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How to Make Money Selling Broken Electronics with Ebay Cash in on Broken Iphone, Ipad, Laptops

Updated on October 12, 2016
Still using that iphone with a cracked screen..?
Still using that iphone with a cracked screen..? | Source

Instant Sale Program no Longer Running

There once was a program called Ebay instant sale program and it was easier than selling on Ebay having to wait for someone to come along and check out your listing. Of course it brought in a smaller sales amount, but hey it was instant cash in your pocket! Unfortunately this program is no longer being offered by Ebay.

However there are other alternatives to the Ebay instant sale program. Sell it directly on Ebay to those who are interested in refurbishing the item for resale. Many people are in the buy broken, fix up and resell business.

Don't miss out on your piece of the profits. Without your broken items, they are out of business!

Make Money Selling Broken Electronics with Ebay

I just sold my broken Ipad that has a cracked screen, and water damage for $172.00!! What's even better is that the Ebay member paid for the shipping, and the money went directly into my Paypal account within five minutes of the sale.

Not bad at all for something I was thinking of just throwing away. While browsing at the recently sold section, I see plenty of other items being sold for even more money.


Iphone with Cracked Screen
Iphone with Cracked Screen | Source

What Else Can You Cash in on?

The most popular electronics to cash in on are the higher end smart phones. Apple Iphone, Android, Apple Ipads and Sony laptops or other brands like Compaq or Dell.

You wont get much for older model cell phones that are without the amazing capabilities of browsing the web and email messaging and everything else that makes them "smart".

Yes, just go ahead and recycle the old classic nokias that don't even have color or cameras installed, the only thing they are good for is recycled pieces. They are worth pennies however..

Video game systems like Sony PlayStation 3 , Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 are also good sellers. Ebay members consider a wide range of items they are able to fix for resale. You never know until you list them. However, if it was once worth money, for the most part it can be worth money again with a few fix-ups.


Broken Laptop
Broken Laptop | Source

How Can You Start??

To go ahead and begin go to the Ebay website and if you don't have an account with them it takes less than five minutes, and wont cost you anything. Neither will Paypal for an account to receive the money. Once the item sells, most buyers usually pay within the hour or same business day.

Oh and don't worry about all your information on your devices, before being sold it will be erased and restored to the original factory condition.

All damages will then be repaired and your once junked Apple Iphone or Sony Laptop will then be a refurbished ready to use device for someone else who does not mind previously used items. Nothing could have been easier.

Accessories Sold Separately = More Cash

If you've got accessories with that broken item, don't sell it bundled, you are losing out on extra money by doing this. The best way to go, is listing them separately and making money off the good piece of inventory you might have.

Why sell a broken phone with a new battery that is worth new value or close to it? This works fine simply because most buyers have a small horde of items that they have already bought.

They are in the works of fixing up these other items so they usually have extra pieces lying around. Sometimes they are only purchasing your item for one or two pieces being used for refurbishing another device.

Extra Controllers are great for selling separately from your broken game system!

Sony Playstation 4 wireless controller
Sony Playstation 4 wireless controller | Source

Examples of accessories you should sell separately

  • Batteries - Just take a look at Ebays Pre-owned laptop or smart phone batteries to see how expensive they are!
  • SD cards or memory sticks- These don't go for too much more unless they are higher GB but this is extra money!
  • Chargers - Yes, keep your charger and list it alone. Especially if it is the original, these usually maintain the value since replacements are expensive.
  • Phone cases or protectors- I rarely see anyone without a phone case or protector in this day and age, sell it apart. Or keep it for your next phone.
  • Blue Tooth devices or headsets / Headphones
  • Styluses
  • Adapters

Making the Ebay Sale

So go ahead and sell your stuff on Ebay. Set up a live auction and see how much value you can bring in for your broken electronics. You can also list it at a fixed price if you do a little research to see what the value of your items may be.

Many private sellers have their own business setup where they fix some of these Apple Iphone's and Ipad's or other electronics themselves and resell for a profit. Someone might only need a few parts from your I phone to fix the one they have at home. You can surely get some extra cash by taking this route, and at the right price, you are guaranteed a sale.

If you decide to list it for more than what the market is offering it may take several weeks to sell. Remember you have to pay Ebay fees for the sale, shipping costs and listing fees. So whatever you decide, weigh the options for what sales price may be best for you. Either way, you'll make some extra money selling broken electronics with Ebay.

Quick Tips

  • Remember to take these sales seriously, buyers are running a business and will not hesitate to send you back your item and force a refund if you are messing around with your description of the items.
  • Be honest about what defects or issues the item may have, and if you don't know much, let them be aware of that.
  • Be as quick as possible with shipping, the faster you ship the faster the buyer can start making money too, time is money.
  • Take as many pictures as you can so that the item is clearly visible as well as the problems it may have.
  • If you've got accessories, sell them separately. Even the battery! Even the charger! Yes the memory cards as well! Phone case too! This is all extra money!


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