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Make Money on Ebay with Easy to Find Items that Sell Fast for Quick Profits

Updated on January 9, 2020

Important Points

The items being described in this article are categories which sell well and are not hard to find in most areas. The prices mentioned for cost of goods are to be used as a general guideline which can vary from your location and where you shop for the product. The selling prices can also vary depending on a few basic details

1- The current market and time of year

2-Item condition and what you may think the condition is whether or not it's better or worse.

3-The way you list an item and describe it. Including sales policies, customer service, shipping time and delivery, Ebay feedback etc.

If you are an experienced Ebay seller you should already know the ropes and will find selling easy. If you have never sold on Ebay you will want to check out the Beginner's guide to selling on EBay. This will teach you the basics.

Piles of money, one hundred dollar bills.
Piles of money, one hundred dollar bills. | Source

Graduation Gowns / Choir Robes

These are very similar in style and fit for the most part. Some brands create them alike so that they may be sold as both. These are usually found at about $1-$7 and sell year round.

They can bring anywhere from $15 - $25 depending on how the market is doing and how fast you want to make money.

The most popular color is black followed by white and royal or navy blue. You may find all of the colors of the rainbow, but they won't go as quickly as those main colors.

The top selling brand seems to be Josten's, others brands will also sell. Auctions tend to bring less for this item category. A fixed price of $14-$20 should guarantee a short sale and maintain a competitive price.

New Era Hats & Fitted Caps

You can usually find these in thrift shops for $2-$5 each. Most likely only a few at a time, as they are one of the most popular brands and styles of hats for the new generation of teenagers and young adults.

The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and family owned thrift shops are just a few of the places you can find them. Flea market vendors know the value of these items and it is no longer a cheap source, in my area at least. However , If they are new, and you can negotiate a decent price of $10-$15 from vendors then there is still room for profit.

Expect the used ones to go for anywhere between $7-$15. The new ones can go from $15 - $30 and sell better as a single item listing.

Selling them as a lot will sometimes be a better choice to sell the used hats quickly. A grouped lot of a half dozen can bring in between $40- $75. Remember everything depends on condition of the item. Which must be excellent to bring in top dollar. Other factors include popularity of design, team logos, colors, size etc.

Avoid the larger sized hats 8 and above as they tend to fit only myself and very few others who have a big head the size of shrek. Because of this they tend to sell very rarely for much lower than the standard sizes of 7 - 7 5/8.

Harley Davidson Items, Clothing, Toys

Anything, Harley Davidson will sell if in good shape. Prices can vary so much depending on what item you are selling. Clothing can go from a few dollars, as low as $5 and up to $30-$50 for a women's top or shirt.

Men's shirts go for less but can still go from $5 up to $25-$35. Harley Davidson Leather jackets maintain a very close value to original price and commonly bring in $100-$300 fast. Clothing can be found at thrift shops for as low as $0.50- $2. If you're lucky you might just find a jacket for $25-$30.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle is the American Adult's prized toy. Those who have them, love them. The children usually look up to a parents cool motorcycle and replica toys or die cast models will also sell well. Expect basic models to go for $10-$20 and $30 and up to $100 for the finest vintage collectibles.

Usually they can be found at flea markets and yard sales for $5-$10.

If you spot other nice items with the famous Harley Davidson logo, like clocks, action figures, pins, cups, hats, they will generally sell well.


No matter the time of year shoes are always selling. Make sure you have great condition merchandise and they will be guaranteed to sell quickly.

Price ranges go from $10 for some "who knows who" brand or $25-$40 for some Nikes, Adidas, or Similar name brands. Even as high as $60-$100 for excellent condition still in box.

Just rare shoes that maintain high value like Special Editions and "unique & Peculiar " shoes are always great sellers.

Something like Nike's back to the future power laced shoes would be a sure bet.

Just look at them glow!

Toddler or baby toys

These are usually found in good condition or with very normal signs of use. However, they hold value pretty well. Some of the most popular brands like fisher price, Leapfrog, etc. Will be the best sellers. It is in no way uncommon to see small lots fetch $90-$150.

Most buyers just want a good deal for there money and toys in good playable condition. New toys are expensive. Someone may spend a few hundred bucks on a few never used toys in the box, but with the same money you can buy boxes of pre owned treasures kids will love.

This creates a great opportunity for ebay sellers who have a good source for baby toys and games. If you can get a good deal on medium to large lots, you can break them down into smaller lots for resale.


Older model cell phone iphones, samsung, sony

if you've got an old i phone and are ready for the upgrade than you should be getting ready to put it onto ebay.

Ebay usually runs special events where they guarantee the minimum purchase price for your older version Iphone and other cell phone brands like samsung and sony.

Don't be surprised if you receive several hundred dollars for your phone, especially if it's not a outdated.

Keep in Mind

These basic ideas will get you started on the right path if you need a head start, or if you want an addition to your current Ebay sale items.

Remember to always analyze everything closely on used items to be sure to pick up on defects that may affect your sale.

Nobody wants something broken or discolored and faded unless it's a classic collector's item. So go for the best you can find and even if it costs you a bit more, you will make the money back faster.

When in doubt about something, it's good to have access to the internet, and better yet Ebay itself. If you have a phone that would allow you to do some simple research while you hunt for merchandise you will be in a good position.

Checking the going prices for items when you are unsure if getting a good deal or not is a must.

Don't forget you have additional fees like PayPal transaction fees, Ebay sales fees, and shipping costs. This includes bubble wrap, tape, boxes , envelopes, etc..Many shipping costs involved can cut into your profits. Be sure to price your stuff competitively for the market!

Used Car Parts , salvage, junked cars

Still got that 1993 Honda sitting in the driveway? Or how about that 1986 Cadillac with all four tires flat in the garage and a blown engine?

Don't junk them. Part them off. From the smallest pieces like door handles and seat belt buckles all the way up to the original manufacturers leather seats or steering wheel. Really, even the old stock stereo.

A/c vents, simple turning knobs etc. These are the easily removable items. Once you start to sell engine parts you've gotta take on the grease with some hands on tool action. Most parts removal guides and turorials can be found online. Don't let that old automobile get eaten by rust. Turn it into cash!

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