing some Surveys and Offers. You'll just end up wasting your time.


Before Signing Up, Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

Age Limit:

You have to be 13 years and over. Now, I had to laugh at this rule because this site is about sharing your personal information. And the information that a 13 year old would be sharing would not only be his information, but his parents information as well. For example, one question could be: What is your household income? You see why that's strange? I've seen some members who were teenagers on the site, but I still find it a little weird for some reason.

Members on the Site:

The community is an assortment of people, but for some reason most of the members I've talked to are mostly gamers, pet lovers, people who like vampires, people who like freebies, anime and manga lovers, people who have charities and then there's some people I can't even categorize. So there are a wide range of people who are signed up into this site and you can always talk to them to ask questions while you're exploring the site.

*A word of advice to some newcomers, get a little chummy with some of the members. You don't have to have a long conversation, but make yourself interesting. That way it will be easier to ask questions about the site.

Some things to consider when having conversations in the shoutbox:

  • Do not ask for points or cash that other members have earned
  • Do not ask them to buy you something
  • Just saying something like, "hi" or "I'm bored" may get people to ignore you because you add nothing exciting to the conversation.
  • No Spamming
  • Remember there are 13 years old and older on the site. If you have something "adult" to say keep it as ambiguous as possible and to a minimum or make someone your buddy and use the private chat on the leftside of the screen.

So keep these in mind when you introduce yourself in the shoutbox. If you have a few laughs with some of the members in the chatbox (aka shoutbox) they're more willing to talk to you.

Some Things To Do To Get Points On The Site:

  • Sign Up Bonus (250 Points when you register)
  • Surveys (Also counted as Offers on the site)
  • Offers (Downloads, Registrations, Obligation Offers)
  • Sweepstakes
  • Games
  • Posts on Forums (such as Freebies)
  • Watching Videos (Also counted as Offers)
  • Crowdflower (Tasks)
  • Contests
  • Referrals
  • Soop - 5 points every 24 hours. Just skip through approx 5 offers and get 5 points.
  • Videos

Sign Up Bonuses:

  1. Registering and Verifying Your Email. In order to get your Sign Up Bonus you have to complete your registration by verifying your email address. You do this Registering then going to your email and clicking the link the site gives you to get your Sign Up Bonus.


  1. When referring to offers usually the word is pretty much used interchangeably with surveys, watching ads amongst other things to sort of sum them up everything you do on the site in a general since. But for the most part they are actually downloads, registrations and obligations offers. But don't let the word "offer" scare you. Because before clicking an offer the offer, there's usually an icon or summary telling you what type of offer it is.


Here are some helpful hints when qualifying for surveys:

  1. Fill in your Demographics: You can do this by going to your account > site preferences > edit demographics. Doing this will help Points2Shop be able to give you more surveys that fit your demographics therefore giving you a higher percentage of being approved.
  2. Do not Commit Fraud: There are levels that you have to hit to get certain benefits. First, you start off with New, then Bronze, then Silver. If you commit fraud you will either be stuck at Silver or risk suspension. If you are stuck at Silver, you can not go to the next level which is Gold. This is important because the higher the level, the more surveys you get. Plus, there are certain surveys that are marked "delayed payment". When you reach Gold you will receive all of the points and cash you made from the "delayed payment" surveys that you did prior to being Gold.
  3. Changing the offers from Points to Cash: Most offers like the surveys will change to a dollar amount when you do this. This doesn't necessarily mean that all offers will change to cash. There will still be a few that you can only get points for such as watching ads. But, here's something I learned. New and Bronze are the easiest levels to obtain since all you have to do is register and verify your address by sending a prize to your home. And you can easily send something cheap to your home with part of your sign up bonus. The next level is Silver. One of the goals in Silver you have to reach in order to get Gold is completing $10.00 in offers. Watching ads is considered an offer and even though you can't get cash from watching ads. The points you obtain from watching the ads will actually count towards your goal. So if you watch 50 videos worth 1 point each, you will get 50 points and no cash, but it will say in your goal towards the next level that you have completed $0.50 in offers.

Quality vs. Quality: With all this being said, You have to remember that it's not always the amount of Surveys you receive, but the amount that you qualify for that's important.


Games can not be totally accessed by New members. You can play for free as many times as you want, but if you play for points you are limited to how many points you can spend on a game. You have to be at least Bronze to fully access the games, which can be obtained by sending a prize to your house.


  • If you're good at looking for freebies then the points you collect are endless. You can post in the "Freebie's section"
  • Get *merits (see contest for further explanation) for being active on Posts. Of course no spam.
  • Do not advertise GPT sites on Forums.
  • If you like to draw or be creative there is a section called "Creative Works" where you can show your art.
  • Of course since a lot of the members are gamers, you'll find a "Gamer's section".
  • If you have a charity. Advertise your charity by posting it in the Causes section. Then advertise your charity you posted in your profile. This is one of the reasons why you talk in the chatbox and in some of the forums.
  • There are also a number of other Forums too.


There's not many Crowdflower tasks on this site. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't attempted to do any from the site or not. But usually you'd be lucky to have 20 tasks listed. So if your looking for Crowdflower tasks I'd suggest another site for that.


Videos - Earn Points > Earnings Area > Earn by Watching Videos. There may be some hidden videos elsewhere, but you at least got the bulk of them. These are 1 to 2 points each.


The referral system is a 3 tier referral system. You get up to $1.50 Bonus for them signing up depending on demographics, if they completed their registration, and the quality of your referral (how active they are) + 15% for the first tier(your refs right under you), 3% for your second tier(your referral's referral), and 1% for your third tier(your referral's referral's referral).

If this is a site you'd consider click the blue Points2Shop link at this site here: Click Here

Here is another blog to consider reading to avoid making mistakes on Points2Shop:

Five Reasons Why People May Complain About Points2Shop


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